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πŸ’₯ Pamela’s p.o.vπŸ’₯

I smiled happily as I sipped from my wine………
Mission accomplished!

I’m so happy right now…

“Princess P.” A maid suddenly showed up bowing her head…

From the way she sounded, she was scared.
“What is it Mariah?” I asked as I turned to face her fully….

“My princess…..” She stuttered….

Wondering why I’m being called a princess?
The truth is I aren’t a princess but the workers in the mansion addresses me as such or princess P……..

Okay, back to the stuttering Mariah.
What exactly is wrong?

“Spill it already Mariah!!” I yelled at her….

“My princess……………. The police are here and they are requesting for you.” She finally dropped the bombshell and the wine glass I was holding suddenly fell from my hand shattering noisily on the floor and the wine spilling on the floor…

What the hell!
Why are they here?
Have I been caught?

Oh God! Tell me this is a dream…

“Clean this mess up!” I ordered Mariah with a shaky voice gesturing my hand towards the broken pieces of the wine glass and it’s content…

My palms were already sweaty….

I walked majestically to the door and opened it. There, I met three police officers standing in front of the door…

“Hello. How may I help you?” I asked, sounding bold but my inner was so weak that I could faint any moment… One of them brought out his ID card and introduced himself as the head of the police department…

“Are you Pamela Cruz?” One of the police officers asked with a frown glaring hard on me….

“Yes, I’m.” I answered nervously..

“Then come with us. You are needed at the station.” The first one that had spoken said..

“Why?! For what offences?!” I snapped as my heart beat accelerated. My heart was thumping loudly and it was as if all the blood would gush out that moment…

Guess the police officers could even hear the sound of my thumping heart because it was so loud…

I felt so scared, so insecure….
I wasn’t sure of myself any longer…

“For attempted murderer of Kerryn Lorenzo.” Another one said sending me a death glare….

All the blood in my face got drained as I went pale instantly….

My world came crushing down in the twinkle of an eye…..
I was so scared to the bone….

“What do you mean? You have no evidence!” I snapped shakily…

“Please, you have to cooperate obediently and follow us to the station.” The first police officer spoke…

“No! I’m not going anywhere!” I yelled as tears spilled out uncontrollably from my eyes….

They pulled my hands not too roughly as they led me to their van while my bodyguards were in one of my car’s. I had told them to come with me…
I wept bitterly as the van moved while my bodyguards trailed behind…

My knuckles failed me instantly as I saw the security guard I had payed to stab Kerryn..
He was bruised so badly…
He was shirtless and he’s body was filled with different fresh bruises and I’m sure it would leave a scare on his body..

I fell instantly on the floor with my head bowed in shame and anger…

I’ve been caught…..
There’s no denial as far as the security guard has been caught and beaten..

I sat with two police officers and the security guard in the questioning room.

Different unanswered questions filled my head at that moment as I stared at the body guard…
How did he get caught?
Was he suspicious?
Had someone caught him when he carried out the act?

Why wasn’t he careful enough?
Oh God!!!
I mentally smacked myself on the head several times and screamed frustratedly..

“Miss Cruz.” One of the police officers suddenly called, bringing me out of my reverie…

I took my gaze to him without saying a word or even trying to.

“I know you’re confused and probably be thinking how we caught the security guard and you for the act that was done on Kerryn Lorenzo the victim.” The police officer added as he stared at me..

“I’m gonna tell you.” He said again with a mocking smirk..

“A security guard had alerted us, saying he saw an overall black outfit and mask stained with blood and a small knife wrapped with the clothes in the bag of this security guard…

It was in the bag he normally do put his outfit after the days work ; the clothes he’s supposed to wear home.

The security guard who had alerted us said he had his suspicions because during the act done on Kerryn, he wasn’t around..

Then, he had saw blood on the edge of the black overall that pooped out unknowingly..
Maybe because of the rush he used to keep the outfits, he didn’t keep it so well…

We had arrested him and totured him so as for him to confess and he did.

He said you had threatened him to show your wife a video clip of him having sex with another woman and he didn’t want that to happen so he had obliged………” The officer narrated and at different intervals and speech he gestured his hand towards the security guard or at me…..

