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πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

I was on my way to pick Kerryn when I ran into a girl.
The girl was running like someone being pursued, I wasn’t fast and lucky enough to maneuver my car and I ended up hitting her.

I stopped my car and alighted.
Some passer-by has already gathered around the scene and they were murmuring amongst themselves..

I was shocked to the bone when I saw Monique sprawled on the floor bleeding…

Good God! I mentally screamed…
Why does it have to be her.

I quickly carried her and took her to my car.
The people where starting to disperse.

“I will take her to the hospital.” I told them while they nodded.
I entered my car and drove off to the hospital in high speed.

I can’t bear anything happening to her.
For christsake, today was supposed to be my first date with Kerryn but this accident ruined everything.

My phone beeped and the caller ID was Kerryn.
I ignored the call and continued to drive. I know she would be expecting me but my priority now is to safely take Monique to the hospital and I hope there wouldn’t be severe damages…

My white shirt was covered in blood as the doctor’s wheeled her into a room.
I was asked to wait at the reception and I stood waiting….

I took out my phone and called Kerryn.
“Hey babe.” Her tiny voice came in.
“Hey.” My voice came out calmly and tired.

“What’s up? You aren’t here yet.” She voiced out calm but I could tell she was worried.

“Well, there’s an emergency I need to attend to.
I’m sorry Kerryn, our date can’t hold today.
Maybe next time. I’m really sorry.” I said, apologetically…

There was silence… She didn’t respond.
“Hey Kerryn are you there?” I asked softly.
“Yeah, bye.” She said and hunged up.

She’s probably pissed.

“Well, there isn’t any serious damage but her head will take a while to heal.
She needs proper attention so as to help her quicken her recovery.

She doesn’t need anything to stress her brain.
She should come back to the hospital in three days so as to do another check up and replace a new bandage on her head.” The doctor, said as she stared at me going through a file on her table.

“Okay doc, thank you.” I said with a sigh of relief.
Thank goodness nothing much happened to her.
Nothing serious……

“But doc, can she start going to school or she has to wait?” I asked.
“After her bandage is been replaced with a new one and she’s been checked, she can start.

That’s if she’s responding to treatment fast.
But for now, she need total rest.” She said with a smile while I just nodded.

I sat beside her on the bed as I stared at her sleeping figure.
She’s so pretty.
Her head was bandaged round and a drip was fixed in her.

She looks so pale and fragile…..
Even in her condition, she looks so pretty.
I must admit she’s more prettier than Kerryn but she’s definitely not my type.

A commoner and an introvert….

πŸŽ€ Kerryn’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

I sat on the floor fuming in anger as I stared at my broken phone on the floor.

After the call with Mason, I had hopefully waited for him but when it dawned on me that he wasn’t gonna come, I tried calling him but he wasn’t picking.

I had angrily smashed my phone and now it’s broken beyond repair…
I would have to get a new one…
I’m so pissed right now. He didn’t even give a suitable reason while he isn’t coming to pick me up or why we aren’t going on our first date again.

An emergency. That’s his stupid reason.
Mom had tried to calm me down giving me reasons which I think it doesn’t worth it.

Monique hasn’t returned after she ran out of the house after ruining my beautiful pink dress with hot iron.

Mom had told me what happened and some how, I feel restless….
But her whereabouts doesn’t concerns me, she knows her way back home.

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€
The doctor said she’s gonna be awake in the evening because she was sedated.
I got home, took my bath and changed into something comfortable..

Thankfully, my parents are out of the country but the workers wouldn’t stop staring at me..
My personal bodyguard had asked if I was hurt and I briefly explained what happened..

I told him not to tell anyone and worry about me…

I stroke her cheeks softly as I stared at her chest heaving up and down.
Her pink lips were so thin and pale.
It wasn’t bright like the way it does.

Suddenly, I saw her move her tiny finger slowly and then, her hands moved slowly.
She opened her eyes but shut them close.

Then she squinted them opened slowly with her gaze upwards to the ceiling..
“Hey, you are awake….” I said smiling as I stood up moving closer to her.

She looked at me with a raised eye brow, like she’s confused.
“Who are you? And what I’m a doing here?” She suddenly asked leaving me speechless…

“Are you joking or you are serious?” I asked.
“Do I look like who’s joking?” She asked again, she was damn serious…

I walked out of the room without replying, going straight to the doctor’s office..

After doing several check ups on her, the doctor stood looking at Monique who looked probably confused…
“What’s your name?” The doctor said.
She twiched her lips and stared at the doctor as if thinking hard to reply her.

” I don’t know. I can’t seem to remember anything. It’s blurry.” She retorted.
After several questions which she couldn’t answer, the doctor took me to her office.

“She’s suffering from anterograde amensia. It’s temporary though and you don’t have to panic.” The doctor said.

“So, she’s gonna regain her memory?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes. It’s a temporary amensia and she’s likely to get it back quickly according to how her brain reacts. If she sees things and do things she’s familiar with…

And it’s advisable that she shouldn’t be forced to remember anything by force or it will cause more damages to the brain.” She emphasized calmly.

“What’s the cause doc?” I asked.
“Well, her head was really hit hard on the floor.
It was like a big blow was landed on her head. But her case isn’t too severe. Let her remember on her own.” She added.

“Okay doc, thanks.” I told her and we both shook hands ..

“Who am I? What’s my name? Who are you to me? What happened to me?” Monique rushed her questions looking intently at me.

“Calm down. How do you expect me to answer all these questions at a time?” I asked while she sighed sadly.
“I’m sorry.” She muttered calmly.

Well, I’ve been thinking of the lie I was going to tell her since I know nothing about her.
“Well, your name is Monique.
You are my maid and your parents are out of the country for the mean time.

We’ve been together since. And you were involved in a car accident which resulted in making you forget about your past.” I lied smoothly…

I never knew I could lie this much.
I don’t even know who are parents are.

Of all lies, I had to lie she’s my maid.
Well, I had to in case I take her ti my house before I find out about her parents and her house address..

I’m gonna do that by checking her data’s she submitted to the school during her enrollment in the school. I’ll be sure to get all her informations..

“Me, a maid?” She asked pointing her index finger at herself.
“Yeah, to me.” I replied calmly.

She didn’t say anything but she surprised me by bursting into tears..

To be continued..

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