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THE VIRGIN Chapter Ten



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]πŸ’•πŸ’‹

✍🏽Written BY: Nuella Emerald

π˜Ύπ™π™–π™₯π™©π™šπ™§ π—§π—˜π—‘- β€œπ‘Όπ’π’π’Šπ’Œπ’† π‘»π’†π’“π’Žπ’” 𝑨𝒕𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕”

-𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐠 π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« π€π‘πžπšπ.


” Hey man, you can’t just hit a woman like that.” Grey begins as he steps in front of me hiding and shielding me away from the menacing hands of Zane.

Zane was breathing heavily, each exhale and inhale spelling furious anger. His face was scrunched in sheer rage and his hand was still uplifted and frozen in that position, his other hand was clenched so tightly, his veins were scarily vivid. With his current composure, he would’ve killed me within a second if he had a dagger or a gun.

The ingridiency of the slap I received not less than a minute ago was nothing but intense anger. The moment it landed on my cheek, I felt not only pain but betrayal. I can’t believe Zane raised his hands on me. My cheek was throbbing hot, it was indeed very painful. Tears had already began to trickle down my face.

” And who are you to tell me that huh?” Zane retorts then fixes his wrathful eyes of me. His gaze on me was piercing, extremely piercing. What was he thinking?

” I can’t believe you settled for this punk Isabella. I mean, look at him. Am I not better than him?” Zane questions me then his demeanor changes immediately. He has a small gape on and his gaze was aloof, like as if he just remembered something.

” Oh, I see, I see it clearly now. You’ve been sleeping with him huh? You’ve been secretly fucking this inept and then you lie to me that you’re a virgin? How despicable can you be Bella?” Zane allegates and I’m bewildered at that. What gave him the fucking impression that I was lying? Furthermore, the impression that I’ve been sleeping with Grey. A man whom I just met not less than an hour ago? Shame on you Zane for being so petty.

” Zane, are you mad? How will you lay such whorish allegations on me?” I snap at him and he grunts then begins to charge towards me in his fit of rage and I immediately flinched and recoiled with a shaky and fearful demeanor to the back of Grey who seemed like he was willing to fight for me.

” Oh she still has the mouth to talk? You slut, a motherfucking bitch! A stinking lying harlot.” He throws demeaning names at me as he walk to me in a way that suggests imminent harm and I hide myself the more behind Grey.

Where the fuck are the securities mounting this gate? Are they deaf? Can’t they hear that there’s a man here about to kill me.

” I won’t have you call her names.” Grey warns sternly and Zane laughs sarcastically jeering spite at him.

” And what are you going to do about it, punk?” Zane retorts after laughing.

” Oh, move aside, I didn’t come here for you.” Zane adds then shoves Grey aside exposing my cowered self.

” You cheated on me with some random dude at a party? You kissed him Isabella, and you let his hands hold you in places you wouldn’t even allow me to touch. You cunt!” Zane says and raises his hands once more to slap me but Grey strikes and catches his hand mid-air halting the action.

The Ball. How did he know that I kissed Ryder? Except…. Ava told him! Ava that fucker, she told him. Well then, I guess Zane’s anger is completely justified but still… I saw him pants down with another girl and I didn’t even react this way. So to me, he’s kinda overreacting.

” What is going on here?” We hear strange voices ask and we look to see the security officers hurring to the scene.

” Thank goodness.” I inwardly heave a sigh of relief.

” Excuse me sir, please let go of that man.” One of the security officers said to Grey. Grey reluctantly lets go of Zane’s hand but not before giving him an intense death stare and the security officers arrive the scene.

” What’s going on here?” The other security officee asks as he stands akimbo while the first one swings his black baton in a circular motion.

” This man here assaulted this woman, verbally and physically.” Grey states then throws his arm over my shoulders. Whaaat? No, no, no Grey. You cannot just put your arms around my shoulders all willy nilly in front of my boyfriend, it can even make matter worse.

I pinch his back and he flinches at that. He turns to face me and I give him a look that simply depicts to him to take his damn hands away from my shoulders. He codes then slyly removes his hands from my shoulder and I shrug.

” Is this true ma’am? Did this man assault you.” The security officer asks me and points at me. Grey and I then share a look. Wouldn’t it be kind of wrong to tell on my boyfriend? Like report him to the officers and probably have him sent to jail.

