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InShot 20200905 005734215




πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

I almost bursted into an uncontrollable laughter but I held myself.

Sophia and Blaire both stomped out of the class angrily with Sophia’s face flushed with anger and shame.

The class had been so surprised and some students laughed at her that at least the girl who she thinks she can bully all the time stood up to her.

It was a shame!!

Neither Sophia nor the students expected such reaction from Monique who is been known for being quiet and timid.

Monique was so brave and I was more than happy that she stood up for herself.

I could swear that the slaps she gave to Sophia was deafening and painful.

I’m really proud of her.

My teachings weren’t in vain.
If she continues like this, then she has no problem with her reserve character.

Being able to stand up for herself is just a step to more.

Like speaking in crowd confident, making friends and others.

I did well by observing her very well.

I smiled in satisfaction as Monique sat in another seat.
It was a row away from Kerryn.

There would be lots of drama today.

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

Okay, be shocked and surprised is an understatement.

I’m way beyond being surprised and shocked.

After eight days of being missing, Monique suddenly showed up in school today.

Where has she been all this while?
I asked no one in particular…

I’m just being too shocked that even my breathe hitched at the sight of her.

Today was supposed to be the ninth day she went missing.

And also, what gave her the boldness to talk back at Sophia and even slap her.

Monique would never do that but the irony of it is that, she actually did.

Monique is this quiet and reserve girl who doesn’t retaliate no matter what you do to her.

She can’t even look at you in the eyes when you talk to her, that’s how timid she is.

But what she did not quite long to Sophia, it left me speechless and shocked.

She didn’t even look at my direction as she went to take her seat in the opposite row.

Why did she change her seat?
She was supposed to seat behind me but now, she’s a little bit far from where I sat.

I’m gonna confront her when I have the opportunity.

Lessons started and we had arithmetic that morning.

We were given solutions to solve in our notebooks and I seriously don’t know where to start from.

“Pst,Pst.” I called gently at Monique.
She turned to look at me and I gestured my hand to my book.

She understood because she nodded her head and stretched out her hand for me to bring my book.

I happily passed my notebook to her and waited patiently for her to solve it and pass it back to me.

“Sir.” Monique suddenly called the attention of the teacher.

“Yes?” He answered as he took his gaze to meet her.

She stood up on her feet and raised a notebook and it happened to be mine.
No, what’s she up to now?
What’s she gonna say or do?

“Sir, Kerryn passed her notebook to me for me to solve the arithmetics for her.” Monique said and smirked at me.

My heart almost jumped out of my chest while my tongue almost left my mouth.

I was too shocked ; shocked beyond words.

“How are you sure you aren’t lying to me?

Kerryn is very intelligent and she doesn’t needs somebody like you to tutor her.” The arithmetic teacher said with a scoffed.

And that made me smile lightly.
At least the teacher doesn’t believe Monique and he’s taking sides with me.

“Really? Come take a look at my work and hers.” She said confidently and my heart beat accelerated..

Why is Monique doing this to me?
Is she taking reveng on me?

The teacher walked up to her in her seat where she stood.
She flashed me a lopsided smirk while I glared at her.

Why’s she behaving like someone being possessed?

“Take a look at our work.
I’m done with mine but she has barely written anything.” Monique boasted.

By this time, the whole class attention where on Monique and the arithmetic teacher.

I’m I gonna be given public embarrassment in front of the whole class?

The teacher checked the books. His gaze darted from her to mine.

Without waiting for him to say anything, I walked up to meet him.

“Sir, it’s not true.
Monique asked me to bring my notebook to see what I’ve solved but I told her I haven’t started but she insisted on seeing my notebook and then, I gave it to her.” I lied with an innocent look.

“I thought as much. But Monique here did very well. How come I haven’t noticed someone as intelligent as her all these while?” He asked and I felt like giving him a knock on the head.

“Well, I don’t like showing myself. And Kerryn actually lied.

Why will I ask to see her notebook when we barely even talk?

You know what, let’s just forget about this.” Monique said with a small as she sat down proudly on her seat.

I felt really ashamed but thankful enough that the matter didn’t grow worse.

“Okay. Kerryn take your notebook and go solve yours.

And the rest of you staring, continue with your work.” The arithmetic teacher said.

I nodded and took my notebook not after giving Monique a deadly glare.

I walked back to my seat and stared at my notebook without knowing where to start from.

I gave up trying to rack my brain and closed my notebook..

