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THE VIRGIN Chapter Seven



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]πŸ’•πŸ’‹

✍🏽Written BY: πŸ¦‹Nuella EmeraldπŸ’Ž

Rated : πŸ”ž

π˜Ύπ™π™–π™₯π™©π™šπ™§ π—¦π—˜π—©π—˜π—‘: π‘Ήπ’†π’—π’†π’‚π’π’Šπ’π’ˆ 𝑻𝒉𝒆 π‘΄π’šπ’”π’•π’†π’“π’Šπ’†π’”.


Dad, Mum, Karissa, Caleb and I alongside Ms. Tianna were seated in the roundtable hall where dad usually holds his frat meetings in our mansion.

The tranquil yet serious and tense ambience sent out fragments of curiosity down everyone’s veins; the unruffled silence that was abound as we awaited Ms. Tianna’s investigation results were almost choking.

In remark to the theft of our emerald stone and assasination of our maids, Dad hired the services of a renowned detective, Ms. Tianna Holmes for thorough investigations which will eventually lead to us finally finding the perpetrators.

Two days ago she had requested for the CCTV footage in which contains images and videos of the events that happened and were recorded from the moment we left for the Ball to the moment we returned and met with the aftermath of the incident.

She and her team must’ve probably watched the video numerous times to pick out clues and suspicious activities to help aid the investigations. According to her, she said she and her team were able to get useful information from the video and she was invited over by my dad to the family’s mansion so she can tell us what she was able to find out.

” Watch this video closely.” Ms. Tianna finally speaks and I’m sure we all inwardly heaved a sigh of relief as the fog of curiosity and anxiousness aviating in our heads was finally alleviated. She adjusts her spectacles then turns her laptop making it to face us so we can view the video. We all lean in so we can view the video and see all details properly.

The video starts playing and the first sequence that appeared were three men dressed in all black and were wearing black face masks that only gave us the view of their eyes. One of them was holding a red briefcase and they were at the main entrance to our compound. One of them then brings out a purse, a purse which I recognized immediately as mine, the one I had with me at the ball that day.

They open the purse and bring out the list of codes then they examine the list for a while before typing in the code. The red light above the gate turns to green and they pumped their fists in victory as they entered into our compound.

The men swiftly walked to the mansion qnd again brought out the list of codes and examined it once more before typing in the code to the main entrance to the mansion.

The door clicked open and the three men walked inside the mansion. Our four maids rushed to the scene probably to check out who walked in and they were greeted by the sight of pistol guns pointing at them. They immediately began to quiver and plead for mercies but the men seemed to be void of emotions and mercies, they shot the four innocent maid right there and then in cold blood.

The man holding the briefcase seemed to be the leader of the gang and he gestured to the rest of the goons to head upstairs. The three of them went upstairs to the showroom in which the heirloom was kept in a glass showcase and they shot the glass open with one of their pistol guns, the glass broke into millions of pieces and the splinters flew to different angles of the room.

Immediately they shot the glass open, I turned to look at dad, he had a cringe on; a very vivid demeanor of pain appeared, one could know he was deeply hurt by the theft of his prized possession.

The men carefully removed the green coloured oval shapped Emerald Stone then in the same manner of carefulness, placed the emerald stone into the red briefcase after which they shut the briefcase and absconded out the room and the mansion as well. After that sequence, Ms. Tiana pauses the video.

” Now look closely.” Ms. Tianna adds then rewinds the video a few minutes back to when the goons entered into the mansion and had their guns pointed at the maids. She then zooms in on one of the men, the one who shot the maids.

” Look at the arm of this man.” She says and points to the man. We all lean in closely and focus our attention at the image put before us. The man was wearing a short sleeved black T-shirt which exposed his inked arm. Ms. Tianna was drawing our attention to the tattoo on his arm. She then further zooms in on the tattoo.

” Take note of that skull tattoo on his arm.” She begins and that’s when we notice the large viper tattoo on his arm amidst other small detailed and less important tattoos.