” Yes officers but it was nothing serious. It was just a simple misunderstanding which we have sorted out. Nothing to worry about.” I say and a nervous chuckle follows. The two officers then look at me then at Grey, then at Zane.

” But we heard noises.” The officer says with a suspicious demeanor.

” Like the damn woman said, everything has be sorted out and there’s nothing to worry about.” Zane says in a curtly manner.

” Alright then. Good day.” The other officer says. They turn to leave but not without looking down at us in a stern manner.

” Great Isabella, you just saved your boyfriend who was just about to beat you to death from going to jail.” My conscience sarcastically tells me.

” This is not over.” Zane warns pointing his finger at me before he turned around and left. He entered into his vehicle then drove away.


Grey and I watch as Zane recklessly and speedingly drives away and we continues to watch him until he was far out of sight.

I started to trod down the street as the journey to the family’s mansion continues and Grey immediately trails after me.

Not a single word was said as we walked to the mansion probably due to my mind racing around numerous topics including my father’s kidnap and Zane’s display of anger. I’m sure Grey decided not to say a word because he might have found it awkward to start up a conversation after what just transpired.

Or maybe not, maybe he’s just afraid to start up a conversation with me probably due to the fear that I might snap at him. Either ways, I’m not open for a conversation and it’s much better if we take this journey in silence.


We arrive at the family mansion and stood outside, behind the large and massive metallic gate that guards our house. I take out my phone from my back pocket them dialled Karissa.

” Hey, where are you?” Karissa impatiently asks immediately she answers the call.

” I’m at the gate. I’m not with the security codes anymore so you have to come open up.” I answer.

” Okay. But what’s wrong? Your voice sounds so feeble and drained, like you’ve been crying. What happened?” She questions. I can’t tell her Zane publicly harassed me, she’d rub it in my face for eternity and not a single action of sympathy will come from her.

” It’s nothing.”

” I see you’ve started hiding things from your sister. Well okay, since you don’t want to tell me what’s up with you, I won’t pester forward. I’ll be out in a second.” Karissa says and I hang up then put my phone into my pocket.

After a few seconds, I hear footsteps pattering closer and I assume it’s Karissa. Few moments after that, the light atop the gate turns green and the gate automatically slides open revealing Karissa in a yellow mini laced gown.

” Mum’s breaking down. The news hit her hard and-” Karissa immediately pauses her statement the moment she say Grey.

” Who’s he?” She asks sternly.

” That doesn’t matter. I need to see mum.” I say and grab Grey’s hand then walk in. I could feel Karissa’s eyes settled on Grey and I even though I wasn’t looking. The gate closes and Karissa follows us as we walk into the mansion.

I enter into the living room and see mum wailing and blubbering uncontrollably on the floor. I felt touched instantly mere looking at her, she’s suffered a lot this past few months.

” Mum.” I call out to her then rush to where she sprawled on the floor. I knelt beside her and had one of my hands at her back patting her and the other one stroking her leg. I did that to pacify her but it seems like her wails increased the more.

” It’s okay mum, it’s okay. Everything is going to be alright. We will find dad wherever he is an very soon everything will be back to normal.” I encourage her. But her wails didn’t cease, in fact seeing her cry insinuated foggy eyes and I immediately began to sob as well.

I turn around when I hear the sound of someone coming down the stairs. I turn to see Caleb walking downstairs in a gray sweatshirt and matching coloured sweatpants and slides. His hands were in his pocket and he looked like he had shed a few drops of tears too.

” Bella.” He calls out softly to me the moment he sees me.

” How did it happen?” I asked in general.

” Well, Caleb and I decided to go to the arcade while mum went out with some of her friends. She returned before us and when we finally came home, we met her crying.” Karissa begins. I turn and see her standing by the door, Grey was standing few feet away from her.

” We asked her why she was crying and then she told us she came home and didn’t find dad. And all she found was this note.” Caleb concludes as he finally reaches downstairs.

He walks to me and hands me a small brown coloured note.

” I’ve regained what’s rightfully mine. Taking Alfredo is just a bonus dose of payback.” I read the note out loud amidst my sniffling.

” What does that even mean?” Karissa questions.

