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πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

I can’t believe Cass is crippled.
She wouldn’t be able to make use of her legs for the rest of her life..

So pathetic….

Karma did pay her a visit.

But at least Kerryn should be thankful that her mother didn’t die.

She can still get to meet and talk to her mom unlike me that mom died when I was barely seven years old and since then, I haven’t experienced the love of a mother.

Cass who was supposed to be the mother I never had became the devil I dreaded.

I stared at the sleeping Kerryn on the couch.
After crying when the doctor broke the news, she had slept off.

But she was still muffling her tears even in her sleep.

Mason called and we both talked on the phone….

I can’t deny the fact that I really do like Mason and even hours of being apart, I still miss him alot.

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

After two hours of waiting endlessly for mom to wake up, the doctor finally came to tell I and Monique that mom was already awake..

I hurriedly walked into mom’s ward with Monique trailing behind me.

Mom has been transferred to another ward since she’s awake and stable.

I walked into the ward and truly, she was awake.
Her eyes were roaming about the room.
She looked so pale.
Just few pipes were still connected to her and a drip.

She wasn’t on a life supporting machine and she was breathing fine on her own.

“Mom?” I called tearfully as I walked closer to her.
I held her right hand in mine and caressed it gently…..

“Ke……rr…..yn……” She called with so much frailty in her voice.
She looks frail too.

She moved her gaze and when I followed her gaze, she was staring at Monique..

“Hi Cass.” Monique greeted gently with a light smile…

Mom didn’t answer but took her gaze back to my form.
“How…… Lon……g……. have…..I …..been….. here.?” She asked, finding it difficult to talk properly.

She was straining her voice and there was so much difficulty as she spoke.

“Four days mom.” I answered and used the back of my hand to wipe my tears.

“How……. Have…… You.. Been?” She asked with her voice shaky and her breathing was rapid.

“I’ve not been fine mom. I was so scared to loose you. I was scared to death.” I said and bursted into fresh tears.

She spread out her arms opened gently as she smiled weakly at me.

I ran into her opened hands and hugged her sniffing in my tears.

She wrapped her hands around my body while I placed my head on her chest.

“I’m…..find…….it….hard…to talk. It’s……. there’s…….air…..blockage that’s making it hard for me to talk properly.” She expound sadly.

“Don’t worry mom, everything is gonna be alright. Maybe it’s because you haven’t fully recovered. But don’t worry, when you’re fully recovered you will be able to talk properly.” I assured her with a smile…

I sat beside her on the bed and held her hand.

“What’s she doing here?” She asked, gesturing her hand towards Monique who was standing and staring at us.

“Well mom, she has been here with me since the accident and she has really been helpful to me.” I said with a smile as I stared at Monique.

“You caused this Monique…. It’s all your fault I’m bedridden. Leave!!!’ She snapped. And……I .. don’t ….wanna to see….you here again.” She said angrily..

I tried to calm her down but she wasn’t ready to listen to me.

Without saying anything, Monique turned and walked out of the room.

“But mom, Monique has really been helpful and…” Mom cut me off with a frown and her hand in the air.

“Enough about Monique!” She snapped.
I gave up trying to talk to her , to make her see reasons with me that Monique is nice.

I wonder if mom would ever come to love her and see her as a nice person.

I sighed sadly and stared at mom.

Mom tried sitting up on the bed but she couldn’t.
She tried again and she only ended up falling back on the bed.

“I can’t sit. What’s happening?” Mom complained as she finally gave up trying to sit on the bed.

I bent my head and bursted into tears.
“The accident affected your legs mom. You can’t walk.” I said and wept.

I raised my head and stared at mom’s shocked expression.
“What?! No….no …… I can’t be crippled.” She yelled as tears spilled out from her eyes in fast current..

She looked so hurt…
I hugged her and cried on her chest.

“Don’t worry mom, is just temporary and not permanent.
You will be able to walk with your legs after some time.” I assured her even if I knew I was lying.
I was giving her false hope….

An hopeless lie.

The next day, I got ready for school..
Mom is recuperating very fast and the doctor said she’s gonna be discharged sooner than later……

I’ve never let my hair fall down my shoulders to school but with the situation at school, I have to.

I loosen my ponytail and brushed my hair down.
When I was sure that I was good to go, I took my back pack and walked out of my room.

I made a cup of tea and ate it with three slices of bread.
When I was done, I got outside and entered my car while my chaffeur drove me off.

“Look at her, a liar! Beauty without brain.” I heard a student taunt at me as I walked through the hallway leading to the classroom..

“She’s probably ashamed of herself. I wonder why she hasn’t been to school for three days now.” I heard another student say and some others giggled mockingly..

