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πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

I wiped the tear that had rolled down my cheek unconsciously.

I stared at the sleeping but frail Kerryn.
She looked so pale…

She had passed out after Cass was laid to rest.
She has been revived but she’s sleeping.

The doctor said she needs a lot of rest.

Can’t believe that Cass would commit suicide. According to the doctor, she had died by taking overdose.

Kerryn has always be crying ever since Cass died.
She hasn’t even been eating very well and she’s always in deep thought..

We’ve become real close to each other because she has proved to be a changed person.

A different Kerryn in a positive way…..

She had cried and told me how nice I was.
We weren’t even sister’s but I never told her.

I never told her she wasn’t dad’s child because dad had explained everything to me before he brought Cass and Kerryn in and I clearly understood even if I was just but a kid.

I was just a kid that lost her mother but I had no choice than to obey my dad.

It was his decision so I had to obey.

Finally, she got to know.
I can’t believe the girl who had laughed at me and slap it to my face that I’m a motherless girl is now the one who’s an orphan.

Though, dad said she wouldn’t stop being his daughter.
He had also being staying at home more with us.

Three days ago, I had quit being a maid to Mason because dad wants me home and also to stay with Kerryn.

I had been so sad when I left his mansion.
He had begged me to take the clothes he had bought for me during my stay in his mansion along with me to dad’s house.

He said because the clothes fitted me so well and he loves seeing me in them and I had to oblige..

Just two days ago, his parents returned but we haven’t met.

For the remaining days I spent with Mason, I got to find out that I’ve developed a more deeper feeling for Mason.

I like Mason or maybe I love him now but I’m kinda confused….
I hope I get to know and know how to deal with my heart.

We got back to school and Kerryn has stopped mourning over her dead mother.

Dad has been spending a lot of time with I and Kerryn.
Taking us out for shopping, to have fun and even cooking for us but not all the time.

Dad has really been nice and kind.
He became the dad that I’ve known before mom died.

We’ve been bonding real well like father and daughter and there isn’t anything I could ask for.

I’m so happy.


At school, the students and teachers already knew that I’m intelligent and I’ve become friends with some nice students.

Kerryn is doing a lot more better in her academics due to my assistance.

She’s no more an average student. She was so bent on studying hard.

Mason and her had settled their differences even if they aren’t close friends.

According to Kerryn, she said Mason wasn’t her’s all along and she wouldn’t fight over him or beg him to date her.

She has accepted the break-up and moved on.

I and Mason were chosen to represent our school for an external competition.

It was between thirteen schools and two students each to represent each school’s.

I was so happy and at the same time nervous because it would be my first time being in a competition with other students.

Though I’m intelligent, I haven’t gone out on a competition because I’m the nervous and shy type.

I would just freak out by mere standing in the podium staring at the crowd.

I and Mason studied together for the competition……
It’s gonna be really competitive because brainaics from other schools are gonna come.

Well, at the end of the competition, we took the first position.

The school was very proud of us and I was happy too.

The school threw a party to celebrate our victory.

“Mom has been dying to meet you.” Mason said with a slight frown as I entered into the house.

He had invited me over because he said his mom wanted to see me and I wonder why.

“How did she get to know about me?” I asked with a scoff.

“Well….. Uhm…. Ermmmm..”He stammered as he scratched the back of his head with a shy smile.

“Cat got someone’s tongue.” I teased with a chuckle.
Gosh! He looks so funny, cute and innocent.

“Well, I told her about you.” He said with a smirk.

“About what?” I asked as I stared keenly at him.
He hesistated for a while and he was about saying something when he was interrupted by a clicking sound from the stairs.

I looked up at the direction and saw a gorgeous woman with a beautiful smile as she descended the stairs, her heels clicking noisily on the tiles stairs.

“My mom.” Mason whispered with a shrug.

Gosh! She looks so young and beautiful.
Mason got his looks from his mom because they look so much alike.

“Oh my God! Who do we have here?” She said enthusiastically as she climbed down the last staircase.

“Hello ma’am.” I greeted with a shy smile as I admired her.

She was putting on a red skimpy skirt and a white chiffon shirt.
With a black stilletoe and her long, black shiny hair was packed in a neat ponytail and an hairpin was clipped beside her hair.

She had a make up on and it suited her so well.

She looked so beautiful and gorgeous…..

