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Trust and understand is the ultimate

Trust and understand is the ultimate

TRUST AND UNDERSTANDING IS THE ULTIMATE. (a story for teens and parents)

Written by Chinaza Jessica

“How could you! I mean how could you!?” the woman screamed bursting into the big room.
“How could you Andrew? How could you damage the image of this family. How could you choose to disgrace me and undermine the good and Christian discipline you were raised in?
You undermine it and decided to be a cultist, a smoker, kidnapper and a murderer. A delinquent!” the aged woman screamed.

The occupants of the room turned to the fuming woman, the young man she had come for turned his face from her undisturbed. He continued releasing puffs of smoke and he watched the performance of the girls around him. The corners of his face portrayed a knowing smile as he continued his smoking admist the woman’s ranting.

“Is this what I trained you to be ehh Andrew? You have abandoned your good certificate as an over qualified Engineer to become a delinquent! Vagabond!! A nonentity!!! You have put your late father and I to shame.
I wanted you to be like Taiwo. Taiwo is a good child, A son to be proud of. You and Taiwo were agemates attending the same school and church. I have provided you with all he had.
Taiwo studied Engineering and look at him today! A successful young man unlike you. I always knew you would not heed to my advise.
You were a very different child. I knew it. You were stubborn and thick headed.”

As the woman continued yelling. The young man’s knowing smile did not leave his face as he continued releasing puffs of smoke from his ciga in an exotic manner. He seemed to be enjoying her rantings.

The frustrated mother continued “I wanted you to be like Taiwo. But you were carried away by the devil. The son of a deaconess has shamed me. The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. I disciplined you times without number but you didn’t change. You grew worse.
My son is now a delinquent. What did I not do as a mother? The lord knows I did my best. I loved and trained you. I disciplined and cared for you. Tell me what I did not do for you…

“Enough!!!” the big man said banging the table and standing up. The huge figure arose. His hard face, his huge muscles, plenty body scars and tough body structure showed evidences of tough workouts and street escapades. He wore a black Jean and clean white T-shirt.
He would have been the young, fair and handsome lad he was a very few years ago.
He was no longer the thin, weak boy of then. He was now a grown rugged, thick and hard Big man as he was called by the street.

“You, You You get out!!!” he barked at the performing ladies who flinched and hurriedly picked their things and left In fright. He turned to the woman.
“You ask what you didn’t give me mum? You ask that?” he thundered At her.
“You really want to know? What I lacked all my days as your son?
Do you really want to know what I lacked from the deacon and deaconess?” he asked with a tiny laugh that spoke of so many emotions.
“I lacked understanding!” he screamed facing the woman.
“UNDERSTANDING!!!” he thundered slapping Both palms together.
“Understanding Goddammit!!!”

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“Andrew what do you mean by understanding. I understood you perfectly. I was there for you emotionally and Psychologically like a true mother would.” she lectured a bit confused.

The big man looked at her and laughed. The kind of laughter that spoke of mockery and self pity.
“Here she goes again. Spoken so well about a child’s welfare and upbringing like the deaconess she is.
Ahh! It’s a pity she is very good at talks but doesn’t understand what she says.”

“Now listen to me Andrew. This is no way to talk to your mother. I have taken good care of you, you were trained in the church. I gave you a good Christian upbringing. I am a deaconess.” she stamped her foot.

“Oh really Mrs. Deaconess you gave me a Christian upbringing? Wow! That’s good to know.”he said with a mischievous grin.

“you took me to church. Yes, I agree. But the only reason I came to church with you because you forced me to all my life. I hated Church. The love you preached about God and we should show, I never felt or saw it even from the so called deaconess!
I never felt love from you or Papa. Never.”

“What do you mean? I preached about love and our family was a perfect example of it.”

“oh yes, I remember. I remember your preaching. It was one of the major reasons I hated you and church. Every single time you took the mic, you would talk about our family. How useless your son was.
How you have tried talking and disciplining him as a mother. You would stand there and talk of mistakes I made in the past and most times over exaggerated them.

You talked about how awful teens were and I was the example you always used. Not once did you mention anything I had done right.
You always concluded admonishing parents never to allow their Children make their own choices as long as they were in your house because they were silly and immature like your son.

