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šŸŒ· Kerryn’s p.o.všŸŒ·

I stood up from the floor and walked to the road where I can find a cab.

I still can’t believe Mason just ended our relationship just like that.

I resumed crying just mere thinking about it.
I’m gonna be a laughing stock very soon especially when the students knows the truth that I’m not as intelligent like I claimed to be.

That I’ve been doing well academically because of the help of my step sister, Monique, who the students doesn’t even know that we are related..

I walked forlornly into the house with tears pouring out from my eyes none stop, I was so hurt.

“Kerryn!” Mom called worriedly as she walked up to me.
“What happened?” She asked touching my face. I yanked her hands away from my face and hissed.

“I’m ruined because of you mom. Mason found out the truth and he broke up with me.

He hates me mom, he hates my guts.

And it’s all your fault!!” I screamed tearily and sat on the floor.

“What? How did he find out? How’s it my fault by the way? Huh?” Mom asked as she crouched in front of me.

“How do you expect me to know how he got to find out?
You caused all of these because it was all your idea from the beginning that Monique helped me secretly with my academics works, to pose to be intelligent……

You caused more of it when you made Monique run out of the house last Saturday, for goodness sake mom!! Today is making it a week since Monique left the house and never returned.

You didn’t think about my feeling, you didn’t think if her absence is gonna affect me. And it did!!

I’ve been trying to still keep myself from been caught of not being intelligent, I told lies and pretended but all that are over because I’ve been caught. I’ve been caught mom and there’s nothing I can do than face humiliation.” I cried out ruffling my hair crazily..

“I’m sorry Kerryn, I didn’t think about those things especially about your performance in your academics. I’m sorry Kerryn, so sorry.” Mom said guiltily.

“Sorry can’t fix the damage done already.

Why would you have thought about the outcome when you were busy happy and jubilating that Monique is out of the way and I’m gonna inherit all of my father’s wealth like he would die today? Huh?

You’re nothing but a selfish mother. I hate you!!” I screamed angrily and ran up to my room still crying…

It hurts!
I’m hurt!

šŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v šŸŽ€

I walked angrily into my room and slammed the door pretty hard ignoring the greetings of Monique.

She had guts to lie to me!
Such a pretentious girl!

I’m so angry to have foolishly fallen for her lies all this time.
Thank goodness Monique told me the truth if not, I would have still be in the dark and she would’ve kept on deceiving me.

“Hey Mason! What is it?” Monique asked as she entered my room, looking worriedly at me as I fumed in anger sitting on my bed.

“Nothing.” I snapped sharply.
She stared at me for a while before leaving the room.

She seems hurt because of the way I replied her.

“Arghhhhh! ” I groaned angrily, as I raked my hand through my hair.
I’m so pissed off right now!

I peeled off my clothes and went to the bathroom to have my bath.

When I was done, I wore my pyjamas and laid on the bed.
I don’t wanna talk to anybody or I might let out my anger on the person and I seriously don’t want that to happen….


šŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v šŸ’Ž

Mason apologized to me for the way he had snubbed me the previous day.
He told me he had gone to confront Kerryn and broken up with her.

I was baffled…..
I didn’t expect such from him.

This was what I’ve been afraid of before I told him everything…

I know Kerryn would be so heartbroken…

I and Mason ate breakfast and after we were done, he took me to the garden which I never existed inside the mansion.

It was a very big garden, beautiful with nice scent.

I was bedazzled by the largeness of the garden, it’s beauty and the beautiful flowers.

The different types of flowers made the garden colourful..

The flowers were arranged neatly and trimmed.
They were arranged in a very fine and beautiful way.

Different beautiful flowers ranging from roses, hibiscuses, sunflowers and other flowers were all beautifully arranged.

The flowers were fresh and beautiful, giving the garden a very nice and fresh smell.
It made the air in the garden to be refreshing and cool.

“So, we would be having our lessons here, how to overcome your shyness and other characters that sucks.” Mason said as we sat in on a long bench in the garden.

“Okay..” I said and breathe in and out….

“I’ll start by saying this, always try to look at the person you’re talking to in the eyes.

Avoided bending your head, walk with your head high.

Try not to avoid eye contact with the person so as not to feel intimidating by the person stare……” Mason started and I nodded in understanding..

And then, he continued to talk and I made sure I listened with rapt attention….

After hours of tutoring or should I say, advising me, we were done and I was so glad.

I had gotten most of what he said and we practiced together.
He complimented me that I tried but I need to put in more effort.

I was at least able to do some of the things he had taught me using himself as a practical example…

I felt so happy because I had this new feeling, like I could do anything and stand up for myself, like I will be able to talk back and retaliate to what’s over that would try to bully me.