“Hey.” She called sweetly as she hugged me.

I sniffed in her cologne and she smells nice, her perfume sure is very expensive.

“Wow! Mason she’s beautiful.” She enthused with a smile as we disengage from the hug.

“Yeah mom, I told you.” Mason said and rolled his eyes dramatically.

“Mason, tell the maids to bring two glasses of orange juice and cookies to my room.

I want to have a chit chat with my daughter.” She said , still smiling exposing her dimples.

I chuckled softly at her words.

Wants to have a chit chat with her daughter. When did I become her daughter?

“Okay mom.” Mason said and walked towards the kitchen while his mom pulled me along and we both climbed the stairs.

“You can call me mom but my name is Claudia.” She said with a smile as we both sat on her big bouncy bed.

Is she for real?
Me, that I should call her mom?

“Okay ma’am Claudia.” I said with a smile.

“C’mon Monique, don’t be shy. Call me mom.

Mason has told me everything and I understand.” She said as she held my hands and made me face her.

“Okay mom .” I said after hesistating for a while.

“Thank you. You’re so cute and calling me mom sounds so sweet.” She said and hugged me.

She stared at me and touched my hair.

“I like your hair. It’s so soft and silky.” She said still touching my hair while I smiled shyly at her.

“But I prefer you to pack your hair in a ponytail.” She said as she brought down her hand from my hair.

The door opened and a maid walked in and dropped a tray of two glasses of juice and cookies beside the bed stool.

She bowed her head and walked out of the room.
She gestured for me to turn around and I did.

She took out a ribbon and packed my hair in a neat pony tail while I smiled appreciatively at her.

“Be free with me. Don’t be shy and try to feel comfortable around me. I like you.” She said as she sipped gently from her juice.

“Okay ma’am, I mean mom.” I said with a smile……

She smiled brightly and pulled my cheeks playfully.

“So tell me, do you like Mason?” She asked after she had munched down her cookies……

I suddenly choked as my eyes widen in shock.

Like seriously? Is this woman for real?

She patted my back a little while I breathe in and out.

I smiled lightly at her and sipped gently from my juice.

“Monique, you haven’t answered my question.” She reminded me.

“Yes, I like him.” I said with a shy smile.

“Wow!” She said happily and hugged me.

“I really like you for my son and I hope you guys would would make it official by dating because I know Mason likes you too.” She said with a smile while I nodded my head shyly.

After talking with Claudia, I went to meet Mason in his room.

She’s so nice and fun to be with.
She’s funny too.

We really bonded very well and I really enjoyed her company.

“Hey, how did you see my mom? She’s a talkative right?” Mason asked with a chuckle.

“She’s super nice and I like her.” I said and bounced happily on his bed.

“Yeah, good for you.” He said with a scoff.

“She told me to call her mom.” I said and stared intently at him.

“What? Mom can be so dramatic.” He said with an eye roll.

“But I like it. I even obliged and called her mom.” I said while he nodded.

“Is your dad gonna be home soon?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.” He said with a shrug .

After seconds of awkward silence, Mason turned to me and my heart skipped a beat.

“Hmm. Monique, can I kiss you?” He asked as he stared at me.

My heart fluttered as I bent my head shyly. Butterfly danced happily in my stomach..

Why is he asking me now?

“Why are you asking? The first time we kissed you didn’t ask for my permission.” I said with a scoff.

He smirked at me and moved closer to me.

He tilted my head and placed his lips on mine.

I reciprocated the kiss immediately and wrapped my hand around his neck.

As the kiss deepened, I found myself lying on the bed with Mason on top of my body .

The kiss got intensed as Mason laid on top of me kissing me passionately and hotly………..
{ Kiss……..Kiss…. Nothing happened }😜…..

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

I’ve finally come to accept the fact that I don’t have a mother anymore.

I would have termed myself as an orphan but for the fact that Monique dad still accepted and took me as his daughter made me reconsider it.

He’s really been a nice and caring father.

I’ve really come to love Monique and treat her like my older sister.

She’s really been of help to me especially in my academics.
And I regretted ever treating her badly.

I’m doing well now in even arithmetics that I hated and couldn’t do all thanks to Monique.

I squealed happily after I finally got the correct solving of the geometry I’ve been trying to solve.

