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🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

I brought my hand down without writing anything and I turned to face him.

“I don’t think I can sir.” I stuttered nervously praying within that the teacher believes the lie I’m about saying…..

“What is it Kerryn?” Mr Edwardo, that’s actually his name asked me.

“Well, sir……. You see, the thing is that I’m not feeling too good.
I’m having a pounding headache and I can’t think or rack my brain when I’m sick or having headache.” I said innocently placing the back of my hand on my forehead.

“But you don’t have to rack your brain concerning this arithmetic for the fact that you’re very intelligent..

You’ve been doing very well in arithmetic.
With your level of IQ, I don’t expect you to rack your brain to solve this.” Mr Edwardo said looking at me and swears, I felt like ripping off his mouth.

“And by the way, you don’t look sick to me.” He added .
Just kill me already…

What kind of a man is he?
“It’s the truth sir, I can’t solve this with the pounding headache I’m feeling right now.” I said calmly trying to act weak.

“Okay, you can go take your seat and please make sure you see the school nurse.” He said..

I heaved a sigh of relief as I walked to my seat
The students started murmuring but I didn’t care or bother to listen to their talks..

Mr Edwardo continued his teaching and I didn’t even pay attention because to me, he was speaking gibberish..

I so much hate arithmetic.

Then, we were having geography. The subject is kinda difficult and the teacher is one of a hell boring person…..
But I do have a *B in geography. I’m kinda good but not perfectly like Monique………

“Before I start teaching this morning, I want to ask you all a question.” Mrs Kel, the geography teacher started as she stared at us.

“What’s the difference between earthquakes and volcanoes?” She asked, her eyes darting to every student in the class.

Perfect question. I recently read a book concerning this question.

Mason raised his hand up and he was given a go ahead….
“Well, earthquakes originate from deeper within the crust whereas volcanoes form at Earth’s surface.” Mason answered intelligently….

“Correct Mason. But I need another answer.” Mrs Kel said with a smile while the class applauded Mason..

“Ma, let me.” I said, bravely with a smile….
“Okay, go on Kerryn.” She said as she turned to me with a smile..

“Well ma, earthquakes are caused by movement along a fault while volcanoes are formed by release of gas and magma.” I answered proudly, smiling brightly..

“Wow! Very impressive Kerryn. That was a very good answer.” Mrs Kel retorted, smiling at me.

“Thank you Mrs Kel.” I said as I sat down proudly on my seat.

The class applauded me while I just smiled.

Well, I aren’t so dull. I’m an average student.
Things about geography kinda interest me and I sometimes read books concerning anything about geography..

I do get a *B* in geography….
I like the subject because I feel like it’s like studying the work of nature which I admire so well.

I’m glad I was able to answer this question, now there wouldn’t be room for suspicions to the student because I couldn’t solve the stupid arithmetic today……. I got to answer s question without the help of Monique and I feel so proud of myself..

I mentally applauded myself smiling…….

Mrs Kel soon started teaching and I payed just 65% attention to her……..

Her topic isn’t too boring, *Volcanoes*.
I’ve read at least two books about volcanoes………

It’s lunch time and Mason decided that we should go the sick bay.
I really don’t wanna go but I’m gonna arise suspicions..
So, I humbly followed him.

“Are you really sick? You were looking fine this morning when you came in.” Mason said as we walked to the sick bay together…

“I don’t know. I was just trying to act strong..
That’s how I’m .

I don’t look too down when I’m sick, I don’t want people’s pity.” I said with a convincing smile.

“Okay, if you say so.” He said with a shrug…….

We got to the sick bay and I sat on the bed as the nurse checked me.

When she was done, she darted her eyes from Mason to me.
“Well, no………..” The nurse voice trailed off as I gave her a deadly glare.
I winked at her gesturing her to play along.

“What is wrong with her?” Mason asked as he stared at the nurse.

“Well, she has fever but it isn’t too severe. I will just prescribe some drugs for her.” The nurse said and I smiled lightly at her.

Don’t tell me she was going to say, nothing is wrong with me?
Hell no!!

Mason is gonna suspect me and start asking questions..
I don’t want him to have any doubt about me.

Thank goodness, the nurse played along.
“Okay.” Mason answered plainly..

After taking some drugs which I took grudgingly, we left the sick bay.

I just hope this drugs doesn’t have side effects on me …
“How are you feeling?” Mason asked calmly.
“I’m better. Thanks.” I retorted with a small smile…

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
I miss Mason already.
I’m so bored and lonely…

I’ve watched several TV series on the big plasma in my ward but I’m tired of watching already.

No phone to type away with.

I recalled I and Mason’s conversations yesterday and I chuckled softly…..

He’s super nice.
I guess we were really close friends.
He isn’t bossy like I thought he would.

He’s caring……. And so charming…

I smiled to myself and prayed earnestly for him to come visit me .
I can’t wait to be discharged, I hate the smell of hospital…..

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v🌷

I and Mason went to the cafeteria, we sat together with students staring.
Don’t they ever get tired?

We talked about little things as we munch in on our snacks…

“That reminds me Kerryn, I just got to find out about something..

I need you to answer me truthfully.” He suddenly said and the drink I was holding unconsciously slipped from my hand pouring all over uniform..
I was startled and he looks so damn serious.
Does he know that I’m not as intelligent as everyone thinks?
Does he want to ask me who made me get such scores?

I’m so nervous and I totally have no idea on what he’s gonna ask me.

“Sorry.” He said and stretched out his handkerchief to me.
I reluctantly took it and used it to wipe myself.

“Thanks.” I said, handing over his handkerchief to him.
“You can keep it.” He said. I kept it on the table and nodded…

“So, as I was saying, I wanna ask you a question.” He said again after seconds of awkward silence…

“Okay, go ahead.” I replied trying to act bold and not stutter…….

What does he wanna ask me that he’s facial expressions is serious…..
I hope he hasn’t discover my pretence or I’m dead!

“Well, w………”

To be continued…

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