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πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

My jaw dropped in shock and anger.
The scholarship student was sprawled on the floor in an unconscious state.

And the class were laughing.
” You all should get ready to face my wrath.” I yelled angrily at them and they all kept shut.

They are scared of me because they know what I’m capable of doing……

I carried the girl and walked out of the class.

“She lacks some certain nutrients and she hasn’t eaten.
She’s weak due to the fact that she’s on an empty stomach.” Mrs Smith, the school’s nurse said to me after checking the girl.

” Okay.” I said.

I went to the cafeteria and ordered some food and took it to the sick bay.
I don’t know why I’m doing this but I just feel sorry for her.

She looks pale and unhealthy too.

I stared at her as she tried to seat up. I helped her up.

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

My head hurts a little and I don’t feel dizzy any longer.
I stared around and found out that I’m on an hospital bed.
I tried to seat up while the guy I met yesterday helped me up.

” You are in the sick bay. I brought you here after you passed out.” He said plainly.
I removed my gaze from he’s and stared around without saying anything.

” Can’t you even utter a thank you?” He suddenly snapped at me.

“I’m sorry. Thank you.” I said reluctantly.

” Here.” He said and handed me a tray of food.
I carried it from him shyly and placed it on the table connected to the bed.

” The nurse said you lack some nutrients.
Work on yourself.” He said with a straight face.

” Thank you.” I told him with a sigh.

” What’s your name?” He asked but I didn’t answer him.
I faced my food and ate slowly…….

” What were you doing sprouted on the floor on the classroom?” He asked but I kept shut.

I know he’s trying to start a conversation with me but I aren’t used to talking to someone.
I just want him to go.
I’m thankful he saved me though, but I’m just that reserve and quiet type.

” Are you daft?” He suddenly yelled and the water I was holding suddenly spilled on me because I was startled.
I bent my head and wiped my uniform with my hand.

He walked out angrily and I sighed.
I don’t know why I’m like this. I really don’t like my character, it sulks.

It makes people look down me and bully me ; I seriously don’t like it but I don’t know what to do either.

I feel so scared and insecure anytime I wanna stand up for myself…..

I hope I’m gonna change one day and be able to stand up for myself and nobody would be able to bully me anymore.

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
I huffed angrily.
I’m so angry right now. Mason, the cutest guy just saved Monique’s ass.
I felt so hurt and embittered. I wasn’t expecting him to enter into the class, threaten us and carry Monique out of the class.

I wonder what he’s gonna do to us all for laughing at the unconscious Monique.
I exhaled and tried to think about other things to clear my mind from thinking too much about Mason and Monique…………

“What the hell happened to the scholarship student that laid unconscious on the floor.” Mason yelled angrily as soon as he entered the classroom….

The students kept quiet and I could see panick in their faces.
” Are you all daft? Aren’t I talking to human beings?” He yelled angrily…

“Jenny threw a big Apple to her and it hit her on her forehead and she fainted.” A boy from the back said.
He looks like a nerd with his big spectacle on.

“Jenny!” He yelled and Jenny who sat beside me stood up proudly without guilt.
By the way, what’s wrong with this guy and yelling? He’s been yelling ever since he came in.

” Why did you hit her with an apple?” He asked staring angrily at Jenny who chewed on her bubble gum noisily.

” I just despise her.
I don’t like commoner’s like her.” She blurted out without guilt as she stared at her manicured fingers admiringly like she’s just seeing them for the first time….

” Is she the only commoner in this class? There are about three other students who came into this school with a scholarship in this class.

Then why venting your anger on only her if you truly hate commoner?” He asked, this time calmly….

“Well, I just don’t like her at all.
I don’t have a liking for her and besides the three scholarship students in this class are boys.

I can’t possible bully boys.” She said.

” Do you know why I’m letting you go?” He asked.
” Yeah. Because my dad has a huge contribution to the development of this school. And our parents are close.” She blurted out with a smirk.

He sighed and rolled his eyes dramatically.
Without any word further said, Jenny sat down proudly and we both did a secret high five.

” Now to the class!! Why did no one attempt to help the girl even when she laid unconscious on the floor?” He asked, his eyes darting to every students.

“Mason, I wanted to help but you came in and beat me to it.” I suddenly said with a sweet voice and an innocent face.

” Shut the fuck up, you lying bitch!!” He yelled and I flinched.
I was hurt.
The words got me at heart.

He called me a bitch! Ha! I mentally screamed angrily……..

“You know what? No class for today.
You all are gonna serve punishments for your wicked acts.” He said and the class started murmuring.
He walked out of the class without saying another word.

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
I thank the nurse after she gave me some pills and I felt less pain.

I straightened my uniform and head out of the sick bay.
I was stunned and I didn’t know when I bursted into laughter.

The whole class were at a particular part of the field.
The boys held their ears and hop continually like frogs. They were breathing heavily and some trousers at the back was torn already and I could see their briefs.

The girls knelt down with their hands up each carrying an apple on the head…..

Who gave them such punishments?
What’s their offence?

I saw Kerryn sweating profusely.
She glared at me while I stuck out my tongue mockingly at her……

Serves her right…
In fact, none of them should leave this place till the closure of school….
Very good!! I thought as I sat at another end and watch the pitiful students……….

To be continued…

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