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πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
Throughout teaching that morning, I didn’t talk or even answer a single question even if I knew all the answers to the questions asked…..

Well, that’s how I am . I don’t talk or answer questions in class…

It was finally lunch break and I was glad because my stomach was already rumbling because I haven’t had anything…..

After making sure that half of the students had gone out, I stood up from my seat and with my head bent, I walked out of the class ignoring whisperings from the students….

As soon as I entered the cafeteria, a bucket of flour and eggs poured all over my body making the students roar in laughter..

I felt so hurt and humiliated….
Then students started throwing stuffs at me. I had to run out of the cafeteria and I didn’t realize I had been crying until I tasted something salty..

I talked my cheeks and found out that my face was wet from crying.

Why do they hate me so much? I’m just resuming for the first time and I’m being bullied already?

What offence have I committed? Did I do wrong by coming to Glamour High School?
I asked myself as I ran to only God knows where.

I found myself in a beautiful and serene place. It was just like a garden…
I saw a long chair and sat on it.

I wiped my tears as I stared at the beautiful place with beautiful flowers and buttterflies.

“Hey, what is a cheap commoner doing here?” I heard a voice from behind and the voice sounded so sweet and angelic.

I turned around and I lost my breath for a while as I stood in front of a very handsome guy. He had a grumpy look and his hands were tucked in his trouser pocket..

He gave me that disgusting look and I had to bend my head from looking at his face.
It was my first time drooling over a guy and complimenting good looks…

He’s very cute and look classy….

“Are you deaf?” He suddenly snapped at me and I jerked in fright.
I moved back a little bit with my head still faced down.

“Hey, can’t you talk?” He asked and I could clearly hear his vexed tone….

“I’m sorry.” Was the only word I muttered as I made to leave.

“You should wipe those things off your self because you look ugly.” He seethed while I ran out of the place…

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

I don’t know why I suddenly regretted why I spoke to the scholarship girl harshly.
She’s popular now because she was the top best…

The other 49 scholarship students aren’t treated the way she is being treated.

Well, they are just three of them in my class anyways……

I really felt for her but too bad I don’t associate with people like her ……
I sighed as I walked further into the garden to my special place where I normally do sing..

Yeah, I have great vocals……….

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

I laughed hysterically as I recalled Monique’s face few minutes ago.

Well, I’m classy and beautiful and so, I was able to make friends with some beautiful bullies.

The girls are beautiful and look classy too.
They are three of them and I still haven’t know their names yet..

I had planned with the girls on how to deal with Monique and they were the ones who fixed the bucket of flour and eggs by the door side.

I’m gonna make her stay in this school unbearable for her till she would have no choice than to leave.

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

I was able to find the restroom with the school’s map in my phone.

I cleaned myself but the flour and eggs were smeared on my body.
I went back to my locker and wore my clothes I had won to school….

I can’t possibly wear my stained uniform to class or I’m gonna be a laughing stock.
I’ve had enough for one day….

“You aren’t returning to that school ever again!” Cassandra yelled angrily at me as soon as I stepped into the house…

“How the hell did you get to that school? How? You went behind my back and did what was in your mind right?” She rushed her questions angrily..

“I got there through my efforts.
I wrote a scholarship exam and I passed.” I answered plainly and made to walk to my room when she dragged me by hair.

“Arghhhhh!!” I yelled in pain has she continued to pull me by my hair.

My scalp was hurting seriously and I felt as if all my hair were about to pull out.

“How dare you?” She yelled and pushed me to the floor.

She slapped me several times and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed her hands forcefully and she ended up falling hard on her butt…


To be continued…….

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