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THE VIRGIN Chapter Seven



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]πŸ’•πŸ’‹

✍🏽Written BY: πŸ¦‹Nuella EmeraldπŸ’Ž

Rated : πŸ”ž

π˜Ύπ™π™–π™₯π™©π™šπ™§ π—¦π—˜π—©π—˜π—‘: π‘Ήπ’†π’—π’†π’‚π’π’Šπ’π’ˆ 𝑻𝒉𝒆 π‘΄π’šπ’”π’•π’†π’“π’Šπ’†π’”.


Dad, Mum, Karissa, Caleb and I alongside Ms. Tianna were seated in the roundtable hall where dad usually holds his frat meetings in our mansion.

The tranquil yet serious and tense ambience sent out fragments of curiosity down everyone’s veins; the unruffled silence that was abound as we awaited Ms. Tianna’s investigation results were almost choking.

In remark to the theft of our emerald stone and assasination of our maids, Dad hired the services of a renowned detective, Ms. Tianna Holmes for thorough investigations which will eventually lead to us finally finding the perpetrators.

Two days ago she had requested for the CCTV footage in which contains images and videos of the events that happened and were recorded from the moment we left for the Ball to the moment we returned and met with the aftermath of the incident.

She and her team must’ve probably watched the video numerous times to pick out clues and suspicious activities to help aid the investigations. According to her, she said she and her team were able to get useful information from the video and she was invited over by my dad to the family’s mansion so she can tell us what she was able to find out.

” Watch this video closely.” Ms. Tianna finally speaks and I’m sure we all inwardly heaved a sigh of relief as the fog of curiosity and anxiousness aviating in our heads was finally alleviated. She adjusts her spectacles then turns her laptop making it to face us so we can view the video. We all lean in so we can view the video and see all details properly.

The video starts playing and the first sequence that appeared were three men dressed in all black and were wearing black face masks that only gave us the view of their eyes. One of them was holding a red briefcase and they were at the main entrance to our compound. One of them then brings out a purse, a purse which I recognized immediately as mine, the one I had with me at the ball that day.

They open the purse and bring out the list of codes then they examine the list for a while before typing in the code. The red light above the gate turns to green and they pumped their fists in victory as they entered into our compound.

The men swiftly walked to the mansion qnd again brought out the list of codes and examined it once more before typing in the code to the main entrance to the mansion.

The door clicked open and the three men walked inside the mansion. Our four maids rushed to the scene probably to check out who walked in and they were greeted by the sight of pistol guns pointing at them. They immediately began to quiver and plead for mercies but the men seemed to be void of emotions and mercies, they shot the four innocent maid right there and then in cold blood.

The man holding the briefcase seemed to be the leader of the gang and he gestured to the rest of the goons to head upstairs. The three of them went upstairs to the showroom in which the heirloom was kept in a glass showcase and they shot the glass open with one of their pistol guns, the glass broke into millions of pieces and the splinters flew to different angles of the room.

Immediately they shot the glass open, I turned to look at dad, he had a cringe on; a very vivid demeanor of pain appeared, one could know he was deeply hurt by the theft of his prized possession.

The men carefully removed the green coloured oval shapped Emerald Stone then in the same manner of carefulness, placed the emerald stone into the red briefcase after which they shut the briefcase and absconded out the room and the mansion as well. After that sequence, Ms. Tiana pauses the video.

” Now look closely.” Ms. Tianna adds then rewinds the video a few minutes back to when the goons entered into the mansion and had their guns pointed at the maids. She then zooms in on one of the men, the one who shot the maids.

” Look at the arm of this man.” She says and points to the man. We all lean in closely and focus our attention at the image put before us. The man was wearing a short sleeved black T-shirt which exposed his inked arm. Ms. Tianna was drawing our attention to the tattoo on his arm. She then further zooms in on the tattoo.

” Take note of that skull tattoo on his arm.” She begins and that’s when we notice the large viper tattoo on his arm amidst other small detailed and less important tattoos.

” That’s the symbol of a popular mafia gang, The Skulls.” She says and my family and I’s lips form a puzzled gape as a blantant demeanour of shock and surprise sprung up on our faces.

” That means the-”

” The Skulls stole our emerald stone.” Karissa chimes in interrupting Ms. Tianna. We all recline back into our seats as we processed the new information in our heads as Ms. Tianna shut her laptop then placed it inside it’s bag.

” Dad, do you know the Skulls? Or at least a member from the mafia group. You should know them, Tianna here says they’re popular.” Caleb asks and dad slowly shakes his head in disaffirm. But then, his face lits up like as if anyone idea just struck him.

” Actually I do, I do know the Skulls and the leader of the gang too.” Dad says and a large portion of our downcast mood vanished. We beckoned on him to tell us but it seemed like he had quite a hard time remembering the name of the leader. He had a grimace on and scratched the back of his head as he cracked his brain to get the name of the guy.

” Aha.” Dad hollars in eureka.

” His name is Mr. Nelson, Nelson Visser but he is popularly known as Venox .” Dad says and Tianna writes it down on her small notepad.

” Do you know anything else about them Mr. Alfred?” Tianna further asks and dad twitches his mouth side to side alongside his eyeballs moving in a similar manner as he probably searches his head for more information about the Vipers.

” No, I don’t think so.” Dad finally gives an answer.

” Alright then. I’ll work with this information while trying to gather more useful informations and clues. The investigation still continues and if any of you guys stumble on useful information we can work with, please do not hesitate to let me know. I’ll keep in touch and surely get back to you all with more investigation results as soon as I can.” Tianna says and gets up from her seat taking her handbag and laptop bag.

” Good Day to the McKenna family.” She bids and we reply in courtesy but it comes out as a mumble because we all talked at the same time. Tianna then struts out of the house.

” At least we know who or what gang is responsible for the theft.” Mum sighs and speaks for the first time ever since this meeting began.

” Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this soon and recover our diamond.” I add.

” But dad, are you sure you don’t know any other information concerning this Venox guy and the vipers?” Caleb asks again.

” I wish I did son. Venox doesn’t really step out much hence he’s not in the spotlight. If any operation needs to be carried out by the vipers, he usually has his men do it under supervison of his child.” Dad says and I furrow my brows.

” He has a child?” I asked a follow up question and dad nods.

” A boy or a girl?” Karissa asks.

” I’m not so certain but with the news flying around, the child is probably your sister’s age.” Dad answers Karissa and everyone glances at me for a second before returning to their initial position.

” Isabella, since Venox’s child is your age, then you should know whoever the person is because these days it seems like you’re friends with everybody between the age of 23 to 25.” Caleb teases and I roll my eyes.

” If we’re to work and agree with what you just said Caleb, that means anyone of my friends could be Venox’s child, so how on earth am I supposed to figure out which one of them is the child in question when I don’t even know the simplest detail about the person which is the gender?” I retort.