” Let me see.” Grey offers then walks to me and collects the note then began to examine it while he stroked the beards on his chin. Caleb and mum noticed his presence and they didn’t seem so appeased by it. Oh Grey, I’m going to in a lot of trouble because of you.

” And who’s he?” Mum asks amidst he tears.

” He’s uh, a friend. Uhm, my car broke down on the way here so he dropped me off.” I explained with nervosity filled in my stomach.

” You let a stranger into our house?” Caleb whispers to me and I shake my head in disaffirm.

” He’s not a stranger.” I lied.

” Well, sorta.” I add.

” If dad were here, he’d surely have your head chopped off.” Caleb says.

” Has anybody called asking for a ransome or something?” I asked generally.

” No. Nobody has called.” Karissa answers.

” This type of kidnap isn’t one that requires a ransome. This note clearly states that whoever kidnapped Mr. Alfredo did it because Mr. Alfredo took something that belongs to him. But according to this note, it seems like the kidnapper has already recovered that stolen property and he kidnapped Mr. Alfredo as added revenge.” Grey explained with his eyes still fixed on the note.

” Okay who’s this guy?” Karissa asks and Grey walk up to her with a grin.

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” And how is he able find out all this.” Caleb adds.

” My name’s Grey DeWitt and it’s a pleasure meeting a member of Isabella’s family. We’ve been friends for such a long time and Isabella here didn’t tell me she had such a beautiful sister. Are you single?” Grey asks then takes Karissa’s hands and shakes it and I mentally face palm myself for bringing him here in the first place.

What in tarnations? What is he doing!? This guy is crazy, I’m fully convinced that he has gone totally crazy! Hitting on my sister during a serious matter like this? Well fuck me for bringing him here, it’s all my fault. Damn you Grey.

” Let go off me.” Karissa says the violently takes her hand away from Grey’s and he smirks at her.

” As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.” Grey says as he walks back to his initial position before he went to Karissa’s.

” If there’s anything I’ve learnt from movies then it will be the fact that every note has hidden messages.” Grey begins then sits on the couch and crosses his legs so casually.

” Can I get some oil?” He requests and everyone scrunches their faces in puzzlement.

” I didn’t speak Spanish neither did I mutter or stumble my words, I don’t get why you all look so surprised.” He says.

” Fine. I’ll get the oil.” Karissa says with a furrowed forehead before going into the kitchen.

Few moments later, she returns with a small cup with oil inside of it. She hands it over to Grey and he snatches it from her. Karissa is agaped at that and she snaps.

” Okay, what is the meaning of this? Bella, can you please take this friend of yours out of this house since he clearly lack manners.?” Karissa demands and Grey chuckles as he sets the note on the side table then gently smears the oil over it.

” No, no. He’s up to something, look.” Caleb opposes then points at Grey and everyone’s attention was fixed on him.

” Come closer.” He tells us and I help mum stand up to her feet then we join Karissa and Caleb as we walk to where Grey sat.

” Look at this.” Grey says drawing our attention to the paper which was dampened with oil. But something was different, there was a new inscription on it, like a street name.

” Octavian Avenue.” Grey states.

” I believe there’s a ninety percent chance that this street is where the kidnapper or whoever wrote this letter resides and it could also be the place where Mr. Alfredo is.” Grey explained and it made perfect sense although it did sound very clumsy for the kidnaper or whover wrote this letter to use a paper in which their address was written on it.

” This is probably where one of the secret hideouts of the skulls is located” Karissa points out taking the note from the table.

” Perhaps one of the kidnappers noticed the address and tried to fade the ink.” Caleb adds and we all second.

” We should inform Tianna of this new development.” Caleb suggests bringing out his phone then he walks away from the scene.

Grey’s phone rings and he excuses himself from our presence.

” The next time you bring in outsider into our house, I will not take it likely. Do you hear me?” Mum chides immediately Grey excuses himself anf I tersely nod at that.

Oh jeez.

” Uh, it’s been a pleasure meeting Bella’s family, but I’m afraid I have to leave now.” Grey announces as he comes back to the limelight.

” Yeah, I’ll be going along with you. You have to drop me back home, remember?” I tell Grey and he nods.

” I’ll be back later this evening mum and I’ll stay here at the mansiom for a few days okay.” I say to my mum and peck her cheeks and she nods.