You would come down from the altar with deafening claps from the congregation. You didn’t know what I felt sitted down there in shame and pain. The glares and stares other parents gave me.
did you know what they said about me?
Do you know how bad I felt?
No! You were “preaching” the gospel. I hated church and especially house fellowship meetings!!!”

“The Bible says children obey your parents in the lord for this is right.
Train up your child in the way he should grow…

“spare me that bullshit mama! The same Bible says parents provoke not your children to anger.
Ever since my childhood. I hated myself! I Hated you and daddy. I never felt proud or sure of myself because you always said I wasn’t good enough for you. You said I was a disgrace and couldn’t represent the family.

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Everytime you screamed at me and compared me to other kids especially Taiwo.
Taiwo this, Taiwo that, why can’t you be like him, good and hardworking. His parents never complained of him.
You compared me to other kids.”

“I compared you to them because I wanted you to take challenges and be like them. You fool!”

“really mum? You didn’t know that every time you compared me to them, I didn’t feel challenged in fact I felt lesser. Like they were better than me. I felt like a disgrace!!!”

“Andrew I wanted the best for you.”

“yea yea, the best. You wanted the best and i tried to give you the best of my abilities. But I was never good enough. I wanted to be a foot baller but you wanted me to be an Engineer.”

“I didn’t want your A brain to waste. I didn’t want my son to be a delinquent!”

“And so you rejected a life Changing offer of a scholarship to study at an international football academy where my future was assured.
You warned the man to stay away from me and you beat the hell outta me warning me never to play football again!!!”

“I wanted you to be an Engineer!!!”

“And you wasted my future.” he banged the table.

“Mama you turned me to a loner warning all the kids to stay away. They were a bad influence. I became lonely all my life with you!!!”

“Evil communication corrupts good manners Andrew.”

“And how do you know they were evil?”

“I just felt so.”

“wow you felt so? What a wonderful feeling!” he said sarcastically.

“Andrew, I wanted God’s wish for you.” she said weakly.

“That’s good to know and that’s why you called me a failure. You said there was nothing I would ever be good at except wasting my life.
You said you wished. I was never your son. You wish you had Taiwo, who was a blessing to his parents unlike me.
Well guess what mum? The Taiwo you always compared me to. He always told me that his parents wish they had me as a son.”

“Andrew.. I… Emm…

“There was not a single time I was happy with you. I became alone and very depressed. I had no friends because you chased them away. I found solace in quiet and dark places. I tried my very best to stay away from you and daddy.
And when you noticed it. You said I was evil and had something bad to do. You didn’t trust me.”

“I… I… I

“Now tell me my dearest mother. what kind of parent don’t trust her child. Any rumor you heard about me you would always punish me without confirming.”

“I was trying to discipline you.”

“discipline?” he laughed again
“because of discipline, I would go to school with an heavy eyes, swollen eyes and many scars. Every body stayed away from me because of you.

My life was a torment because of you and daddy’s screams, venom and beating. I became a whimp, depressed and lonely child.”

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“But.. I… I…

“I wondered why God brought me into this kind of family. I saw other kids happy. I wanted to be happy too.
I began to hate you, papa, every body and God. From fear it became depression and lastly hate.
Pure Hate!!!”
His eyes began to water.

“But why didn’t you tell me?” she asked shaking and disappointed In herself for once.

He laughed hysterically.

“tell you? I should tell you. Where you even approachable? I tried and tried but couldn’t.
How would I talk to some one you barely knew, loved or trust.
Did you even understand? There were times I wanted to be with you so bad. But you pushed me away, my own mother pushed me away!”

She looked at him as tears flowed from her eyes. She knew she has failed as a mother. She placed her palms on her face and gazed at him as tears flowed freely.
She looked at him and saw the tender lamb In him.

The 13 year old she always yelled and beat publicly and In private.
The 14 year old she pushed his friends away.
The 15 year old she always compares.
The 16 year old she destroyed his life changing dreams
The 17 year old she pushed away.
Finally 18 year old depressed Andrew.

She wanted to make changes and start a new life with him. She wanted to be a better mother and Friend. An understanding friend, she wanted her only child back.