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

With the look on Kerryn face when I reported to the arithmetic teacher, I could pay a hundred dollar just to see that face all the time.

She looked so shocked and maybe, angry.

I could tell she was so nervous too.

I just didn’t want to further embarrass her.
I’m gonna taunt her and make her feel bad like she has always made me feel.

“Can we talk?” Kerryn asked lowly as she fondled with the hem of her shirt nervously..

It’s lunch time and I was about to go to the cafeteria when she stopped me by the hallway.

“Yeah.” I said plainly as I darted my eyes to every part of her body.

She looked nervous….

“Where have you been all this while?
I mean, I and mom thought something bad had happened to you.

You just ran out of the house and was gone for a week and suddenly, you showed up in school today.” She said.

“Well, where I live now isn’t your business.
Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be coming to the house for a long time because I know Cass and you are very happy not having me around.” I said with a smirk.

“Monique, what’s come over you? What’s up with you?
You weren’t like this, this brave and confident.” She said as she stared curiously at me.

“Do you expect me to continue to be timid and intimidated?
I know you loved the other me you could do like trash, treat the way you like and I wouldn’t retaliate.

But sorry to burst your bubble, that Monique is gone and gotten rid of.

I’m now changed and a different Monique.
The Monique that nobody would treat anyhow like garbage and trash.
The Monique that can stand up for herself and put bullies in their right places.” I boasted with pride as I stared triumphantly at her.

She stared at me with mouth agape and her eyes almost popping out of it’s socket.

She’s too shocked to say anything.
Cat got her tongue πŸ˜‚….

“And let me tell you this, if you try to do anything funny to me, I wouldn’t hesitate to put you in your right place.

You are already in my bad book but you can try to be in my good book by being careful around me.

You better not provoke me or step on my toes because what I would do to you, you wouldn’t believe it.” I taunted with a lopsided smile….

“And one more thing, don’t act too smart because I’m smarter.” I said with a smirk and walked away proudly leaving her stunned.

Probably, she’d be having thoughts like,.
“Did Monique just talk to me that way?
What’s gotten over her?
Is she drunk or maybe possessed by some spirit?

I chuckled as I thought of those words.

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

If I was told that Monique would one day stand up tall and talk back at me in such manner, then I wouldn’t have believed.
I would have smacked that person on the face for saying such ridiculous words.

What gave her such boldness?
Mom must hear about this…….

She thinks she has grown wings but I would show her that I already have wings and I’m flying with them.

I got to the cafeteria and I saw Monique standing in front of the cafeteria with her face and uniform smeared with flour and eggs.

She fumed in anger but at the same time, a smile played on her lips.

I quickly walked in and looked for a seat that was close so that I could get a better view of what’s gonna happen.

She mixed the floor and eggs that poured on the floor and took a handful of them.

She walked to Sophia and Blair’s table.
She surprised I and everybody in the cafeteria by pouring and even rubbing the mixed flour and eggs on their body.

From their hair down to their skirt.
The whole cafeteria bursted into uncontrollably laughter and some students even videoed the scene.

Sophia and Blaire looked funny..

“Don’t you dare try shits with me. The day something like this repeat itself, I won’t hesitate to rub your ugly faces in mud.” She threatened with a smirk and walked out of the cafeteria.

Sophia and Blaire fumed in anger and ran out of the cafeteria with Sophia in tears.

It was really a funny sight but also pitiful……

God knows I wouldn’t want to be humiliated like this with so many students watching by Monique…..
Nothing much happened in school.
School closed and I couldn’t wait to get home.

As soon as my chaffeur stopped the car, I hurriedly alighted and got into the house fuming in anger.

I met mom in the sitting room and without greeting her or allow her welcome me, I spilled out what I’ve been dying to say.

What has been eating me up in class today..

“Monique was in school today and she was a total different person.

She was so bold and confident.” I ranted angrily as I flunged my backpack onto the nearest couch.

“What?! You mean you saw Monique in school today?” Mom asked surprised.

“You weren’t deaf when I said so.” I said angrily.

“Where as she been leaving?
Where as she been all this while?” Mom asked as she stood up with her hands akimbo.

“That’s the same question going on in my head.” I hissed angrily..

Mom paced worriedly in the sitting room and as she was about saying something, the door opened and dad walked in.

Mom stood rooted at her spot as she stared at dad’s figure.

Dad didn’t even spare either of us a side glance as he walked upstairs.