But I ignored them. I didn’t even bother to look at the students.

As I made my way to the class, I was booed and taunted.
My head was bent with my hair all over my face. I just couldn’t bring myself to look at the angry students..
I couldn’t walk proudly, with my head high.

As I got to the class, it became worst.

“Look whom we have here, the beauty without brain and a liar.” A girl Ann, who’s a bully said while the class bursted into laughter..

Hurtful words were thrown at me as I made my way to my seat.

A tear slide down my cheeks and then, more tears poured out.

“Hey class!” I suddenly heard Monique’s voice.
I raised my head and saw her standing in front of the class.

The noise had died down as all the students attention were on her.

“Fine, Kerryn did wrong by lying and pretending to be intelligent.

But she’s apologized already and I see no reason why you all should continue to mock her.

You all should mind your business and let her be. She’s sorry and you all should take it.

Don’t be too worked up about the truth and leave her the hell alone.” Monique said with so much confidence and boldness that I couldn’t help but smile in between my tears…

The students started murmuring but seems Monique didn’t care.

“I’ve spoken. I don’t want to see any of you going about talking ill about her. She’s my sister and she wronged me but I’ve forgiven her and you all should do likewise.” She said and walked back to her seat.

She took her gaze to look at me and I gave her an appreciative smile while she nodded her head ….

I’m really grateful to Monique.
Even after the despicable things I and mom did to her, she still forgave and even defended me.

” Monique, I’m truly sorry for everything I’ve done to you in the past. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings..

I’m sorry I didn’t treat and see you like an elder sister…..

I’m sorry for the times that I hurt you, the times that I despised you and did the times that I did despicable things to you.

I’m really and truly sorry.” I said to Monique on my knees as I wept bitterly feeling guilty and ashamed of myself……………

We were in the garden and I was the one that called for us to meet so that I can apologize to her.

I’m tired of leaving in guilt.
Asking for forgiveness will clear the guilt that I’ve been having…..

There’s no gain in being wicked….

Monique took my hands and made me stand on my feet and pulled me into her embrace….

She hugged me tighter and patted my back while I wept.

“You shouldn’t kneel for me Kerryn and I forgive you.
I hold no grudges against you.

I’ve always seen you as my little sister and I can’t stay angry at my own sister.

I forgive you Kerryn, I forgive you.” She said emotionally while I wrapped my hands around her, hugging her tightly.

I felt at ease, like a burden as been lifted up from my shoulders.

I felt really at peace.

“Thank you Monique. Thank you, I’m really grateful. You have a big heart and I’m happy I gat someone as kind as you are as my big sister.” I said with a smile as we disengaged from the hug.

She used her thumb pad to wipe my tears with a smile.

“It’s okay, stop crying.” She said and hugged me lightly.

“I have something to tell you.” She said, after I had stopped crying and we were sitting on the lawn grass.

“What is it?” I asked curiously as I stared at her.
She breathe in and out before talking.

“I’ve been in Mason’s house all these while.” She said nervously while I opened my mouth in aware.

“How?” I managed to ask bewildered at her out burst.

She took out her time and explained everything to me.
I was really surprised and dumbfounded, not knowing what to say…..

I was really surprised….
“Thank goodness you’re okay. Mason is really very nice.

He’s got a big heart like you and I hope you guys fall in love.” I said with a genuine smile.

She blushed lightly and stared at her legs feeling shy because of what I said about her and Mason falling in love.

I chuckled lightly and stared at her.
She’s so cute….

“Kerryn!!” Mom yelled from the sitting room as I tried to fix dinner for both of us.

She’s been really demanding, sending me unnecessary and tiring errands..

I didn’t answer her as I continued to chop the vegetables.

She yelled my name again but I ignored her.
She’s really been a pain in the ass.

Oh! And I forgot to mention, mom was discharged yesterday because she’s fine but not totally healed…

The doctor told me that the accident also affected her vocals and it might be temporary and it might also be permanent.. But I hope it’s temporary.

She’s finding it hard to talk and you have to strain your ears to be able to hear her clearly…

I wiped the tear that unconsciously slide down my cheeks with the back of my hand and continued chopping the vegetables…

Mom has really been tiring and making me exhausted.
Monique hasn’t visited yet.

Dad travelled out of the country again. He only paid mom’s hospital bills and left.

He left me all alone to take care of mom.
It hasn’t really been easy for me because mom isn’t making any effort in making things easy for me.

I was done preparing the food. I dished out the food and placed it on a tray alongside a glass of water and carried it to mom in the sitting room.

I placed the tray on a small stool in front of her.
She stared at me, clearly vexed…

“Why didn’t you answer when I called you?” She sulked.
“I was busy mom.” I said and rolled my eyes at her.

