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๐Ÿ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v ๐Ÿ’Ž

“You look very cute in your uniform.” I complimented Mason as we sat in the dinning room eating breakfast…..

“Thank you Moni.” He said with a smile…
“You know, you also look very cute when you wear your uniform.” He said and that got me blushing….
When I had asked him about my books, he told me I always like leaving them in my locker at school..

I was curious because I didn’t see any of my books but I saw my uniform though…
I haven’t tried it on to see how it looks on me…..

Mason decided that I stay home till I’m fully recovered.
And who knows, I might regain my memory……

I didn’t object because my head still hurts a little and the doctor had advised that I don’t stress my brain so it won’t worsen…………….

I don’t want anything to worsen my condition now because I really want to recover my memory soon enough….

“So Mason, what does my parents do for a living?” I asked as I drank my water.

“Nothing much. Your dad is like my dad’s P.A but he isn’t because he just followed my dad around wherever he’s going…

I see him as dad’s personal bodyguard… While your mom works for my mother……
My mom likes your mother and so, they travel out of the state or country together for business.

Just take it that, our both parents are kinda close.” He said with a smile as he shove a slice of bread in his mouth….

“That’s nice. So, because your parents are out of the country also makes my parents out of the country.” I said with a nod.

I wonder how my parent’s look.
Who did I take my beauty from?
Dad or mom?
I thought as I ate breakfast……

“Stay safe okay? If you need anything just tell one of the maid’s. If you feel pains or anything concerning your head injury, give me a call okay?” He asked in a caring tone…

He’s beside his car and he’s about to leave for school…
I’m gonna miss him.

“Okay Mason. Thank you.” I said with a smile.
“Okay then, bye.” He said and pecked my both cheeks.
“Okay bye.” I said shyly….

I hugged him lightly and disengage with a smile….

“And one last thing.” He stopped abruptly and faced me.

“Don’t miss me too much.” He added with a smirk before sliding in his white Lamborghini…….

I scoffed with a smile as I watched his car drive away….

He’s wish!
I scoffed as I walk into the house………

What I’m I gonna do to keep myself busy and less bored? I asked no one in particular as I climbed upstairs to my room….

I opened my small drawer beside my bed and took out the novel Mason had lent me the previous day…..

I sat on my bed as I flipped through the pages that I wasn’t interested in till I got to the first page to read.
It seems it’s gonna be interesting………..

๐ŸŒท Kerryn’s p.o.v ๐ŸŒท
I walked forlornly to my locker to take my books…
I opened my locker and I was shocked to the bone…

One of my books were torn into pieces and as soon as I opened my locker, the pieces scattered on the floor…

I saw a paper and a green card inside the locker…

I took it out and read the content in the paper….

“Stay away from Mason if you don’t wanna get hurt! Mason is mine and I wouldn’t want to share him with you or anyone else………
Stay away from him, this green card is your first warning.
Break up with Mason! From anonymous.” The letter read and my mouth dropped in shock…..

Who’s this person and why does she want me to break up with Mason?
Is this a threat or what?

I tore the green card into pieces.
I took out my pen and wrote at the back of the paper.
“Is this a threat or what?
I’m never gonna break up with Mason and you anonymous won’t and can’t stop me.

I love him and he loves me too. I won’t just chicken out because of this stupid write-up.” I wrote and placed it inside the locker.

I’m sure she’s gonna come to my locker and she’s gonna see the letter..

But how on Earth could the person open my locker without breaking in? I thought but I shrugged every thoughts concerning the threat as I picked the books I would be needing and left….

Such a stupid threat!
I’m never leaving Mason!
Not for anything, not even because of a stupid threat.

I would just have to get a new textbook that the stupid witch tore………

I walked back to the class without giving much thoughts about the threat or whatever…..

“Today in mathematics, we would be having algebraic expression in a higher level.

Most of you are familiar with algebraic expression in your middle school days. So, I would just write a few expressions on the board and if you can solve it you will just come forward and solve it….

It isn’t a very difficult question and I expect to see at least fifteen students who are willing to solve it…

You all are used to it but I have to make sure you still remember solving it before going further…

The one I’m gonna be teaching today is quite complicated.” Mr Gethro, the math teacher expound as he stared at us….

Even if he said algebraic is simple, I can’t even remember a thing………

I’ve always hated that topic since middle school…

Infact, I hate anything concerning solving’s , I’m so poor when it comes to anything that has to do with solving…

Mr Gethro backed the class and started scribbling on the board……..

After some seconds of writing on the board, he faced the class.

“So, any students who can?” He asked gesturing his hand to the questions on the board.

Mason, Sophia, Blair, Pamela and two other students walked to the front of the class.

They were 7 questions to be solved but they were just six students who came out.

“Kerryn, please come out to make it complete. Come out and solve the seventh one.” Mr Gethro said with a smile as he stared at me….

Oh God!
Not again!
I sluggishly stood up from my seat and went to stand in front of the class.

What I’m I gonna do?
I seriously don’t know how to solve this algebraic expression…..

Why did he have to beckon on me?
Oh God! I’m so damn nervous..
I don’t even know what lie to tell to stop me from solving nonsense on the board….

“You can start now.” Mr Gethro said, bringing me out of my reverie…..

I placed my own maker on the board not knowing what to do..

Why did I have to start what I can’t finish?
Why did I become brilliant when leaning on Monique?

I shouldn’t have been who I’m not…..

I brought my hand down from the board and faced the math teacher…

“Sir, I can’t solve it.” I said forlornly as I stared at the floor..
I bit my lip feeling so embarrassed..

“What?! You can’t?” He asked, clearly baffled at my out burst.
I shook my head negatively still not meeting his eyes….

I felt so scared and nervous at the same time…

“I didn’t expect this from you. I’m so shocked right now. You’ve been able to solve more difficult questions than this before and I see no reason why you can’t solve just simple algebraic expression.” He said with surprised clearly noted in his voice…….

Some students giggled and I couldn’t help but feel ashamed…..

At that moment, I felt like the ground should open up and swallow me……

What have I gotten myself into?
When will Monique return?
I thought as I fought back the tears that threatened to fall.

“I’m not impressed at all Kerryn! This questions shouldn’t be a problem to you concerning the fact that you are very brilliant and you’ve been doing well in my previous class……” Mr Gethro added.

“That’s enough!
I won’t take the fact that you’re trying to insult me just because I couldn’t solve algebraic expression!” I yelled in tears as I stomped out of the class…………

Why was he taunting me in front of the students? It hurts!
How would do they look at me now?
How would they say me as?

I asked no one in particular as I ran to only God knows where…
I just need to be alone………

To be continued…

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