” But what’s with all the fussin? On a serious note, how does knowing the identity or gender of Venox’s child help us here?” Karissa questions.

” Dad said Venox’s child is usually the one who’s in charge of operations so there’s a huge chance he or she organized or staged the theft.” Caleb answers and I nod seconding to his statement.

” Finding Venox’s child should be a priority as well.” Caleb adds.

” I believe that once we find his child, the trail to the whereabouts of our emerald stone won’t be far fetched.” Mum says.

” I agree.” I say.


I stare amorously at the golden face mask Fiori had left behind that night at the ball. It must’ve fallen off her face due to the hasty manner in which she left, I still don’t know how she dropped her mask behind without her even knowing.

She was, in fact she is the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. With her pretty and sparkly deep blue eyes and a wonderful smile that could light up the darkest heart no to mention that flowery tattoo she has which compliments her glowing skin in alluring ways; she was indeed a beautiful woman.

How I wish she had stayed longer at that ball, at least long enough for me to learn her name or get her phone number or long enough for us to finish up that kiss under the glazing stars and shining moonlight but no, Ava came in and ruined it all.

Ava knows that she”s not even my girlfriend, she knows her stance in my life and knows that we’re not into anything commited. She knows that she’s just like a toy to me so why does she feel so entitled over me? Sigh.

But why do I feel so attached to this girl I barely know? Why have I not been able to sleep without seeing her face or thinking about her ever since my life was graced by her beautiful personality that night? Why am I suddenly fall head over heals for her? Oh Fiori, what have you done to me?

I’ve always considered myself as a man who doesn’t love women or feel any other type of emotion for the feminine kind except from lust. I always want them for their body and that’s all but in Fiori’s case, I find myself intensely attracted to not just her body but her personality, her intellect and wonderful smile. In fact, I’m attracted to her whole being and existence.

But I don’t believe in the term “Love At First Sight.” I totally disagree with that motion.

But then again, I ask myself…Could what I feel for Fiori really be love or the usual lustful attarction?

I take a look at the mask once more and smile the say, ” Surely, fate will bring us together again.”

All of a sudden, I am jolted into reality by someone continually calling my name. I look away from the mask and I’m greeted by the presence of Coco.

She was dressed in black leather pants and a white long sleeved peplum top complimented with a pair of black long leather boots. It’s sexy how the leather pants bring out her curvy body but I’m done with Coco, right now her sexiness is equivalent to dust and literally means nothing to me.

” What have you been thinking about? I’ve been yelling your name for the past minute!” Coco questions furiously and I dropped the mask on my table.

I leaned my arms uprightly on my desk with my elbows touching the top of the desk directly. I interlock my fingers then place my head on top and stare at Coco.

” Hi.” I simply reply ignoring all her fuss.

” What is that?” She questions pointing at the mask. I look at the mask then push it away, hiding it behind some books.

” I believe the reason you came into my office was for something important. I don’t expect you to raise your voice at me neither do I expect you to question me regarding the items in my office.” I wittily dismiss her question and she rolls her eyes and huffs.

” Anyways.” She begins in a drawled tone.

” Neo organized your men and they were able to infiltrate and get hold of a very expensive and rare gemstone.” Coco announces and my eyes lit up as my lips part to form a lopsided grin.

” Where is the gemstone?” I ask.

” Neo has it in a safe place. He said he’d see you later today.” Coco answers and I nod.

” Okay, with that settled. s there anything else?” I ask.

” Well, there could be.” She says seductively and winks.

Okay where is the going?

She struts over to where I sat and kneeled in front of my chair. She looks at me in a risque manner then bites her lower lips before tugging on my belt, in order words telling me to take my trousers off.

What the flying fuck? She want to give me a blow job? Here and Now? At work? What the fuck again?

” What in the name of- Coco! Are you crazy?” I question then push her away. She falls to the ground in a recoiled position, she lets out a small yelp as she lands on the rugged floor.

” A simple no would’ve been fine. You didn’t have to push me that hard.” She mumbles but loud enough for me hear her. She gradually gets up from the floor and stands in an upright position then dusts off the dirt on her clothes.

” Next time you try this Coco, you’re getting fired.” I bluff angrily. But she doesn’t know I’m bluffing. Despite her sexual advances in which I obliged once, I can’t bring myself to fire Coco because she is a very smart and intelligent girl who’s the best Personal Assistant I’ve ever worked with.

” Come off it Ryder. You’re acting like you haven’t had quickies with those scrawny ass girls you bring in here.” She snaps.

Okay, she got me. It’s true. But just because I decide to do what I want with other girls doesn’t mean I have to do them with her too.

” Leave my office Coco.” I clear my throat and curtly and sternly say.

” Fine, I’ll leave. You can be so annoying sometimes Lorenzo.” She says vehemently and I chuckle. I watch her stomp out of my office in her fit of rage with a smirk on my face. But next time she calls me by my last name, she’d have her head chopped off.

After she slammed my door shut, I recline back into my chair and pick up the mask remembering my Fiori.


I was seated cross-legged on my couch with a big bowl of popcorn beside me and a can of orange soda in my hand. I occasionally dipped my other hand into the bowl of popcorn then shoved in a handul into my mouth and accompanied it down with a sip of orange soda while I watched Stranger Things on Netflix.

It was two days ago a meeting was scheduled between my family and Tianna at our mansion. Tianna hasn’t gotten back to us since then, she and her team are probably still doing their findings.

Being at the family’s mansion that day sent fearful chills down my spine, that was the first time I’ve been there in more than a month. I silently prayed to my God throughout the meeting hoping not to have nightmares that night and thank God my prayers were answered.

Zane and I have been cool and our relationship has been flowing smoothly without any hitch or fight since two weeeks ago when we reconciled. Just few days ago, went on an amazing boat cruise date and it nothing short of wonderful. Hopefully we stay happy and problem free forever.

I do feel kind of guilty though, I haven’t even mentioned the happenings at the Ball to Zane talkless of the kiss I had with Ryder. I do intend on telling him someday but I can’t bring myself to do that. But I’m thankful Ava hasn’t told him anything yet, I hope.

Although, it’s a shame that I never got to meet Ryder again, he seemed like a very nice person.

My door bell chimes and I am jolted by the sound, someone’s at the door. Who could it be?

I take a hanfull of popcorn into my mouth then dropped the can of soda on the side table. I pause the movie I was watching them get up from the couch with a small grunt.

I ambled leisurely to the door and twisted the doorknob. The door swung open and I was stunned and left dumbstruck by the presence of the motorcycle rider. The one who helped me fix my car that night.

Holy Shit! What is he doing at my house?

Contrary to what I thought, he seemed relaxed and kind of unsurprised to see me. Like he knew I lived here or something. He had a small smile on his face, Ha, I remember those pink lips of his and his wonderful eyes and side swept hair. He looks a lot handsome than I remember, I probably didn’t view his features well that night because of the rain.