“Andrew I am sorry. I am sorry for all my wrong doings. The good mother and Friend I failed to be I want to know and understand you. Let’s start over please please…
She pleaded in tears.

Andrew looked at her and shook his head negatively. He pushed her hands off and turned away from her.

“you want to know and love me now? You want to be a good mother and make amends Now?
I’m sorry. It’s too late. You see after living in hell with you. I entered into school to study your dream engineering.
I hated my course and myself. I stopped church and God and anything that reminded me of you and Papa. I hated dark and quiet places because it reminded me of your shouts and the gossips of our neighbours.

I became more depressed. I was introduced into drugs by cultists and soon I found solace in them.

Over the years I got used to the hard life and became a major Capone.

Now I am a drug dealers, a child of the street and a murderer. I know the police are on my trail but who cares. I’ve gotten into worse conditions before. I’m nor scared of death.

And now you want to be a good mother? There was never an understanding between you and I.
I can never love or trust you again.”

He turned his back on the weeping woman and faced the window.

“it is too late mum. Good bye.”

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Emma's Revenge Written by Wilfred bright

⚔️⚔️ EMMA’S REVENGE ⚔️⚔️

📌📌She want’s to revenge…. He wants to arrest her📌📌

Chapter One
Theme: Revenge in style.

Emma stepped down from her very much expensive McLaren Speedtail, her uncle gifted it to her on her birthday, and he said this exact words to her, “if you’re going to take revenge, then why don’t you do it in style.” He also let her know, that the car would become really handy, when she’s involved in a high speed chase with the police.

She put on her dark sunglasses and stared at the police man infront of her with such displeasure. It’s time to show this fools, how good of an actor you are… She thinks smirking.

“Do you mind telling me, why are refusing me entrance into that house?.” She asked scowling at the police man.

“Ma’am I’m sorry but you can’t come in, we are not allowing anybody in to the house. I’m sure you are citizen of america, which means you should know what is going on.” The police man replied her.

“So are you insinuating that I’m the killer, ans I’m here to kill me Ben. Look, and I don’t care about what is going on, all I want you to do… Is to open the bloody gate for me.” Emma said sternly, glaring holes into the man.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but I can’t let you in.” The man repeated, standing his ground.

“Would you stop apologizing to me and open the damn gate.” She yelled really annoyed, her voice higher than normal.

“Ma’am, please calm down. And don’t make a scene here.” The police man tried to calm her down. If his boss ends up witnessing this, he might end up losing his job.

“I shouldn’t make a scene, is that what you are saying. Okay fine, I will calm down.” She made a show of breathing in and out repeated. Then she takes off jer eyeglass, and looked at the police man with so much discontent. “I am beginning to think, that you don’t know who I am. So I will introduce myself. My name is Sophie Turner, and I’m Mr Ben girlfriend. Ir should I say one of his girlfriend’s. He asked me to come here today, to keep him relaxed, so… Could you let me in, now that you know that.”

The policeman began to wonder why he is so unlucky, to meet a crazed woman on such days. He exhaled heavily, then repeat his usual line, “I’m sorry ma’am, but you can’t go in.”

Emma face palmed her self angrily, “Would you stop apologizing to me. All I want right now from you, is to let me in!” She exclaimed.

“Ma’am, Mr Ben’s life is in danger and we the police are here to safe proctet him and by doing so… we can’t let anyone into the mansion.

“Oh my goodness, this is not happening. Did I ever stop you from doing you job. For f*ck sake Mr Man, why don’t you do your god-damned job and let me in. You can search me if you want, I am unharmed and I don’t have a single weapon with me.” She uttered angrily.

“Ma’am this is an order from above, and I can’t disregard it. Please let me do my job.” The police man was already close to getting down on his knees and beg her to leave. He wasn’t ready to lose his job.


“Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing. I feel so insulted. Do you know what, I won’t stand here and take this anymore.. I will just have to call me Ben, and have him talk to you.” She huffed, then brought out her phone from her bag and then dialled Mr Ben’s number.

Mr Ben picked on the first ring, “Hello Sophia, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you.” Mr Ben said.

