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The Contract Episode 6

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The Contract

Episode 6

Written by Oluwabusolami

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Soon we got home and I must confess it’s a very big house and well designed, I love it

He drove into the compound and we hopped down

“Are you going back with the car or what” Chris asked the driver

“No I will just take a cab” the driver replied

“Okay you can go” he said

“Bye Nina” the driver said then I waved back at him

My gaze met with Chris and he eyed me…..he is a crazy soul I swear, we walk to the door, he opened it

“Hey now listen to the rules here” he said

“Am not ready to listen to any rule, I am not your maid” I said trying to walk in but he pushed me back

“You don’t talk when I talk” he half yelled

“Why, are you the governor or the new president” I asked folding my arm and looking straight to his face though he is a bit taller so I have to look up

“Whatever, just listen to me… must not touch whatever belongs to me, you must not come into my room, you must” he was still talking when I snubbed him and walk in

“Hey why are you so rude” he said to me

“Why can’t you just be on ur own and leave me, what’s your problem…..I pity that lady that will finally end up with you” I said to him

“And no man will ever want to marry such thing like you” he yelled back

“With the way you’re always yelling, in no time you will have high BP” I said to him

“Whatever” he replied then I made my way upstairs to choose my room

“I should be the first to choose a room then you can choose later” he said running then he pushed me

“Aish……I hate you” I said

“What……what…..” I heard him yell upstairs

“Did you got bitten by a snake…..I will be happy if that happens” I said

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper……but I think am dreaming right now…..what is my dad trying to do” he said

“What is it” I asked

“Will you stop asking that stupid questions and come upstairs here” he said then I walked upstairs

“All the room are locked except this…..I mean” he said

“What… mean there is no key to other room aside this, like we will be sharing a room together…….never” I said then I walk to the other rooms and start pushing the doors but it’s not opening and there is no key to it…what the heck

“Call your dad……you stupid thing” I said angrily….I mean why will he do such thing

“The next time you call me stupid, u will be gifted with a slap” he said

“From who to who” I asked

“From me to you…..crazy bitch” he said and dial his dad number

Dad why will you do such thing…..I mean the doors……what……dad…” I heard him say then he drop the call

“What did he say” I asked

“He said couples are suppose to use a room so we should both share the room” he answered

“That’s a bad idea…..God… did I end up with one crazy guy” I said

“This is the first time am seeing a lady who looks like a grandma who is about to die….gosh” he said

“,Hey…..hope that’s not for me” I asked

“And if it’s you what will you do” he asked

“Whatever am going in but wait, are we really going to share this room together” I asked again

“Looks like you’re deaf right” he said and walk in to the room while I also walk in

“Let solve it right now, you will take the floor while I take the bed” he said

“You are joking right” I asked

“That’s the fact, you av a small body so it’s not a big deal or better still tell your dad to return my dad’s money so you can leave” he mentioned

“Hey don’t you ever mention my dad in that manner” I said pointing a finger at him

“What have I said wrong, your dad caused everything, is my dad the only richest man in this universe, why can’t he go to someone else and why must he bring you along that day, am sure this is what you actually want but it never gonna happen” he yelled

“And if I know this will be the outcome of it, I wouldn’t have follow dad that day” I yelled back

“Shut up, you following your dad mean you have a plan bfr, am sure you must have use a charm on my dad, that’s why he keep saying it’s you and no one else……I mean you…’re not even my type” he said to me

“Charm…..I mean who will want to charm someone so I can end up with a thing like you” I said staring at him with hatred

“Why……am sure you fell in love the first day you met me, you’re only pretending” he said

“Hey give me reason I will have to stoop myself so low and fall in love with you” I said

“I am cute, body fitted, I possess everything a lady’s want in a man so why won’t you fall” he said

“Really, you possess everything a lady want in a man with that little thing like my last finger” I said pointing to his manhood

“What…..who told you it’s small….huh” he said covering it with his hand

“Then proof it…. bring it out” I said….yeah am trying to tease him….. Am going to make this place a hell for him

“Why……why should I bring it out….huh… really got a dirty mind” he said

“From now on I will be calling you last finger” I said laughing and raising my last finger

“It’s not small…… sincerely” he yelled….yeah exactly what I want

“How many inches” I asked mockingly

“Ahh…….how on Earth did I end up with you” he yelled

“Last finger…..last finger” I said dancing then I walk out of the room, then I heard the door slammed

I couldn’t help but laugh…..yeah I got my revenge back😄😄😄😄😄

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

Small…..that girl must be a witch…..why did she have to mention my manhood……is there nothing else to mention…. Huh… I wish I can prove to her am a complete man… should I summon courage and show it to her, no that’s a stupid idea

I know she is trying to play prank on me but it won’t work……aishhh….now am named last finger…..she is a pain in the ass

I walked out and saw her frying some chicken in the kitchen

“That is for who” I asked

“Oh last finger….. it’s for me” he said smiling

“Will you stop calling me that name huh” I yelled

“Whatever” she replied

“But why is the chicken only for you” I asked

“You do your cooking yourself” she answered, now she got me… not good in cooking, how will I survive….no no she can’t do that to me

“Nina…….you can’t do this to me…..I can’t cook” I said

“Who cares, die if you want to die” she said

She packed the chicken and I watch her walkout of the kitchen with it, she sat down eating it

“Hmmmm……I love it, the taste is wow” she said eating it, I heard my stomach Making some noise….. right now I should go beg her, I don’t joke with food but why can’t dad give us a maid, why is everybody treating me bad

I walked closer to where she was sitting

“Can …can I have some” I asked

“No….go fry urs” she said

“Whatever” I said, I won’t stoop myself so low to apologise, I will just order for some chicken and food

I brought out my phone and walk out, I heard her laughing…..I will surely pay her back

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

Do you think Nina is treating him the best way?

Do Chris deserves such?

Do you think Mr Naths made the right decision telling them to share the same room?

To be Continued…

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