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🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
I paced worriedly in my room as I waited for mom to return.
It’s midnight and it’s raining heavily and mom isn’t home yet.

I’m so dead worried..
I just hope she’s fine.

I took my phone and called her but her phone wasn’t going through, it was directing me to voicemail.

I was having a bad feeling but I just shrug it off.

I seriously don’t want anything to happen to mom.

I felt really restless.
After hours of staying awake, I went to bed because I couldn’t keep my eyes opened.

But still, I couldn’t sleep well.
I had nightmares and I kept tossing on my bed but later, I fell asleep.

I woke up with a yawn.
I rubbed my sleepy eyes and sat on top of the bed.
My gaze suddenly fell on the wall clock.

I screamed in shock as I hurriedly got down from my bed.

I was already 30 minutes late for school.
“Shit!” I cussed within.

I had slept off late and woken up late too because I was waiting for my mom.
I hurriedly took my bath and wore my uniform.

I didn’t eat breakfast because there wasn’t any and it was too late to make any.

I just don’t want to get to school during the second lesson…

As my chaffeur drove me to school, I brought out my phone and tried calling mom again.

This time around, it was switched off.
What’s happening?
I’m starting to feel scared already.

I hope wherever mom is that she’s okay.

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
Thankfully, I didn’t get to face any bully as soon as I got to class.
Everybody seems to be minding their own business.

Sophia and Blaire didn’t even dare approach to confront or bully me.

But we did exchange hateful glances at each other.

She’s still being pissed because of what I did to her the previous day.
Mere thinking about what I did to her and Blaire, made me smile.

As I sat on my seat and read a novel just to while away time, my mind suddenly reminisced on what happened between I and Mason.

Can’t believe Mason took the cookie out of my mouth to his and ate it.

After that incident, I was too shy to face him.
I snapped back into reality when I heard the students acknowledge the presence of a teacher.

I looked up and saw it was the geography teacher.

Lessons went on smoothly with me answering most of the questions correctly.

Kerryn looked very troubled during lessons but I didn’t give more thought into it.

Whatever is bothering her is none of my business.

It’s lunch time and Mason called for the attention of the students.

We all kept quiet and sat up to listen with rapt attention to whatever he was gonna say.

He called Kerryn out to the stand with him in front of the cafeteria.

Kerryn walked hesistatantly to meet Mason in front of the students.
I could tell she was nervous.

“I have an announcement to make.” He started as he darted his eyes to every part of the students.

“I and Kerryn have broken up.
I got to find out recently that she’s a liar.

Monique Lorenzo that some of you bullied is her step older sister but she denied ever knowing her when I asked her about it.

Monique also, has been the one helping her with her good performances in class.

She has been deceiving everyone that she is intelligent when she’s clearly not.
Monique is the intelligent one….

She has been relying on Monique’s intelligence.
Monique has been secretly helping her get good scores.

It was a threat from Kerryn’s mother for Monique to help Kerryn secretly in her academics.

Kerryn’s mother also made Monique not to show herself that she’s intelligent.
She should always make sure that Kerryn do better than her.” Mason expound while the students gasped in shock.

Kerryn head was bent and she was sobbing already.

“Kerryn isn’t who she posed to be. She isn’t intelligent as we all thought.
I broke up with her because I can’t date liars and pretenders like her.

She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Mason said with his face scrunched up in anger.

There were whisperings from the students while I just stared pitifully at Kerryn.

“Do you have anything to say Kerryn?” Mason asked her.

She raised her head and faced Mason with tears rolling down her cheeks in fast current.

“Why are you doing this to me Mason?
Why did you have to embarrass me like this?” She asked, sniffing hard.

She faced the students and wiped her tears, but she was sniffing.

“Yes, it’s true.
What Mason said it’s true, every single thing!!” She yelled tearfully.

The students suddenly went wide with anger.
They started throwing all sorts of things to her.
Ketchup, fries, spaghetti, salad, rice, burger and any food or snacks you could think of.