“I am currently standing infront of you gate, and the police men wouldn’t let me in. This is so insulting Ben, I think it would be best if I just turn back around and go back home.”

“No, no. There would be no need for that. I will call them right away, and instructs them to open the gate for you.” Mr Ben said, then hung up.

Emma only had to stand for just a few seconds before, a call came on the police man’s phone. He picked the call, exchange a few words with the caller, and then hung up.

“You’re free to drive in ma’am.” He Said to Emma.

“Next time, I’ll make sure you lose your job, if you ever dare insult me in the way you just did. I’m so sorry ma’am, please forgive me.” The policeman said, even though he knew that, there was absolutely no need for him to apologize, since he did nothing wrong. He was just following protocol.

Emma also knew that the police man, didn’t have a reason to apologize, cause he was never wrong. But of course she had to give them drama, so they won’t suspect her a bit. She wants the police thinking, that she is nothing but a spoilt rich bitch.

She got in her car and then waited for the gates to open before driving into the huge compound.

Once she drove into the compound, she parked her car at the parking lot and then came down. She walked to the mansion, and got inside. A maid informed her thar, Mr bird was currently in his room, waiting for her.

Without wasting much time, Emma walked to Mr Ben’s bedroom. And without knocking, she walked into the room. Mr Ben is a divorcee. His wife had to divorce man due to his cheating lifestyle. And that was why Mr Ben became a really easy target among the list of men she had to kill.

“Here you are, I have missed you so much.” Mr Ben said getting up from the bed, he walked to Emma and wrapped his hands around her, then kissed her on the lips.

Emma felt like vomiting, things she has do for revenge. “I also miss you too my love, I miss you so much.” She said returning his kiss.

“What do you think about, if we hit the bed first and have a little fun.” He said grinning.

Sex sex sex that is the only thing in this man’s head, what a foolish man you are… She thinks.

The idiot thinks that she has been sleeping with him, but what he doesn’t know is that she had particular kind of drugs, that she always have him. Whenever she comes to see him, she would inject the drugs in his water, tea, or anything that has to do with water, that he would drink.

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The drugs would make him really delusional, and makes him see things that aren’t real or true. The drugs would draw him into a world of illusion.

Whenever Mr Ben wakes up the next morning, he would end up thinking that he had the most amazing night ever with Emma, but what he didn’t know was, that it was all an illusion.

“Sure, but why don’t we get you relaxed first. I know that you are going through a lot of emotional rollercoaster right now, and that is why I recommend we drink atleast one glass of wine, and get all relaxed.” She kissed him on the cheeks, then walked to his mini fridge, and takes out a bottle of wine. She also took two wine glasses. Before pouring the wine, she brings out the injection that she had hid in her pant waist band. She empty the injection content on one of the glasses, the one she intended to give to Mr Ben. After that, she filled up the two glasses, held Mr Ben’s own drink in her right hand, and held her own drink in her right.

She hands over the drink to Mr Ben and he wasted no time, in drowning the whole content of the glass. She on the other hand, didn’t drink her wine, instead she excused herself to the toilet.

She stood in the toilet, and then counted up to 5. Once she was done counting, she walked back into the room, and just like she thought, Mr Ben was currently laying on the floor so still… But not dead.

She carried him up and laid him on the bed, happily. What…. what is happening to me. Why can’t I move my legs. What was in that drink you have to me.” Mr Ben asked her horrified, by the present state he’s in. Mr Ben said trying to move his hands and his leg.

“I really didn’t do anything much. Okay… maybe I did, but It wasn’t much really. First of all, I am the killer, the one who wants to take your precious life on the 1st of January. I met you in the club and because of, you are a big time cheater, you ended up carrying me home.” She paused, smiling brightly.

“Breaking news, all the sex we had, were nothing but illusions. I have been giving you drugs that could mess with your mind.” Emma said, clapping her hands excitedly.

“I would also want to you to know, that the medicine I have been giving you to. The drugs, can actually make you go paralyze, in other words immobile.

“I have been giving you the drugs in little dose, so you won’t end up getting paralyzed so quickly. The drugs I poured in your wine and today, I was only to wake up the other drugs, that had woken up.

“So.. this means that you are dead man.” Emma replied him, sitting down on the only couch that is in the room.