” H- Hi.” I was finally able to say a word of greeting after gaining my orality back. Wow, this guy is so hot! I can’t believe I’m still this swooned over him even after meeting him before. Damn.

” Hello.” He says in a well pronounced and polished British Accent. Something about that voice seems so- so familiar and stricking but I can’t seem to place my five fingers on it.

Holy Cow! I remember now! That’s the amazing British voice that weird haired waiter had at the restaurant that day.

But hold on a minute. Why does this handsome looking hunk have the face and looks of the man that helped me fix my car but has the amazing voice of the weird haired waiter at the Restaurant.

Could I be hallucinating, maybe my mental episodes are returning.
Am I dreaming? Imagining things? I mean what the hell is happening here!
πšƒ 𝙱 π™²πŸ‚ πŸ‚
𝑡𝒖𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 π‘¬π’Žπ’†π’“π’‚π’π’…Β©

Thanks For Reading❀✨

The gang who stole the emerald stone are called the Vipers and their leader has a child. Who could this child be?

Seems like Isabella is transfixed. How can the man at her door have the looks of the motorcycle rider and the voice of the waiter at the same time?


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THE VIRGIN Chapter Ten



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]πŸ’•πŸ’‹

✍🏽Written BY: Nuella Emerald

π˜Ύπ™π™–π™₯π™©π™šπ™§ π—§π—˜π—‘- β€œπ‘Όπ’π’π’Šπ’Œπ’† π‘»π’†π’“π’Žπ’” 𝑨𝒕𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕”

-𝐋𝐨𝐧𝐠 π‚π‘πšπ©π­πžπ« π€π‘πžπšπ.


” Hey man, you can’t just hit a woman like that.” Grey begins as he steps in front of me hiding and shielding me away from the menacing hands of Zane.

Zane was breathing heavily, each exhale and inhale spelling furious anger. His face was scrunched in sheer rage and his hand was still uplifted and frozen in that position, his other hand was clenched so tightly, his veins were scarily vivid. With his current composure, he would’ve killed me within a second if he had a dagger or a gun.

The ingridiency of the slap I received not less than a minute ago was nothing but intense anger. The moment it landed on my cheek, I felt not only pain but betrayal. I can’t believe Zane raised his hands on me. My cheek was throbbing hot, it was indeed very painful. Tears had already began to trickle down my face.

” And who are you to tell me that huh?” Zane retorts then fixes his wrathful eyes of me. His gaze on me was piercing, extremely piercing. What was he thinking?

” I can’t believe you settled for this punk Isabella. I mean, look at him. Am I not better than him?” Zane questions me then his demeanor changes immediately. He has a small gape on and his gaze was aloof, like as if he just remembered something.

” Oh, I see, I see it clearly now. You’ve been sleeping with him huh? You’ve been secretly fucking this inept and then you lie to me that you’re a virgin? How despicable can you be Bella?” Zane allegates and I’m bewildered at that. What gave him the fucking impression that I was lying? Furthermore, the impression that I’ve been sleeping with Grey. A man whom I just met not less than an hour ago? Shame on you Zane for being so petty.

” Zane, are you mad? How will you lay such whorish allegations on me?” I snap at him and he grunts then begins to charge towards me in his fit of rage and I immediately flinched and recoiled with a shaky and fearful demeanor to the back of Grey who seemed like he was willing to fight for me.

” Oh she still has the mouth to talk? You slut, a motherfucking bitch! A stinking lying harlot.” He throws demeaning names at me as he walk to me in a way that suggests imminent harm and I hide myself the more behind Grey.

Where the fuck are the securities mounting this gate? Are they deaf? Can’t they hear that there’s a man here about to kill me.

” I won’t have you call her names.” Grey warns sternly and Zane laughs sarcastically jeering spite at him.

” And what are you going to do about it, punk?” Zane retorts after laughing.

” Oh, move aside, I didn’t come here for you.” Zane adds then shoves Grey aside exposing my cowered self.

” You cheated on me with some random dude at a party? You kissed him Isabella, and you let his hands hold you in places you wouldn’t even allow me to touch. You cunt!” Zane says and raises his hands once more to slap me but Grey strikes and catches his hand mid-air halting the action.

The Ball. How did he know that I kissed Ryder? Except…. Ava told him! Ava that fucker, she told him. Well then, I guess Zane’s anger is completely justified but still… I saw him pants down with another girl and I didn’t even react this way. So to me, he’s kinda overreacting.

” What is going on here?” We hear strange voices ask and we look to see the security officers hurring to the scene.

” Thank goodness.” I inwardly heave a sigh of relief.

” Excuse me sir, please let go of that man.” One of the security officers said to Grey. Grey reluctantly lets go of Zane’s hand but not before giving him an intense death stare and the security officers arrive the scene.

” What’s going on here?” The other security officee asks as he stands akimbo while the first one swings his black baton in a circular motion.

” This man here assaulted this woman, verbally and physically.” Grey states then throws his arm over my shoulders. Whaaat? No, no, no Grey. You cannot just put your arms around my shoulders all willy nilly in front of my boyfriend, it can even make matter worse.

I pinch his back and he flinches at that. He turns to face me and I give him a look that simply depicts to him to take his damn hands away from my shoulders. He codes then slyly removes his hands from my shoulder and I shrug.

” Is this true ma’am? Did this man assault you.” The security officer asks me and points at me. Grey and I then share a look. Wouldn’t it be kind of wrong to tell on my boyfriend? Like report him to the officers and probably have him sent to jail.

” Yes officers but it was nothing serious. It was just a simple misunderstanding which we have sorted out. Nothing to worry about.” I say and a nervous chuckle follows. The two officers then look at me then at Grey, then at Zane.

” But we heard noises.” The officer says with a suspicious demeanor.

” Like the damn woman said, everything has be sorted out and there’s nothing to worry about.” Zane says in a curtly manner.

” Alright then. Good day.” The other officer says. They turn to leave but not without looking down at us in a stern manner.

” Great Isabella, you just saved your boyfriend who was just about to beat you to death from going to jail.” My conscience sarcastically tells me.

” This is not over.” Zane warns pointing his finger at me before he turned around and left. He entered into his vehicle then drove away.

Grey and I watch as Zane recklessly and speedingly drives away and we continues to watch him until he was far out of sight.

I started to trod down the street as the journey to the family’s mansion continues and Grey immediately trails after me.

Not a single word was said as we walked to the mansion probably due to my mind racing around numerous topics including my father’s kidnap and Zane’s display of anger. I’m sure Grey decided not to say a word because he might have found it awkward to start up a conversation after what just transpired.

Or maybe not, maybe he’s just afraid to start up a conversation with me probably due to the fear that I might snap at him. Either ways, I’m not open for a conversation and it’s much better if we take this journey in silence.


