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πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

Okay, why’s she crying?
Did I say something wrong?

“Hey, why are you crying?” I asked calmly as the tears keep pouring out.

“It hurts.
I don’t know who I’m , I don’t even know my name or anything about my past.
I can’t even remember my family…

It sulks.” She wailed.
“It’s okay. Your name is Monique and I promise you’re gonna be fine in no time.

It’s isn’t a permanent amnesia, it’s just temporary and before you know it, you would get every of your memories back.” I cooed gently as I hugged her.

She wrapped her tiny hands around my neck as she hugged me tighter.

She disengage from the hug and sniffed softly.

“Where the two of us so close to each other?” She asked, staring intently at me…..

“Of course. I’m your boss and you’re my employee.
Of course, we were close.” I retorted with a smile..

“Not that kind of closeness. What’s there anything special going on between us?” She asked.

Is this girl for real?
I thought she was the shy type?

“No. We were just friends.” I replied while she nodded lightly and wiped her tears.

I spoon-fed her the food I had brought from home.
She ate without hesitation..

I was so surprised when she finished everything inside the flask. Guess, she’s really hungry.

After drinking water, she faced me and told me to tell her about herself…

I just had to lie smoothly.
Lie the little I can and leave the rest explanations…..

The doctor said she would be discharged on Monday as she’s responding to treatment quickly…

Looking at her, she doesn’t seem like one who was hit by a car or who’s suffering from anterograde amensia….

She looks good but kinda pale.

As I made to go, she had a sad countenance but I promised to come check up on her very early the next day.

I hugged her briefly before walking out of her ward.

I told the doctor to transfer her to a VIP ward when she’s finally stable so as to be comfortable…

It was late in the evening when I got home and I was extremely tired.
It’s been a long day….

After getting dressed for the night, I laid on my bed and scrolled through my phone.

Seven missed calls from Kerryn and five from mom.

I decided to call her.
“Hey son.” Her voice came out down.
“Hi mom. You sound down, is there anything wrong?” I asked calmly.

“Well son, you see, I and your dad wouldn’t be home tomorrow as promised.

We would be back maybe in a months time. Your dad already transferred your allowance that would sustain before we come back.” She sighed sadly.

“Damn it mom!! You and dad keep giving stupid reasons not to return anytime you travel.

I’m gonna be home alone. Anyways I’m used to it.

I don’t know if you think money can buy the attention I need from you and dad.
All you do is send money, you don’t even care about my feelings…

To hell with you and your money!!” I yelled angrily and hanged up.
I threw my phone and it landed at the end of the bed almost falling but I don’t give a damn….

They’re always not around..
A smile played on my lips as I thought of Monique.
She would be leaving with me and I will have someone to talk to…..

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

My life sulks…
Can’t remember who I’m….

What my life was like?
Who my family are…
Who my friends are…

And even things I do…..

I tried thinking hard to see if I could remember any thing of my past but I felt a pounding headache…

My head was hurting and it was like everywhere was spinning…
It later stopped and I gave up trying to remember.

I just want to recover my memory quick…
Not knowing anything about my life feels like I’m unconscious and not part of this world……….

I hope to recover it fast…..

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

Since yesterday after Monique ran out of the house, she isn’t back from wherever she went to.

Mom is starting to worry because nothing like this has ever happened before.

Thankfully, dad isn’t home.
He went on a business trip outside the country and he’s gonna be back till only God knows when.

We can’t reach her because her god damn phone is at home.

I walk to and fro in my room worriedly.
Not as if I care about her but I just need her in my life…

I wouldn’t deny the fact that sometimes, she’s a life saver…

“Mom, you have to calm down.” I said hi mom as she paced worriedly and angrily in the sitting room..

“How do you expect me to calm down when that bitch is no where to be found since yesterday?
Where did hell did she run off to?

What’s your father gonna say when he finds out that his daughter is missing…

He had warned me from the beginning not to allow something bad happen to her or else, he won’t take it lightly with me.” She groaned angrily….

“She might be back before noon…… Let’s hope nothing bas has happened to her.” I said while mom didn’t say anything………..

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€
Monique is doing fine now.
I kept her company through out yesterday…

We talked and I was surprised that she was that carefree.
We talked and laughed over little things.

I really enjoyed my stay with her.

It’s Monday and I’m excited….
I can’t wait to see Kerryn.
Tried calling her but her phone was switched off….

I hope she isn’t still mad at me.
I’ve decided to keep Monique’s incident as a secret.
I’m not telling anyone………

I entered my Bugatti and my chaffeur drove off with my body guard beside me….

I brought out my phone typed away…

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
It’s Monday and I’m so damn nervous.

Monique hasn’t returned and it increased my anxiety….

I was hesitant to dress for school but I had no choice than to get ready.

I hope I’m gonna be able to cope without Monique today.
How I’m I gonna answer questions today?

Hope nobody gets suspicious…

I entered into the school compound as I alighted from my car.

Students waved at me and I waved back too smiling….

Mason apologized for concealing our date but he promised to make it up to me.

I said hi to the three cheerleaders and they returned my greeting, smiling…..

The day got started with us having arithmetic that morning…

After scribbling some things on the board, the teacher turned to us and asked us the students:
“Can anyone solve what’s on the board?” He asked as his eyes darted to every students but the class was quiet as a grave yard that when a pin falls, the sound would be heard.

Mason attempted but he got it wrongly.
Sophia tried but she failed it too.

Suddenly the whole class eyes darted towards my direction…

Oh my God!
I’m in a deep trouble…
Please don’t ask me to solve this. I prayed nervously in my heart.

My heart was thumping loudly and I suddenly felt so scared..
Monique isn’t here and the equation on the board looks gibberish..

I don’t even understand a thing on the board.

“Kerryn, could you please come out and solve this?” He asked making me super nervous…..

I think I was going to pee on my pants.
I hesistated for a while not standing up or even making an attempt to.

“Kerryn! Please?” He asked, this time his eyes peering into mine.

I hesitated before sluggishly walking towards him.
He handed the maker to me and I stood staring at the gibberish on the board.

I don’t know a single step to start with…
What I’m I gonna do?

Oh God, save your precious daughter from embarrassment. I prayed.

Where’s Monique?
Why did she have to be absent?
What do I do?
I asked myself still standing and staring at the board.

“We are waiting Kerryn. I trust you can do this.” He said and the class chorused a yes.

My palm suddenly became sweaty…
I’m gonna pee on my pants ……

I’m so nervous right now…
I started perspiring even under the air condition…….

I’ve never been nervous and confused my whole life like I’m right now.

I breathe in and out.
Then, I placed the maker on the board ready to solve the arithmetic………

To be continued..

Who else can’t wait to know what Kerryn solved on the board?
Is she gonna get it right?
I’m still wondering what’s gonna happen next…….

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