” You will pay for this you will…” Mr Williams opened his mouth wide and try talking. He couldn’t anymore he has lost his voice.

“Oops, sorry but I forgot to tell you that the medicine also makes you lose your voice. And so, which means you can shout or do anything. You just have to lay down there and listen to me talk. So I am very sure you must know of a certain Mr and Mrs Davis, the very same couple you connived to kill, all because if they knew a secret they shouldn’t know.” She paused.

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“Well… I’m the daughter of those couples, you murdered in cold blood and you will die just the same way you wiped them out of existence.” She smirked at him.

“Well… In the next hour, that medicine would take it’s effect on you. It would start by burning all your intestines, then it would spread like a wild fire through your body and finally, burn your heart. Let’s just say, you will be a dead man in the next one hour. Happy death day, Mr Ben. In your next life, you had better come as a righteous person.” She grinned at him, then picked up her bag, arranged her dress and then left the room.

Emma walked out of the mansion, got into her car and drove out of the compound. She stopped outside the gate, and poked her head out the window of her car, “Next time you insult me again. I will make sure you do not have a job anymore.” She yelled loudly at the police, snickered and then drove off.

“Gosh.. I’m such a good actress.” She said out loud, laughing really hard. At the sane time, pulling of her wig, and the fake face she had on, the lenses and finally the belt. Now, it’s time to plan for her next target.


Oscar stared at the car of the lady that just left. His shaked his head, “Just look at her. Because she now sleeps with rich men, she thinks she had made it. You bitch, my job is freaking ten times better than yours.” He yelled really loudly.

“What’s the point of yelling, she already drove off.” His colleague said.

“I know right. I should have given her a piece of my mind, when I had the chance.” He said.

“Oh wow. You are really funny man. Few minutes ago, you were busy begging her and now… You want to give her a piece of your mind. So funny.” His colleague mocks, Oscar frowned.

“I’m a peaceful man, and that was why I begged her. I didn’t just want trouble.” He said scratching the back of his head, a little bit embarrassed.

“Yeah.. peaceful man indeed.”


Alex knocked on the door of Mr Ben’s room, but no answer. He knocked again and again, but still no answer. He decided to walk into the room, panicked that something must have happened to him.

He rushed into the room with urgency, and calm down a bit, when he saw Mr Ben sleeping peacefully. He was about going out of the room, when he notice that Mr Ben’s face, was a little bit pale. He walked to the side of the bed, and with a beating heart placed his funger, underneath Mr Ben’s nose. He is no longer breathing.

Alex calm his self down, then raised mr ben left hand up, and checked for pulse. He had no pulse!.

“F*ck! Damnit!. She f*cking beat me again. F*ck!.”

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MISTAKES – PROLOGUE by Wilfred Bright



Mistake - Written by Wilfred bright

Mistake - Written by Wilfred bright


A dream shattered, A dream broken

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️

Prologue ✨

Alicia Ray stared at herself in the mirror. Her full body length, displayed in the mirror.

She raised her hands up and touched her face, feeling her face, feeling every single part of it. She couldn’t recognize her face anymore, neither can she recognized her body, she has changed!.

Her face that was once void of any piercing, now has a lot of it. Her face that never held make-up, was now caked in it.

Who is the girl in the mirror?. She asked her self silently. What happened to that cheerful, amazing happy Alicia. What has become of her now?. Why is she so unrecognizable?. She thinks.

She tore the beautiful red gown that she is putting on, into shreds, shouting obscene words at the same time.

She plunged her fingers into her hair, and made a mess of her hair.

She wiped away the make-up on her face, with the back of her palm. She takes out all the nose rings, ear rings, all the rings on her face and throws them to the floor. She was in a hurry to get rid of it, get rid of the unrecognizable girl in the mirror. To everyone out there, she’s a star. A popular figure, but to her, she’s nothing. She’s slowly dying in the inside, why? Because of the fame now eats her up.

She took the water bottle on top of her dresser, and then used it to wash her face. But no matter what she did, that girl she has become just stared back at her. Even if she stood infront of her mirror in just her underwear, that girl still didn’t changed back to her formal self. Eventhough she made a mess of her hair, and got rid of her make-up. That girl still wouldn’t leave.