” That’s the symbol of a popular mafia gang, The Skulls.” She says and my family and I’s lips form a puzzled gape as a blantant demeanour of shock and surprise sprung up on our faces.

” That means the-”

” The Skulls stole our emerald stone.” Karissa chimes in interrupting Ms. Tianna. We all recline back into our seats as we processed the new information in our heads as Ms. Tianna shut her laptop then placed it inside it’s bag.

” Dad, do you know the Skulls? Or at least a member from the mafia group. You should know them, Tianna here says they’re popular.” Caleb asks and dad slowly shakes his head in disaffirm. But then, his face lits up like as if anyone idea just struck him.

” Actually I do, I do know the Skulls and the leader of the gang too.” Dad says and a large portion of our downcast mood vanished. We beckoned on him to tell us but it seemed like he had quite a hard time remembering the name of the leader. He had a grimace on and scratched the back of his head as he cracked his brain to get the name of the guy.

” Aha.” Dad hollars in eureka.

” His name is Mr. Nelson, Nelson Visser but he is popularly known as Venox .” Dad says and Tianna writes it down on her small notepad.

” Do you know anything else about them Mr. Alfred?” Tianna further asks and dad twitches his mouth side to side alongside his eyeballs moving in a similar manner as he probably searches his head for more information about the Vipers.

” No, I don’t think so.” Dad finally gives an answer.

” Alright then. I’ll work with this information while trying to gather more useful informations and clues. The investigation still continues and if any of you guys stumble on useful information we can work with, please do not hesitate to let me know. I’ll keep in touch and surely get back to you all with more investigation results as soon as I can.” Tianna says and gets up from her seat taking her handbag and laptop bag.

” Good Day to the McKenna family.” She bids and we reply in courtesy but it comes out as a mumble because we all talked at the same time. Tianna then struts out of the house.

” At least we know who or what gang is responsible for the theft.” Mum sighs and speaks for the first time ever since this meeting began.

” Hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this soon and recover our diamond.” I add.

” But dad, are you sure you don’t know any other information concerning this Venox guy and the vipers?” Caleb asks again.

” I wish I did son. Venox doesn’t really step out much hence he’s not in the spotlight. If any operation needs to be carried out by the vipers, he usually has his men do it under supervison of his child.” Dad says and I furrow my brows.

” He has a child?” I asked a follow up question and dad nods.

” A boy or a girl?” Karissa asks.

” I’m not so certain but with the news flying around, the child is probably your sister’s age.” Dad answers Karissa and everyone glances at me for a second before returning to their initial position.

” Isabella, since Venox’s child is your age, then you should know whoever the person is because these days it seems like you’re friends with everybody between the age of 23 to 25.” Caleb teases and I roll my eyes.

” If we’re to work and agree with what you just said Caleb, that means anyone of my friends could be Venox’s child, so how on earth am I supposed to figure out which one of them is the child in question when I don’t even know the simplest detail about the person which is the gender?” I retort.

” But what’s with all the fussin? On a serious note, how does knowing the identity or gender of Venox’s child help us here?” Karissa questions.

” Dad said Venox’s child is usually the one who’s in charge of operations so there’s a huge chance he or she organized or staged the theft.” Caleb answers and I nod seconding to his statement.

” Finding Venox’s child should be a priority as well.” Caleb adds.

” I believe that once we find his child, the trail to the whereabouts of our emerald stone won’t be far fetched.” Mum says.

” I agree.” I say.


I stare amorously at the golden face mask Fiori had left behind that night at the ball. It must’ve fallen off her face due to the hasty manner in which she left, I still don’t know how she dropped her mask behind without her even knowing.

She was, in fact she is the most beautiful woman I have ever come across. With her pretty and sparkly deep blue eyes and a wonderful smile that could light up the darkest heart no to mention that flowery tattoo she has which compliments her glowing skin in alluring ways; she was indeed a beautiful woman.

