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πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

“Why did you lie to me?” She asked and I stared at her surprisingly..

“What do you mean?” I asked.
“I remember everything Mason, everything!!!!
Why did you have to lie to me about every single thing…” She half yelled as tears continued to roll down her cheeks.. And sat on top of the bed.

“Me, a maid? Humph! Ha, so funny.” She laughed mockingly with sadness laced in her voice.

“I’m sorry Monique, for lying to you. I had no choice because of your situation.” I said, feeling guilty.

“And so? You could have just told me the truth. My parents are working under your parents and they are close friends. I’m your maid? What a pathetic liar!!” She snapped at me with her eyes puffy…..

” I lied to you because I had no choice. I lied because I knew nothing about you. Not even your parents number, or house address, nothing!!” I yelled back at her feeling from guilty to anger….

“How dare you judge me without seeing the advantages? What was I supposed to do after hitting you with my car?
Runaway and leave you to bleed to death?

Or what?
I had taken care of you like we’ve known each other when we are clearly not even friends…..” I added, my face scrunched up in anger.

“Mason….. I….” She stuttered, fondling with her fingers.
“I know you hate me Monique, I know you hate me and you’re angry at me for lying to you.

I just want you to know that I had to choice. Besides, none of your family members even asked of you.
None of them came to school asking for your whereabouts.

As soon as you’re discharged, I’ll take you back home, back to your family.” I said angrily and stomped out if her ward.

Fuck me!
Fuck her!!

She has no right whatsoever to be angry at me or yell at me!!
No right!!!

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

I resumed crying again after Mason had spoken angrily at me and left my ward.

His face was all red from anger……
What have I done??

He’s right!
I wasn’t supposed to judge him wrongly after he took great care of me.
He made me enjoy luxury that I don’t even enjoy in my own father’s house..

Cassandra or even my dad didn’t even care about whereabouts, they didn’t care to know what might have happened to me.

I know Cass and Kerryn would be so happy not to have me in the house for a while now.

I don’t want to go back to that house even if it’s for the main time.
I don’t want to go back being weak and vulnerable.
I want to go there a different person. I want to go home and be a different Monique…

I need to apologise to Mason and tell him of my plans.
I hope he agrees…

“I’m sorry Mason. I overreacted and I’m sorry.” I told Mason as my face flushed guiltily.
He had come back to the room and he sat on the couch in my ward.

“For what exactly?” He asked plainly, staring at me from where he sat.

“I’m sorry for everything. For judging you wrongly without thinking about the good things you did for me. I’m sorry for yelling at you.” I said and stared at me fingers not wanting to meet his gaze on me…

“It’s okay and you are forgiven. I forgive you and I aren’t angry with you anymore.

Besides, I don’t entirely blame you for your reactions.” He said calmly.

I looked at him and hesitated for a while, finding it hard to say the words I wanna tell me.

Will he agree?
How’s he gonna take what I’m about to say? I thought as I couldn’t produce the right words to use .. I couldn’t think of how I’m supposed to tell him, how to construct my words properly……..

I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell him. I felt so nervous…

“Can I please stay with you in the mansion for a little longer?” I finally asked.

What if he doesn’t agree?
I asked uncertainly as he didn’t utter a word even as silence descended the room.

I was so scared, nervous and uncertain…..

“Why?” He finally asked after the awkward silence between us.

“It’s my decision. I wanna stay with you in the mansion. Please Mason.” I said with a pout.

“What about your parents? Aren’t they gonna ask about you if you stay longer than this?” He asked as he walked closer to me on the bed……

“Like you said earlier, none of my family members asked about me. They don’t care.” I said…….

“Why?” He asked confusingly.
“Not now Mason! Quit with the questions.” I said but I sounded polite.

“But I can’t keep you any longer. You’ve regained your memory already.” He said with a slight frown.

“Please Mason , please. I’m gonna take the offer of being a maid in the mansion like you claimed me to be when I had amensia. You won’t pay me.” I added, hoping he would agree and see how desperate I wanna stay in the mansion and not go to that hell hole I call a house.

“Okay, fine. You’re gonna stay in my mansion as my maid and leave whenever you want to.” He said with a smile.
I jumped on him, hugging him so tightly.

“Thank you Mason , thank you!!” I enthused as I smile gratefully at him.

I felt so happy and relieved…..
Thank goodness, he agreed.

I’m sure my dad or Cass wouldn’t care to look for me..

“But you have explanations to do later. I didn’t forget.” He said with a smirk while I chuckled lightly..

“Of course, I’ll tell you.” I said with uncertainty in my voice.
“Okay.” He said with a shrug….

I was discharged after the three drips that were placed on me got finished and my head bandage was removed. It wasn’t replace because my head didn’t hurt again and the wound had closed up but it left a scar on my head.
It hadn’t healed permanently though but the pain wasn’t severe anymore….

After prescribing some drugs for me, and Mason payed the bills, I and Mason went home ; to his mansion actually……..

Wearing my maid uniform, I joined the maids in the kitchen to cook, wash the dishes and tidy up the kitchen….

Mason had told me not to start working as a maid immediately but I didn’t oblige.

I wanted to start work immediately, I’ve been staying with him without working and I can’t seat without doing anything when I know fully well that I would be working to stay in the mansion.

“You should rest Moni, you can start working from tomorrow.” He had said to me when he saw me in my maid’s uniform headed for the kitchen…………..
But I had nodded my head negatively.

“No Mason, it’s my job. Besides you’ve done a lot for me already..

I can’t just seat down when I’m fully okay and I’m capable of working. It isn’t gonna be fair.” I had said to him shaking my head disapprovingly.

“Okay, suit yourself.” He had said and let me be.

After dishing out the different delicacies on the dinning table, I pulled my maid uniform and wore normal clothes.

