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The Contract Episode 4

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The Contract

Episode 4

Written by Oluwabusolami

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Dad walk in with a smile plastered on his face, I guess something good just happen

“You’re welcome dad” I greeted

“Thanks darling, where is your mom” he asked

“In her bedroom” I replied then he made his way to the bedroom but I wonder what brought a smile to his face

❣️❣️Mr Adams P.O.V❣️❣️

Hey beautiful” I said to my wife

“Beautiful….who” she asked looking around as if I was talking to someone else

“You of course” I answered sitting beside her

“Now tell me, what is the matter coz I know there must be a reason for you calling me beautiful” she asked

“Well am just trying to be romantic” I answered

“Romantic my foot” she said folding her clothes

“Concerning that money” I said and she quickly drop the cloth she was holding

“What about it” she asked

“Well I think I need that money so am going for it” I said

“And what if it doesn’t work out” she asked

“It will” I answered

“Well, what I know is that my girl is not getting married to any guy” she said and continue folding her clothes

“Whatever” I said as i walk-in to the bathroom

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

Chris I have been asking you who that girl is but u are not answering” Kate yelled

“She is a nobody” I said to her

“Don’t tell me that, look at the way she was abusing you… tell who she is” she said

“Okay…she is the lady I told you my dad want me to marry” i replied

“You mean that small ugly girl” she said but truth be told that girl is not ugly

“Hmmm yeah, and have been trying to convince my dad but he wouldn’t listen, I don’t know if that girl has cast a spell on him” I answered

“You are in a big mess Chris” she said

“I know but you actually ruin everything for me” I replied

“Ruin….how….” She asked

“Common Kate, I told you to dress like a good girl and you are coming to my house dressing like a prostitute….I mean who does that” I said to her while I continue driving

“Am sorry but I think I have an idea which I think it’s the best way to get rid of that girl” Kate said

“Let me hear” I answered

“Well why don’t you get me pregnant….so when your dad sees that am already pregnant for you, he will have no choice but to accept me” she said

“Are you okay….get you pregnant….like does that sounds good to your hearing” I asked

“I think that the best option” she said

“No that will never happen, am not ready to be a father now” I said to her

“And am not ready to loose you to any girl” she replied

“And the last time I checked, I never asked you out” I said

“But we had sex Chris, you proposed to me, you gave me a ring for crying out loud” she said

“You and I know that the sex was just for fun….no strings attached, and the ring stuff is fake…I Never asked your hand in marriage” I said

“Whatever…..what I know is you are mine till eternity” she said

“Whatever” I said ignoring her…..not on Earth will I ever end up with a fucking bitch like her…. never

❣️❣️NINA’S P.O.V❣️❣️

“What…..” I yelled

“Yeah I try stopping him but no, he said that is final” mom said to me

“So you mean after all the conditions, dad still want to borrow that money and I might later end up marrying that guy” I yelled again with tears

“My prayer right now is that he doesn’t loose that contract” mom replied

“Am really in a big mess, why did I follow dad to that man house, I should have just stay at home sleeping and I wouldn’t have been in this mess…..huh” I mummured

“It’s okay girl, let just sit and wait for the outcome of this” mom said patting me

“Alright mum” I replied hugging her

❣️Authoress P.O.V❣️

“I just transferred the money into the account you sent to me” Mr Adams said to his business partner on phone

“Okay sir, I will get back to you tommorow….so you can sign some document” the man replied

“Okay please I am counting on you… not fail me” Mr Adams pleaded

“No problem sir…. it’s nice working with you and trust me you won’t regret it” the man replied

“Alright thank you” Mr Adams said

“Okay bye for now” the man said and hang-up the call

A smile of success plastered on his face

“I just pray things really work out for good” he said to himself

Few days later

Chris P.O.V

“But dad why did you insist that I must marry that girl, I mean it’s too early for marriage” I asked

“I know what am doing so just let me be” dad replied

“Dad, it’s not right…..I should be the one to make decision for myself” I said

“You will later get to know that this decision am making is the best one” he replied

“Dad please….. just stop this marriage of a thing, I don’t love her, I told you I already have a fiancee so what else” I said

“You mean that prostitute, you called that your fiancee, she can’t even greet me properly” dad yelled

“Dad she is not a prostitute” I replied then the door open, then the lady’s dad (Mr Adams) walk in

“Oh Adams, how have you been” my dad asked while the man sat down

“Am not really fine sir” the man answered and my heartbeat increased, am sure he brought a sad news which am curious and anxious to hear but I just hope it’s not what am thinking

“Why what happen” my dad asked

“I…..I….I loose the contract” he said and I almost fainted…. like what am I hearing right now

“Ohh… what’s the next step now” my dad asked

“I don’t really know……I can’t think straight right now….. like I still can’t believe that I was duped” he answered

“Well that’s business for you, so does that mean your daughter will be marrying my son” my dad asked

“Since that’s the agreement, I got no choice” the man replied

“It’s not right dad, I told you I don’t love this girl, I don’t want her….gosh..” I said angrily and walk upstairs to my room

Now am doomed, but why will dad decide to do this to me, why…. Why me😭😭😭

“Nina’s P.O.V”

“Dad you mean…….gosh” I couldn’t finish my statement coz tears were already rushing down my face, I can’t believe my ears….this is not right

This is not how I planned my life, I don’t even like this guy, he is rude, stupid and crazy, how will I cope

“Am sorry Nina but I got no choice” my dad said

“But I warned you, I tried stopping you Adams now see what you’ve caused” my mom yelled

“This is not the time to tell at me, let solve this issue first” my dad said to mum

“But dad….. it’s wrong……took wrong” I said with tears..,. now I will be forever stucked with someone I hate most

What do you think will happen next?

To be Continued…

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