I and mom both stared at each other with mom looking scared.
I wonder what’s gonna happen..

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

I can’t believe Sophia and Blaire tried to take revenge at me after what I did to Sophia in the morning….

Well, I don’t regret what I did to both of them in the cafeteria.
That should serve them a lesson and reminder not to ever mess with me.
It’s also a lesson to other students that I aren’t bluffing….

Mason was proud of me and he promised to make me something as my gift for doing great at school.

After taking me bath, I joined the other maids in the kitchen and made dinner.

Mason went out but he would be back pretty early.

After dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, I and Mason sat in the sitting room watching a k drama.

The gift Mason wanted to give to me was cookies.
Funny right?

He baked cookies but they are still in the oven.

Mason stood up and excused himself.

Minutes later, he came back with a tray.
He dropped the tray on a small stool beside the couch we sat.

In the tray was chocolate chip cookies with two glasses of orange juice.
I salivated at the fine sight of the cookies….

“Wow Mason! This looks appetizing.” I complimented with a smile.

He only nodded with a smile.
I took a cookie and munched gently on it smiling, feeling pleased.

“Nice. This is so delicious.” I moan sweetly as I swallowed the cookie.

“Yeah, I’m very good at making chocolate chip cookies because it’s one of my favorite snacks.” He said as he stared at me.

“You should join me.” I said as I saw that he wasn’t eating but staring at me.

He took a cookie and munch on it with delight.

It was remaining a cookie and we were both contemplating on who to take it.

We didn’t want to let the other have it.
I seriously can’t give up this cookie you for Mason.
It’s too sweet to be given up for.

“Mason look!” I yelled as I pointed my hand to another direction to distract him.

And it worked.
Mason turned to look at whatever that wasn’t there while I took the cookie and shove it inside my mouth.

Mason turned and looked at me shocked while I chuckled lightly.
He was shocked that I had deceived him just to collect the cookie.

I stuck out half of the cookie from my mouth while he glared at me.

“You tricked me.” He groaned while I smiled cunningly at him.

I would have bursted into laughter, but for the fact that there was a cookie in my mouth, it made me keep shut.

Mason smirked and moved closer to me.
Without knowing how he made the quick move, Mason lips was already touching my lips.
He pressed my lips and took out the cookie from my mouth to his.

He pulled away and smiled at me as he munch on the cookie with a low moan.

I stared at him shocked and with my mouth opened.

“Hmmmm. It tastes nice. Tastes like Monique.” He moaned and wiped the side of his lips with his thumb.

“And at last, I still got the cookie.” He added….
I didn’t say anything but stared at him gobsmacked.
He looked at me and smirked.

πŸ’– Cassandra’s p.o.v πŸ’–
It’s night already and I and my husband are having a heated argument because of Monique.

“What nonsense are you spouting Cass? That you don’t know where my daughter went?” He yelled angrily.

“Like I said earlier, she just suddenly went out of the house and since then she hasn’t returned.” I said, trying to keep my voice stern.

He scoffed at me with a hard glare.

“Now listen and listen very good to me Cass, you better find Monique in the next twenty four hours and if you don’t find her, then be ready to kiss our marriage goodbye.

I’ll make sure you leave this house without anything with only the clothes on your body.

You better go out there right now and search for Monique wherever you can think of.” He ranted angrily.

“But James, it’s late already and it’s gonna rain very soon.” I tried to protest on the verge of tears.

I can’t believe he would react rashly like this.
I mean, he doesn’t even like the girl.

“I don’t care!” He yelled and opened the door.
“Out now!” He ordered, gesturing his hand to the door.

All my pleas fell on deaf ears as I walked out of the room.

I got inside one of my cars and drove off to only God knows where..

I haven’t even gotten half way when it started rain heavily.
My head was filled with so many thoughts as I drove along the road.

I didn’t know there was an upcoming trailer because I was too deep in my thoughts.

As I became concious and aware that I was on the road driving, and there was an upcoming trailer, I looked and tried to maneuver my way but I couldn’t see clearly because of the darkness and rain.

As I struggled hard with the steering, I still couldn’t maneuver my way and I ended up running into the moving trailer.

Glass shattered while my head hit the steering very hard.
My head was bleeding and my eyes were starting to feel weak.

I was weak and bleeding from my forehead and arm.
Everywhere suddenly started rotating and finally, I blanked out.

