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The Contract Episode 7

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The Contract

Episode 7

Written by Oluwabusolami

Chris P.O.V

Truth be told, yesterday was a bad for me…. if this is happening on the first day of staying with that grandma then how will I cope for eternity, no something needs to be done

I was still thinking of something’s when I heard my phone ring….. it’s Kate, how on Earth did I forget her, who knows she might be of help

“Hey babe” I said

“Not even a flash Chris, where have you been” she asked me

“Some where very far” I answered

“Why what happen” she asked

“My dad…..he bought us a house and told us to move in as couple” I said

“You mean with that girl….gosh…you know what send me the address” she requested

“Why” I asked

“I need to see you” she answered

“But it’s far” I said

“In as much it’s in this world, I don’t mind….I will be waiting for the address

“Okay babe and please pack some food when coming, am really hungry” I said

“Okay” she answered and hang-up

Finally I will be free from hunger, the food I ordered the was something else, I couldn’t even eat it, I quickly text the address to her

Let see what the grandma is upto, I said walking out

“Hey” I said to her, she was resting on the couch pressing her phone, I don’t even know she has a phone

“What” she asked

“Ahmmm you should tidy up this place, clean the whole house, I will be having a guest” I said

“Guest…,who” she asked

“It’s non of your business” I replied

“I just hope it’s not a girl” she said

“Wow….wow…. don’t tell you’re jealous” I said smiling

“No…. jealous, I am just pitying the lady”. She answered

“Pity….why” I asked

“She risking her life to come down here hoping to find a complete man but…..last finger…gosh” she said laughing…..

“What the heck is wrong with you, it’s not small” I said

“Then how long….like this, she said measuring it with her finger….or this

“Stop….” I half yelled

“Prove me wrong and bring it out, you should be proud not it if it’s not like my last finger” she said

“You are something else I swear, I wonder how many guys would have laid on you” I said

“It’s my body and not urs” she said to me

“Of course it’s your body, amoeba” I called

“What…. what did you just call” she said standing up like someone who was waiting for me to say my last word

“Amoeba” I called again

“How dare you call me that, you mean am shapeless” she said angrily

Yes it’s payback time, my turn this time…am loving this

“Yeah you are shapeless, no ass, no curve, no hip, no boobs, ugly….damn” I said to her

“What….who told you I gat no curve huh” she yelled

“I know, is this not you….show me where the curve is, where huh where” I said and started laughing, her eyes were burning with anger….oh wow

“I hate you right now, how could you tell me am ugly, fine am not a fan of classic and fashion wears, but sincerely I have a nice shape” she said then I laughed

“Nice body shape….my foot” I said

“It’s because of this clothe am putting on, am not shapeless” she yelled

“Ur new name is Amoeba, take it or leave it” I said

“Aishhh I hate you” she said raising her hand to beat me but I stopped her by holding you hand, I bent down and move closer to her, she took some steps backward then I draw her closer to me, our gaze met, I saw her swallowing nothing, she couldn’t stop staring then I bent closely to her, our lips were not far from each other then I whisper

“Don’t dare me, I am really dangerous……Amoeba” I whispered to her then let go off her hand but I guess she is at shock coz she didn’t make a move

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

What….what is happening to me, why is my heart beating really fast, gosh….o can’t believe I almost fell for his trick….Nina you need to get yourself back

The door open and Chris walk in holding a lady hand….what the heck

“Wow, it’s really a big house” the lady said

“Yeah, the only bad thing here is her” Chris said giving me a look

“What….how dare you say that” I yelled

“Hey Amoeba shut it” he said to me and that pissed me off

“Mr Last finger you’re dead” I said

“What….last finger…. what’s that…. could it be….” The lady said then I gave him a smirk

“No no babe, you know it’s not short right” Chris said to her

“But…. Don’t Tell me she already saw it” she said

“Of course yes, gosh it’s irritating, looks like boiled chicken” I mentioned

“What…..what….when…when did you see it” Chris yelled

“I saw it….. yesterday when you told me you’re horny and you want me… forgot already” I said to him and right now he look shocked….yeah exactly what I want

“What….. you’re lying” he said, the lady was just staring at us

“You forgot already, oh I forgot you were drunk, you probably do not remember, when u brought it out, I look like my last finger” I said

“But how….it wasn’t like that bfr” the lady said

“Yeah he told me he was using an enlargement pill but since he forgot to use it yesternight I saw the real thing” I said to the lady

“Really….. Chris….so you’re….” The lady said in shock

“No no…..aishh….trust me you’re dead” Chris said….his eyes were already red….😄😄😄

“Then proof it…. bring it out and let see” I said to him

“What…… bring wat…..bae she is lying…. let’s go to the bedroom, I’ll show you” he said to her

“Gosh, how could you stoop so low to do that….I hate you” she said and walk out

Yes no visitor is allowed here….ladies especially

“Babe …..babe…..Kate” Chris said rushing after her…..I really enjoying it

“You….who the hell do you think you are, do I look like a joke to you huh” he yelled angrily at me

“I am your fake wife to be and in as much I am called your wife, no cheating….it should be just me” I answered

“You’re crazy right, who told you this marriage will work huh” he said

“I pray it doesn’t work but before then, I will let you know you mess with the wrong girl….” I said then move closer to him

“Don’t dare me….I am….. dangerous” I said to him and walk upstairs

He was standing there…. embarrassed I guess….yeah, I will deal with him….I will make him beg me….I will bury the good side of me for now and bring out the real stubborn Nina…. Chris….be ready for it

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

Please someone should beg Nina o

Don’t you think she is going to far

Do you think Chris should also pay her back…..but how

Is he really a last finger 😄😄😄

To be Continued…

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