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🎀 Mason’s p.o.v 🎀

“Yes!! I have an idea!
Definitely, her family is gonna report of their missing daughter on TV and who knows?🤷 Her parents might come to the school to ask about Monique if she’s been to school…

All I’m gonna do is listen to news and wait if her parents would come to school and ask of her but if none happens, I would just have to keep her and wait till she regains her memory…..

What if her parents don’t look for her? I thought..
Whose parents wouldn’t look or care for their missing child. My sub conciousness told me.

“Argghhh!” I screamed frustratedly. I gotta stop thinking…

I’m over reacting….

“Hey Mason.” Monique said as she sat beside me on the couch..
I was watching a comedy show but I was too lost in thought to concentrate on the show.

“Hey.” I replied calmly..
“Hmm, Mason, so I was wondering, don’t I have a phone or maybe a laptop?

I didn’t see any in my room.” She said, with a soft sigh…….

“Oh that?! You actually misplaced your phone like a week ago and you weren’t using a laptop.

But don’t worry, I’ve already gotten you a new phone.” I replied her.

“Okay. Thank you.” She said with a smile and her gaze went to the plasma.

“So, what are you watching?” She asked as she removed her gaze from the plasma to face me.

“A comedy show.” I replied with a shrug…..
She took her gaze back to the plasma and started watching the comedy show…….

I walked to the kitchen and ordered the maids to prepare something for us to eat.

She’s so engrossed in watching and laughing her ass out that she didn’t notice when I left.

Guess she’s enjoying the comedy but I find it boring and non hilarious……..

💎 Monique’s p.o.v 💎

I was done watching the comedy show and swears! It was so hillarious….
I sighed tiredly as the show ended….

“Come have dinner, you must be very hungry.” Mason semi yelled from where I think is the dinning room.

I stood on my feet and strode to the dinning room.
Wow! It looks so huge and beautiful….
The table is glassy and wide enough for hundreds of different delicacies to fit in.

The chairs are something else, they are made of silver.

My mouth watered at the sight of the mouth watering delicacies in front of me on the table.

Different kind of foods and I don’t think I know their names………

Different drinks were also arranged on the table.

“You’re gonna end up starving and swallowing a fly if you continue to stare at the food with your mouth agape.” Mason teased while I gave him a shy smile.

“You’re just exaggerating Mason, there’s no fly here and I can’t starve when there are varieties of food on this table.” I chuckle as I drew out a chair and sat down.

He laughed as he took out a chair too and sat.
He sat opposite me….

We both took our respective table napkins and placed them on our thigh…….

“Eat as many as you can.” Mason said as he pushed a tray containing a big lap of chicken to me.

I muttered a shy thank you as I dug hungrily into my food.

“Easy girl, or you’re gonna choke on them.” Mason teased while I licked my lips sweetly.
And that act made him chuckle…

The food are so sweet and I can’t get enough of them.
I’ve tasted every single food on the table and they all have their special and unique taste………

We were done eating and I’m seriously fed.
I thanked him for the food and he just answered plainly.

I had wanted to do the dishes but he insisted that the maids do it.

As promised, he gave my a new phone..
It’s a gold colour iPhone and it looks very beautiful…..

Apps has been installed and there’s also a sim card.
A number saved as *boss* is the only contact I have in my phone. I smiled as I stared at the contact….

The number definitely belongs to Mason……..

“So Mason, do I attend a school?” I asked as we sat at the balcony watching the twinkling stars.

“Yeah. My dad owns the school actually. We are in the same grade.” He replied plainly…..
“Glamour High School.” He added with a smile…

“Wow! It sure would be a school for the rich. ” I said with a smile….

“Yeah, not even school for the middle class. You even got there through a scholarship.” He said with a shrug ……….

“Oh really?!” I asked, popping my eyes surprisingly……..
“Yeah. You’re lucky because I don’t really like commoner’s in the school.

I don’t even talk to them but you are an exception.” He said with a sweet smile.

“That was harsh and sweet at the same time.” I chuckle while he laughed lightly…..

🎀 Mason’s p.o.v 🎀
I find Monique to be carefree and different from the Monique I used to know in school……

She talks freely with me and I’m glad.
I hope she doesn’t go back to her non talking character or being so reserved when she regains her memory.

We talked and when it was midnight, we said goodnight to each other before retiring to our respective rooms…

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
This is so frustrating!! Monique hasn’t returned and it’s making I and mom panic.
But thankfully, dad hasn’t returned home………

“Mom, what are we gonna do? It’s been three days since Monique went missing.” I said worriedly as I sat beside mom on the couch…..

“Well, I don’t give a fucking damn about that bitch.
I’ve been looking for a way to eliminate her since the very day I married your father.

Monique is a threat to you and I in this house.
Don’t you think it’s in our favor that she went missing?

Come to think of it, if she’s out of our way there would be no rival with you in your father’s properties…

You get to have all his properties without Monique fighting you over for them. Think big Kerryn, think about all the wealth you and I would get if Monique doesn’t return and your father doesn’t have any choice than to will all his properties to you as his only child and heir.” Mom expound with an evil grin.

“Mom!!! You’re thinking way out of what I expected from you.

What would dad say?
Do you think he would just sit and cross his hands when he’s fully aware that his first daughter is missing??

What shits are you gonna tell him that he wouldn’t send us packing out of the house?” I yelled angrily…
Mom is ridiculous.
I can’t believe she’s uttering such nonsense……..

She’s going too far this time around!!!

“Worry less Kerryn, leave this for me to handle.” She said with a smirk…

“Fine! I hope you think through and have good and positive thoughts on what to do.
I hope you would come up with something beneficial for both of us.” I said. I stood up and stomped out of the sitting room heading to my room…….

Especially for my academics, I really need Monique..
Even for the house chores, I need her.

Dad wouldn’t allow a maid in the house to do the chores.
He’s seriously against it.

Monique has been the one doing everything..
Now, who’s gonna be doing them?
Mom won’t even dare lift a broom, me neither……

I sighed and laid on my bed in thoughts………….

💥 Unknown’s p.o.v 💥

That girl Kerryn, she had the guts to date Mason!
She doesn’t know that Mason is off limits……….

I can’t share him with anyone not even that stupid Kerryn.

Just because she’s pretty and she’s quite competitive with Mason doesn’t gives her the right to date Mason or for him to ask her out either…..

Humph!! How pathetic….
Mason is mine and mine alone and I don’t mind hurting anyone even Kerryn to have him for myself……..

I’m just gonna give her three warnings and if she doesn’t humbly and obediently break up with him, I will surely hurt her…..

Some thing in me thinks she isn’t as intelligent as she seems…..
Well, that isn’t my problem for now.

I want Mason and I can only achieve that if she’s outta my way…………..
I smirked devilishly as I thought of plans….
I sipped my wine and laughed hysterically…………

To be continued…

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