To be continued…

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THE VIRGIN Chapter Five



The Virgin by Nuella Emerald

[ She’s The Mafia’s Sweetheart ]

Written BY: Nuella Emerald

π˜Ύπ™π™–π™₯π™©π™šπ™§ 𝙁𝙄𝙑𝙀- 𝑻𝒉𝒆 π‘Ίπ’•π’“π’‚π’π’ˆπ’†π’“ 𝑰𝒏 𝑨 π‘©π’π’‚π’„π’Œ 𝑳𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 π‘±π’‚π’„π’Œπ’†π’•.



” WHAT!?” We all chorused in shock immediately dad announced the theft of our treasured heirloom, the Emerald Stone.

Dad then feebly walks to the couch engulfed in grief and sadness, he just lost his priced posession due to my carelessness, his sadness can never be overemphasized. He cowers to sit then lowers his body as he buries his head in his palms.

” But how were the assasins able to get past security without the code.” Karissa asks and I immediately hid my face away from my family’s eye as I bit my lower lip in nervousness and the fear of how I’m going to be severely chided after my family learns of my careless actions occupied my being.

How will I admit that I’m the main cause of the theft of our heirloom? Dad will never forgive me, in fact he may disown me once he learns of it. I got drunk and had fun at the ball then ended up carelessly misplacing my purse at the expense of our Emerald Stone which is worth billion of dollars. How could I be so stupid?

” Isabella? Is there something we need to know?” Mum asks with an akimbo stance and a suspicious demeanor. Everyone turned and fixed their gaze on me immediately after mum’s question.

A cloud of intense high strung nervousness enveloped me as I contemplated on how I’d tell my family I lost the list of security codes.

” I lost- I lost the. . .I lost my purse contaning the list of security codes at the ball.” I summoned courage to confess and there was a vivid look of surprise on everyone’s face, especially mum’s.

” How could you be so careless Bella?”

” I’m sorry mum, I was drunk and carried away. I can’t even remember where I had lost it.”

” I saw her frolicking around with some hot dude. He must’ve been the reason why she was so carried away.” Karissa adds with folded arms.

” Your carelessness cost us the family’s heirloom, our pride, our prized possession. I expected more discipline from you Isabella.” Mum chides vehemently and I wince as the tone of mum’s now heated and furious voice lands on my skin.

” I’m sorry.” I whimper.

” You sorrys won’t bring back the Emerald Stone Bella. You threw away the pride of this family because of youthful fun? You disappointed me Bella.” Dad snaps furiously as he swiftly rises up from the couch pointing and looking at me in a stern manner. He then looks down at me in disgust then walks upstairs in the fit of his rage.

” Please calm down dear.” Mum pacifies dad and trails after him.

After a while of dead silence, Karissa takes a glance at the corpses then cringes before she walks upstairs but not without giving me a bad glare. Caleb walks over to where I stood and throws his arm over my shoulder then brings me closer to himself.

” Don’t worry kiddo. Don’t beat yourself up, mistake happen. It’s not the end of the world, at least your family is safe.” Caleb consoles me in solace as he rubs my shoulders with the arm thrown over it. I force out a faint smile amidst my tears and I nod. I turn and hug him.

He disengages from the hug then pats me on the back before going upstairs as well. Left alone with the metallic stench of blood oozing out from the corpses, I trudge feebly to the couch and plump myself unto the couch then let my tears flow down freely.

All this wouldn’t have happened if dickhead Zane didn’t send me that spiteful text at the party, I wouldn’t have agreed to dance and get wild with Ryder had it been he didn’t send me that text. It’s all Zane’s fault.

” Blame everybody but yourself.” A popular sarcastic saying pops in my memory and I sigh. I shouldn’t blame Zane for my mistakes, it was entirely my fault.

Not only has my carelessness cost us the family’s heirloom but it also left to the death of four innocent girls. Sigh.


I stood by the glass rail that barriered the front terrace of my house. I had a blue mug containing hot coffee in my hand with my attention fixed on the brunette mailman walking from house to house with his bag filled with mail cards delivering maiils and packagaes. I occasionally looked away from the mailman to take a sip from my mug of coffee, after which I resumed the activity of keenly watching the mailman do his job dilligently .

The theft and assasination incident caused a deep scar on my mental health. Living at that mansion became hell for me, in fact my whole life became a total mess. I developed insomnia which was caused by the constant nightmares I had and they always involved those corpses; I can’t seem to get the image of those dead bodies out of my head.

