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💝 Blair’s p.o.v 💝 ( The second amongst the cheerleaders)

I had my suspicious when I saw a man coming out from the girl’s restroom…

I saw something in his hand but I couldn’t get a better view because of my distance between where he was and where I stood .

I was just coming from the sick bay and going to the girl’s restroom……..

A wave of nausea had arose as I was about walking to the class and so, I turned my direction heading to the restroom maybe to throw up …….

I heard a faint shout and my fear arose…

I ran to the restroom and I got to a particular door and I was shocked to the bone…..

Kerryn was sprouted on the floor bleeding. Her stomach was bleeding and she was unconscious..

Without thinking twice whether I was sick or not, I carried her on my back and ran as my legs could carry me heading to the sick bay…

I was so shocked and speechless..
Who could have done such a horrible act to her???

What has she done to deserve such a thing? I thought endlessly as I made my way to the sick bay…..

I and the head nurse sat beside Kerryn inside the ambulance as they drove off heading to the hospital…

The nurse had did a little first aid by making her stop bleeding so she wouldn’t bleed to death….

I was crying profusely and my body was stained with blood but I didn’t care.

Kerryn and I are very close friends….
At least we are partners in crime…

She’s such a nice girl and I don’t know what she has done to deserve such an evil act……….

We had alerted the securities and they are trying their possible best to get the culprit..

I just pray he hasn’t left the school premises so that he can be caught…

The school’s management board had dismissed the whole students…
They were all asked to go home so as to avoid more damages……..

They assured us that the culprit must never go unpunished…

I was asked what happened but I just briefly told them while crying and stuttering….

I was so hurt and the scene got me…..
The scene of Kerryn laying in the pool of her blood had a great shock on me………

I was just so shocked…
Haven’t seen something like that in my entire life except on movies and thank goodness, I was able to act fast…….

I pray nothing happens to her…

🎀 Mason’s p.o.v 🎀

I racked my brain endlessly as I sat inside my car with my two bodyguards beside me at the back seat.

Just one bodyguard do take and bring me back from school on a normal day but because of what happened, two came to take me home….

I continued to think hard because of the incident that happened to Kerryn…

Who could have done such a wicked and unscrupulous act to her?

What was her offence?
I still can’t believe Kerryn was stabbed..

I had wanted to go with the ambulance but I was restricted but the head nurse promised to keep me updated…

My phone beeped and there was a message from the head nurse Frome the school’s sick bay…

“Sir, she’s been taken into the operation room right now and we were asked to wait outside.” The message read after I opened the message..

I hope the operation is successful and there wouldn’t be any serious damage…….

💎 Monique’s p.o.v 💎

I was surprised when I saw Mason entered into the mansion.
Like it’s still early and school hasn’t even ended yet..

Why is he back so early? I ask no one in particular as I walked towards to meet him.

He seems so sad and pale.
What could be wrong?

“Mason!” I called as I rushed to meet him.

“She was stabbed.” He muttered trying to fight the tears that threatened to fall….
I didn’t quite understand what he meant..

Who was stabbed???
Who is this person to him??

I didn’t want to ask any questions because I know it’s something painful and it might be difficult for him to talk about it….

“It’s okay, she would be fine.” I cooed softly as I hugged him even if I don’t know the person he’s talking about but I know one thing for sure is that, that person is dear to him because of the way he sounded…..

I followed him to his room…
With my back against him, he changed and wore his clothes….

He laid on his bed while I used his duvet to cover him …..
“I don’t…. Know……..
What did she do?
She’s……good …… She doesn’t deserve a such thing.” He stuttered weakly….

“Shhhhh…….. You can explain to me when you are in the right shape.
Now isn’t the time to talk about this….. Just sleep…
She’s gonna be alright.” I whispered softly as I smiled lightly at him.

“Thank you Monique.” He whispered softly before closing his eyes……..

I hope he would be alright after he wakes up……..

I can’t bear seeing him like this ; sad and down…..

💥 Pamela’s p.o.v 💥( the third amongst the cheerleaders)

I smiled satisfactorily as I sat on my bed……
I’m so glad that the work was carried out properly…….

I hope Kerryn doesn’t survive…..
She’s a big obstacle for me to get back with Mason.

Well, I was the anonymous who was sending those warnings to Kerryn.

Since she was too stubborn and adamant, I had to go extra miles to make sure she’s hurt……

If only she had obediently broken up Mason, this wouldn’t have happened…..

I and Mason had been childhood friends..
We’ve been friends right from our kindergarten even to elementary school…

My parents and his parents were business partners and close friends…

Our parents joked that we might end up getting married in the future…

Mason had taken it as a joke but I took it so serious and at heart…..

Even been a seven year old little girl, I had always loved Mason..
He was this cute little boy who was playful and jovial…….

Whenever I’m been bullied, he was always there to stand up for me and fight the bullies …

He was sort of my hero…
My prince charming in shinning armour………..

But we lost contact when we were about to enter middle high school…

And by then, I was already so obsessed with Mason.
I knew it wasn’t infactuation I had for him but love.

I had even confessed my love for him but he took it as a joke.
“I like you as a friend Pamela.” He had told me that day and I felt so hurt….

Then, we lost communication when my parents and I moved out of the country to Paris because of something that has to do with dad’s business…..

At that time, I was thirteen….
Even as the years went bye, I never stopped loving Mason and hoping to meet him.

I always read things concerning him and I followed him up on Instagram, Twitter and other social medias…

I didn’t want to chat him up and tell him who I’m, I just wanted to give him a surprise visit….

Then, thankfully we moved back to the States and I didn’t waste time in attending his father’s school.

We were so happy when we met…
I was particularly overjoyed.
Mason was looking so tall and more handsome and I couldn’t help but fall over again in love with him.

Then, he had told me he was in a relationship with Sophia.
I was so angry, sad and devastated….

I wasn’t expecting such from him.
I was thinking we could get back together and date……
Because of the hope of us being together, I didn’t date anybody even if many had asked and begged me to date them…

Ever since the introduction of Sophia to me as his girlfriend, I stopped talking to him..

I was just too hurt, but everyone knew and thought we were still best friends….

But I wanted more than just a friendship with him, I wanted a relationship….

I made Sophia my best friend and she made me the third cheerleader. Sophia, Blair and I … And I used the opportunity to feed her with lies…..
I told her what Mason hate as what he liked and she started doing those things.

I told her to be so clingy to Mason when I clearly knew that he hates clingy girls and as God would have it, they broke up.

I was so happy that I had ruined their once perfect relationship…

Stupid Sophia didn’t suspect a thing that I was the course of their ruined relationship..
She tried to get back together with him but he refused…….

Then, I started getting closer to Mason but we weren’t so close again and I didn’t want to be suspicious…

That just after he broke up with my best friend, I’m trying to get back together with him even if it’s as a friend…

Just when, I had made good plans on how to get closer to Mason and make him like me, Kerryn suddenly showed up…..

I was so furious…
I knew I had to do something……

And that was it, I payed one of the school’s security men to stab her.

He had obliged because I threatened him that I was gonna tell his wife that he cheated on her with a video as proof….

How I got to know is a story for another day, but I’m glad that, the threat worked on him.
I’m still gonna pay him, infact, I payed him already…….

I’m happy she was stabbed and now she’s out of the way…
Mason here I come!
This calls for celebration…… I smiled happily as I made my way out of my room….

To be continued…

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