We arrive at the family mansion and stood outside, behind the large and massive metallic gate that guards our house. I take out my phone from my back pocket them dialled Karissa.

” Hey, where are you?” Karissa impatiently asks immediately she answers the call.

” I’m at the gate. I’m not with the security codes anymore so you have to come open up.” I answer.

” Okay. But what’s wrong? Your voice sounds so feeble and drained, like you’ve been crying. What happened?” She questions. I can’t tell her Zane publicly harassed me, she’d rub it in my face for eternity and not a single action of sympathy will come from her.

” It’s nothing.”

” I see you’ve started hiding things from your sister. Well okay, since you don’t want to tell me what’s up with you, I won’t pester forward. I’ll be out in a second.” Karissa says and I hang up then put my phone into my pocket.

After a few seconds, I hear footsteps pattering closer and I assume it’s Karissa. Few moments after that, the light atop the gate turns green and the gate automatically slides open revealing Karissa in a yellow mini laced gown.

” Mum’s breaking down. The news hit her hard and-” Karissa immediately pauses her statement the moment she say Grey.

” Who’s he?” She asks sternly.

” That doesn’t matter. I need to see mum.” I say and grab Grey’s hand then walk in. I could feel Karissa’s eyes settled on Grey and I even though I wasn’t looking. The gate closes and Karissa follows us as we walk into the mansion.

I enter into the living room and see mum wailing and blubbering uncontrollably on the floor. I felt touched instantly mere looking at her, she’s suffered a lot this past few months.

” Mum.” I call out to her then rush to where she sprawled on the floor. I knelt beside her and had one of my hands at her back patting her and the other one stroking her leg. I did that to pacify her but it seems like her wails increased the more.

” It’s okay mum, it’s okay. Everything is going to be alright. We will find dad wherever he is an very soon everything will be back to normal.” I encourage her. But her wails didn’t cease, in fact seeing her cry insinuated foggy eyes and I immediately began to sob as well.

I turn around when I hear the sound of someone coming down the stairs. I turn to see Caleb walking downstairs in a gray sweatshirt and matching coloured sweatpants and slides. His hands were in his pocket and he looked like he had shed a few drops of tears too.

” Bella.” He calls out softly to me the moment he sees me.

” How did it happen?” I asked in general.

” Well, Caleb and I decided to go to the arcade while mum went out with some of her friends. She returned before us and when we finally came home, we met her crying.” Karissa begins. I turn and see her standing by the door, Grey was standing few feet away from her.

” We asked her why she was crying and then she told us she came home and didn’t find dad. And all she found was this note.” Caleb concludes as he finally reaches downstairs.

He walks to me and hands me a small brown coloured note.

” I’ve regained what’s rightfully mine. Taking Alfredo is just a bonus dose of payback.” I read the note out loud amidst my sniffling.

” What does that even mean?” Karissa questions.

” Let me see.” Grey offers then walks to me and collects the note then began to examine it while he stroked the beards on his chin. Caleb and mum noticed his presence and they didn’t seem so appeased by it. Oh Grey, I’m going to in a lot of trouble because of you.

” And who’s he?” Mum asks amidst he tears.

” He’s uh, a friend. Uhm, my car broke down on the way here so he dropped me off.” I explained with nervosity filled in my stomach.

” You let a stranger into our house?” Caleb whispers to me and I shake my head in disaffirm.

” He’s not a stranger.” I lied.

” Well, sorta.” I add.

” If dad were here, he’d surely have your head chopped off.” Caleb says.

” Has anybody called asking for a ransome or something?” I asked generally.

” No. Nobody has called.” Karissa answers.

” This type of kidnap isn’t one that requires a ransome. This note clearly states that whoever kidnapped Mr. Alfredo did it because Mr. Alfredo took something that belongs to him. But according to this note, it seems like the kidnapper has already recovered that stolen property and he kidnapped Mr. Alfredo as added revenge.” Grey explained with his eyes still fixed on the note.

” Okay who’s this guy?” Karissa asks and Grey walk up to her with a grin.

” And how is he able find out all this.” Caleb adds.

” My name’s Grey DeWitt and it’s a pleasure meeting a member of Isabella’s family. We’ve been friends for such a long time and Isabella here didn’t tell me she had such a beautiful sister. Are you single?” Grey asks then takes Karissa’s hands and shakes it and I mentally face palm myself for bringing him here in the first place.

What in tarnations? What is he doing!? This guy is crazy, I’m fully convinced that he has gone totally crazy! Hitting on my sister during a serious matter like this? Well fuck me for bringing him here, it’s all my fault. Damn you Grey.

” Let go off me.” Karissa says the violently takes her hand away from Grey’s and he smirks at her.

” As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.” Grey says as he walks back to his initial position before he went to Karissa’s.

” If there’s anything I’ve learnt from movies then it will be the fact that every note has hidden messages.” Grey begins then sits on the couch and crosses his legs so casually.

” Can I get some oil?” He requests and everyone scrunches their faces in puzzlement.

” I didn’t speak Spanish neither did I mutter or stumble my words, I don’t get why you all look so surprised.” He says.

” Fine. I’ll get the oil.” Karissa says with a furrowed forehead before going into the kitchen.

Few moments later, she returns with a small cup with oil inside of it. She hands it over to Grey and he snatches it from her. Karissa is agaped at that and she snaps.

” Okay, what is the meaning of this? Bella, can you please take this friend of yours out of this house since he clearly lack manners.?” Karissa demands and Grey chuckles as he sets the note on the side table then gently smears the oil over it.

” No, no. He’s up to something, look.” Caleb opposes then points at Grey and everyone’s attention was fixed on him.

” Come closer.” He tells us and I help mum stand up to her feet then we join Karissa and Caleb as we walk to where Grey sat.

” Look at this.” Grey says drawing our attention to the paper which was dampened with oil. But something was different, there was a new inscription on it, like a street name.

” Octavian Avenue.” Grey states.

” I believe there’s a ninety percent chance that this street is where the kidnapper or whoever wrote this letter resides and it could also be the place where Mr. Alfredo is.” Grey explained and it made perfect sense although it did sound very clumsy for the kidnaper or whover wrote this letter to use a paper in which their address was written on it.

” This is probably where one of the secret hideouts of the skulls is located” Karissa points out taking the note from the table.

” Perhaps one of the kidnappers noticed the address and tried to fade the ink.” Caleb adds and we all second.

” We should inform Tianna of this new development.” Caleb suggests bringing out his phone then he walks away from the scene.

Grey’s phone rings and he excuses himself from our presence.

” The next time you bring in outsider into our house, I will not take it likely. Do you hear me?” Mum chides immediately Grey excuses himself anf I tersely nod at that.

Oh jeez.

” Uh, it’s been a pleasure meeting Bella’s family, but I’m afraid I have to leave now.” Grey announces as he comes back to the limelight.

” Yeah, I’ll be going along with you. You have to drop me back home, remember?” I tell Grey and he nods.

