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The Contract Episode 8

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The Contract

Episode 8

Written by Oluwabusolami

Chris P.O.V

I never saw this coming, now how will I convince Kate, she won’t even believe me, what on Earth av I gotten myself into, she won’t even cook for me after everything 😭

Later in the Night

I was in the sitting room, she came out holding a plate of noodles and fried egg

“And where is mine” I asked

“You do your cooking yourself” she replied

“Listen, as long we are in this house, you are my wife and it’s your duty to cook for me” I said, I only call her my wife because of that food

“Your wife…..where is the ring” she asked

“My future wife to be” I answered

“You do your cooking yourself, that’s all” she said eating

“Nina….Nina… please….I don’t wanna die” I pleaded

“Did I just hear you say please” she said laughing

“Why will I want to beg you….to hell with you and the food” I yelled and walk to the kitchen, at least I can still make noodles and cook egg, I should just eat that tonight, but where are the noodles… I can’t find it

“Hey Grandma, where did you keep the noodles” I said to her

“Search for it” she answered

“Hey, don’t let me loose my temper….where is the noodles” I yelled angrily

“Search….for…it” she said laughing

Right now, if she was a guy I would have punch her but I don’t beat ladies

I angrily walk upstairs, yeah have been trying to be calm but I guess she is taking it for granted

I heard my stomach making noise….God am starving, I rested on the bed….if only I could get some sleep then I will be fine

I was still laying down trying to get some sleep when I heard the door opening

“Here is your food” she said

“Am not eating” I answered

I sat properly on the bed, it was the same noodle I got angry for garnished with carrot, green beans and meat…..fridge chicken and egg

She actually cook this for me, I remembered it was just an ordinary indomie and fried egg she cooked for herself….wow

“Is this actually mine” I asked to be sure if it’s not a prank again

“Yeah….am keeping you alive so I can deal with you the way I want, so eat and live” she said and walk out

So rude…who said I was going to die

Whatever am just going to eat this, I pray he doesn’t add poison to it coz I don’t trust her

I finished eating, the taste was wow, I guess she is a good cook…. now am fine and I can sleep in peace, thanks to the grandma

I was about laying down when she walked in

“What” I asked

“And is that what I got after saving your life” she said

“Saving my life…. how” I asked

“I brought you food so won’t die” she answered

“And I thought you said you are not eating, but the plate is empty….who ate it” she asked

“I don’t know” I answered

“Well, you should get down, I need to sleep” she said

“Me….get down…. from where” I asked

“From the bed of course” she answered

“You must be sick…. it’s better you laid your mat like you use to do and sleep” I said

“Listen, it’s better you get down now coz not sleeping on the floor today” she said to me

“Let the battle begin” I said as I lay on the bed

The she jumped in and tried pushing me

“Are you crazy” I said pushing her

We continue wrestling on the bed, nobody is ready to surrender….. yeah it’s the survival of the fittest

I wonder how a lady like her will have so much strength…she is something else

” It’s better you get down or I loose my temper” I said trying to push her but she wouldn’t leave

“Loose that fucking temper and let see” she replied

We continue dragging each other then I laid my hand on her hair which was always packed up

“Ahhh” she screamed as I pull her hair

“Get down now or I continue pulling” I said to her

She is really stubborn, her hair got loosed, I continue pulling it the she sat on me and started punching my chest, but that didn’t even hurt me a bit and when I thought av seen it all she bent down and started bitting my nipples

“Oh oh stop” I yelled…. it’s hurt, I was forced to leave her hair then she stopped bitting me

“Ouch…..oh my God….. it hurt” I cried out

“My head…..ahh” she cried holding her hair

Then we both stop crying

“What….. What… What are you doing on me” I just remember she was sitting on me….on my d***k to be precised

“Oh how did I get here” she said then I quickly pushed her and got down

“Wow I win” she said laughing

“Crazy woman” I said as I angrily walk out…..I can’t believe she was sitting on me, what if I got aroused…..bloddy fool

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Ahhh am having an headache, that crazy guy pulled the hell out of my hair but how did I get there

I didn’t even remember when I sat on him, where did the idea came from…..ahhh I hate that guy

I should have leave you to get starved and die

I locked the door then I jumped on the bed….. finally 😄😄

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

❣️❣️The next day❣️❣️

The sound of my phone ringing woke me up

“Good morning Mom” I said to her

“How are you and how is the place” she asked

“Am fine mom….am coping” I said

“Hope there is enough food there” she asked

“Yes Mom….more than enough” I answered

“Okay take care dear” she said

“I miss you mom” I said to her

“I miss you too my baby……ok bye” she said and hang-up

I yawn stretching my hands, I walk to the bathroom, brushed and washed my face, then I walk downstairs

Almighty Chris was still sleeping, crazy thing, I tapped him

“What is it” he said with this eyes still closed

“Wake up” I said

“Why” he asked

“Get up and get something good to do” I said to him

“Aish…..why are you making this house a bad place for me……ahhh I need rest please” he said standing up

“No greeting” I said..

“You mean I should greet you” he asked

“Am I too small” I asked

“Wait…. How old are you” he said to me

“10 years older than you” I answered then he laughed

“Do you even know my age….well if you are ten years older than me, you already a old woman” he said

“Whatever” I replied

“Yeah whatever” he said and walk upstairs

“Hey” he called

“What” I asked

“Thanks for yesterday” he said and walk in to the room

I couldn’t stop smiling, did he just say thanks to me, wow……. today is really a good day

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

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