How I wish she had stayed longer at that ball, at least long enough for me to learn her name or get her phone number or long enough for us to finish up that kiss under the glazing stars and shining moonlight but no, Ava came in and ruined it all.

Ava knows that she”s not even my girlfriend, she knows her stance in my life and knows that we’re not into anything commited. She knows that she’s just like a toy to me so why does she feel so entitled over me? Sigh.

But why do I feel so attached to this girl I barely know? Why have I not been able to sleep without seeing her face or thinking about her ever since my life was graced by her beautiful personality that night? Why am I suddenly fall head over heals for her? Oh Fiori, what have you done to me?

I’ve always considered myself as a man who doesn’t love women or feel any other type of emotion for the feminine kind except from lust. I always want them for their body and that’s all but in Fiori’s case, I find myself intensely attracted to not just her body but her personality, her intellect and wonderful smile. In fact, I’m attracted to her whole being and existence.

But I don’t believe in the term “Love At First Sight.” I totally disagree with that motion.

But then again, I ask myself…Could what I feel for Fiori really be love or the usual lustful attarction?

I take a look at the mask once more and smile the say, ” Surely, fate will bring us together again.”

All of a sudden, I am jolted into reality by someone continually calling my name. I look away from the mask and I’m greeted by the presence of Coco.

She was dressed in black leather pants and a white long sleeved peplum top complimented with a pair of black long leather boots. It’s sexy how the leather pants bring out her curvy body but I’m done with Coco, right now her sexiness is equivalent to dust and literally means nothing to me.

” What have you been thinking about? I’ve been yelling your name for the past minute!” Coco questions furiously and I dropped the mask on my table.

I leaned my arms uprightly on my desk with my elbows touching the top of the desk directly. I interlock my fingers then place my head on top and stare at Coco.

” Hi.” I simply reply ignoring all her fuss.

” What is that?” She questions pointing at the mask. I look at the mask then push it away, hiding it behind some books.

” I believe the reason you came into my office was for something important. I don’t expect you to raise your voice at me neither do I expect you to question me regarding the items in my office.” I wittily dismiss her question and she rolls her eyes and huffs.

” Anyways.” She begins in a drawled tone.

” Neo organized your men and they were able to infiltrate and get hold of a very expensive and rare gemstone.” Coco announces and my eyes lit up as my lips part to form a lopsided grin.

” Where is the gemstone?” I ask.

” Neo has it in a safe place. He said he’d see you later today.” Coco answers and I nod.

” Okay, with that settled. s there anything else?” I ask.

” Well, there could be.” She says seductively and winks.

Okay where is the going?

She struts over to where I sat and kneeled in front of my chair. She looks at me in a risque manner then bites her lower lips before tugging on my belt, in order words telling me to take my trousers off.

What the flying fuck? She want to give me a blow job? Here and Now? At work? What the fuck again?

” What in the name of- Coco! Are you crazy?” I question then push her away. She falls to the ground in a recoiled position, she lets out a small yelp as she lands on the rugged floor.

” A simple no would’ve been fine. You didn’t have to push me that hard.” She mumbles but loud enough for me hear her. She gradually gets up from the floor and stands in an upright position then dusts off the dirt on her clothes.

” Next time you try this Coco, you’re getting fired.” I bluff angrily. But she doesn’t know I’m bluffing. Despite her sexual advances in which I obliged once, I can’t bring myself to fire Coco because she is a very smart and intelligent girl who’s the best Personal Assistant I’ve ever worked with.

” Come off it Ryder. You’re acting like you haven’t had quickies with those scrawny ass girls you bring in here.” She snaps.

Okay, she got me. It’s true. But just because I decide to do what I want with other girls doesn’t mean I have to do them with her too.

” Leave my office Coco.” I clear my throat and curtly and sternly say.

