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šŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.všŸŽ€

I felt like bursting into uncontrollably laughter but I refrained myself from letting out the laughter.

I just kept shut and played along.

I just felt like playing with Monique by being annoying and demanding..

Her face right now it’s so funny. Her face is all scrunched up in anger and she’s glaring hard on me…

“You say what?” That statement came out in angry yell. I just stared at her with a smile playing on my lips.

“You’re not supposed to yell at me. I’m your boss and you’re my maid. You’re to obey every of my command.

Now, take this spaghetti away and bring me munchies and orange juice. And make it snappy.” I commanded with a smirk while she scoffed at me.

“Now!” I yelled and she flinched..
“Fuck you!!” She yelled.

I was so stunned, did Monique just cussed at me?

I stood up from my bed and walked closer to her. As I moved closer , she moved backwards till her back hit against the door. There was no way for her to move backwards…..

I used my hands to trap her ; my two hands were above her head and placed on the door thereby, preventing her from leaving. I stared at her closely.
“Did you just cuss?” I asked with a smirk as I stared at her.

“Did I? What did I say?” She stuttered, taking her gaze to the floor.

Is she being shy or nervous?
“But you just cussed like you swore at me. Didn’t you? Or are you trying to deny it?” I asked as I brought my face closer to her that we were breathing the same air.

“I’m sorry I did. I was just so vexed. I’m tired and wanna take a nap but you’re just giving me unnecessary tasks to do.” She said in a small voice with her eyes closed.

“Look at me.” I said calmly.
She opened her right eye a little before opening both eyes and staring at me……

“Repeat what you told me. Repeat the swear word.” I said with a smirk…

“I can’t. And could you please move back a bit? You’re uncomfortable closed to me and I don’t like it.” She said with her lips twictched in a disapproving manner….

“I won’t move or are you scared I’m gonna kiss you?” I taunted, still keeping my smirk in check.

“You! What…… No…….” She stuttered with her face flushed red.
Her face had turned crimson red and I couldn’t help but chuckle..

“Cat got your tongue?” I asked with a smile..
She blinked rapidly and took her gaze back to the floor.

I pulled her face up and moved it closer to mine.
I moved my lips closer to her while she shut her eyes tightly but she was damn nervous.

As my lips almost touched hers, I stood up straight and walked back to my bed.

She squinted her eyes before fully opening it.

“I wasn’t gonna kiss you if that’s what you thought.” I said with a taunting smirk….

” I know you wanted me to kiss you but you’re definitely not my type.” I added while she scoffed.

“Who wanted to kiss you? Me? Humph!!!! I would rather kiss a puppy than kiss those ugly lips of yours.” She scoffed irritably rolling her eyes at me.

“Ouch! That hurts!” I said dramatically, holding my chest.

“Tell that to the dogs not me. I know you badly want me to kiss you.” I added with a chuckle…

“Humph!!! You wish!” She said with a glare.

She opened the door and was about to leave but I called her back.

“Come sit!” I ordered, gesturing my hand to the bed.

She stood by the door not moving an inch. I tapped the bed and after hesistating for a while, she sluggishly walked to my bed and sat a bit far from me on the bed.

I adjusted a bit and we were now sitting close to each other.

“Monique?” I suddenly called.
“Huh?” She asked gently as she took her gaze from the floor to me.

“Do you wanna stop being an introvert? Like do you want to be able to stand up for yourself ? Talk back at anybody that tries any shit with you just like the way you talked back at me?” I asked after a brief silence.

She nodded her head slightly.
“Yeah, I really want to. If it’s possible for me to stop being reserve then I’ll be happy to give it a try.” She said sadly..

“Okay, from tomorrow, I’ll be tutoring you on how to overcome shyness, timidness,being reserve and others.” I said with a smile and her face suddenly lit up happily…

“Yes!!! I’ll be very grateful and ever ready to learn. Thank you Mason.” She said enthusiastically…

“It’s okay Moni, I really wanna help because I seriously don’t like your character.” I said truthfully while she nodded her head smiling…..

After talking for a while, she left my room with the untouched spaghetti. I told her not to bother preparing anything but to go take her siesta….

” Kerryn.” I called over the phone as soon as the call got connected…

“Mason.” She called but she sounded happy.

“How have you been? How is your stomach? Is it healing already?” I asked all at once.

She chuckled softly because of how I rushed the words not even giving her space to reply.

“I’m very fine Mason. Thanks for asking. My stomach is healing quite well.” She retorted and I could tell she was smiling……

“Okay.” I said with a smile even if she couldn’t see me.