” Be strong okay, we’ll find dad surely. And I just want you to know and keep this knitted in your heart that wherever dad is, he’s safe and thinking of you.” I add and put my arms over her shoulder then draw her closer to me and rub her upper arm as she sniffles.

” What about clothes?” Caleb asks.

” I left some easy wears in my closet, I’ll use those.” I reply then walk to Grey.

” Shall we?” He asks and I nod.

” Bye Guys.” I greet and we exit the mansion.

” What was that for? Why did you hit on Karissa?” I immediately scold the moment Grey and I stepped outside. He chuckles.

” I just felt like it. You know, the feeling just whoosed in and I was like β€œhey, why not hit on Bella’s sister.” ” He says in a sarcastic tone and I roll my eyes and shake my head at that.

” But you know, you’re really smart, I really underestimate you. How did you know there was a hidden address?” I ask Grey as we walk to the main gate.

” I watch a lot of movies.” He answers then reflexly kicks a pebble in front of him as we walk. I smile at him then he smiles back. Silence followed.

The silence made room for Zane to finds his way into my mind. I have to apologize to him, even if he doesn’t want the relationship to go on anymore, I still need to apologize to him for cheating on him. He did the same when he cheated and I should do that as well. I’ll go to his house right now and render an apology, probably that’ll be the last time he may want to see me. Ugh, I don’t know and I’m confused. But I do need a ride to Zane’s…


” Uh Grey.” I begin.

” Yeah?”

” Thanks for uh, standing up for me when Zane tried to attack me.” I appreciate and he smiles charmingly.

” Zane, your boyfriend?” He questions and I nod.

” Yeah.”

” He’s a psychopath. You shouldn’t be dating someone like him. You’re way to much of a wonderful person for him.” Grey says and I keep silent. Yeah, I’ve been told a lot that Zane is no good for me. But what makes life interesting is seeing how thin the odds of something happening seems at first and how it later turns out to be the perfect match. A popular Physics term states that β€œUnlike terms attracts” and I feel like that statement perfectly describes Zane and I’s relationship.

” But did you really cheat on him?” He questions and I arch my brown at that question. Why does he want to know?

” That’s uhm, a topic for another day.” I swiftly dismiss the motion. He nods

” Say, I just want to ask you for one teny tiny favour, yeah?”

” Sure, what do you want?”

” Uh, can you please drop me off somewhere.”

” Where?” He quickly asks.

I mentally debate myself on whether to tell him it’s Zane’s house. He may decide to rebuke me from going there or probably even decline from taking me there. So I don’t think I should tell him.

” It’s a friend’s house. One of my girl uh friends, yeah, one of my girlfriends from school.” I say to him with twitchy eye and mouth movements. The truth is that I’m really bad at lying and I sincerely hope Grey believes me.

” Alright. I’ll drop you off.” He says with a smile and I inwardly pump my fists in victory.


Grey rides me to Zane’s house. We didn’t talk much during the ride because my mind was practically cracking up words to say when I see Zane. Admitting that I kissed Ryder is one thing, the guilt I will forever feel for hypocrisy is one thing that worries me. But Karma always finds his way back huh?

” Which turn am I taking?” Grey asks and I’m jolted out of my thoughts and I blink my worries away for the mean time.

” The left one. Down the curb there.” I answer and he nods. He tilts his motorcycle to the left and I close my eyes and exhale loudly as I brace myself.

Few minutes passed and Grey’s motorcycle stalls in front of Zane’s porch. He kicks the side stand down then places that leg on the ground while the other was on the foot peg. I alight from the motorcycle with a grunt.

” We’re here.” He says.

” Yeah.”

” Thanks.” I say with a small smile then turn to leave.

” Say a greeting to Zane on my behalf.” He says and my eyes widen at that. How did he know I was coming to Zane’s? Oh, darn me for not knowing I was talking to the smart and witty Grey. Off course, Zane would figure out I was lying, what was I thinking?

” You thought I didn’t know?” He asks as I turn to face him.

” Why did you want to come here?” He further asks.

” To apologize to him for cheating. His anger back there is completely justified because I’m at fault.” I answer.

” He slapped you Bella and he was ready to do worse if not for my intervention. A man who raises his hand on a woman is no man, in fact he is a coward. You don’t deserve a coward as a boyfriend Bella, you deserve far much better.”