” Fine, I’ll leave. You can be so annoying sometimes Lorenzo.” She says vehemently and I chuckle. I watch her stomp out of my office in her fit of rage with a smirk on my face. But next time she calls me by my last name, she’d have her head chopped off.

After she slammed my door shut, I recline back into my chair and pick up the mask remembering my Fiori.


I was seated cross-legged on my couch with a big bowl of popcorn beside me and a can of orange soda in my hand. I occasionally dipped my other hand into the bowl of popcorn then shoved in a handul into my mouth and accompanied it down with a sip of orange soda while I watched Stranger Things on Netflix.

It was two days ago a meeting was scheduled between my family and Tianna at our mansion. Tianna hasn’t gotten back to us since then, she and her team are probably still doing their findings.

Being at the family’s mansion that day sent fearful chills down my spine, that was the first time I’ve been there in more than a month. I silently prayed to my God throughout the meeting hoping not to have nightmares that night and thank God my prayers were answered.

Zane and I have been cool and our relationship has been flowing smoothly without any hitch or fight since two weeeks ago when we reconciled. Just few days ago, went on an amazing boat cruise date and it nothing short of wonderful. Hopefully we stay happy and problem free forever.

I do feel kind of guilty though, I haven’t even mentioned the happenings at the Ball to Zane talkless of the kiss I had with Ryder. I do intend on telling him someday but I can’t bring myself to do that. But I’m thankful Ava hasn’t told him anything yet, I hope.

Although, it’s a shame that I never got to meet Ryder again, he seemed like a very nice person.

My door bell chimes and I am jolted by the sound, someone’s at the door. Who could it be?

I take a hanfull of popcorn into my mouth then dropped the can of soda on the side table. I pause the movie I was watching them get up from the couch with a small grunt.

I ambled leisurely to the door and twisted the doorknob. The door swung open and I was stunned and left dumbstruck by the presence of the motorcycle rider. The one who helped me fix my car that night.

Holy Shit! What is he doing at my house?

Contrary to what I thought, he seemed relaxed and kind of unsurprised to see me. Like he knew I lived here or something. He had a small smile on his face, Ha, I remember those pink lips of his and his wonderful eyes and side swept hair. He looks a lot handsome than I remember, I probably didn’t view his features well that night because of the rain.

” H- Hi.” I was finally able to say a word of greeting after gaining my orality back. Wow, this guy is so hot! I can’t believe I’m still this swooned over him even after meeting him before. Damn.

” Hello.” He says in a well pronounced and polished British Accent. Something about that voice seems so- so familiar and stricking but I can’t seem to place my five fingers on it.

Holy Cow! I remember now! That’s the amazing British voice that weird haired waiter had at the restaurant that day.

But hold on a minute. Why does this handsome looking hunk have the face and looks of the man that helped me fix my car but has the amazing voice of the weird haired waiter at the Restaurant.

Could I be hallucinating, maybe my mental episodes are returning.
Am I dreaming? Imagining things? I mean what the hell is happening here!
πšƒ 𝙱 π™²πŸ‚ πŸ‚
𝑡𝒖𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 π‘¬π’Žπ’†π’“π’‚π’π’…Β©

Thanks For Reading❀✨

The gang who stole the emerald stone are called the Vipers and their leader has a child. Who could this child be?

Seems like Isabella is transfixed. How can the man at her door have the looks of the motorcycle rider and the voice of the waiter at the same time?


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πŸ₯€πŸ₯€The bad
Boy wants me😱😱

😦My crush list is out😳😳

✍️ Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️


Chapter Six
Theme: Embarrassed

πŸ˜₯ Ariana πŸ˜₯

I stood by the cafeteria door, a little bit anxious to walk in. My hands held unto my hoodie really tightly, I can do this, just walk in there, get your food and then walk back out.

I took in a deep breath and then strolled into the cafeteria, heading straight to where the food is being serve. I brought a hamburger and a coke, turned around and was ready to get out of the cafeteria, which is already suffocating the hell out of me.