I couldn’t be free around the house anymore because I always had the feeling that imminent danger was lurking around and someone may probably break into the house again and hurt me or worse. I became depressed because my heart was always heavied with the feeling of guilt as I continuously blamed myself for all that happened.

I spent two weeks at my family’s mansion after the incident. My family noticed my depression and had me see a therapist and a psychologist. I was told to leave the mansion and move away to a faraway neighborhood and engage in fun activities to get the trauma out of my system.

Well, it’s been three weeks since I moved out of my family’s mansion and so far so good, I’ve been gradually recovering from the mental trauma I was put into for two weeks. I moved into a two bedroom duplex in a serene new neighborhood in Manhattan and everything has been nice and smooth ever since.


I see that mailman heading towards my house and I furrow my brows. I’m not expecting any package from anyone neither any mail. My friends can never send me mails when they can easily give me a phone call or send a text, this isn’t 1960 for Christ’s sake! Phones exist. So why on earth will the mailman be heading to my house?

My doorbell rings and I assume it’s the mailman. I take a sip out of my coffee then hurriedly leave the terrace and walked briskly to the door to answer to the doorbell.

I dropped the mug of coffee in my hand on the side table next to the couch then I twist the door knob and open the door revealing the mailman with a cheerful smile on his face.

” Hi. Good Morning.” The mailman greets.

” Hey.” I replied with a smile.

” There’s a package for you miss.” The mailman states then reaches for his big bag them brings out a rectangular shaped case wrapped in brown papper with a bow on top and a tag sticking out of it.

Who must’ve sent me a package?

I collected the package from the mailman and then he brought out a small book and pen from his bag.

” Sign here miss.” He says and I put the package underneath my left arm then sign in my signature at the designated spot with my right hand.

” Thanks.” I appreciate him as he puts the stationaries back into his bag then he smiles in reply.

” Have a good day miss.” He bades then turns to leave. I shut the door then remove the package from underneath my arm and walk to the couch and sit on it.

I read the tag and find out the package was from Zane, what the fudge? The tag read “XOXO, love from Zane.” with a kiss sticker beside it.

I roll my eyes then tear off the ribbon and part of the brown paper followed as well. I tear off the remaining part of the brown paper revealing a small white box. Curious of what might be inside, I open the box to see a golden necklace with a heart pendant attached to it, my name crested on the pendant in bold italic calligraph.

I pick up the necklace and examine it, it looks quite expensive and of good quality. I noticed a note inside the white box as well. I huff and set down the pendant necklace on the couch then pick up the note and read it.

” I’m so sorry for the harsh words I said to you via text Bella. I was drunk that day and I didn’t know when I typed down that hurtful message to you. I’m so sorry for cheating on you my love, I cut ties with Ava completely and I’m only for you dear. I’m sorry for forcing you to have sex with me babe, I’ll never ever force you to do anything against your will again. Please forgive me Bella. I also bought you a necklace to plead for your forgiveness. I know it may mean nothing to you because you have so many necklaces and this one may not matter but please accept the gift. I was also wondering we could have dinner tonight by 7pm. I’ll be waiting for you at Leslie’s Restaurant, please come.”

That was the content of the letter, so cheesy right? I smile and shake my head then toss the letter aside. I chuckle then pick up my mug of coffee and resume drinking.

People always tell me that Zane doesn’t deserve me. I’m the daughter of a filthy rich mob boss and my closet alone is worth millions of dollars and he’s, well he’s just a currently unemployed freelancer. We’re in two different worlds and its funny how a rich chick like me fell in love with you know, him. He’s seriously lucky to land a girl like me.


I walk into my closet and select a sky blue dinner dress that was knee-lenghted, it bared my cleavages and had a frilly bottom. I walk out of the closet with the dress in my hand then carefully place it on the bed.

I then go to my mirror and apply light makeup then combed my silky long hair thoroughly. I wear my dress and a sky blue coloured pair of wedge. I pick up a black clutch to match. I was ready to go.

I decided to accept Zane’s invite and go have dinner with him. I agreed to it only to hear what else he has to say and if he convinces me or his words touch my heart, I may forgive him and give our relationship a second thought. But if I’m grossed out by whatever he says, I’m going to formally break up with him and end our relationship.

I take a final look at my reflection in the mirror and I smiled at how good I looked. With that, I strutted out of the house and walked to the garage. I then entered into my car and drove off heading to Leslie’s Restaurant.