She hissed at me and picked up the spoon.
She scoped a reasonable amount of porridge and placed it in her mouth.

Her face went scrunched up as she spat out the food disgustfully.

“What is this you prepared? Is this poison or what?” She yelled angrily..

“Food of course.” I yelled back.

She’s always nagging.
“This is trash!” She yelled and flunged the tray of food angrily making the food pour all over the floor with the plate and cup broken into pieces.

I stared at her fuming in anger.
If not because she’s my mother I would have smacked her hard on the head.

Just then the door flunged opened and Monique walked in.
Thank goodness! I breathe in a sigh of relief..

She’s a life saver.

“What’s going on here?” She asked as she stared at the broken plate and cup and also the spilled food on the floor.

Everywhere was a mess.

“Why don’t you ask her?” Mom snapped pointing her index finger at me.

“She prepared poison all in the name of food.” She added angrily glaring hard on me.

Monique looked at me while I rolled my eyes.

I was really angry and mad at mom.
Always finding fault in whatever I do.

She’s on a wheelchair and her left hand is broken but is healing bit by bit but still, she’s always nagging.

She’s not helping matters at all.
I stomped out of the sitting room heading to my room.
I’m so angry right now!

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
I cleaned the mess that was in the sitting room and made dinner.

I prepared some other dishes and kept them in the refrigerator.

I served Cass but she didn’t appreciate my effort.
She ate the food and I knew she was pleased but she didn’t voice it out but her expressions gave her out…

I don’t want her appreciations either.

Kerryn thanked me when I was finally done with everything.
I made Cass take her medicines and made her lie on the bed.

She later fell asleep.

I checked the time and it was past eight.
I decided to spend the night in the house.

As I made to take my bath, I got a call from Mason.
He sounded so down and weak.

He actually called and said he was sick.

I panicked as I quickly took my bag heading out of my room.

But he was fine when I left few hours ago, what happened?
I thought.

I waved Kerryn good bye as I hurriedly walked out of the house.

By the time I got home, it was raining already.
I got inside Mason’s room and I saw him on the bed shivering.

“Mason?” I yelped as I got to where he laid on the bed.
I touched his forehead and I shrieked in fright because he was burning up.. His body was hot….

I quickly went to get a bowl of water and a white towel.
I went back to the room and kept the bowl of water and towel on the bed.

I removed the duvet from his body and made his head to rest on my thigh.

I put the towel into the water and damped his forehead with it.

I did it continuously until his temperature had cooled down.

I prepared hot tea and gave it to him.

“Have you taken any medicine?” I asked as I took the cup from him.

“Yeah.” He replied weakly.

I hugged him to myself and used my palm to soothe his bare back.
His head was on my breast and my heart was beating faster than normal because of how he laid on my body.

After doing it for sometime, I brought down his shirt and laid him back on the bed.

I used a thick blanket and used it to cover him.

As I made to leave, he drew me back and made me lie on the bed.

“Stay here with me tonight.” He said sleepily, with his eyes half opened staring at me.

I gulped down nothing as I took my gaze away from his face.

Before I could say anything, he drew me closer and made my head rest on his chest.

I gasped and my face was starting to heat up.
Thank goodness the room isn’t very bright, else, Mason would have seen my flushed cheeks.

After hours of staying awake, I finally fell asleep.

I yawned lightly and I was about to roll to another side of the bed when I felt a hand around my waist.

I opened my eyes and gasped lightly as I saw the position in which we laid.

My head was on his chest, his hand on my waist firmly while my legs were on his body.

I gently unwrapped myself and stood up from the bed.

As I was about wearing my flip flops, his hand suddenly drew me, making me land on his chest.

I covered my mouth with my hand as I stared at him.

He pulled me closer by the waist making our face meet and our lips few itches apart.

“Thank you for taking care of me yesternight.” He said with a smile as he used his hand to tucked in a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Huh, you’re welcome.” I stuttered shyly.

He smirked and stared at my lips.

Then slowly, he brought his lips closer to mine and before I could process what he was trying to do, I felt his lips on mine.
My whole went numb that instant.
I was surprised and shocked…

I opened my eyes widely as he deepened the kiss .
Not knowing what to do, I closed my eyes and gave his tongue entrance into my mouth.

I reciprocated the kiss as the kiss deepened…
It was slow, feverish and passionate.

Still kissing me, I felt his hand go down to my zipper.. I shivered at his touch.
I opened my eyes and gasped lightly…

I closed my eyes back and melted into the kiss…..
I wrapped my hand around his neck and kissed him back…

Still enjoying the kiss and not wanting it to end, I suddenly remembered,

I haven’t even brushed my teeth!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..

To be continued…

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