Even fruits like apple, oranges, grapes and others.

Her body was smeared with the items that were thrown on her.
She looked disgusting too.
She squatted on the floor and wept bitterly…
That didn’t stop the students from throwing things at her.

I sat and watched the angry students.

She got what she deserved……
She started what she couldn’t end.

Mason had gone to seat down and he didn’t bother to stop the angry students from throwing things at Kerryn.

I shook my head sadly and walked out of the cafeteria.

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

I felt so humiliated.
So ashamed and I wished the ground would open up and swallow me.

I stayed in my squatting position not knowing what to do.

This is the worst day of my life.
To be humiliated and thrown things at.

It hurts…
I’m a mess…
I’m a laughing stock….

After minutes of throwing stuffs at me, Mason managed to calm the angry students down.

I ran out of the cafeteria in tears heading to the restroom..
I couldn’t even bring myself to raise my head up.

From my hair down to my shoes were all smeared with different stuff’s that were thrown at me.

My hair was stuck with so many things especially cabbage……..
I looked like trash.

I look like who just came out from inside a trash bin.

I sat on the floor in the restroom and cried my eyes out.
I never thought that I would be one day humiliated like this. It hurts to think about it.

I walked into the house forlornly and worn out.

I flunged myself on the couch and started crying..
Where is mom?
I need someone to talk to..

I wiped my tears when a news headline been read caught my attention.

“A black Range Rover and a trailer where involved in a fatal accident at about 9:45pm yesterday during the heavy down pour.

A woman was in the Range Rover but she was badly injured.
While the trailer driver is concious already.

The woman is currently receiving treatment at St Davis hospital but she’s in a critical condition.

It happened along………” The reporter said and I dropped down on the ground.

The video of the accident was shown and I swear my heart jumped out of my chest.

The trailer had crushed the Range Rover, it was a pitiful sight to behold.

Tears rolled down my cheeks because I knew it was my mother.

The Range Rover is her car and she had left home at about that hour.

I stood up from the floor and ran out of the house.

I shouldn’t just make any assumptions yet.
It might not be mom and it might be her.

I entered my car and my chaffeur drove off after telling him the hospital.

In less than thirty minutes, we were already in the hospital.
Without waiting for the car to fully stop, I hurriedly alighted and ran into the hospital like a mad woman.

I was still in my uniform but I didn’t care.
With heavy breathing, I explained to the receptionist.

I told her about the accident and she directed me to the ward.

I got there and the sight I saw made me to start hyperventilating….

I thought I was going to have an heart attack.

I stared at the lifeless body of my own mother.

Different machines and pipes were connected to her body.

I sat on the floor and wept bitterly.

With trembling hands and tears still rolling down my cheeks, I called my dad.

After telling him what happened, he promised to be there.

I was woken up by voices. I stood up from where I slept which was on a bench outside the ward.. I had slept off after crying my eyes out.

My head was hurting and my eyes were swollen….

I stood up and saw dad and Monique.
She came?
How did she know?
I ran to meet my dad and hugged him tightly crying.

We were allowed to enter into the ward and my heart shattered at the critical state my mom laid.

She was breathing through the help of the oxygen placed on her.

“She is in coma. She’s living only with the help of the life saving machine’s.
I’m sorry to say this, she might not survive.

If in the next three days she doesn’t respond to the treatment we give her, we might as well say she’s dead.

Her condition is really very critical.
She has just 30 percent chance to live.

Her condition is really critical I would say. All she needs is your prayers.” The doctor said sadly.

I stood up from the chair where I sat in the doctor’s office and start to pace around.

I laughed but the laughter was filled with so much pain and bitterness.

I just couldn’t bear it.
Mom can’t die.
If this is a dream, I seriously want to wake up from this nightmare.

Everywhere started rotating and I was slowly moving to the floor. My head was hurting and my vision was blurry…

I heard distance voices before I finally fell on the floor unconscious……

To be continued..

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