” You have the right to your opinions Grey just as much as I have the right to do whatever I please. Right now I just want to apologize to Zane and get this horrible day over with, okay?”

” But he slapped you, called you names! Leave that fucker alone, he doesn’t deserve your apology. Now come on, let’s go.” Grey says and I felt bad on behalf of Zane.

” I cheated for Christ’s sake and I have to apologize. And I won’t have you insult my boyfriend in my presence.” I rebuke him then turn my back against him breathing vehemently.

” Okay, do whatever you want. But just know that I won’t be here to hide behind when he gets violent.” Grey says then starts the ignition of his motorcycle.

” Here.” He says and I turn to see him extend a two hundred dollar bill to me.

” Why?” I ask.

” I know you didn’t bring money along with you and since your car broke down and I’m heading home now, there’s no way you’ll be able to find your way back home. So use this to take a taxi or something.” He says and it immediately struck me that I was actually moneyless and stranded and have absolutely no way to get back home.

” Thank you.” I say then walk up to him and take the money.

” I want it paid back with a million dollars interest.” He winks and I chuckle.

” Thanks for everything.”

” Welcome kiddo. See you later chica.” He says with a smile before riding off.

Once again I exhale then walk up to Zane’s sturdy brown colored door and plant a soft knock.

” Zane?” I call out to him.

Few moments later, the door opens and I see Zane. His eyes are red and he was only clad in a white singlet and blue stripped boxers. His nose is stained with a white powderish substance and in his hand in a rolled up paper probably containing crack and it was lit at one of the edges. Seems like he’s been smoking and sniffing narcotics. Shame.

” What are you doing here?” He questions.

” I came to say I’m sorry.”
πšƒ 𝙱 π™²πŸ‚ πŸ‚
𝑡𝒖𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 π‘¬π’Žπ’†π’“π’‚π’π’…Β©

Β©π– π—Žπ—π—π—ˆπ—‹π–Ύπ—Œπ—Œ π–­π—Žπ–Ύπ—…π—…π–Ί 𝖀𝗆𝖾𝗋𝖺𝗅𝖽’π—Œ π–‘π—ˆπ—ˆπ—„π—Œ πŸ“š

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She put on her dark sunglasses and stared at the police man infront of her with such displeasure. It’s time to show this fools, how good of an actor you are… She thinks smirking.

“Do you mind telling me, why are refusing me entrance into that house?.” She asked scowling at the police man.

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“So are you insinuating that I’m the killer, ans I’m here to kill me Ben. Look, and I don’t care about what is going on, all I want you to do… Is to open the bloody gate for me.” Emma said sternly, glaring holes into the man.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but I can’t let you in.” The man repeated, standing his ground.

“Would you stop apologizing to me and open the damn gate.” She yelled really annoyed, her voice higher than normal.

“Ma’am, please calm down. And don’t make a scene here.” The police man tried to calm her down. If his boss ends up witnessing this, he might end up losing his job.

“I shouldn’t make a scene, is that what you are saying. Okay fine, I will calm down.” She made a show of breathing in and out repeated. Then she takes off jer eyeglass, and looked at the police man with so much discontent. “I am beginning to think, that you don’t know who I am. So I will introduce myself. My name is Sophie Turner, and I’m Mr Ben girlfriend. Ir should I say one of his girlfriend’s. He asked me to come here today, to keep him relaxed, so… Could you let me in, now that you know that.”

The policeman began to wonder why he is so unlucky, to meet a crazed woman on such days. He exhaled heavily, then repeat his usual line, “I’m sorry ma’am, but you can’t go in.”

Emma face palmed her self angrily, “Would you stop apologizing to me. All I want right now from you, is to let me in!” She exclaimed.

“Ma’am, Mr Ben’s life is in danger and we the police are here to safe proctet him and by doing so… we can’t let anyone into the mansion.

“Oh my goodness, this is not happening. Did I ever stop you from doing you job. For f*ck sake Mr Man, why don’t you do your god-damned job and let me in. You can search me if you want, I am unharmed and I don’t have a single weapon with me.” She uttered angrily.

“Ma’am this is an order from above, and I can’t disregard it. Please let me do my job.” The police man was already close to getting down on his knees and beg her to leave. He wasn’t ready to lose his job.


“Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing. I feel so insulted. Do you know what, I won’t stand here and take this anymore.. I will just have to call me Ben, and have him talk to you.” She huffed, then brought out her phone from her bag and then dialled Mr Ben’s number.

Mr Ben picked on the first ring, “Hello Sophia, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you.” Mr Ben said.

“I am currently standing infront of you gate, and the police men wouldn’t let me in. This is so insulting Ben, I think it would be best if I just turn back around and go back home.”

“No, no. There would be no need for that. I will call them right away, and instructs them to open the gate for you.” Mr Ben said, then hung up.

Emma only had to stand for just a few seconds before, a call came on the police man’s phone. He picked the call, exchange a few words with the caller, and then hung up.

“You’re free to drive in ma’am.” He Said to Emma.

“Next time, I’ll make sure you lose your job, if you ever dare insult me in the way you just did. I’m so sorry ma’am, please forgive me.” The policeman said, even though he knew that, there was absolutely no need for him to apologize, since he did nothing wrong. He was just following protocol.

Emma also knew that the police man, didn’t have a reason to apologize, cause he was never wrong. But of course she had to give them drama, so they won’t suspect her a bit. She wants the police thinking, that she is nothing but a spoilt rich bitch.

She got in her car and then waited for the gates to open before driving into the huge compound.

Once she drove into the compound, she parked her car at the parking lot and then came down. She walked to the mansion, and got inside. A maid informed her thar, Mr bird was currently in his room, waiting for her.

Without wasting much time, Emma walked to Mr Ben’s bedroom. And without knocking, she walked into the room. Mr Ben is a divorcee. His wife had to divorce man due to his cheating lifestyle. And that was why Mr Ben became a really easy target among the list of men she had to kill.

“Here you are, I have missed you so much.” Mr Ben said getting up from the bed, he walked to Emma and wrapped his hands around her, then kissed her on the lips.

Emma felt like vomiting, things she has do for revenge. “I also miss you too my love, I miss you so much.” She said returning his kiss.

“What do you think about, if we hit the bed first and have a little fun.” He said grinning.

Sex sex sex that is the only thing in this man’s head, what a foolish man you are… She thinks.

The idiot thinks that she has been sleeping with him, but what he doesn’t know is that she had particular kind of drugs, that she always have him. Whenever she comes to see him, she would inject the drugs in his water, tea, or anything that has to do with water, that he would drink.


The drugs would make him really delusional, and makes him see things that aren’t real or true. The drugs would draw him into a world of illusion.

Whenever Mr Ben wakes up the next morning, he would end up thinking that he had the most amazing night ever with Emma, but what he didn’t know was, that it was all an illusion.

“Sure, but why don’t we get you relaxed first. I know that you are going through a lot of emotional rollercoaster right now, and that is why I recommend we drink atleast one glass of wine, and get all relaxed.” She kissed him on the cheeks, then walked to his mini fridge, and takes out a bottle of wine. She also took two wine glasses. Before pouring the wine, she brings out the injection that she had hid in her pant waist band. She empty the injection content on one of the glasses, the one she intended to give to Mr Ben. After that, she filled up the two glasses, held Mr Ben’s own drink in her right hand, and held her own drink in her right.

She hands over the drink to Mr Ben and he wasted no time, in drowning the whole content of the glass. She on the other hand, didn’t drink her wine, instead she excused herself to the toilet.

She stood in the toilet, and then counted up to 5. Once she was done counting, she walked back into the room, and just like she thought, Mr Ben was currently laying on the floor so still… But not dead.

She carried him up and laid him on the bed, happily. What…. what is happening to me. Why can’t I move my legs. What was in that drink you have to me.” Mr Ben asked her horrified, by the present state he’s in. Mr Ben said trying to move his hands and his leg.

“I really didn’t do anything much. Okay… maybe I did, but It wasn’t much really. First of all, I am the killer, the one who wants to take your precious life on the 1st of January. I met you in the club and because of, you are a big time cheater, you ended up carrying me home.” She paused, smiling brightly.

“Breaking news, all the sex we had, were nothing but illusions. I have been giving you drugs that could mess with your mind.” Emma said, clapping her hands excitedly.

“I would also want to you to know, that the medicine I have been giving you to. The drugs, can actually make you go paralyze, in other words immobile.