Twenty minutes into driving, the whether and climate suddenly changed and a strong whistling wind began to blow, I knew it was going to rain anytime soon. As I had guessed, rain regan to drizzle and it started becoming hard to see the road because of the rain dropplets trickling down the windscreen coupled with the fact that it was already nightfall. Suddenly a round of rumbling, cracking and crashing sounds of thunder echoed and a lightening strike preceeded.
The drizzles increased with great intensity and metamorphosed into a heavy downpour.

All of a sudden my car stopped, right in the middle on the road. I repeatedly tried to start the ignition but the car didn’t kick-start Fuck, it must’ve developed a serious fault. But why does it have to fail me now, now that’s in night time and in the middle of the damn road.


I’ve been seated in my stalled, disabled car for almost half an hour now and I’m literally hopeless. I tried calling my personal mechanic but there’s no signal because of the heavy downpour that’s still falling up till now.

I groan and hit my head on the stirring wheel. It’s night and it’s dangerous to be outdoors during a thunderstorm like this. Cars weren’t even plying the road anymore probably because of the rain.

I noticed a black motorcycle easing up behind me and I felt a feeling of fear for a split second but then it eased up to a feeling of relief, maybe this person can help me.

A tall and husky figure alighted the motorcycle and walked to my car. The feeling of fear crept it’s way back into my heart as I began to wonder why a man would alight from a motorcycle and start walking up to my car.

I flinched as I was jolted into reality by the sound of a knock on my window glass. It must be the motorcycle rider.
I swallowed nothing and wined down the glass to a little length, just to be able to talk to him. I didn’t go all the way down because I still had an opinion that he could be dangerous. I couldn’t even see his eyes, just his forehead and nothing else.

” Hi.” I yell loudly so he could hear me amidst the heavy rain.

” Is your car faulty?” He questions in a loud tone as well. Fuck yeah, why else would I be parked in the middle of the road at night?

” Yeah.”

” Can I help fix it.” He asks.

Okay, now this is getting weird. Why on earth will a stranger stop in the middle of the road and under the rain to help a girl he has never met before? Who knows, he may be one of our family’s enemies? This is probably the reason why mum and dad don’t let me go out at night, but I never listen to them.

What if this strange man was sent to kill me? What if he puts a bomb in my car and I die?

But on the other hand, I need to get out of here because it’s not safe so I’ll take the risk. If I decline his offer, I may be electrocuted to death by a thunder or lightening strike and on the other hanr, if I accept his offer, there’s a probability he has a bomb or a knife with the intentions to kill me. So as it stands, it’s either I die or I die. I love to gamble, so I’d take the 50:50chance of accepting this man’s offer.

” Yeah. I’ll be so glad if you can help me.” I yell and with the little movement the part of his head I could see made, I think he nodded in affirm

” Open the bonnet.” He tells me and I press the respective button and the bonnet opened.

He stayed there for a while, touching and fixing things or doing whatever people do to fix faulty cars and I just sat on the driver’s seat and watched, although I couldn’t see anything because the opened bonnet was obstructing me. I did silently pray he wasn’t a hired killer.

This man must be a very selfess person for him to stop his journey and help fix my car under the rain, cold whether and thunder strikes. So we still have good humans on this earth? Well, after some minutes, he shut the bonnet and walked to my window glass.

” Start the car.”

I turn my key and start the ignition and the car starts. I turn the ignition off the turn it on again just to confirm and it worked. What magic did this guy perform?

I wined down the glass so I could see his face and thank him for what he had done. The cat got my tongue immediately I beheld his amazing facial features. His deep blue sparkly eyes were one of a kind and his eyes match his brown side swept hair. His pink lips…damn; he was a handsome hunk. If I was able to see all these features amidst the rain, imagine how handsome he’d be in broad daylight. He was wearing a black leather jacket with a white T shirt underneath.

” T-thanks for fixing my car.” I manage to say after I found my voice. The truth is that I was mesmerized by his overwhelming features.

” Welcome.” He says and I wanted to thank him more by giving him some money. I turned and opened my glove conpartment then picked up my chequebook from it and closed it back.

” Let me thank you more by giving you this cheq-” I was stunned to see that the man wasn’t by my window anymore. I peered my head outside the window and saw that the man had gone.

Fuck, he’s gone. Just like that. I look through my windscreen and see him on his motorcycle riding away.

Who’s that man and why did he suddenly stop to help?
πšƒ 𝙱 π™²πŸ‚ πŸ‚
𝑡𝒖𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒂 π‘¬π’Žπ’†π’“π’‚π’π’…Β©
Guys I’m so sorry for a late chapter, I was a bit busy and I developed a headache.

