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🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
” Mom!! I’m home!!” I squealed happily as I ran into the house.
“Oh my! My princess is all happy.
Guess there’s good news to be told.” Mom’s voice came in as she walked towards me smiling…

“Yes mom, I’m so happy, so excited…” I said, grinning widely..
“Spill it already princess.” Mom said smiling.

“Well, today in our CA test, I had the best grade and the school’s cutest guy who’s father is also the owner of the school, asked me out.
We are dating.” I said feeling so enthused..

“Oh my God!! My baby girl has made momma proud.
I’m so glad. Make sure you hold on to your boyfriend so no girl would snatch him away from you……” Mom said as we walked into my room.

” Of course mom. I’m gonna guide him with all jealousy.” I said with a smile….

“By the way, Monique is such a fool couldn’t believe she would make you pass very well. Ha, but I’m so happy nevertheless.” Mom said with a smirk….

“Mom, you’re gonna prepare my favorite food and we are gonna use a wine to celebrate.” I said, pouting and batting my eyelashes..

“Of course princess, you’ve made me proud today.” Mom said and pulled my cheeks playfully…..

She left my room so as to give me space to take my bath and get ready for our little celebration.

I smiled and hummed softly as I peeled my uniform, going into the bathroom…

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
I entered the house and I was surprised to see the dinning table filled with different foods, desserts and wine.

What’s the occasion? I asked inwardly.
Cassandra and Kerryn were talking and laughing as they made a toast and started drinking the wine.

I shook my head as I climbed the stairs to my room ignoring their mocking laughter that filled the air…

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I stared at my CA grade.
It wasn’t what I should be happy about.

I study hard, burning midnight candles just to pass extremely well for this first CA test.
All my sleepless nights were for nothing…

I wrote for Kerryn and made her pass, that was supposed to be my grade not her’s.

I can’t do anything, my hands are tied.
I can’t wait for the day I would stand up to Cassandra and say * NO* to her every command.

It hurts badly because no one is here to help me.
I have a father but it seems like I don’t have.
All he does is to send money to my account, he doesn’t care how in doing, how I’m coping with his witch of a wife and daughter………..

Mother who would have been here for me isn’t here anymore.
I blame myself for her death.

If only I hadn’t gone to swim after several warnings from her then she wouldn’t have been in the water struggling to save me, her only child and precious Jewel….

If mother had been alive, then I wouldn’t have known Cassandra and Kerryn……..

Surprisingly, Cass gave me dinner but I declined because it was leftovers from what she and Kerryn had eaten.
I ordered my food and ate.

Dad came home and Kerryn was all over him telling him lies about me.
“Dad, I had the best grade in our CA test today.
I did better than Monique.” She told dad with an innocent look.

” Good for you.” Dad replied her plainly, not interested in her talks.

“Monique, I already sent some money into your account, it should be enough for your needs for a month.” Dad said, his gaze on the plasma television which a family TV series is showing..

“Okay dad, thanks.” I retorted.
Kerryn’s gaze on me was filled with rage.
I sneered at her.

“What about my daughter?” Cass suddenly asked as she stood in front of dad, placing her hand on her waist..

But dad ignored her.
“Isn’t Kerryn your daughter? Wouldn’t you give her her allowance?” Cass asked clearly vexed..

Again, dad ignored her and stood up, heading to his room.

“Oh!! Come back here Mr.” Cass yelled angrily at dad who didn’t even spare her a side glance.

She fumed in anger as she stared at me.
I smirk at her and Kerryn before going to my room.
“This isn’t fair at all!” She continued to rant.
“It isn’t fair but yellow.” I yelled mockingly then ran to my room and slammed the door.

Cass face would be all red right now.
It felt so good that I had to talk back at her..

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

I knotted my toe grinning hard.
Can’t wait to go to school and meet my new girlfriend.
She looked so cute when she blushed yesterday…

And she always looks cute whenever she smiles..
” Kerryn Lorenzo here, she’s my girlfriend.
We are officially dating. We made it official yesterday.” I announced to the students during lunch break as I held smiling Kerryn on her waist..

“Whooooooooo!!” The students cheered happily.
Some of the girls wore sad countenances as they stared at us in front of them.

My eyes darted to all the students and my eyes meant with Sophia, my ex and the leader of the cheerleaders.
She looked pained and her face had gone all red.
Well, we broke up a long time ago.

We started dating in middle School but broke up in grade 7.
She’s too clingy and a jealous freak.

Hope Kerryn would be a all lot better than her.
But if she happens to be like Sophia, then I wouldn’t mind kicking her ass outta my life..

That’s me, I don’t take shit…….

My gaze suddenly fell on Monique and we shared a brief eye contact but she was the first to look away..

The students continued to cheer at us while we smiled at them.

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
I can’t believe Mason is dating Kerryn..
They barely know each other.
Guess, Kerryn would be feeling like a god right now.

Dating the school’s heartthrob…..
I and Mason’s eyes meant but I quickly look away…

I wonder how a relationship would be like, I’ve never been in one before…
I exhaled and focused on my food as the students cheered at the latest couple…

This shouldn’t bother or concern me..

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷

It’s Saturday and I’m home doing nothing….
It’s been a month since I got into Glamour High School and it’s been a week since I and Mason started dating.

He’s been a very sweet boyfriend.
We are very close and we eat lunch together.
I’m still doing well academically, all thanks to stupid Monique…

I sat on my bed typing away in my phone just to help myself from being bored.
But I’m still so bored.

A message popped up on my phone and I opened it to read it.
“Hey babe, get ready we are gonna out.
I would be in your house in an hour.

Get dress and look good for me.” The message read and it was from Mason.

I squealed happily and did a happy dance as I ran out of my room.

“Okay, I would be ready and waiting for you.” I quickly typed back.

“Mom, I’m going on a date with Mason.” I told Mom happily.

We got to my room and she helped me choose a very beautiful pink gown and stilletoes.

“Monique, take this gown and iron it.
Make sure it’s well ironed and nothing happens to it because Kerryn is wearing it to go on a date with her boyfriend..” Mom told Monique who nodded and then took the dress and left.

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž

I was half way through ironing the dress when I suddenly thought about Mason.
He’s cute.
He’s rude and proud but he’s a little nice to me.

So he’s finally going on his first date with Kerryn. I thought sadly.

“What’s that smell?!” Cass voice jolted me out of my reverie.
“What?!” I snapped back to reality as I stared at the burnt pink dress.

I looked at Cass and she was staring daggers at me.
I’m so dead today.

” You useless girl!” She yelled angrily and gave me a deafening slap.
I quickly swiched off the iron switch and stared apologetically at Cass.

She suddenly took the iron from the ironing board and advanced towards me angrily.
I got alarmed as I ran out.

She was gonna use the hot iron on me.
I would rather die to let her do such evil thing to me.
“Come back here!” She yelled as she ran after me.

I bolted out of the house without turning back as I ran to the road.
I don’t know where I’m gong and I don’t care.

As I was about to cross to the other path of the road, a moving car suddenly came in and before the driver could maneuver the car, the driver couldn’t and he ended up hitting me.

I landed hard on the floor with my head with a loud shout……..
My head was bleeding and my eyes were whoozing already.

The only thing I heard were distance talks before I blacked out….

To be continued…

Cassandra is very wicked oooo, she wanted to use hot iron on Monique because she burnt Kerryn’s dress..
Monique has been hit.

What’s gonna happen next?

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