“I have been giving you the drugs in little dose, so you won’t end up getting paralyzed so quickly. The drugs I poured in your wine and today, I was only to wake up the other drugs, that had woken up.

“So.. this means that you are dead man.” Emma replied him, sitting down on the only couch that is in the room.

” You will pay for this you will…” Mr Williams opened his mouth wide and try talking. He couldn’t anymore he has lost his voice.

“Oops, sorry but I forgot to tell you that the medicine also makes you lose your voice. And so, which means you can shout or do anything. You just have to lay down there and listen to me talk. So I am very sure you must know of a certain Mr and Mrs Davis, the very same couple you connived to kill, all because if they knew a secret they shouldn’t know.” She paused.


“Well… I’m the daughter of those couples, you murdered in cold blood and you will die just the same way you wiped them out of existence.” She smirked at him.

“Well… In the next hour, that medicine would take it’s effect on you. It would start by burning all your intestines, then it would spread like a wild fire through your body and finally, burn your heart. Let’s just say, you will be a dead man in the next one hour. Happy death day, Mr Ben. In your next life, you had better come as a righteous person.” She grinned at him, then picked up her bag, arranged her dress and then left the room.

Emma walked out of the mansion, got into her car and drove out of the compound. She stopped outside the gate, and poked her head out the window of her car, “Next time you insult me again. I will make sure you do not have a job anymore.” She yelled loudly at the police, snickered and then drove off.

“Gosh.. I’m such a good actress.” She said out loud, laughing really hard. At the sane time, pulling of her wig, and the fake face she had on, the lenses and finally the belt. Now, it’s time to plan for her next target.


Oscar stared at the car of the lady that just left. His shaked his head, “Just look at her. Because she now sleeps with rich men, she thinks she had made it. You bitch, my job is freaking ten times better than yours.” He yelled really loudly.

“What’s the point of yelling, she already drove off.” His colleague said.

“I know right. I should have given her a piece of my mind, when I had the chance.” He said.

“Oh wow. You are really funny man. Few minutes ago, you were busy begging her and now… You want to give her a piece of your mind. So funny.” His colleague mocks, Oscar frowned.

“I’m a peaceful man, and that was why I begged her. I didn’t just want trouble.” He said scratching the back of his head, a little bit embarrassed.

“Yeah.. peaceful man indeed.”


Alex knocked on the door of Mr Ben’s room, but no answer. He knocked again and again, but still no answer. He decided to walk into the room, panicked that something must have happened to him.

He rushed into the room with urgency, and calm down a bit, when he saw Mr Ben sleeping peacefully. He was about going out of the room, when he notice that Mr Ben’s face, was a little bit pale. He walked to the side of the bed, and with a beating heart placed his funger, underneath Mr Ben’s nose. He is no longer breathing.

Alex calm his self down, then raised mr ben left hand up, and checked for pulse. He had no pulse!.

“F*ck! Damnit!. She f*cking beat me again. F*ck!.”

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Latest Story

MISTAKES – PROLOGUE by Wilfred Bright



Mistake - Written by Wilfred bright

Mistake - Written by Wilfred bright


A dream shattered, A dream broken

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️

Prologue ✨

Alicia Ray stared at herself in the mirror. Her full body length, displayed in the mirror.

She raised her hands up and touched her face, feeling her face, feeling every single part of it. She couldn’t recognize her face anymore, neither can she recognized her body, she has changed!.

Her face that was once void of any piercing, now has a lot of it. Her face that never held make-up, was now caked in it.

Who is the girl in the mirror?. She asked her self silently. What happened to that cheerful, amazing happy Alicia. What has become of her now?. Why is she so unrecognizable?. She thinks.

She tore the beautiful red gown that she is putting on, into shreds, shouting obscene words at the same time.

She plunged her fingers into her hair, and made a mess of her hair.

She wiped away the make-up on her face, with the back of her palm. She takes out all the nose rings, ear rings, all the rings on her face and throws them to the floor. She was in a hurry to get rid of it, get rid of the unrecognizable girl in the mirror. To everyone out there, she’s a star. A popular figure, but to her, she’s nothing. She’s slowly dying in the inside, why? Because of the fame now eats her up.