Should Bella just return home now that her car is fixed or hear what Zane has to say?
Who do you think the strange man is?
Do you think he’s a dangerous person? I mean how will someone just stop to help another person you don’t know?

Please drop your thoughts.
The stares were so low in the last chapter so please can we do better?

Β©π– π—Žπ—π—π—ˆπ—‹π–Ύπ—Œπ—Œ π–­π—Žπ–Ύπ—…π—…π–Ί 𝖀𝗆𝖾𝗋𝖺𝗅𝖽’π—Œ π–‘π—ˆπ—ˆπ—„π—Œ πŸ“š.

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Taming Mr hottie Chapter Two



Taming Mr Hottie

Taming Mr hottie
She’s the tamer, he’s the tamee

Written by Wilfred Bright ✍️
Chapter Two
Theme: invisible

😱 Ashton 😱

I licked my lips as I watched the sexy goddess walk towards us, I want her, I want her on my bed, screaming my name out my name loudly, I want to hear her moan my name.

“I see, Ashton Reed has found he’s next play thing, she’s a hot one.” Justin whistles and I chuckled, i use my hand to make my hair a little messy, and waited for the girl to come closer to where I was.

“Can’t I have this one Ashton, she’s one hell of a sexy goddess.” Andrew says, breathing out heavily.

“Nope, she’s mine.” I said in a gruffy voice, and then watch in shock as the girl, just walked right past me, not even sparing me a glance, what the hell, am I invisible.

“What just happened.” Andrew asked clearly also shocked, this is the first time in my whole life, a girl walked right past me and didn’t even at least smile at me, what the hell.


I strode right past Ashton Reed, like he was a nobody, like he was invisible, I could feel his eyes on me as I passed by, I know he’s more than shocked, I’m the first girl to ever passed right Mr hottie, without even smiling at him. I’m a record breaker, I know.

Step 2: Make him feel invisible.


Yayyyy, it’s break time, finally I can put my second plan in to work, I’m so excited.

I catwalked into the cafeteria, all eyes on me, thats what happens when you come to the cafeteria really late. The cafeteria sitting is devided into three.

The invisibles: Those are the nerds, the noobs, the unpopular ones, they have a special place reserved for them at the far back end of the cafeteria, let me tell you a little secret, that place is never cleaned by the cleaners, and up until now, I usually sit right over there but of course I won’t be sitting down there today.

The not so popular: those are the average kids, they are not so rich, but at least live a comfortable life, they sit at the ground floor, which is the cafeteria it’s self.

The popular kids: The popular kids are; Ashton, Andrew, Justin and then any girl Ashton or his friend are banging, they get lucky to sit in the popular table, which is right above the cafeteria, I don’t mean above, like it’s in the roof of the cafeteria, nope, I mean, another floor was built all because of the popular kids, Ashton could see the whole cafeteria and also any new beautiful girl that walks into the cafeteria, right from his popular table and guess what, that’s where I want to sit.

I went ahead to get a burger and a coke, then i looked around the cafeteria with my tray on my hand, there’s no empty seat, perfect. I grinned happily, and I strolled to the popular kids table, I could feel their eyes on me as I climb the stairs.

“Is this sit taking.” I asks Ashton, keeping a straight face. Once I smile at him, he will think, I’m interested in him, which am not, I’m interested in making him feel pains.

“Yes!.” “No!.” Both Ashton and Sophie yells at the same time, and Ashton glares at her.

“Is it a no or a yes, I’m kinda confused.” I said boredly.

“No, the chair it’s not taking.” Ashton says and I gracefully sits down on the seat. Oh poor Sophie, why won’t you just understand, that he does not need your pussy anymore, you’re and old story now, well she won’t be the first to hang around him even after a breakup, but you see what Ashton has vomited, he never goes back to it again.

I paid more attention to my burger and Coke and behaved like I didn’t know, all their eyes are on me. Ugh, to be sincere I hate the attention, I love been unnoticeable, but for my friend I’m going to endure it all.

“Hi, I’m Ashton.” I raised my head up and looked at Ashton in the eye, then went back to eating my food, totally ignoring him.

I could feel the mood on the popular table change, they were all shocked at what I did, I know right, I’m the first girl to ever ignore freaking Ashton Reed.