“Here she is, the Lady have been looking for. Aww, don’t tell me you are too ashamed to open your face, oops, I forgot you are so damn ugly.” Charlotte mocks standing right infront of me, and before I could say jack she took off my hoodie.

“Don’t be shy baby, let the whole school see how ugly you are, don’t hide it from them.” She said out loud, my eyes were glued to the ground, refusing to look up and stop charlotte from doing what she’s doing, refusing to fight back.

“Please, I don’t want any trouble, I just want to go to class.” I muttered, my voice coming out really low.

“What did she say, did she just talked to me. Like she talked to me.” Charlotte asks, raising my head up, forcing me to look into her eyes, I couldn’t maintain an eye contact with her, so I looked down.

“Yeah, the witch just opened her mouth and talked to you. She has to be thought a lesson, Charlotte.” Clara, Charlotte best friend says.

“I know just what I should do to her.” Charlotte snickered, she takes the coke bottle from my tray. I don’t need to guess, to know what she’s going to to do next. Charlotte opened the drink, then poured it on me. I stood right there in the cafeteria, with coke drizzling down my hair to the back of my uniform, my eyes shut tightly, with everyone in the cafeteria looking at me. Right there at that minute, I just felt the ground should open up and just swallow me. This is the most embarrassing moment of my life.

“What the heck Charlotte, why did you do that?.” A voice growled walking towards where I’m standing, the owner of the voice stood infront of me and I could perceive his scent. Xander!

“Here, have this.” I opened my eyes to see he was giving me a face towel, his face towel. OH… MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD. Xander Andrews isn’t just standing in the space as me, but he just offered me his face towel, his personal face towel. I have seen him used this face towel a lot of times to clean up sweats on his face.

I stared at him in shock, my brain couldn’t just process the information right infront of me. Xander Andrew is giving me his face towel, to clean up the coke rolling down my dress. THIS IS A DREAM, IT CAN’T BE REAL.

“What are you doing Xander, why are you giving her your face towel?.” Charlotte asks him also as shock as me.

“Charlotte, you have to grow up and stop bullying people. So what if she made a crush list, I don’t see anything wrong in it. I am so sure 90 percent of the girls in this school, has a crush list, even though the list is not written in paper, some if them might have written it on their hearts. So you see, this is not enough reason to bully a person, so leave the girl alone.” Once Xander was done with his speech, I was left staring at him in total shock. Is he defending me right now, against his girlfriend Charlotte, oh my God.

“Xander, are you defending her. She wrote your name on that list, and you are my boyfriend, so she has no right to write your name on that list.” Charlotte yelled stomping her feet on the floor like a little child.

“Stop acting like a child charlotte, it wasn’t your name that was written there, so stop and one more thing, I’m not your boyfriend, stop referring to me as your boyfriend.” He glared at her, while Charlotte cheeks morphs into a darker shade of red from embarrassment. She huffed angrily, gave me the stink eye then stomped away. So.. Charlotte is not Xander girlfriend, well.. this is nice.

“Here, have this.” Xander said with a smile on his handsome face. I smiled happily and politely refused his face towel.

“Ariana, don’t disgrace me in the middle of the cafeteria by not taking my face towel, it would put a dent on my bad boy records.” He said charmingly, still stretching the handkerchief to me. I smiled taking the handkerchief from him “Thank you.” I mouthed then rushed out of the cafeteria, blushing like crazy.


“So… How was my show back there, did you guys enjoyed it.” I asked with a smirk, sitting down on my seat.

“Yup, it was one hell of a show but don’t you think you shouldn’t have done that Charlotte.” Jasper said, “Nope. The bitch has been clinging on to me, like really hard, telling everyone we are dating. So this was me hitting two birds with one stone. Finally I get to, get rid of charlotte and also be a hero to Arianna and that’s what I call, killing two birds with one stone.” I grinned at him, throwing a few chips in my mouth. Jasper only shakes his head.

“Don’t worry henry, I will take good care of your car.”

