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🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

I flickered my eyes opened and groaned a little as I felt a slight headache…

My gaze was on the ceiling and it was white. The room smelled of antiseptic and it has the smell of hospital.

I looked around and then I found out that I was in the hospital…..

A drip which was almost finished was placed in my hand.

I tried to rack my brain why I was in the hospital..

Then, I remembered what the doctor had said about mom being coma and might not survive.

I remembered passing out too.

Tears rolled down my cheeks as the doctor’s words continued to replay in my head.

Mom is in coma and she might not survive…

I stood up and sat on the bed and sobbed quietly.

If only dad hadn’t forced her to go look for Monique at night.

If mom hadn’t tried to hurt Monique and making her runaway from the house then, all these things wouldn’t have happened..

“Hey.” I heard Monique’s voice call calmly.
I raised my head up and stared at her.

She stood beside me on the bed. I didn’t even notice when she walked in because I was too engrossed in thinking and crying.

I can’t possibly become motherless at this young age.

I need mom…
She’s very important to me.

I wept more when I remembered I wasn’t in good terms with mom before the accident..

Oh God!
I pray she stays alive for me so that I can apologize and make things right with her.

Monique sat on the bed and stared at me calmly..
Even after the horrible things mom did to her, she still came to visit her in the hospital..

I wouldn’t lie, she has always had a good and big heart.

“It’s okay.” She said calmly with her gaze on me and her hands wrapped around mine softly..

Bursting into tears loudly, I rushed to her and pulled her into a big hug……..

I need a shoulder I can lean on, a shoulder to cry on..

She patted my back softly and whispered soothing words to me. And it did help calm my nerves a little…

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

Dad had earlier called me about Cassandra’s accident and I was speechless..

He had told me the hospital and told me to wait for him there because I told him I wanted to come with him.

We had both arrived at the same time and walked into the hospital.

Cass is really in a critical condition..

Even if she’s been very unkind and wicked to me, I seriously don’t wish death for her….

She deserves a second chance…

Kerryn looked very pale and worn out. Her eyes were red and bulgy from too much crying ; I really do pity her.

She had even passed out after the doctor had told us that Cass might not survive….

I stared at Kerryn as she hugged me tightly not wanting to disengage from the hug.

I hugged her back and whispered soothing words to her.

She stopped sobbing and started to hiccup. She’s really going through a lot.

When it was late at night, Kerryn refused to go home but insisted on staying with Cass in her ward.

According to her, she can’t possibly leave her mother alone especially in her critical condition…. Cass needs someone to be there for her and she’s willing to stay in her ward till the following morning….

I volunteered to stay with her ( Kerryn) too.
She cried and hugged me telling me how kind hearted I’m.

She was too surprised that I was gonna stay with her to watch over Cass.

She couldn’t be more happy.

I called Mason and told him I wouldn’t be home and he told me to take care of myself and if I needed anything, that I should give him a call.

But I told him that he shouldn’t worry because I don’t need anything and I won’t bother to disturb him.

We told each good night and ended the call….

I laid on the couch in Cass ward while Kerryn placed her head on Cass bed.

The next morning, I went home (not Mason’s house) and prepared breakfast for Kerryn because she wouldn’t leave her mother’s side.

I took out the clothes she would wear and when I was done with everything, I headed back to the hospital.

After pressurizing Kerryn to eat the food I made, which she ate reluctantly, I made her take her bath and changed into the clothes I brought for her.

She appreciated my kindness and was glad that I was by her side.

I couldn’t possibly abandon her by this time, a crucial and difficult time in her life.

She needs someone to be there for her.

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

School was boring without Monique even if we barely talk to each other but for the fact that I get to see her, is enough for me.

I’ve really come to like her and enjoy her company….
There’s no dull moment with her.

I didn’t even pay attention to whatever the teacher taught. My mind was on Monique, how I badly want to go home and see her beautiful face.

School was finally over and I was the first to rush out of the class, I couldn’t wait to go home..

On getting home, I suddenly became sad because Monique hadn’t returned..

She was still in the hospital and I really missed her.
She’s gone for only few hours and I’m missing her already..πŸ™„……..

After taking my bath and wearing something comfortable, I rushed out of the house.

I entered my car and drove off to the hospital Monique told me that Cass was admitted..

“Mason!” Monique called surprisingly as I walked towards the hospital’s reception.

“Hey.” I called nervously.

I don’t get why I’m suddenly feeling nervous around her.

“What are you doing here?” She asked as we were now close to each other.

She blinked her eyes in surprise as she stared at me curiously..

“Just came to say hi.” I said.

She chuckled softly and stared suspiciously at me.

“Only that?” She asked.
“Ermmmm… Hmmmm…..” I stuttered, not knowing how to tell her that I came to see her because I missed her for the only few hours she left.