πŸ™ƒ Ashton πŸ˜•

My eyes falls on the new girl as she catwalks into the cafeteria, she’s so freaking hot, my eyes remained on her as she went ahead to get, a bottle of Coke and a hamburger, then she stands in the middle of the cafeteria, looking around, probably looking for a seat. Hmm, should I call her to come sit here, nah, I shouldn’t, she will sort out herself.

She stands for a little while before she starts heading towards the popular table, where I’m currently sitting. There’s no way she’s coming here right, everyone in this school knows, the popular table is for only the popular kids and those I allow to seat here, people like Sophie, though I’ll be getting her ass out of here very soon.

“Is this sit taking.” She asks and her voice, her voice, I could only imagine what it would be like if she’s right under me moaning my name, out of her sexy damn mouth.

“No!.” “Yes!.” Sophie and I yelled out, at the same time and I glared at her, how dare she say yes.

“Is it a no or a yes.” The new girl asks boredly.

“No, the chair it’s not taking.” I said smiling at her, and she takes her seat and direct all her attention to her burger and Coke, what the hell, hello there’s a hot guy sitting next to you.

“Hi, I’m Ashton.” I said, giving her my signature smile, she raised her head up, stared straight at me in my eyes, then went back to eating her burger. Did she just ignore me?

“I said hi, and I was thinking you’ll also introduce yourself and say hi.” She raised her head, take a good look at me, then yawned loudly before picking up her tray, and then walked away.

“Woohoo, it looks like the ladies man, have got some troubles with the ladies.” Justin whistles, fist bumping Andrew and I glared at him.

“She’s just playing hard to get, I will get her, just watch and see. That new girl, very soon, I’ll have her under me, moaning out my name.”

“I bet my car, you’ll never get her or actually get to hear her moan.” Austin says smirking, hitting his car keys on the table, and I grinned, now things just got more interesting.😏

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IN THE DARK Chapter 2



In The Dark

{ Being Lonely and Dumb }


β˜€οΈ CHAPTER 2 β˜€οΈ

πŸŽ—οΈ Introduction πŸ₯

🍭 EVA 🍭

My name is Eva Connor and I’m fifteen years old.

My parents and I lived in a quiet resident in New York.

My parents were super and filthy rich.

They were nice too and every parents a child would wish for.

I attend one of the best and prestigious school in New York.

I lacked nothing.
I was pampered a lot by my parents.

To them, I was their precious little darling.

I was their precious gem.

I was given everything I asked for and never for once did I wish to be in other kids shoes.

I was the envy of all.

I’m pretty, smart, intelligent and my parents are super wealthy.



My parents and I loved each other so much. We were so happy and united together.

Dad came home one Saturday and was very elated.

He said he won a contract worth of 30 billion dollars.

That’s a huge sum of money!

My parents were very happy, I wasn’t left out either, I was happy.

That day, we celebrated dad’s success.

We ate, drank and made merriment.

But two days later, dad came home in fright.

He didn’t even come with his car.

Later at night, I eavesdropped on my parents conversation.

Someone was after dad’s life.


He had escaped death that afternoon.

I knew it was because of the huge amount of money he got.



It became serious as dad came home one evening bleeding.

He was shot on his arm and immediately he got inside the house, he slumped.

Then, my parents decided that, we were gonna move out from our house and out of the country.

They were scared!

But the day we were supposed to live, my parents were murdered in cold blood in the middle of the night.

I watched the scene!

I saw it all!

But I was scared!

My parents had warned me never to come out because of fear of being killed.



It became clear to me that the person who has been after dad’s life was his best friend and co~business man.

But he’s best friend was envious of him and killed him and my pregnant mother.

I ran to the basement and hid there.

I called the police and paramedics but Rex left before they came.

It pained my greatly!

My parents were murdered and I witnessed the scene.



It was too hard for me to bear!

The sight was painful!

I vowed that no matter what, no matter how long it will take me, but one thing is for sure.

I’m gonna revenge on the death of my parents.

But I know if I should speak out now, I was gonna get killed.

And then, I thought of something to keep me safe.



My name is Eva Connor.

I’m in the dark!

I’m lonely!

I grieve over the death of my parents!

Being in the dark basement is where I feel safe!

I’m afraid to talk now but I will later!

The best option for me right now is to be dumb!

My name is Eva Connor and I’m all alone in this world.

I’m in the dark!

I’m lonely!

I’m dumb!

I seek vengeance and I’ll definitely get it!



©️ Scholastic Treasure ✍️.

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