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Wilfred Bright

All Completed Stories by Wilfred Bright

Wilfred Bright Stories

Wilfred Bright

Read different kinds of All Completed Interesting African Stories (Novels), Books for Kids And Adults written by Wilfred Bright. 

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My name is Wilfred bright, and I’m passionate about writing. I would love to see my write up published on bookshops, I would love to see my write turn into movies.

But on most days, as a writer on facebook, there’s no funding. I stay up all day, typing and typing. My mum would shout, saying I’m wasting my time writing, that’s a foolish thing to do. My elder brother would call me jobless, but what they don’t understand that is my passion, this is something I’m willing to make as an occupation. And that’s why I need all of you to vote for me, why? Cause my mum would not sponsor me in school, unless I’m going to read medicine, yeah I was science students at secondary school. Why was I a science students, well it’s simple, at that time in my life, I haven’t yet found what my talent was, or what I had passion for.(I went for science cause my mum choose that for me)

And now that I know what I had passion for, I can’t blame my mum for not sponsoring me in school, so I could learn how to write well. Why should I blame her, when my dad is late and she doesn’t want to waste money on a talent she feels won’t benefit me in the future.

Here is one of my short stories, I hope you read it and see reason on why you should vote for me, and help me achieve my dreams.

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