” I’ll be back later this evening mum and I’ll stay here at the mansiom for a few days okay.” I say to my mum and peck her cheeks and she nods.

” Be strong okay, we’ll find dad surely. And I just want you to know and keep this knitted in your heart that wherever dad is, he’s safe and thinking of you.” I add and put my arms over her shoulder then draw her closer to me and rub her upper arm as she sniffles.

” What about clothes?” Caleb asks.

” I left some easy wears in my closet, I’ll use those.” I reply then walk to Grey.

” Shall we?” He asks and I nod.

” Bye Guys.” I greet and we exit the mansion.

” What was that for? Why did you hit on Karissa?” I immediately scold the moment Grey and I stepped outside. He chuckles.

” I just felt like it. You know, the feeling just whoosed in and I was like β€œhey, why not hit on Bella’s sister.” ” He says in a sarcastic tone and I roll my eyes and shake my head at that.

” But you know, you’re really smart, I really underestimate you. How did you know there was a hidden address?” I ask Grey as we walk to the main gate.

” I watch a lot of movies.” He answers then reflexly kicks a pebble in front of him as we walk. I smile at him then he smiles back. Silence followed.

The silence made room for Zane to finds his way into my mind. I have to apologize to him, even if he doesn’t want the relationship to go on anymore, I still need to apologize to him for cheating on him. He did the same when he cheated and I should do that as well. I’ll go to his house right now and render an apology, probably that’ll be the last time he may want to see me. Ugh, I don’t know and I’m confused. But I do need a ride to Zane’s…

” Uh Grey.” I begin.

” Yeah?”

” Thanks for uh, standing up for me when Zane tried to attack me.” I appreciate and he smiles charmingly.

” Zane, your boyfriend?” He questions and I nod.

” Yeah.”

” He’s a psychopath. You shouldn’t be dating someone like him. You’re way to much of a wonderful person for him.” Grey says and I keep silent. Yeah, I’ve been told a lot that Zane is no good for me. But what makes life interesting is seeing how thin the odds of something happening seems at first and how it later turns out to be the perfect match. A popular Physics term states that β€œUnlike terms attracts” and I feel like that statement perfectly describes Zane and I’s relationship.

” But did you really cheat on him?” He questions and I arch my brown at that question. Why does he want to know?

” That’s uhm, a topic for another day.” I swiftly dismiss the motion. He nods

” Say, I just want to ask you for one teny tiny favour, yeah?”

” Sure, what do you want?”

” Uh, can you please drop me off somewhere.”

” Where?” He quickly asks.

I mentally debate myself on whether to tell him it’s Zane’s house. He may decide to rebuke me from going there or probably even decline from taking me there. So I don’t think I should tell him.

” It’s a friend’s house. One of my girl uh friends, yeah, one of my girlfriends from school.” I say to him with twitchy eye and mouth movements. The truth is that I’m really bad at lying and I sincerely hope Grey believes me.

” Alright. I’ll drop you off.” He says with a smile and I inwardly pump my fists in victory.


Grey rides me to Zane’s house. We didn’t talk much during the ride because my mind was practically cracking up words to say when I see Zane. Admitting that I kissed Ryder is one thing, the guilt I will forever feel for hypocrisy is one thing that worries me. But Karma always finds his way back huh?

” Which turn am I taking?” Grey asks and I’m jolted out of my thoughts and I blink my worries away for the mean time.

” The left one. Down the curb there.” I answer and he nods. He tilts his motorcycle to the left and I close my eyes and exhale loudly as I brace myself.

Few minutes passed and Grey’s motorcycle stalls in front of Zane’s porch. He kicks the side stand down then places that leg on the ground while the other was on the foot peg. I alight from the motorcycle with a grunt.

” We’re here.” He says.

” Yeah.”

” Thanks.” I say with a small smile then turn to leave.

” Say a greeting to Zane on my behalf.” He says and my eyes widen at that. How did he know I was coming to Zane’s? Oh, darn me for not knowing I was talking to the smart and witty Grey. Off course, Zane would figure out I was lying, what was I thinking?

” You thought I didn’t know?” He asks as I turn to face him.

” Why did you want to come here?” He further asks.

” To apologize to him for cheating. His anger back there is completely justified because I’m at fault.” I answer.

” He slapped you Bella and he was ready to do worse if not for my intervention. A man who raises his hand on a woman is no man, in fact he is a coward. You don’t deserve a coward as a boyfriend Bella, you deserve far much better.”

” You have the right to your opinions Grey just as much as I have the right to do whatever I please. Right now I just want to apologize to Zane and get this horrible day over with, okay?”

” But he slapped you, called you names! Leave that fucker alone, he doesn’t deserve your apology. Now come on, let’s go.” Grey says and I felt bad on behalf of Zane.

” I cheated for Christ’s sake and I have to apologize. And I won’t have you insult my boyfriend in my presence.” I rebuke him then turn my back against him breathing vehemently.

” Okay, do whatever you want. But just know that I won’t be here to hide behind when he gets violent.” Grey says then starts the ignition of his motorcycle.

” Here.” He says and I turn to see him extend a two hundred dollar bill to me.

” Why?” I ask.

” I know you didn’t bring money along with you and since your car broke down and I’m heading home now, there’s no way you’ll be able to find your way back home. So use this to take a taxi or something.” He says and it immediately struck me that I was actually moneyless and stranded and have absolutely no way to get back home.

” Thank you.” I say then walk up to him and take the money.

” I want it paid back with a million dollars interest.” He winks and I chuckle.

” Thanks for everything.”

” Welcome kiddo. See you later chica.” He says with a smile before riding off.

Once again I exhale then walk up to Zane’s sturdy brown colored door and plant a soft knock.

” Zane?” I call out to him.

Few moments later, the door opens and I see Zane. His eyes are red and he was only clad in a white singlet and blue stripped boxers. His nose is stained with a white powderish substance and in his hand in a rolled up paper probably containing crack and it was lit at one of the edges. Seems like he’s been smoking and sniffing narcotics. Shame.

” What are you doing here?” He questions.

” I came to say I’m sorry.”
πšƒ 𝙱 π™²πŸ‚ πŸ‚
𝑡𝒖𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 π‘¬π’Žπ’†π’“π’‚π’π’…Β©

Β©π– π—Žπ—π—π—ˆπ—‹π–Ύπ—Œπ—Œ π–­π—Žπ–Ύπ—…π—…π–Ί 𝖀𝗆𝖾𝗋𝖺𝗅𝖽’π—Œ π–‘π—ˆπ—ˆπ—„π—Œ πŸ“š

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THE VIRGIN Chapter Nine



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]πŸ’•πŸ’‹

✍🏽Written BY: Nuella Emerald

π˜Ύπ™π™–π™₯π™©π™šπ™§ 𝙉𝙄𝙉𝙀- 𝑨 𝑳𝒆𝒐𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒅 π‘Ύπ’Šπ’π’ 𝑡𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 π‘ͺπ’‰π’‚π’π’ˆπ’† 𝑰𝒕’𝒔 𝑺𝒑𝒐𝒕𝒔- 𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒕 𝑰

~Barely Edited…Except some clumsy errors😴


” Hurry quickly to the mansion. We just found uh, a strange letter here as well.” Karissa adds then hangs up.