Mason insisted I ate with him but without my maid uniform on.

He had complimented me that the uniform suit me so well. Even the maids had told me too and I had blushed at their compliment…….

I and Mason ate in silence with only the clicking sound of our cutleries on the glass plates.

After washing the dishes, Mason invited me to seat with him at the balcony to watch the twinkling stars.

“So?” He suddenly asked as he removed his gaze from the sky to stare at me.

“So?” I asked confusingly.
“Aren’t you gonna explain yourself? Maybe tell me about your family, why they don’t care about you or your whereabouts?” He asked calmly.

I hesitated for a while and went into thinking; into deep thoughts..

Should I trust him to tell him my ordeal?
What I’m going through in the hands of Cass and Kerryn?

That I and Kerryn are step sisters and she maltreats me together with her evil mother?

But wouldn’t that stop him from liking Kerryn and break up with her?

Oh God!!
I’m so confused!!

But that aside, Mason should know since I would be living with him for a while longer.

Besides too, he has helped me alot and I owe him…..

“So? Why are you hesistating? Aren’t you gonna tell me?” He asked with a crumpled look….

“I’ll tell you but promise me not to interrupt me as I talk. And you have to believe what I’m about to tell you.” I said after a while.

“I promise. I will listen without interrupting you and I promise to believe everything that you’re gonna tell me.” Mason said with all seriousness.

I heaved a heavy sigh of relief and started narrating my ordeal.

Occasionally, he had wanted to interrupt me but my had glare on him would make him keep shut.

I could tell from his expression that he was really vexed.

I told him everything and even how I’ve been the one helping Kerryn in her academics to get such good scores.

It was all my effort and not hers.
I hope he doesn’t break up with her because of what I told him.

After telling him everything, silence descended….
An awkward and uncomfortable silence……

“So Kerryn isn’t as intelligent as she seems? No wonder she hasn’t be doing so well after your absence.

But she had lied to me to clear the doubts that I probably had had for her.

I had asked her if she was related to you but she bluntly denied it. She denied ever know.

Just mere coincidence of you two bearing same surnames..
I can’t believe with my high level of IQ, I have been fooled and deceived by Kerryn and I didn’t know.” He rasped angrily as he stood up from the long bench we sat on.

He raked his hand through his hair angrily ……
He was really pissed.

“Please don’t do anything drastic. I told you everything because I felt it’s right you should know and not because you should hate Kerryn or break up with her.

You have to overlook all her shortcomings.” I told him, suddenly feeling guilty for telling him even about Kerryn.

“You shouldn’t feel guilty and I aren’t gonna do anything drastic.” He assured me, sitting back on the bench..

He had calmed down a bit and his face had softened…
“Okay.” I said, feeling rest assured………

“You would be resuming school on Monday. You don’t have to worry about Kerryn, I would take care of that.” He said after some minutes of silence..

I didn’t quite understand that he meant by * he would take care of kerryn.* I hope it isn’t what I’m thinking…..
“Okay.” I retorted plainly, taking my gaze back to the twinkling stars.

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.vπŸŽ€

I was so angered after Monique explained everything to me.
I felt hurt, sad, angry and embittered after she told me what she had to pass through in the hands of her step mom and Kerryn ever since her mom died and her father neglected her.

I couldn’t believe Kerryn would be such a devil, a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

She has been pretending to be who she isn’t and it angered me the more when I think that I’ve been fooled by her.

I thought she was this nice and intelligent girls not knowing she isn’t but a big time pretender.

She’s really good at pretending and lying so well.

I had really believed everything Monique told me without an iota of doubt because she spoke with all sincerity and she almost cried as she spoked me.

She had welled up the tears pretty good because non came rolling down but I could see the hurt in her eyes……

I’m gonna make sure I help her in one way or the other to make sure she stops being timid and reserve.
She has to learn how to stand up for herself and putting Kerryn and her mother in their right place and the students who will bully her…..

I have plans for her.
We talked and I told her about being a maid especially my personal maid…….

Then after, we retired to bed after saying goodnight to each other…

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.vπŸ’Ž

It’s Friday and Mason said he wouldn’t go to school because of reasons best known to him.

Yesternight, he had told me that Kerryn was the girl that got stabbed and Pamela, one of the cheerleaders was behind it because of obsession she had for him.

He also told me that Kerryn is fine and Pamela is in juvenile dentition while the security guard who had carried out the act was in prison already, serving his jail terms……..

It’s afternoon already and I’m about to have my siesta.
My phone beeped and when I checked the caller ID, it was boss ( Mason) calling.

I swiped the receive icon, and placed the phone on my ear.

“Make me noodles right now! It should be tasty and it should be well prepared.” He said over the phone in a commanding tone.

I hissed angrily and went to the kitchen to prepare the noodles..

He’s back to his rude self and I don’t like it one bit..
He just ate not quite long and he still wants me to prepare noodles just when I was about to sleep.

Isn’t he being too harsh on me? I asked tiredly…

I placed the steamy, hot noodles on his bedside table and made to leave but he stopped me.

“Why didn’t you cover the noodles? You know what? Take it away, I don’t eat uncovered food. Just prepare me spaghetti.” He said plainly gesturing his hand to the noodles on the table…

I felt like crying..
“But Mason…..” I said, trying hard not to cry.

“Sir Mason, take correction. Address me as sir Mason. Now take this away.” He ordered sternly while I took the tray of noodles and walked out forlornly.

After placing the well prepared and covered spaghetti on the table, I wanted to leave but he called me back.

“You didn’t spice it well enough like I like it. Infact, I lost my appetite to eat this spaghetti. Prepare me munchies and orange juice.” He said.

“You say what???????” I yelled…………

To be continued…

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