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πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
It’s been two weeks since I got into Glamour High School…
Well, Mason as promised gave me gave me two pairs of uniform and shoes.

The students aren’t bullying me very well but they still do.
I don’t retaliate at all, I just ignore them.
Well, I feel is the best thing to do….

I sighed sadly as I passed the solving of an equation to Kerryn in front of me.

I know you are probably confused and don’t understand, I now seat behind Kerryn and teach her without anybody’s notice.
It was Cassandra’s order…

Flash back…..

“So Monique, Kerryn told me that the cutest guy in class is very intelligent and he likes intelligent girls as well.

She also told me you two have been unnecessary close to each other..
You know Kerryn isn’t as brilliant as you are, so I want you to do a favour for me.

Swap seats with the student that seat behind Kerryn and start seating there.

When there is a difficult question asked, scribble down the answer to Kerryn and let her answer the question…

Just help her in her academics. Don’t even bother to make yourself get high scores.
Make sure Kerryn is known as the best student in class .

Don’t stick out your ugly head to be noticed. I want her to get popular and date the guy she likes.” Cassandra has said as we sat in the sitting room.

I don’t know what Kerryn has been feeding her with, the lies and everything.

I had vehemently refused shaking my head vigorously and negatively, stating no.

” I won’t!! It’s like selling my birth right.
I can’t believe she would get all the praised and I get none.

That’s absurd. Kerryn, you should better start staying up late and reading your books instead of waiting for manna from heaven.” I had said, angrily.

I can’t believe the words she has altered.

“Well, you would. I would make you do it.” She had said sounding so sure and confident..

And the next day after school, I ordered pizza and chicken wings so I could eat for dinner because Cassandra wouldn’t let me eat the food she prepared.

The delivery arrived and when I checked for my credit card to pay, I couldn’t find it.
Only for Cassandra to walk into my room waving my credit card in her hands with a smirk plastered on her face.

“Looking for this?” She asked with an evil grin.
“Cass, please handover my credit card. I wanna use it.” I had pleaded with her but she only scoffed…

“It’s an order right now! Choose to help Kerryn and I give you back your credit card.” She said.

I couldn’t do anything..
I wasn’t having a choice and then I agreed…
She gave me my credit card after I promised and gave her my words I would help Kerryn…….

End of flash back..

And that’s it! I’ve been helping Kerryn for the past one week.
I took my mind back to the class as I heard the class clapping excitedly at the standing Kerryn..

Obviously, she has gotten the equation right ; I mean, I got the equation right for her…

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
I stood proudly as the class applauded me..
The mathematics teacher had asked the class to solve an equation and Mason had solved it.

But he missed a step.
Monique helped me as usual and I got it correctly.
The teacher was very pleased with me.

It’s an equation he hasn’t taught before but he wanted us to give it a try.
It’s obvious he is proud of me…

I sat down proudly on my seat as I got stares from the student.

Well, for the past one week, I have been doing academically well with the help of Monique.
Nobody knows that I aren’t that brilliant because Monique is just behind me to always help me out..

I envy her alot.
She’s got the beauty and brain’s……….
“Hey.” Mason said with a smile as he stood in front of me.
It’s lunch break and I’m about to go out.
“Hi.” I retorted with a shy smile.

I’ve become quite popular because of my outstanding performance…
I’m so surprised because it’s the first time Mason is talking to me

I’ve observed him for some time now and he’s super rude and proud.
But, I still like him.

“You were great in Math class today.” He said, as he stared at me.
I tucked a loose strands of my hair behind my ear and gave him a cute smile.

I suddenly feel so shy and most importantly, so lucky…….

” Thank you. You did well too.” I said with a nervous laugh.
It was low and soft.

” You know, I admire brilliant girls like you. And I was wondering if you would wanna be friends with me and study buddy.” He said as he tucked his hand in his trouser pocket.

“Of course I would love to.” I replied happily as he stared at me smiling cutely.
He brought out his hand and stretched it forward to me.

“Friends?” He asked sweetly.
“Friends.” I replied feeling enthused as I took his hand in mine.
We shook hands as our eyes locked with each other.

He finally pulled out of the handshake. He smiled at me, winked at me cutely before walking out of the class.

I felt like fainting that moment..

I’m so happy….
I and the three cheerleaders walked out of the class talking and giggling…

The three cheerleaders are close friends with me though, I haven’t officially joined them.

They walk behind me like body guards and that makes my ego rise….

πŸŽ€ Mason’s p.o.v πŸŽ€

I’ve become rather uncomfortably close to Monique..
Well, somehow I think she sees me as her saviour.

She’s kinda free when she’s around me especially when we are alone in the garden.
I get to see her smile and swears, she looks very pretty when she smiles..

But, I don’t like her for the fact that, she’s too reserve.
She hardly talks and she never retaliate whenever she’s been bullied……

Rumors have it that, we are friends but the truth is that, we aren’t………….

I really do like Kerryn.
She’s pretty, intelligent and with a nice charisma……

πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
I helped Kerryn answer almost all the questions asked in class by different teacher’s.
I know she’s feeling like a queen right now and on top of the world..πŸ™„…..

For the past two weeks, I’ve really come to like Mason as a friend but too bad he doesn’t see me as one.

I don’t know, but I feel secure and happy around him.

Lest I forget, Mr Anthony was fired and he’s in prison serving his jail terms for sexual molestation..
I can’t really remember when he’s gonna leave there, it isn’t my business…..

A female principal was hired and she seems cool and nice …….

I’m not happy Kerryn is taking my glory.
She’s getting all the praises and applaud instead of me.
Well, I can’t do anything about it

Cassandra would only do something nasty..
I just have to bear this, I hope it’s gonna be only for a short while…

🌷 Kerryn’s p.o.v 🌷
I and Mason have become rather very close and we keep each other company..
I find him sweet and lively…..

It’s been a week since we became close and I have become the talk of the school…
Rumors have it that we are dating but the truth is, we aren’t but I hope and wishes we would date….

It’s out first CA test.
I looked down on my question sheet and I seriously don’t know even an answer.
They look gibberish to me.

Well, I do t have to worry a thing about it.
I don’t have to rack my head since Monique would do just that for me.

Speaking of her, she passed me a paper without the notice of the invigilator who’s typing away and smiling in his phone ..

Without muttering thanks, I grabbed it from her and start to write..
I heard her scoff but I didn’t care….

After the test, the result was out and I was the best.
Mason came second best but I don’t know about Monique, well, I don’t give a damn about her.

Students started congratulating me and I just muttered thank you to them.

I and Mason stood beside me car as I was about going home.
“You see Kerryn, I really do like you.” He said with a smile and that got my heart beating faster than normal..

I suddenly felt butterfly dancing happily in my stomach…..
“I like you too.” I said shyly.

“So? What you be my girlfriend?” He asked with a smile.
I thought I had heard him wrongly but he clarified it by repeating the question again.

“Yes Mason, I would be your girlfriend.” I squealed enthusiastically as I hugged him while he chuckled…..
“Thanks.” He said as he ruffled my hair like a kid.

“Alright, by girlfriend.” He said with a smile as I made to enter the car..
” Bye boyfriend.” I said with a smile.
He pecked my both cheeks before I entered my car

We waved at each other as my chaffeur drove out of the school compound..
I’m dating Mason..
It feels like a dream.

I pinched my self to be sure and the pain I felt made me believe I’m not dreaming ;. It’s reality…

I’m dating Mason!!
I mentally screamed happily…..

To be continued..

Mason and Kerryn.. Hmmmmmm..
Who else think she’s dreaming?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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