Multiple feelings and thoughts enclouded my head immediately the news of my father’s kidnap fell on me like a heavy rock; it literally broke me into thousand of pieces.

Feelings of devastation, despondence and sheer puzzlement engulfed my being. In such a small period of time, disheartening calamities have befallen our family and that prooves that truely, mum and dad weren’t wrong when they constantly warned us about the bad eyes and enemies our family’s affluence attracted like honey to bears.

I recollected the broken pieces of my being and hurriedly rushed to my closet and threw a polka-dotted boyfriend jacket over my jean bumshort and white strapless crop top. With my fox fur slides on, I picked up my car keys and scurried out of my condo.

I headed straight to my car and entered into the vehicle. I then inserted the key into the keyhole then twisted the key in a bid to turn on the ignition. Once again, the ignition failed to kickstart just like that night on my way to Leslie’s. I tried it multiple times but it refused to kickstart.

I pressed one of the lower buttons underneath my dashboard to open the bonnet and I heard it click open. I then alighted the vehicle and rushed to the front of the car then raised the already open bonet to it’s highest length. I began to touch some thingies and wires in the engine hoping it’ll solve whatever problem that decided to occur now of all fucking days!

Why didn’t I ask Grey that night what exactly he did to make the car work? But no, I didn’t because I was too smitten over his handsome face. Crud, I’m doomed if this doesn’t work.

I lathed the bonnet door shut and rushed back into the car and twisted the key again hoping the ignition will kickstart since I’ve touched some wires. But fuck no! It didn’t work. I decided to try it one last time and luckily for me, it worked! Thank the stars!!

I heaved a huge sigh of relief as I stepped on the acceleration pad and drove out of my garage. My joy didn’t last for so long because not up to half way down the street, the car tottered and stopped, emitting a heavy fog of black smoke.

” Fuck.” I cussed again then hit the steering wheel with a clenched fist furiously, a loud honk blared immediately afterwards.

I alighted from the vehicle again and stood in front of it in a state of puzzlement. What am I going to do now?

After this whole shit, I’m definitely getting a new car.

” What’s going on here?” I heard a familiar British voice question and I turned back to see Grey leaning on his stalled motorcycle with folded arms and dark shades on, he also had one of those smirks on his face.

” Your car still giving you problems ey?”

” You know for a daughter of the famous mob boss, Alfredo McKenna, you shouldn’t be driving all these problem giving cars. You should be riding a Benz or a Beamer or even a-” He adds and I immediately getsture to him to keep quiet. The fuck? He can’t be yelling my father’s illegitimate status all willy nilly! He chukles and keeps quiet settling down with a sly grin on his face.

” So where you off to?” He questions taking off his shades revealing his wonderful set of blue sparkly eyes.

” My family’s mansion.”

” Why?”

” Since when did I not have the right to visit my family’s mansion? Besides, I don’t have to answer to you and neither don’t have time for chit chat Grey. I need this car working so I can get to the mansion in time.”

” In time? Is there something important happening there? Like a large feast or a party?” He says in a ludicrous manner then flashes his brows.

” Can you just help fix the car?” I ask in a drawled manner. Right now, I’m in a very bad mood due to the news I just received and frankly speaking, I’m void of all emotions and not even Grey trying to be oblivuously funny can help alleviate my downcast demeanor.

” You want me to fix it? Like use my magic fingers on it like last time so it’ll start working again?” He asks cockily wiggling his fingers.

” Yes Grey.” I answer with an eye roll.

” Is it an emergency?” He asks and I groan tilting my head backwards in frustration. More questions?

” Yes Grey, it’s an emergency.”

” Well if it’s an emergency, we don’t have time to start fixing the car. We need to get to your family’s mansion as quickly as possible.” He says and I arch my brown in puzzlement. We? What does he mean by We?

” I’m sorry, β€œWe”?” I question and he nods in affirm as he flashes his brows. He then proceeds to get on his motorcycle and sit astride on it. He turns the key and the ignition starts.

” Yeah β€œwe”. Hop on chicka.” He says. I mentally contemplate and debate myself whether to allow him drive me to my family’s mansion which is basically supposed to be a secret to outsiders. But heck, I’m hopeless, I need his help.

” Fine.” I reluctantly agree then open the driver’s door and grab my phone then removed my car key from the keyhole. I then shut the door and locked the car.

I walked to his motorcycle which wasn’t far eased up from my car. I straddle my legs around the passenger seat platform on the motorcycle.

” All good?” He asks as I adjust myself on the seat platform.

” Yeah.”

” Hold on to me tight.” He says and I inwardly cringe as I slowly wrap my arms around his torso. Ugh, my hand around him sends some irky streaks down my spine. Definitely can’t wait for this ride to be over.

” Hope you know how to ride this thing well?” I question and he scoffs.

” Duh? Do you think I started riding today?” He says with a chuckle and I roll my eyes. He switches on the ignition and pulls the clutch closer to the handle bar and the motorcycle kicks starts and we begin the ride.

” A simple yes wouldn’t even fine. Jeez.”

” I love to add a little bit of sass, you should know by now.” He says then turns back to give me a wink then turns back to his initial position.

” The closest thing I am to knowing you is your name.” I answer.

” Well you would’ve known more than that if you were nicer to me chicka.”

” That’s the nicest I’ve ever been to any starnger, you should be damn thankful.”

” You call that nice? Here I am giving a free ride to a pretty girl I just met less than thirty minutes ago even though she was so rude to me by the way. Now that’s being nice, take some lessons will ya.” He says and I laugh. Take lessons to be nice? Hillairous, just hilarious Grey.

” Besides, where exactly are we heading?” He questions.

” Uh Rivers Luxorious Estate, Brooklyn.”

” Oh, Rivers Estate ey? For the rich and fancy. You know, I’ve always wanted a rich girl as a friend.”

” Who ever said we were friends?” I scoff, he hums a puzzled reply. What gave him the impression that we’re friends, tch.

” Oh, so we’re not friends?” He asks and I hum and affirming reply.

” Yes we aren’t. Strictly neighbors.”

” Well then…” He says and I didn’t really pay attention to his actions instead I feasted my eyes on the wonderful scenery. Suddenly, the pace and speed of the motorcycle began to slow down and I furrowed my brows and scrunched my face at that. What’s happening?

He slows down leaning the vehicle to the side of the road and it came to a halt. He turned off the ignition and laid down the side stand.

” Why did you stop?” I questioned.