“You haven’t won the bet yet, Xander.” Henry reminds me.

“With the progress I’m already having, consider the bet won. Besides, how hard can it be dating just one girl.” I uttered, smirking at him. Ariana, you are one lucky girl, cause you are going to be the first girl I will be dating for a whole freaking month. This month is going to be damn interesting.

🌺 Ariana🌺

I sat down happily on one of the benches in the football field, my mind going back to what happened between me and Xander in the cafeteria. I stared at his face towel in smilesI brought the face towel close to my nose and sniffed it really hard, drawing in his scent. I love his scents.

“You must really have a big crush on Xander, for you to be doing that.” A voice I know to be James walker’s voice, said. I brought down the face towel from my nose, having a look of embarrassment on my face. “Well yeah, that’s true.” I said biting my lower lip.

“I will advise you to be careful, Xander is not the kind of guy to defend people that easily. I know him so well.” James warned with a far away look in his eyes.

“Why do you say that, and how do you know him?.” I asked him curiously.

“I can’t tell you that, but you have to believe me when I say you should be careful.” He said, his voice distant. I stared at him confused, wondering what he means I should be careful of Xander. Like, why should I be careful, Xander is not a dangerous guy, he might be a playboy but I don’t see why I should be careful of him.


Now, for all of you saying Xander isn’t cute, and I should change his picture. Please and please, I’m not looking for a cute guy. I’m looking for a guy, with bad boy vibes. The tattoo and the piercing. The reason why he is said to be the most handsome in his school, is because of, a lot of girls wants to go out with him. They like because, he is bad boy. So nobody should send me any DM, asking me to change the picture if Xander.

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20210108 013945

Episode 3!
After I pulled myself away from her, she got up and walked out of the bathroom. I sat there for a while, and then I took my towel and covered myself, then stepped out of the bathroom and ran into my room. I quickly dressed up and went to the kitchen to fix lunch, shortly after, I heard her call out my name again, I ignored and pretended not to hear, she called the second time and I quietly closed the kitchen door and continued cooking.

It wasn’t long, when I felt the door to the kitchen open, and she walked in, “bia Amaka, didn’t you hear me call your name?” She asked. “No aunty, the door was closed maybe that was why I didn’t hear you, I am sorry”, she continued, “it’s okay, make sure you put your uncle’s food in the food flask, I don’t have the strength to cook for him in the night. Before I forget, when last did you see your period?”…”last month, aunty, I have
not seen it this month” I replied. “It’s okay. Hope you still have enough pads?” “Yes, I do” she said okay and walked out of the kitchen.

She didn’t touch me again after that day and we both acted like it didn’t even occur. I begged her to help me get in touch with my younger sister, I needed to know how she was fairing and two days later, I got the opportunity to speak to her, as soon as she heard my voice, she started crying, she told me how she was suffering over there, she hasn’t started school yet and she eats only once a day and sleeps at midnight to wake up by 5am to prepare my aunt’s kids for school, I was so heartbroken and so helpless, but I assured her that I would do everything possible to get her out of that house.

Though, I had no idea how I was going to accomplish it. Every day, I thought of my sister suffering, her heartbreaking voice when she was talking to me on the phone, I lost appetite and concentration in school; I became so moody that everyone around me noticed it, including my
aunty and her husband. This continued, until one Saturday evening.

I was crying profusely in my room, when my aunty walked in, I didn’t notice her presence until she spoke, “Amaka, what’s wrong with you lately and why are you crying? Don’t tell me you are pregnant o” I quickly turned to face her, “no o, am not pregnant, am just worried about my younger sister, she’s suffering so much in port Harcourt and there’s nothing I can do to help her, that’s why am crying” I replied. Then she said, “Who told you there’s nothing you can do? We live in a duplex, you have this room all to yourself, why not invite her to come live here with us and be happy, instead of this, am tired of seeing you in this mood”. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was shocked beyond words, I knelt down to thank her but she told me to get up, as she turned to leave the room, I realised I had no means to invite my sister over, what do I know?