This is her now! The unrecognizable girl in the mirror, is her!. No matter how many time she wish she could deny it, that girl would always be her. There is no going back to her formal sweet, cheerfully self. The world has changed her!. Fame has changed her.

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Married At Sixteen – Episode Twenty



Married at sixteen by Authoress Ricky

Married at sixteen by Authoress Ricky

(Love filled with Bitterness)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

✍️ Episode Twenty✍️

🌺 Daniella pov🌺

I was coming out of the class after having some chat with Amy at the cafeteria because she seems to be broken and I didn’t even realize she had feelings for Bryan and it this strong.

I made up some lies when she asks about Martha even though I know she must probably be with Bryan. I don’t know what really happened but Jabson refuse to tell me and that lead to a little fight between us too.

“Isn’t that Martha?” Why is she with John?. Hope it not what I’m thinking, I quickly approach them and gave John a glare before dragging Martha away from him.

“Let go off me Daniella”she said and I kept dragged her till we reach the empty classrooms and I lock the door.

“What the hell is happening”I questioned.
“You should tell me why you bring me here when I was in the middle of an important something”She yelled at me and I was surprised.

“Martha? John is the importance thing you are talking about?”
“Doesn’t it worth it?”
“What have gotten into you”I asks.
“Maybe you should direct that to your friend”She sounded so rude to me.

“My friend aren’t we friends too?”I asks.
“I have a class”She said and I scoff.
“This is the same class you are having now tell me what happening and what were you discussing with John”I asks.

.”And why should I tell you?”she asks me.
“Even if you are Bryan have a little misunderstanding shouldn’t you be soughting it out instead of going to that bastard”I yelled.

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“Why do everyone hate him?”
“You really want to know?”I asks.
“There is a party tonight at my house and John will be there come over with Bryan”
“No”she rejected.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with him”she said.
“Why for goodness sake”
“he tried to rape me are you satisfied”she fired at me.

“Rape? I thought you guys are married?”
“Okay fine !! this is the truth we are married but aren’t together because we hate each other guys and yesterday night he tried to rape me when I wanted to treat his wounds”

“What wound?”I asks in surprise.
“He was attacked by an hoodlums last night”she replied and I gasped.
“His he okay”I asks and she shot at me making me hold back my words.

“I hope you understand and stop all this drama because John is only been nice to me”she said.
“John is……”I kept quiet and stare at her for a while.

“Martha are you that blind?”I asks.
“I can see Clearly and you are putting on white”She said and I sigh deeply.
“He loves you and he just doesn’t want to hurt you because of his situation that he doesn’t realize I know a long time ago though”

“What do you mean”
“I think this is right time he need you or you might lose him forever but I still need some investigation I have a feeling John is behind is attack”
“There you go again”She clap her hand together.

“Martha I’m been serious, he need you now but why did he react like that because he already stop_OMG”I gasped.
“I will talk to you later”I ran out of the class and went to search for Bryan and Jabson and luckily I found them at the school backyard.

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“Hey guys”I greeted but the both of them just snub me but I ignore that.
“I think I know what really happened”I said and they both exchange glance before looking at me.

“Know what? Your addiction occurred because you got injected with large dose of Vulgar last night”I said and Bryan punch Jabson in the face making me gasped.

“You f**king tell her”he roared and this is my first time I ever see Bryan mad at Jabson.
“No”he spat out blood.
“Omg”I squat and help Jabson up but he shove me away.

“He didn’t tell me, I found out myself okay”I said and he just wipe his hand.
“I’m serious Bryand I think you weren’t actually attacked yesterday but instead you were drugged and it only two person I know can do that.

“My father or John”he said and I nod.
“Sorry dude”he apologized to Jabson and he just ignore him and take care of his broken lips.

“Who even tell you I was attacked?”He asks.
“Matha”I replied honestly and he slum on the bench back.
“What did she say?”he asks.
“We just need to give her more time I guess”

“She can never forgive me and it hurt she is following that bastard”I almost cried as I watch Bryan speak.

He has never been broken like this before. What the hell is wrong with Martha?.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

Who like Daniella pov?

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