“Hmmmm. What could be making Mason stutter and nervous all of a suddenly?” She asked with a mocking laugh.

I glared playfully at her and that only made her laugh hard…

“Well, the truth is that I came to see you because I missed you.” I rushed my words itching the back of my head feeling shy.

“Awwwn. Someone really do missed me.” She said with a smile.

“Mason is suddenly feeling shy.” She teased which made me roll my eyes at her.

“Stop teasing me Monique.” I said with a pout.
She chuckled and moved closer to me covering the remaining space between us.

She surprised me by hugging me, wrapping her hands around my neck.

“Thank you Mason. I missed you too.” She said softly and I felt butterfly dance in my stomach with excitement..

I wrapped my hands tightly around her waist and drew her closer to myself.

We both disengage from the hug and her face was flushed.
She was blushing and her face had turned crimson red.

With her head bent, I pecked her cheeks..
She raised her head and stared at me surprisingly with her eyes wide opened like they would fall off.

I smiled lightly while she blushed harder.

I stared at Cass lifeless body on the bed.
I was inside the ward with Monique and Kerryn.

Cass was really in a critical condition………

Even after all the things Monique told me she ( Cass) did to her ( Monique), I still don’t want her to die.

Let her suffer for her sins, death wouldn’t be too good.
Suffering before death, that would do….

I scoffed irritably as I stared at her.
Not as if I’m wicked or a devil, but she deserved this.

The evil never goes unpunished..
And I too, seriously hate the wicked and evil……

The evil will be burnt and rot in hell.

Kerryn looked pale and very sad but I didn’t feel much pity for her.

She’s just like her mother.

Monique is such a good person.
I can’t believe after all Kerryn and her mother did to her she could still care for them.

So ironical!!!

Three days later🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

Monique has really been very helpful, she has been a shoulder I can lean on….

A shoulder I can cry on.
And I’m really grateful..

I sat down beside mom and held her hand crying softly.

It’s been three days, three whole days and mom hadn’t woken up.

She hasn’t even moved even a finger.

I don’t want to believe that mom is dead.
I seat everyday beside her, cry and talk to her begging her to please wake up and not to leave me.

I can’t possibly become motherless now…
I can’t and I don’t want to….

I felt something moved in my hand.
I wiped my tears and looked down at mom’s hand on mine.

Suddenly, a finger moved and then her hand moved gently..

I was shocked and quickly dropped her hand beside the bed back to it’s position.

I stared at mom’s hand which didn’t move again.

Then, the life saving machine started beeping loudly which was quite unusual…..

I ran out of the ward heading to the doctor’s office..

I paced worriedly outside mom’s ward as the doctors attended to her.

The door was closed and I could only get a slight glimpse from the almost not transparent glass window.

I prayed non stop that mom would be alright.

After minutes which felt like days to me of waiting for the doctors to come out of the ward with positive news, the door opened and the three doctors came out.

Then just immediately, Monique also walked towards us.
I rushed to hug her and whimpered softly not able to utter a word.

Monique asked what was wrong but I couldn’t tell her anything as I wept more.

I was too nervous to talk.
Too afraid to talk.

I was visibly shaking with fright and nervousness…..

“Come with me.” A doctor said as he removed his hand gloves and darting his eyes from Monique to me….

Without asking questions, I and Monique followed him.

We got to his office and I stood not wanting to seat.
I was just too eager to hear what he’s gonna say..

Is she okay?
Is she out of danger?
I thought within.

The doctor let out a sad sigh and darted his eyes from Monique to nervous me….

I suddenly became scared because of the sad countenance he had..

“She is out of coma and out of danger but…..” His voice trailed off as he stared at me…

Oh my God!
Thank goodness, mom is alive!
She is out of danger!
I mentally screamed happily..

But then again, the doctor added but….
What could possibly be wrong?

“What is it doc?” Monique asked gently.

“The accident affected her spinal cord and I’m sorry to say this, but your mother wouldn’t be able to use her legs for the rest of her life..

She would be confined in a wheel chair for the rest of her life. There’s nothing that can be done, not even an operation.” The doctor finally let out the bombshell…

My eyes dilated in shock as I stared at the doctor.

Mom is crippled?
She would be confined to a wheelchair for life?

“Noooooo.” I screamed with bitter tears rolling down my cheeks with my hands on both ears.

“This can’t be happening!!” I screamed again and landed on the floor.

I palmed my face and wept bitterly.

Monique crouched in front of me and hugged me whisperings soothing words to me but it wasn’t helping.

I can’t believe mom is crippled!!!
This is a nightmare!
And if this is a nightmare, I seriously want to wake up from it…….

To be continued….


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