She took the water bottle on top of her dresser, and then used it to wash her face. But no matter what she did, that girl she has become just stared back at her. Even if she stood infront of her mirror in just her underwear, that girl still didn’t changed back to her formal self. Eventhough she made a mess of her hair, and got rid of her make-up. That girl still wouldn’t leave.


This is her now! The unrecognizable girl in the mirror, is her!. No matter how many time she wish she could deny it, that girl would always be her. There is no going back to her formal sweet, cheerfully self. The world has changed her!. Fame has changed her.

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Married At Sixteen – Episode Twenty



Married at sixteen by Authoress Ricky

Married at sixteen by Authoress Ricky

(Love filled with Bitterness)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

✍️ Episode Twenty✍️

🌺 Daniella pov🌺

I was coming out of the class after having some chat with Amy at the cafeteria because she seems to be broken and I didn’t even realize she had feelings for Bryan and it this strong.

I made up some lies when she asks about Martha even though I know she must probably be with Bryan. I don’t know what really happened but Jabson refuse to tell me and that lead to a little fight between us too.

“Isn’t that Martha?” Why is she with John?. Hope it not what I’m thinking, I quickly approach them and gave John a glare before dragging Martha away from him.

“Let go off me Daniella”she said and I kept dragged her till we reach the empty classrooms and I lock the door.

“What the hell is happening”I questioned.
“You should tell me why you bring me here when I was in the middle of an important something”She yelled at me and I was surprised.

“Martha? John is the importance thing you are talking about?”
“Doesn’t it worth it?”
“What have gotten into you”I asks.
“Maybe you should direct that to your friend”She sounded so rude to me.

“My friend aren’t we friends too?”I asks.
“I have a class”She said and I scoff.
“This is the same class you are having now tell me what happening and what were you discussing with John”I asks.

.”And why should I tell you?”she asks me.
“Even if you are Bryan have a little misunderstanding shouldn’t you be soughting it out instead of going to that bastard”I yelled.


“Why do everyone hate him?”
“You really want to know?”I asks.
“There is a party tonight at my house and John will be there come over with Bryan”
“No”she rejected.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with him”she said.
“Why for goodness sake”
“he tried to rape me are you satisfied”she fired at me.

“Rape? I thought you guys are married?”
“Okay fine !! this is the truth we are married but aren’t together because we hate each other guys and yesterday night he tried to rape me when I wanted to treat his wounds”

“What wound?”I asks in surprise.
“He was attacked by an hoodlums last night”she replied and I gasped.
“His he okay”I asks and she shot at me making me hold back my words.

“I hope you understand and stop all this drama because John is only been nice to me”she said.
“John is……”I kept quiet and stare at her for a while.

“Martha are you that blind?”I asks.
“I can see Clearly and you are putting on white”She said and I sigh deeply.
“He loves you and he just doesn’t want to hurt you because of his situation that he doesn’t realize I know a long time ago though”

“What do you mean”
“I think this is right time he need you or you might lose him forever but I still need some investigation I have a feeling John is behind is attack”
“There you go again”She clap her hand together.

“Martha I’m been serious, he need you now but why did he react like that because he already stop_OMG”I gasped.
“I will talk to you later”I ran out of the class and went to search for Bryan and Jabson and luckily I found them at the school backyard.

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“Hey guys”I greeted but the both of them just snub me but I ignore that.
“I think I know what really happened”I said and they both exchange glance before looking at me.

“Know what? Your addiction occurred because you got injected with large dose of Vulgar last night”I said and Bryan punch Jabson in the face making me gasped.

“You f**king tell her”he roared and this is my first time I ever see Bryan mad at Jabson.
“No”he spat out blood.
“Omg”I squat and help Jabson up but he shove me away.

“He didn’t tell me, I found out myself okay”I said and he just wipe his hand.
“I’m serious Bryand I think you weren’t actually attacked yesterday but instead you were drugged and it only two person I know can do that.

“My father or John”he said and I nod.
“Sorry dude”he apologized to Jabson and he just ignore him and take care of his broken lips.

“Who even tell you I was attacked?”He asks.
“Matha”I replied honestly and he slum on the bench back.
“What did she say?”he asks.
“We just need to give her more time I guess”

“She can never forgive me and it hurt she is following that bastard”I almost cried as I watch Bryan speak.

He has never been broken like this before. What the hell is wrong with Martha?.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

Who like Daniella pov?

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