“Why weren’t you in school today? Were you sick??” She asked , sounding worried…..

“I’m fine. Just didn’t feel like going to school.” I said with a sigh.

“Okay. I would have come visit you but I don’t know where you live.” She said lowly like she was sad.

“You don’t have to worry about that.

Anyways, I called because I want us to go out. Get dress, I’m coming to pick you up.” I said and she squealed happily..

“Okay Mason. I’ll get ready right away. Please let nothing spoil our date this time around.” She said, sounding all peppy .

“Okay, I’ll be there in an hour.” I said.

“Okay Mason, I’ll be expecting you.” She enthused.

“Alright bye.” I said.
“Bye.” She retorted and I ended the call.

“Where are you going at this time of the day?” Monique asked as I climbed down the stairs.

She stared at me as I got to where she stood, at the last staircase.

“I’m going out with a friend.” I said casually with a smile..

I don’t wanna tell her I’m going on a date with Kerryn…….

“Okay, drive safely. And be back before night fall.” She said.

“Caring Monique! Yes ma’am, I’ll drive safely and be back before night fall.” I said with a chuckle while she glared playfully at me.

She hit me on my arm playfully with a smile.

“Ouch! That hurts.” I said with a pout while she giggled lightly..

“Alright get going before it gets dark.” She said and pushed me lightly.

“Alright bye.” I waved at her while she waved back…..

I entered into my car and drove off.

After eating and drinking, we settled to talk. We were in a exquisite restaurant which wasn’t filled up and the place was lit up beautifully with different colored lights. And a soft and slow romantic song was playing..

“Kerryn.” I suddenly called.
She stopped talking and stared at me curiously.

“Are you hiding anything from me? Is there anything I don’t know that I should know?” I asked and I could see how shocked and surprised she looked.

šŸŒ· Kerryn’s p.o.všŸŒ·

The question Mason asked made my heart to skip a bit…

Has he found out anything or is he being suspicious? I thought I made him not to have any doubt about me.

So, why is he asking me such a question?

” What do you mean? What are you talking about?” I asked, my voice coming out in a quiver….

“I don’t mean anything. I just thought maybe you have something to tell me, something I need to know that I don’t know.” He said plainly..

“There’s nothing. I aren’t hiding anything from you.” I said calmly even if I know I’m lying.

“Really?” He snapped sternly making me flinch.
He looks angry but why?

“Really.” I muttered fearfully..

“How could you lie to me? Monique is your step sister and you fucking lied to me..

You aren’t intelligent like you posed to be. Monique has been the one helping you secretly and you claimed intelligence when you are clearly not.

You are selfish and self centered. You treated your own step older sister like thrash, like she’s a nobody..

What kind of a person are you?
How could you pretend to be nice when you aren’t…

I’m so angry at myself for believing your lies and you making me look like a fool.

You lied to me!!
You deceived me and every other person’s in school both the teachers and students…

You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing..
You couldn’t even tell me the truth when you know we are dating. Guess maybe you never liked me truly, you only pretended to.” Mason ranted with anger and I was already in tears.

How did he get to know about all these?
Could Monique have told him?
But they aren’t Friends and Monique has been missing for almost a week now.

So, how the hell did he get to find out?

I’m finished!!
I can’t defend myself, there’s no way I’m gonna deny this.

He already caught me and nothing I would say would make him believe me.

Oh God!!

“Mason please I’m sorry.” I stuttered with tears rolling down my cheeks without me caring if it would ruin my make up.

“Sorry for yourself!!” He snapped..

“You know what?” He added with a sad laugh.

“It’s over between us. I fucking hate you,a liar and a pretentious bitch….” He added.

My world came crashing down at that moment.
Oh no!
This can’t be true.

He hates me now and he has broken up with me.
Our relationship is barely just two weeks.

What have I done?
What has mom made me do?

“I’m sorry Mason, I still love you.” I said in between my tears…

“I hate you Kerryn and you disgust me. I’m done with you. And I’m gonna say it again, it’s over between us.” He said and walked out of the restaurant.

I face palmed my face and wept sadly.
It hurts…..

I’m ruined!
I’m gonna be a laughing stock on Monday.
This is all my mom’s fault.

If only she hadn’t told Monique to help me in my academics secretly or treat her badly, then , this wouldn’t have happened….

My legs were wobbling as I felt weak to move.

I got outside and sat on the floor crying hard like a miserable girl that lost both husband and child………

I really love Mason, I really do!
I wept more…..

To be continued….

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