“Aunty but there’s a problem o. How do I get her over here and what am I going to tell Aunty Precious for her to let my sister go?” I asked, then she walked back into the room and sat on the bed, before replying me, “Nne, sit down, let’s talk” I did as I was told. Then she continued, “Getting your sister here and taking care of her is
not a problem at all, I can help you achieve that in just two days, but that would cost you, are you
ready and willing to pay the price?” She asked. I looked hard at her in confusion, “But aunty you know I don’t have money, it’s you and uncle that has been taking care of me, the only money I have is N8000 that I have saved up from my pocket money to school, where will…” she cuts me off, “Hahahahaha, you are just so innocent that’s why I love you so much. I don’t need money from you. Only accept to be mine and never resist me or speak about it to anyone. Let me have you, give me your virginity without struggle and that’s all” she said.

I moved away from her and said, “No ooo. God forbid. I cannot allow you touch me down there am not ready yet, besides, you are a woman and
am keeping myself for my husband. It’s only a man I will allow down there not a woman, that’s an abomination. Aunty Do you even know what you are saying?” She laughed again and replied, “Okay then. Since you say no, do not bring up the issue of your sister to me again. Let her continue to suffer in Port Harcourt. One day, she will die and her blood will be on your head, since you have the means to save her but you refused. Imagine keeping yourself for some stupid guy that doesn’t deserve you.

My dear, in this age and era, girls don’t give guys their virginity anymore, they either allow fellow girl to break it or they break it by themselves, no man deserves a woman’s virginity. Gone are those days. When you marry, you give him sex and that’s all. Afterall, no man marries as a virgin. I want to go and prepare for fellowship. Make sure you prepare dinner before I get back, funny girl” then she walked out of my room…

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20210109 121655


Babysitting His Crazy Kids

Genre: Romance, Comedy, suspense.

Written by πŸ’ž Angel Louis πŸ’ž

“C’mon dad we gonna be late for school!” Noel shouted at hospital dad who laid numb on his bed.

“Daddy! Daddy! I can’t find my Toothbrush” Kayla screeched in excitement.
No one knows what’s so exciting about that.

“Dad! Junior just peed on his bed… And he’s crying so hard.”
Janietta screamed out from the baby’s room.

Me Romeo looked so frustrated as he head their complaints.

“What!” He weakly shouted, almost in tears.

Gosh! These children are a handful.

He pried his eyes a little open gazing at the wall clock..

He cut off his words wh n he noticed the presence of his kids in the room.

It’s almost 7:00

And he’s got to ready them before eight for school, dress’ them up , prepare breakfast and lunch for them and also be at work.. all this before 8:00@m.

He quickly jumped off his bed and tied his robe.

“The three of you. Off your clothes and line up in the bathroom. I’m bathing you guys all at a time”
He instructed before dashing off to attend to his wailing nine months old baby.


Meet 30yrs old David Romero. Father of four beautiful kids. And yes, a single Dad.

His children, Noel…8, Kayla…5, Janietta…10 and Junior a nine months old baby.
They are a handful.

He lost his precious wife during the delivery of his last baby precisely nice months ago.

He has been the one taking care of his kids ever since and trust me when I say it has been Hell.

His kids has virtually a mind of their own.

It’s very hard for David to cope with all this and his new job as the supervisor of a ‘Duvel Company’.

The responsibilities are just more than he can handle..

Getting a new wife is gonna be hell cause his kids.. doesn’t what a new mommy!.

What about a Nanny?? Duh!
They definitely don’t want one either…
It’s supposed to be just ‘Them’ and their ‘Daddy’

But David is not ready to do this alone…!

He definitely needs an assistance..

Read on from this story….
The kids Reaction to his father’s numb ideaπŸ˜‚.
And what they plan to do to ruin it!!

Β© Angel Louis.

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