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🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
“Well, w……” His voice trailed off and my anxiety increased…
I’m so nervous…

Oh God!
What’s about today?

“Who’s Monique to you?” He finally dropped the bombshell and I started coughing….

I think I was gonna choke….
I quickly took my water and gulped down a little amount.

I rubbed my chest trying to calm myself and not look suspicious..
“Sorry.” He muttered while I just nodded my head slightly…………….

“I would ask again and I need the truth from you. Who is Monique Lorenzo to you? Is she your sister?” He asked plainly after my cough had died down.

My heart beat accelerated and I felt so scared..
How did he get to know?

Does he know or he’s just suspicious that I and Monique might be related…….

Mom had made it clear from the beginning that nobody must know that we are step siblings……

She said the reason why is because, she might use her bad luck to rub me.

And I wouldn’t want Mason to know either.
“I’m waiting Kerryn.” He said, half yelling..

I cleared my throat severally before answering him.
“Of course not. What gave you such thought?
I’m the only child and I don’t know who Monique is..

Do we look alike?
What gave you such thoughts?” I asked putting on a pretentious act trying hard not to stutter or look scared.

“Oh! I thought as much.” He said calmly.

“Tell me Mason, why did you ask such a question?
I wasn’t expecting it?” I asked.

“Well, I was actually going through the students data and information in the school tab and I got to find out that you too had the same surname…

Kerryn Lorenzo and Monique Lorenzo, so I was quite surprised and I just decided to ask you to confirm my doubt.” He said and sighed…..

“Of course not. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.
More than one person bears a particular name.

Having the same surname doesn’t mean we are related or siblings either.” I said and sipped gently from my drink.

“Yeah, I thought so too.
And I’m sorry for yelling at you.” He said calmly as he placed his hand on mine on the table.

“It’s no big deal.” I replied with a smile..

Oh God!
Thank goodness, I had to come up with something convincing and I’m more grateful that Mason believed my lie….

I can’t afford to tell him Monique is my sister.
Nobody must know or questions will definitely pop out and I might not be able to answer them….

🎀 Mason’s p.o.v 🎀
I had gone through the school tab containing the students data and information and I was surprised that two persons who happened to be Kerryn and Monique were bearing same surnames..
I was actually searching through because I wanted to know Monique’s informations but it was quite surprising, that there wasn’t any tangible information about her……..

Not even her house address..
Why didn’t she fill the form?
And why didn’t the school management board not say anything about it……

Maybe there’s a reason though…..

I didn’t really think much into it because they are very different, they’ve never talked to each other and they don’t even have any resemblance……….

But I just decided to ask Kerryn, maybe they might be related……… And also clarify my doubts.

But Kerryn denied knowing her but I don’t know why I feel like she’s lying..

She hesistated and stuttered before answering me.
I could tell she was so nervous when I asked her and when she was about replying me……

Well, I would just have to wait till Monique regains her memory…….

Soon, lunch break was over and we left the cafeteria….

I was having a tinging feeling, like I was feeling so enthused to go meet Monique in the hospital……….

I don’t know why, but I’m so excited to go see her and my most happiest part is that, she would be discharged today..

Infact, going over to the hospital, I’m taking her home….

Going to have someone I can talk to………..

“Hey Moni! How are you doing today?” I asked, smiling lightly at her as I stood beside her on the bed.

“I’m doing good Mason. I feel a whole lot better.” She answered with a smile.

As I moved towards her on the bed, she suddenly and surprised me by pulling me into a big hug…..

“Thank you Mason, for being here for me. Even when I feel like I’m still unconscious not remembering anything of my past, I’m still grateful to you…..” She said and when we disengage from the hug, she was crying.

“It’s okay Moni.” I said with a smile and used my thumb to wipe her tears………

After signing some papers and paying the hospital bills, Monique was discharged but asked to come back in three days time which is on Wednesday, to come remove her bandage and put on a new one……..

We entered the passengers seat with my body guard while my chaffeur entered the driver’s seat and drove off…..

“Wowwwwwwwww!!!! This mansion looks incredibly huge and heavenly.
It’s so beautiful……

And wait! I can’t believe I actually live here as a maid.
Wow! This is paradise…… It’s beautiful.” She said,as she admired my mansion as we got in.
She looked so bedazzled………

The mansion worth her stares and admiration because it’s really beautiful and huge…..

I showed her to her room which is beside me.
It’s been a spare room and I assigned some maids to clean it up .

I had talked to them about Monique and they promised to play along………

💎 Monique’s p.o.v 💎
I plopped happily on my big, bouncy bed……
I stare at the room and I’m fascinated..
It looked so big and comfy.
There’s a big plasma hung on the wall, a reading table and a portable small fridge………

The bathroom is wow! Sparkly clean. There’s a bathtub and a shower. Infact, everywhere in the bathroom and my room in total looks perfect….

I can’t believe this is where I’ve been staying but why does it seems like I’ve never been here before…

Why does everything seem so new?
Well, maybe it’s because of my amensia…….

I opened my wardrobe and my jaw dropped……
Different beautiful and classy clothes were hung in the wardrobe.
They looked beautiful…

My show rank is something else.
Different shoes and colours, raging from flats, high heels, wedge, stilletoe, boots and others…….

So, I’ve been leaving fine in this mansion before the accident? I thought.

There was a black and white coloured gown and cap and o didn’t need anyone to tell me that it’s my maid uniform because I saw some girls earlier, wearing it..
It’s beautiful too…

I took my bath and wore a blue fitted gown that stops just on my knee with some flowers and sparkles…

The cloth fitted me so well…..
When I was done, I made my way downstairs…..

🎀 Mason’s p.o.v 🎀
I had already taken care of everything raging from her clothes, shoes and even her undies.
I had taken a pic of her without her knowing and I used her picture to order some clothes and other stuff’s…..

I’ve gotten everything under control but I feared and I’m worried about something…

Wouldn’t her parents look for her?
Is her parents not making attempt to look for their lost daughter??

I’m I not being selfish keeping her and lying to her?
What about her family??

What I’m I gonna do?
Keep her or make everything possible within my power to find her real biological parents?
What I’m I supposed to do?
And besides, the doctor said she needs to be in a familiar place to fasten her memory recovery…
But there’s nothing familiar in here. How’s she gonna regain her memory quick?
I’m confused……..

To be continued…

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