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πŸ’Ž Monique’s p.o.v πŸ’Ž
I felt a painful sting on my butt…. I groaned in pain as I soothe my butt with my palm with my eyes still shut.

I felt the same sting but this time, it was more painful….
Then I felt myself be dragged down from the bed through my legs..

Then I fell hard and hit my chest on the floor….

I winced and opened my eyes slowly….
“You naughty girl!!! We are leaving today and you are still asleep by this time of the day?” I heard my step mother’s voice as I stood up from the floor fully awake…

“Good morning mom.” I greeted lowly still rubbing my pained chest..
The sting in my butt was still there, it was the sting of her painful slap. It hurts..

“What is good about the morning huh? You are supposed to be cleaning and packing I and kerryn’s clothes but you are here still sleeping.” She snapped angrily at me…

“I’m sorry mom, I was just too tired because of the tidious work I did yesterday.
And I still didn’t sleep on time.” I said trying to defend myself but I knew it was useless…

“That doesn’t concerns me. Before I open my eyes and close them be out of this door and go downstairs and start working.” She said angrily and pointed her finger to the door..

With my head down, I scampered out of the room..

My name is Monique and I’m more or less like an orphan..
Mom died when I was still a kid and dad had to get married to my step mom because he said he couldn’t take care of me alone…

Ever since my mom died which was about ten years ago, dad had stop being caring for me..

He took to drinking and left me at the mercy of my wicked and heartless step mother…

Dad says I’m the reason for mom’s death because she had died when trying to save me from drowning…..

He doesn’t likes me……
It hurts….
He doesn’t care about me…

I’m an introvert, I don’t talk to people and I don’t associate either.

Kerryn and her mother takes joy in seeing me in pain…
They always find one reasonto hit me and abuse me……..

Sometimes, I’m being called an illegitimate child which I’m not……
I hardly cry because I’m used to the hardship melted in me…..

“Make sure you arrange my clothes neatly.” Kerryn said sternly….
I’m a year older than her but she treats me like a maid….. Like she’s older……

“Monique, pick a school you wanna attend and give me the details tomorrow.” Dad said as we ate dinner in our new home..

Yes, we moved from New York to California because of dad’s business…
Even if dad is always drunk, he doesn’t plays with his company…

He only gets drunk after work….
“Okay dad, thanks.” I muttered lowly as I ate my food.
“What about my daughter?” Cassandra, my step mom snapped at dad as she dropped her cutleries and stared vacuosly at dad.

“Oh! She can do same.” Dad said, got up and left.
“Fool.” Cassandra muttered under her breath as dad walked away.

The reason Cassandra is still leaving and tolerating dad is because of his wealth, no doubt about that….

I smiled satisfactory as I scribbled down some things in the paper in front of me.
I have seen my choice of school..

It’s a big and wealthy school…
Glamour High School……..

Their uniforms are great, I love the information about the school already…..

I closed down my laptop and placed it on my drawer… Kept my book and pen, then said my prayers..

I switched off my bedside lamp and drifted off to sleep…..

“No way!! I won’t allow her study in Glamour High School. That school doesn’t befits her but Kerryn.

She’s gonna attend a public school and that’s final.” Cassandra yelled at dad while I stood at a corner watching them.

“Fine! Do whatever you want.” Dad said and walked out of the house..

“What?! I can’t believe dad just said that. He just agreed with this evil woman….
It’s my future we are talking about here. A public school?

Even in New York I didn’t attend a public school or an average school and now I’m gonna attend a public school?
Then her daughter would attend a prestigious school??

That would never happen…….
I haven’t stood up for myself for a long time but now, I will….

I must and will find a way for me to attend that school, no matter what!! I vowed angrily as I walked back to my room……

To be continued…

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