” Well since I’m not your friend, I might as well pull over so you can walk all the way to your destination. I don’t think I should be giving rides to someone who isn’t my friend.” Grey turned to face me and replied and my lips formed a gape immediately those words flew out of his mouth. Oh so he can be this narrow minded?

Normal Isabella would’ve gotten down from the motorcycle without saying a word of protest and I will forever loathe and hate Grey and I will never talk to him ever again. But I’m desperate, I need to get to the mansion in time and if accepting that I’m his friend will make him take me there then so be it.

” Fine. I’m your friend.” I mumbled almost inaudibly through gritted teeth.

” What did you say?” He questions with a smirk and I exhale loudly with an eye roll.

” I’m your friend! I’m your friend! Okay? There I said it twice.” I admit and he chuckles and shakes his head. He turns back to his initial position and turns on the ignition and resumes riding the motorcycle.

” Jeez. And you call me the petty one.” I jeered.

” Nice crop top, really shows off your skin.” He compliments.

” Thank you. But why the complement now? Didn’t you see me in the outfit earlier when you came over? Why didn’t you compliment me then?”

” Even if I wanted too, I would’ve had a change of mind immediately you welcomed me with your cold attitude.”

” TouchΓ©.” I say and he chuckles.


Grey continued to be the witty, sarcastic hunk he is throughout the ride but I didn’t pay him much attention because what roamed around in my small head was my dad’s kidnap, who was responsible for it and why the person kidnapped my dad. I also inwardly prayed that he is okay wherever he is and he hasn’t been killed or hurt badly.

I was trapped in my own world of thoughts. At this point, my family is far from being safe. In fact, it seems like our lives are hanging on a single thread and can be cut at any time. I’m very sure the SKULLS are the one behind this.

” Earth to Isabella?” Grey’s accented voice calls out to me and I was immediately jolted back into reality as I blinked my thoughts away.

” We’re at the gate of the estate. I’m not allowed to enter with the motorcycle because it’s againt the rules blah blah. We’d have to walk.” He says and that’s when I began to realize my environment.

” Oh. Let’s walk then.” I drawl then we both alight the motorcycle.

” I’ll be back Benita.” Grey says and pecks the window glass of his motorcycle and a blatant demeanor of stunned surprise swept across my face for a split second.

” Wow, he named his motorcycle as well. You’re a weirdo on so many different levels.” I say to him and he snickers as he stalls the vehicle by laying down the side stand.

” Yeah, the motorcycle means a lot to me.” He says stroking the side of the motorcycle with a smile on his face like he was reminiscing something.

” So, let’s get going. I need to really rush to the mansion quickly. We’ve wasted enough time here.”

Suddenly a red sedan eases up in front of Grey and I with a screech. We were both puzzled and we shared a look before fixing our gaze on the sedan. The door opens and Zane alights from the vehicle looking furious and angry.

Where did he get money to buy a car? He never told me about this, and we spoke yesterday night and still he didn’t tell me about it. Hmm.

” So it’s true?” Zane begins with a tone dripping of sheer rage as he pointed at me. A puzzled comportment engulfs my entity as Zane began his fuss.

” What are you talking about?” I question him and he doesn’t reply, instead he walks over to where Grey and I stood in a menancing manner.

Before I could utter any word, the next thing that occurred was a resounding slap across my face. I immediately cowered and clutched my left cheek.

πšƒ 𝙱 π™²πŸ‚ πŸ‚
𝑡𝒖𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 π‘¬π’Žπ’†π’“π’‚π’π’…Β©

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THE VIRGIN Chapter Eight



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]πŸ’•πŸ’‹

✍🏽Written BY: Nuella Emerald

π˜Ύπ™π™–π™₯π™©π™šπ™§ π—˜π—œπ—šπ—›π—§- π‘Ίπ’•π’“π’‚π’π’ˆπ’†π’“ 𝑨𝒕 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑫𝒐𝒐𝒓.



I still can’t believe my eyes, like how the fuck is this possible? I’m utterly puzzled, transfixed and frozen at the spot. My brain is still yet to process this man’s presence which came as a shocker.

” Take A Picture, it’ll last longer.” He quipped with a loopsided smirk. His utter immediately jolts me out of my state of stunned puzzlement. I release a nervous chuckle in remark to his tease as my cheeks flutter in embrassment.
Not only is he good looking, eloquent and articulated but he’s full of sarcastic wits. Damn you stranger for being this perfect.

” Hi.” I blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind and I immediately regretted it the moment it flew out of my big mouth.

” You’ve said that word twice already, is that the only word you know? Are you retarded or something?” He questions with a chuckle and I mentally face palmed myself for not thinking of any other word to say but those two fucking letter words I’ve said previously. He is facetious; overly facetious, in fact rudely facetious…if there’s a term like that.

I stupidly let my eyes roam over his features again. It seems like the presence of this witty hunk has rendered me controlless over my own organs.

He’s in a ripped jean trouser with a white T-shirt that had a caricature graphic of SpongeBob Squarepants in black and white. Hold on a second, guys who wear ripped jeans and ride motorcycles are considered tough and hard guys huh? Well, it’s kinda absurd to see one of them wearing a T shirt with cheerful Sponge Bob on it. Cute though.

He had a black leather jacket over the T-shirt. The jacket is almost similar to the one he had on that night, just a few minor designs that differentiated both. His outfit is crowned with a black cap that had a grotesque inage of a skull on it invertedly placed over his side swept hair and soled with a pair of black boots that had some spikes at the back. Rugged.

Typical Manhattan bad boy, nothing different. But he’s very handsome, I must admit again. His fairly scanty beards added a touch of manliness to his defined skull which harbored his amazing facial features. Witty, Handsome, Bulky and Wonderfully Accented; a spec, I likey.

” Done eye fucking me yet?” He taunts a jeer then smiles frivolously. Haha, he’s got a bad mouth too. That’s just great. Nevertheless, I won’t stand here and have some dude throws jeers at me like breadcrumbs to ducks.

” Boy, imma slam this door shut if you don’t proove to me in exactly five seconds that you knocked on my door to tell me something important rather than sass me.” I snap annoyed by his last utter.

” Oh, I finally made her say other words apart from β€œHi” ” He jeers a mock then smiles smuggly. He mimicked my voice in a high pitched manner as he said “Hi” and waved his arms girlishly. I scoff and roll my eyes.

” 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” I countdown unamused then proceeded to close the door but he halts the action by swiftly placing one his foot inside my house.

” Hold on feisty chick. You can’t get rid of me so quickly.” He says and chuckles then one of those annoying smirks of his makes it’s way to his face. It’ll be callous for me to chop of a man’s left foot with my door, so I’ll open it.

I reluctantly open the door back and he removes his foot then takes it back it to it’s initial position, next to the right foot. I stare at him in an apathetic manner; void of emotions, pale and kinda docile. His presence is beggining to disgust me but I still need answers to my question.