I heard the sound of dad’s car and squealed happily as I ran out of my room heading outside.

“Daddy!” I squealed happily as I ran to hug him.

“How are you Kerryn?” Dad asked with a smile as he ruffled my hair.

“I’m fine dad. How are you?” I asked as I took his briefcase as we walked inside the house.

“I’m fine. Where is Monique?” He asked.

“She went to Mason’s.” I retorted while he nodded.

I walked into the kitchen happily to get him a glass of water.

He looks tired.
I’m glad and fortunate that I have him as my dad.

He’s super nice and caring.

He’s also been playing the role of a mother and father to I and Monique and we couldn’t be more grateful.

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

School was going smoothly and Kerryn was doing better in her academics.

I and Monique have become very close and I didn’t know need anybody to tell me that I was already in love with her.

Yeah, I really do love her and I can’t wait to pop out the question to her.

In a month’s time, we would be done with high school and I can’t wait.

I’m so happy….
Finally, I’m not gonna be wearing uniform anymore.

I set the dinning table romantically.

It’s evening and I had invited Monique over though, she hasn’t arrived.

In the table were two candles, a bunch of rose flower, a cake, wine and desserts.

The light in the dinning was red dim shiny light.
It shone dimly and added a beautiful and romantic appearance in the dinning room.
The dinning room looked so beautiful and romantic.

I sprayed a perfume around the dinning giving it a nice and sweet smell.

When I was sure everything was perfect, I smiled in satisfaction and went to my room.

Dressed in a black pair of trouser and white shirt and a white denim jacket while my hair was curled up and some strands were left at the side of my hair.

When I was sure I was looking good, I walked out of my room smiling.

The door bell rang and my heart beat skipped.

Monique is here! My inner mind screamed enthusiastically.

I walked gingerly to the door and opened it and there she stood, looking so beautiful and breathtaking.

I smiled as I let her into the house.

“Hi.” She said with a shy smile as I walked her to the dinning room.

“Hey. You look gorgeous.” I complimented with a smile.

“You don’t look bad yourself.” She said with a smile.

I pulled out a chair for her to seat and she sat on it.

She was in a black and white stripe gown which stopped at her knee.

The gown had tiny hands and her shoulders were exposed too and she wasn’t putting on any necklace making her neck region bare.

She had a black flats and her hair was curled and it fell freely down her shoulders.

She had a small clutch bag on.

In all, she looked very beautiful.

And I’m pleased with the fact that, we wore matching colour outfits.

“I’m glad you could make it.” I said as I sat opposite her.

“I wouldn’t want to miss this for anything not after you persuaded me to come.” She said with a shrug.

“And, this place looks nice and romantic.” She said as a blush crept to her face.

“Thank you.” I muttered shyly.

I handed the rose flowers to her and she loved it.

She accepted it smiling cutely.

She kept the flowers on her thigh.

I cut the cake and served her her’s. I popped the wine opened and turned a reasonable amount inside the wine glasses and handed her’s to her.

I did everything cooly, gently and most importantly, romantically.

She smiled lightly at every steps I took and every action I made.

We did a toast and drank our wine and ate the cake.

As Monique chewed on her chocolate sweetly, I stood up from my seat and walked closer to meet her in her seat.

“Can you please give me a sec?” I asked softly while she nodded and stood up.

I brought out a black small jewelry box and stretched it out to her .

She gasped surprisingly as she stared at the jewelry box.

“Open it.” I said with a smile.

Without hesistating, she took the box from me and opened it.

She gasped surprisingly with a smile as she brought out the silver sparkling necklaces inside the box.

“They are beautiful.” She enthused while I smiled at her.

I took the necklaces from her and lifted up one of them and showed it to her.

“It’s an half shaped love heart.
They are two and when joined together, it become one love heart.” I expound while she blushed lightly..

I walked to her back and placed the necklace on her and she smiled appreciatively.

She touched the necklace on her neck admiringly.

M and M was also imprinted in it with sparkles.

I gave her the other necklace and she wore it around my neck.

The necklaces are the same and beautiful.

It sparkled beautifully.

“It’s lovely and I love it.” She complimented still touching the necklace admiringly.

“Yeah it is. Specially made for the both of us.” I said while her eyes glittered happily.

She moved closer to me and hugged me.

While I wrapped my hands around her waist firmly.