I felt really happy but grateful to Mason.

I really owe him.

It was evening and we were talking in the sitting room. I saw it as part of my practical because I put in most of what he told me while talking to him.

Like, staring at him and not breaking the eye contacts.

“Don’t you think you should maybe call your dad? You never can tell, he might be unaware of your absence.

Like what you made me understand, he might be out of the country and he isn’t back yet.” Mason suddenly said, diverting from the topic we were talking about…

” What I’m I gonna tell him?” I asked with a raised eye brow.
“Maybe what happened to you, what your step mom wanted to do to you and where you are now.

Talk to him, tell him how hurt you are. You two should have a discussion like father and daughter.

You know, I do talk to my parents whenever I’m hurt, like I don’t like them being absence and they do listen to me and spend quality time with me before they leave for another business trip.” He said softly.

“He never for once cared about my feelings ever since my mom died.

Do you think he’s gonna listen to me now?” I asked with a sad sigh.

“You never can tell. Just give it a try and see the outcome.

Think positive, be pessimistic.” He said with a reassuring smile and with his hands placed on mine.

“Okay, let me give him a call.” I said while he nodded.

I stood up and went to my room to get my phone.
After taking my phone, I went back to the sitting room sitting beside Mason.

I dialed my dad’s number off head and the call got connected..

“Hello dad.” I spoke nervously after he had received the call.

He recongnize my voice instantly because he replied immediately.

“Hello Monique?” He inquired and I just nodded like he could see me.

“Yes dad, it’s me.” I said after breathing out trying to calm my nerves.

“What is it? Why did you call?” He asked.

“Dad?” I called instead.
“Yes?” He answered.

I kept quiet for a while before speaking up.

“Dad, why don’t you care about me? Why can’t you see that I’m hurting deep down?

Ever since mom died, you’ve neglected me. Fine, I accept the fact that it was my fault mom died.

But you and I know it wasn’t intentionally.” I paused and wiped my tears that had unconsciously slide down my cheeks…

There was silent.
Dad didn’t utter a word.

“I’ve lived with the guilt for ten years that I killed my own mother. But I lived with more guilt when I knew that my own father hated me because he thinks that I killed his beloved wife…

It hurts because you didn’t care about me, you left me in the hands of Cass and you didn’t bother to know if she treated me well, if she gave me food.” I said and by this time I was already on my feet crying softly.

Mason stood up and patted my shoulders gently and affectionately.

“Monique, I’m so sorry.

I know I’ve been a bad father but I’m truly sorry. Hearing you talk like this is shattering my heart.

I know I made a mistake by not caring about you and leaving you in the hands of Cass but just know that it was because I was hurt.

I was hurt because it hurts to loose the one you love.

But I never thought that you were hurt and you lived with guilt all these years.” Dad said apologetically and that made me smile in between my tears.

“Cass haven’t been a good person all these years.

She maltreated me and treated me like trash when you aren’t around but pretends to be good to me when you’re around.

She took advantage of the fact that you never liked or cared about me.

Just last Saturday dad, I had ran away from home because Cass had wanted to use hot pressing iron on me because I mistakenly burnt Kerryn’s date dress.

I had an accident and the guy who hit me which happens to be my classmate Mason, took me and treated me.

He kept me in his mansion and took very good care of me because I had temporary amensia and he didn’t know where I lived.

But dad , do you know that till today Cass didn’t bother to look for me?

I’m still in Mason’s house even if I have regained my memory, I don’t want to go back for the mean time since Cass is doing fine without me around.” I said and wiped my tears.

“Jesus!!!” Dad screamed shockingly over the phone.

“I’m not aware of any of these Monique.
I’m even out of the country right now and would be back by month end.

I’m so sorry Monique, I feel really guilty and like a bad father.

I promise to make it up to you when I get back home.

As for Cass, I would talk to her.

And please extend my appreciations to the Mason, tell him I really appreciate and I’m grateful.

I’ll call you back. My meeting with some foreign investors is about to start.” Dad said.

“Okay dad and please don’t act too rashly on Cass.” I said and took a quick glance on Mason.

“Okay dear. Dad loves you okay? I love you and I promise to make it up to you.” Dad said affectionately and I couldn’t help but smile widely.

“Thank you dad and I love you too Dad, no matter what happens.” I said and Mason smiled at me.

“Alright bye.” He said.
“Bye.” I retorted and ended the call.

I turned to look at Mason and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you Mason, thank you so much for making me talk to my dad.

I’m so grateful.” I cried on his shoulders still smiling..

“It’s okay Moni, I’m glad I could help.” He cooed as he wrapped his hand around my waist pulling me more closer into his warmth…..

To be continued..

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