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πŸŽ€Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

Its lunch time and I find it more convenient to talk to Mr Anthony, the principal…..
I walked briskly to his office and on getting there, as usual, I didn’t bother to knock .

I pushed the door opened and I was shocked and stood like a statue as I stared at the scene before me.

Monique was just with her bra only quivering in fear as she shut her eyes closed in tears.
Mr Anthony jerked abruptly and in fear as he noticed my presence….

And then it dawned on me that, he was sexually harrasing Monique and only God knows what would have happened if I hadn’t barged in..

He was going to rape her..
And she wasn’t even fighting him off her body.
Does she really take pleasure in seeing people abuse her wrongly??

What kind of a girl is she?

She squinted her eyes open and sat on the floor covering her almost nude self.
She held her shirt tightly round her boobs as she bent her head and sob lightly…

“Sir, Mason….. I can explain.” Mr Anthony stuttered as I took long stride towards him.
I landed an heavy punch on his face and he started bleeding from his nose.

I fisted my hand and tried to calm my self down else I would end up beating and leaving scars on him.

“What do you have to explain Mr Anthony huh?
A married man with three kids?
You wanna rape your own student? A girl who barely just came in.

What sort of a man are you??” I asked angrily as he wiped his bleeding nose.

“I don’t know what came over me. I’m sorry.” He said with his palms together pleadingly.

“Tell me, how many students have you raped or slept with?” I asked, still angry…
“None Mason… None, I swear.
She was gonna be my first.” He stuttered fearfully and then I landed another painful punch on his face while he groaned in pain…….

“You know what? You are fired.
I’m gonna fill a case against you for sexual molestation and assault and she would be there to testify against you.” I said, as I looked at him disdainfully….

“Mason please I beg of you. Don’t do this to me.
Reaping me off my job and sending me to jail.
Please, I have a family to take care of.” He said on his knees, crying softly….

“Did you think of all these, that you had a family before going into conclusion to rape her?” I asked with an angel smirk…….

I dragged Monique up from the floor and she was still shivering in fright.
I wore her, her shirt and helped her buttoned up…

I took her hands as we made our way out of the office…

“Don’t bother taking anything, don’t even spend a minute in this school if you don’t want more punishments. Leave right now and never show your ugly face here ever again.” I sneered at me.
I opened the door and walked out of the office still holding firmly Monique’s hand……..

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

God!! I was so scared……
I had given up that I was gonna be raped by my principal in his office because of a mere uniform my father can afford….

It felt like my hand was stuck and as if I was numb as he tried to have his way with me..
I couldn’t even dare look at me as he assaulted my body…

I’m so foolish!!.
Why can’t I just fight and stand up for myself?
Will Mason continue to save me???

Definitely not!
He wouldn’t be there all the time …

He pulled me to seat on the long couple chair in the garden as soon as we stepped in.

“Why?” He suddenly yelled angrily as he stood facing me…..
I didn’t get why he asked me * why*.
I looked at me confusingly.
He sighed and ran his hand through his hair…

“Why didn’t you save yourself from almost been rape?
Why didn’t you even make an attempt to push him off your body??

Or did you enjoy his hand on your body?” He asked, clearly vexed…

I took my gaze time the floor as I feared meeting his angry and intimidating stares…

“I don’t know. I just felt so scared and insecure.” I replied calmly……

So, if I hadn’t barged in you would have been raped by your principal huh?” He asked with a scoff while I only stared at the floor feeling ashamed and guilty.

“By the way what made you go there and why are you on mufti?” He asked irritably.

Then I told him that my uniform was shredded but I didn’t tell him the course.
I told him everything to the part that I almost got raped..

“Because of a pair of uniform?” He asked, clearly surprised..
“You know what? I’ll give you two pairs each of your uniform and shoes.

You should learn how to defend yourself because I wouldn’t be there all the time to save you.

Your character sulks.” He said angrily before walking out of the garden…

To be continued…

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