She disengage from the hug and her face had gone all red from blushing.

“Blush queen.” I teased while she glared playfully at me.

“Monique?” I called tenderly as I held her both hands in mine staring affectionately at her.

We were still standing and an awkward silence was about to crawl in and I decided to use the opportunity to pop out the question.

“Yes.” She answered shyly.

“Monique, I don’t know when this feeling starting growing, but I just find myself falling in love with you each passing day .

I don’t know when the feelings deepened from like to love but I just found my self being in love with you.
You make me smile and laugh and you light up my day and I’m ever grateful to you for that.

Monique, you’re a beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted girl and I wanna say I really do love you.

I Love you Monique Lorenzo and I wanna ask you, Monique Lorenzo, would you be my girlfriend?” I asked sweetly keeping the eye contact and my smile in check.

She gasped loudly as her eyes dilated in surprise.

“Mason?” She called surprisingly probably speechless as her face became crimson red.

“Me too Mason. I didn’t know when I started to like you and eventually fell in love with you.

At first I had tried to avoid and dent the feelings but it only grew deeper.

Even as much as I want to deny it, I know I can’t because I can’t lie to my heart.

Heart chose who it wants to beat for and it chose to beat for you.
You’ve really been a nice person Mason and you’ve helped me alot.

My change personality is all thanks to you.

I love you too Mason Hugh and yes! I would be your girlfriend.” She enthused feeling so emotional..

Oh my God!

I’m the happiest guy on Earth!

Monique loves me and she agreed to be my girlfriend!

I smiled at her and hugged her.

“Thank you Monique, thank you for accepting me.

I promise you that I’m gonna be a good and work on to be a perfect boyfriend for you.

I’ll never do anything to break your heart.” I promised sincerely as we both disengaged from the hug.

“And I promise to be a good and work on to be a perfect girlfriend for you.

And I will not do a thing to break your heart.” She said with a giggle as we stared lovingly at each other.

“You won’t regret having me as your boyfriend.” I said with a smile.

“Mom is gonna be so happy.” She said a light laugh while I smiled.

I moved closer to her and covered the remaining space between us.

I smiled at her before tilting my head. She closed her eyes obviously waiting for me to kiss her.

I smiled as I placed my lips slowly on hers.

It was a slow and passionate kiss and she reciprocated immediately, wrapping her hands around my neck.

I held her firmly by the waist and deepened the kiss.

As the kiss deepened, I suddenly pulled away from the kiss and stared at her.

Her eyes stared at me curiously obviously why I disengaged from the hot kiss suddenly.

“Can we take this upstairs?” I asked shyly with a nervous smile.

She nodded her head positively shyly and muttered a low yes.

I smiled at her and carried her in a bridal style while she giggled.

I climbed up the stairs to my room still carrying her.

I used my leg to close my door as soon as I got inside and laid her on the bed.

She was blushing even to the root of her hair.

I laid on top of her and etwined our both hands together before claiming her lips in mine again.

I kissed her slowly and passionately while she reciprocated…..

It was passionate and hot..

With our hands still entwined together, I deepened the kiss……………..

{ Nothing much happened. Just kissing till…………. You Know they are still young teenagers πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ }…


What goes around definitely comes around.

Never you look down on anybody no matter what because you don’t know tomorrow.

Mind the words ( insults)you use on somebody because that word can go a long way ( negatively) in the persons life.

Lend a helping hand to whosever that needs it.

Be kind to others even if you don’t know them.

KARMA is real.

According to the law of karma, if you do good deeds then you will get good results.

But if you do bad deeds, then your returns would be bad.

Don’t do evil or hurt someone all in the name of jealousy or love or anything you are in desperate need of.

Let your hands be wide opened to accommodate whosever that has offended you and asked for your forgiveness ; learn to forgive……

And don’t forget true love exists only if you would wait for the right time and for the right person.

Most importantly, don’t dwell in the past especially if it’s something that hurts you because it will always bring back bad memories……

I want to say a very big thank you to everyone of you who took out your time to read, like and dropped awesome comments..

I want to also use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to my two little kids sisters { Jane and Good news } for their words of encouragement and little supports to this story.
They helped in one way or the other for the success of this story…

They did try a great deal; I love them 😘😘..

Solely written , composed and produced by EDOKPAYI EMWANTA SCHOLASTIC

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