” Well you are certainly one of the few people who doesn’t find my tease and wits amusing but hey, not everyone has a good sense of humor.” He chortles and I roll my eyes.

” Anyways, I’m Grey, your newest and very good looking next door neighbor and my first intention was to come here and ask for a plumber’s number.” He says with emphasis on “very”

” My sink got clogged.” He adds from the side of his mouth then chuckles to himself.

” I knocked on your door and when it opened, I was greeted by the sight of a quite interesting girl so I decided to amuse her with my sassy comments.”

” Do you sass every girl you meet?”

” Only the prettiest ones.” He flirts with a lopsided grin. I roll my eyes again at his cheap attempt to flirt.

” Well they were more hurtful rather than funny.” I say with crossed arms and he snickers.

” Who ever said they were meant to be funny?” He retorts and laughs. Okay that’s it, I’m done being sassed by Mr. Grey here. In fact, what kind of name is Grey? For Christ’s sake, who settles down and names their child after a colour? A freaking colour! Not even an interesting color like Red, Blue or Greene but Grey? Like seriously Grey? Grey the gloomiest and most boring of all colors? Hell nah.

” Closing my door now.” I say to him then once again proceeded to shut my door.

” Hold on, Hold on. I’m sorry, okay? Jeez, you don’t have to be cold and petty to me.” He says and I groan loudly then open the door once again.

” Why don’t we go back in time to five minutes ago when you had googly eyes scanning through my handsome bod. You were clearly smitten, I don’t blame yah.” He adds smuggly then flahses his eyebrows and flexes his muscles.

” The Sponge Bob on your T-shirt has way more muscles than you’d ever have.” I tease him sarcastically and he titters.

” Funny not funny. If only your sarcasm were just as good as your looks.” He sighs then just strides into my house with his hands tucked into his pockets. Who barges into a house with no permission. The world we now live in, sigh.

” What gave you the efforntry to just waltz into my house? Do you lack the simplest tier of manners?” I question him annoyed by his disrespectful act.

” Nice house.” He says completely ignoring what I just said as he looks around my house.

” Thank You.” I say sternly through gritted teeth, my frustration building up.

He turns around and meets with my scrunched face and angry demeanour then he chuckles.

” Come on. You don’t expect me to wait outside while you get the number. The least you could’ve done was to invite me in and serve me hot cocoa with crackers but no, no, no, instead you decided to be feisty and cold to me so I helped myself in. Or are you hiding something illegal that you don’t want me to see? Drugs? Cocaine? Ammunition? Human heads? Dirty Laundry? Narc-”

” ENOUGH!” I yell covering my ears halting him from going any further with his annoying statement. I was damn fed up, what the hell? How can a guy this good looking and still be so annoying?

He stops talking and shrugs in surrender.

” I’m going in right now to get the number from my phone and when I give it to you, I want your annoying self out of my house. Do you get me?” I fire at him and he just stays there smiling at me saying no word whatsoever. The fuck?

” I’ll be waiting.” He replies with a smile still vivid. The way he calmly replied me despite my furious outburst kind of pacified me and toned down my anger a bit, in fact I felt kind of guilty for yelling at him.

I sigh then go into my room and get the cell number of the plumber who usually fixes our clogs back at the mansion. I walk back into the living room then hand him the piece of paper in which the number was written on.

” Thanks. I’ll be leaving now.” He says and turns to leave, I nod without saying a word. But then I remembered I haven’t asked why he has the looks of the motorcycle man and the voice of the waiter. Could it be some kind of weird coincidence? I don’t know, I’m just thinking pure rubbish now.

” Wait.” I drawl and he pauses without turning to look at me.

” I have something to ask you.” I add and he slowly turns to face me, my eyes meet with his handsome face once more.

” Do you remember me?” I question and he furrows his brows and scrunches his face in puzzlement and in a split second, that facial expression quickly fades away.

” Yeah, you’re the girl who has a low sense of humor, tells bad sass and jokes and also just yelled at me a second ago. Why?” He says, his statement dripping of sarcasm. I roll my eyes at the return of his spunky behavior.

” Haha, very funny.” I say sarcastically and he chuckles.

” I’m talking about two weeks ago, on a rainy Tuesday, you helped fixed my car. And on that same day, I met a writer who’s voice is exactly the same as yours.” I say. His eyes roll from side to side and his lips twitches in the same manner as well as he probably tries to search his memory.

” Oh yeah, I remember you. The damsel in distress who was stranded and the same damsel who visited Leslie’s and tipped me.” He says as he remembers me.

” I have a limited memory. Although it is strange that I forgot meeting a beautiful girl like you.” He said with a sly smile and I blushed bashfully, hope he didn’t see that.

” I made her blush. Impressive.” He says cockily and I roll my eyes.

” But when you talked to me while fixing my car you had an American accent but at the restaurant, you had a British accent and even up till now, you’ve been talking to me in a British accent. How is that possible?” I ask curious for answers.

” Oh what a simpleton you are. Haven’t you head of people who are talented in voice acting, voice overs, voice-” He recites them sticking out one of his fingers at each thing he listed in the same manner as one does when counting.

” I get it. You’re talented in doing voices.” I halt him and make a face. He chukles and stops

” So what’s your name?” He asks on a friendly note.

” Isabella, Isabella McKenna.” I reply.

” McKenna, interesting. What does it mean?” He asks.

” It means child of a handsome one.” I answered and he hums and nods.

” Any relations to popular mob boss Alfredo McKenna?” He questions and I became nervous instantly. Is it safe to tell him about my father’s status? I don’t know him from anywhere, I shouldn’t admit to a total stranger that my father is in other words, a rich criminal.

” I’ll take your awkward silence as a yes.” He says and I was about to protest but his phone rings. I swallow in my protest.

” Got to take this. See you around Isabella.” He says with wink removing his phone from his pocket and he walked out of my house.

Wow that interaction we just had is nothing short of crazy, weird and annoying. I still had more questions to ask like why he had weird hair at the restaurant and why he suddenly decided to help me that night. I do hope to see him again so we can finish up the discussion, well he’s my neighbor so that’s inevitable. He does seems like a pretty interesting character despite his sometimes annoying behavior. But that doesn’t mean I’ve decided to be friends with him, something about him still irks me.

I hear my phone ring from inside my room and I hurriedly went to attend to it. It was Karissa calling, what on earth could she possibly want? Hope she doesn’t want to send me to some cosmetic store to get some sort of weird expensive cream because I ain’t doing no such crap.

” Waddup?” I greet immediately I take call.

” You have to rush to the mansion immediately, dad’s been kidnapped.” Karissa announces.

” WHAT!?”
πšƒ 𝙱 π™²πŸ‚ πŸ‚
𝑡𝒖𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 π‘¬π’Žπ’†π’“π’‚π’π’…Β©

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