“I can’t believe you are such an evil teenager. Why would you want to hurt your fellow friend and mate?

What wrong did she do to warrant such a thing of being stabbed?” He asked..

Not wanting to hide anything any longer since I’ve been caught and there is no denial, I wept as I told him everything…

He was shocked and speechless.
Guess he wasn’t expecting such an act or reason from a teenager like me.
“How old are you?” He asked instead.

“Seventeen.” I retorted plainly with tears still pouring out from my eyes in fast current….

He talked and reprimanded my evil deed but there was nothing I could do…
The deed has already be done and I’ve been caught……

Dad and mom were furious like mad after hearing what I did.
Mom even gave me a deafening slap and it was the first time she had raised her hand on me…
I’ve always been treated as gold being the only female child out of three boys….

I was given everything and loved unconditionally but I failed my parents..

My mother wept as she stared at me asking questions that I couldn’t answer.

“How could you do such a wicked act because of love? The guy who doesn’t even love you.” Dad had yelled angrily at me…..

Thank goodness, Kerryn didn’t die. I wasn’t supposed to be happy for her being alive but I felt so happy and relieved because my punishments would reduce…..

I’m gonna be told my fate maybe tomorrow or in two days time…..
If only I wasn’t so envious and jealous then I wouldn’t have been in a situation like this….. And I wouldn’t have had the guts to do such evil on Kerryn….

Next day…Β 

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v🌷

Thank goodness I didn’t die….
Infact, I didn’t even stay in comma…
I was operated on and it was successful though, I still felt a slight pain in my abdomen region..

Thank goodness also, the knife didn’t damage any of my vital organ in my stomach…..

I was shocked when I was told about the person behind the stabbed..
I wasn’t expecting Pamela, I didn’t think she could do such a thing.
And I’m grateful to Blaire for saving my life…

Mom was angered and furious but I begged her to temper justice with Mercy on Pamela because she ranted that Pamela would spend the rest of her life in prison.

I was told the reason and it even made me more surprised and speechless..
All because of love?
I really didn’t expect such …..

Mason, some teachers and students came to say hello to me in the hospital wishing me quick recovery…

Mom told me that, after much pleading from Pamela’s parents, she withrew the case she had filed against her but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t go unpunished…..

I had given my statement to the police too..
Pamela was expelled and given a juvenile dentition for a year and she’s not allowed to write her final exam for high school that year but the following year…

She came to the hospital and apologized to me and I forgave her.

Even if she had done such a wicked act on me, I can’t bear to see her suffer in prison for the rest of her life….

The security guard was given five years imprisonment.

At least I still got justice and that’s all that matters……..

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
It’s been six days since I got into an accident and couldn’t remember anything about my past…..

I was in a deep sleep when I abruptly woke up because I wanted to relieve my self ( pee).
I stood up sluggishly from my bed with sleepy eyes and walked towards the bathroom…

As I was about entering the bathroom, I missed a foot and I ended up hitting my head on the wall.

I yelled in pain as I opened my eyes fully….
I fell on the floor and like a flash, I saw myself running like someone being pursued and then, a car hitting me making me fall hard and hitting my head hard on the floor…

The memory caused a severe headache… And I felt a sharp pain on my head. I held my head in pain as I let out a loud wail and then I passed out..

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.vπŸŽ€
I was scared to the teeth when I heard the loud wail from Monique’s room.
I ran to her room only to see her unconscious on the floor and was bleeding at the side of her head….

I gasped frighteningly as I carried her up in a bridal style heading out of her room..

I placed her at the back seat of the car while I drove off in high speed…

I waited patiently for Monique to open her eyes as I sat beside her on the hospital bed.

The doctor said there wasn’t any damage..
She had only hit her head….

Her eyelids flickered open and I was so happy.
I stood up and walked closer to her holding her soft hands.

She turned and her gaze landed on me..

“Mason.” She called weakly and calmly.
The tears that welled up in her eyes came rolling down ……
She smiled sadly in between her tears.

“Yes?” I answered not sure of what she was gonna say and why she was crying…

“Why did you lie to me?”….

To be continued…

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