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💎 Monique’s p.o.v 💎

A smile tunged on my lips as I stared at my laptop.
Glamour High School, organized an entrance examination scholarship…

For over one thousand people especially for the less previledge who are highly intelligent and wants to attend the school…

They need only fifty best students who would get the scholarship into the school…..
I smiled more as I wrote some necessary informations in my jotter…..

Thank goodness, only just 900 students has applied….. I’m gonna apply too….

🎀 Mason’s p.o.v 🎀
“What the hell dad!! How could you?
You know I can’t stand commoner’s?

You’ve never done this before and now you decided to? Why?” I rasped angrily as I paced angrily around my dad’s home office…

“Do you realize you are speaking to your dad?” He asked calmly, instead of answering my questions…

“I’m sorry dad.” I said and ran my hand through my hair as I sat down beside him…

“It’s my decision Mason, I just feel like I should help the average persons out there who wanna attend the school.

I wanna give those intelligent but poor students a chance to belong and school in Glamour High.” Dad said with a sigh as he stared at me….

I’m Mason Hough, and I so much detest the poor, the low lives and the average people…

They are absolutely irritating to me.

Dad made a platform to give scholarships to fifty best students out of 1000 students who aren’t rich enough to afford the school…

I don’t like the idea because I would come in contact with low lives and they suck..

I hate everything about them, every single thing…
They have that bad poverty aura around them.

But unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do because dad has done what he thinks is right.

“Whatever dad, I’m really not happy about being close to dirty students.” I said with a snort and walked out of the office….

Those lucky low lives better not dare cross part with me or else? I vowed angrily…

💎 Monique’s p.o.v 💎

I dressed casually and when I was sure I was good to go, I left..
I already applied for the scholarship form and today is the exam.

It’s in the school hall.
After getting directions, I got to Glamour High School and I was bedazzled by the beauty of the school..

It looks bigger and finer in real than pictures…

I hope I win this scholarship..
Cassandra doesn’t know what I’m up to and I’m glad….

“The best students who passed this examination would be sent an email. The students are to make sure they report to school on Monday.

A week has gone bye since school resumption and the school wouldn’t accept late resumption from any of the students…

That’s all for today. Thanks.” One of the invigilators said as he dispersed all of us.

We were done after three hours of typing endlessly in the computer..

I so much have confidence that I’m gonna pass..

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
“Wow mom, thank you so much.” I said enthused as I hugged my mom…

I would be starting Glamour High School from on Monday.. All thanks to my adorable mother..

I can’t wait to meet those rich and spoilt kids.
I’m gonna make sure I’m popular and date one of those cute guy’s..

Good for my stupid step sister, Monique, she wouldn’t get the chance to attend such a wealthy school..

She would attend a public school….

I hummed happily as I walked to my room swinging my hands..

💎 Monique’s p.o.v 💎

Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as I stared at my laptop.
I was just sent an email and I’ve been given the scholarship…..

I was the the top best student amongst the students that won the scholarship……

I’m so happy… That witch of a step mother won’t stop me from attending the school….

Monday morning………….

I dressed in a blue jumpsuit, packed my hair in a neat ponytail and added a little lip gloss to my lips..

I carried my back pack and walked out of my room..
Even if Cassandra maltreats me, she still make sure I dress well occasionally thiugh,. Maybe for an occasion or when we have a visitor so I get to have good clothes..

I didn’t bother to eat breakfast as I walked out of the house..

I hailed a cab to my destination..

I got down from the cab and payed him his money before walking into the school…..

“She looks like the girl that won the scholarship, the best.” I heard a girl say as I walked into the school compound…

I didn’t pay attention to them as I walked into the school..
I was so stunned as I had a good view of the school..

I can’t describe this magnificent school, it’s giagaintic and wow!!!

I walked to the principal’s office because we’ve been shown before.

“Good morning sir, I’m Monique Lorenzo.” I said casually as I stood in front of the bald head principal…

“Yeah, the best scholarship student. I’ve been informed about it already.” He said with a smile as he ran his eyes all over my body..

I became rather uncomfortable.

He gave me my locker key and number and then he gave me the school map to find my way…

Since I don’t talk to people, I didn’t bother asking for directions…

Lucky me, I found my way.
All through my walk, students stared awkwardly at me.
They were boring holes in my body with their unending stares….

I took out my uniform, shoes and books in the locker.
Since nobody was in the locker room, I quickly wore my uniform and shoes..

I placed my books in my back pack and headed to my class.

I already have all the informations and I gat no problem….

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v🌷
As I was about entering my class, I bumped into someone and when I raised my head to look at the person, I was shocked and gob smacked….

Monique in Glamour High School uniform!!
My worst nightmare..
How come??

What the hell!!
“What are you doing here Moni? How did you manage to enter this school?” I asked sternly after getting my voice.

As usual, she snubbed me and walked into the class.

Oh God!
Mom must know about this and she’s gonna leave this school asap!!

To be continued…

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