The Contract Episode 3

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The Contract

Episode 3

Written by Oluwabusolami

Nina’s P.O.V

“Mum you won’t believe what happened yesterday when I went out with Dad” I said to my mum

“What is it again Nina” my mom asked

“Dad and I went to one old man, I wonder where he knew that old man, to cut the long story short he said he want my hand in marriage” I said

“What….to an old man” mom exclaimed with her eye popped out

“Oh no mum, he has a son….he is cute though” I said

“Will you keep those mouth shut, you are just 22” mom said

“Not like I can want him mom, that guy is just too rude, I don’t even like him” I said to Mom

“But why did he say want your hand in marriage” mom asked

“Good question…..just because Dad want to borrow some money from him, that’s why I brought out the stupid condition” I said

“And what was your father response” mom asked curiously….yeah my plan is working

“Well…dad said no but he still said he is going back to that man to get the money and you know what that means” I answered

“What…….Adams….where are” my mum called as she rushed out of her room to meet dad

Yeah exactly what I want, I just want my mom to stop dad from lending that money, something tells me the business won’t work out and I don’t want to be stuck for life with that rude guy…..never….I mean never

Now let me go downstairs and watch the drama

“Adams tell me it’s a lie, huh….what are you trying to do with my daughter” mom yelled at dad who has was sitting on the couch holding a news paper

I and my baby sis sat down at the staircase watching the drama as it unfolds😄😄😄

“Calm down woman, what are you trying to say”dad asked

“Don’t tell me to calm down okay, why will you want to borrow that money when you know what it’s behind it” mom asked

“Oh you heard, well the man only said if the business didn’t know work out well and ever since you know me, have you ever seen me loose in any business” dad asked….I forgot I didn’t tell that to mum

“Adams please don’t even think of borrowing that money” mom said

“Listen woman, it’s my business and not yours okay” dad said to mum

“And she is my daughter” mom answered sharply

“Our daughter and not just urs” dad replied

“Who on Earth will take his business serious and jokes about his daughter future” mom yelled angrily

“Do not tell at me, and moreover…..either I loose the business or I win….we still don’t loose, Mr nath is a very wealthy and famous man, his son is cute and also rich…no like he is a monster so getting my daughter married to his son is not a crime…..she is 22….not too young to have a boyfriend” daddy said

“Like….is this really coming from you Adams” mom said

“Excuse me” dad said and angrily walk out

“You better don’t try it or else” mom yelled and Walk back to her room ignoring us

“Sis is it true the guy is rich and cute” my baby sis asked

“Yeah I think so” I answered

“You think so or he is” she asked smiling

“Whatever” I said and Walk to my room

Written by Oluwabusolami
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Chris P.O.V

“Kate where are you, have been waiting” I said to Kate on phone

“On my way baby boy….I will be there soon” she said

“And please dress nicely like a good girl” I said to her

“Okay baby” she said and hang up

I just hope am able to convince dad I said to myself and walk-in

“Dad have you eaten” I asked sitting beside him

” And when did you start asking me that” dad asked

“Common dad, am just trying to be good son” I said

“Good son I see” he said reading his newspaper then I heard a knock

“Come in” I said then the door open and Kate walk in….oh my God….she just ruined everything

She was putting on a short jean skirt , just like a skimpy skirt and a crop top which expose her her belly, with some makeup

My dad looked at her from head to toe and then he stared at me like who is she

To be candid I was really disappointed, I could have been able to convince dad if she has dressed nicely but now….I don’t think it will work

“Ahmmmm…..yeah…..” I stammered and quickly walk closer to where Kate was standing

“Actually……..she is ….oh my God……my fiancee” I manage to say

“Yeah…..his fiance….” Kate said smiling and my dad was just staring at us like he is watching a movie

“Ahmmmm dad, he already proposed to me so we are not joking about this” Kate said raising up her third left finger so dad can see the ring

“Oh congratulation” dad finally say

“Oh thanks popsy” Kate said smiling

“You can leave now” dad added

“What…she just came here dad” I said

“And the drama is over, like what did you take me for….a fool huh” dad yelled

“Babe…..u can go….I will call you” I said to Kate and she walked out

“Listen Chris, don’t even think of playing a prank on me cos it’s never gonna work, do you know how many years I have been telling you to bring a wife, you keep telling me it’s not yet time, you don’t believe in love but just because I want you get married to someone you quickly got engaged, propose to her and you think that will change my mind. …..oh never” dad said and left my presence

“Now am doomed …that man should please not come back to get that money, that’s the only way I can be free from all this😭

Three days later

Authoress P.O.V

There was a knock at me Nath house

“Come in” Mr nath said and Mr Adams (Nina’s dad) walk in

“Oh Adams….. it’s nice seeing you” Mr nath said

“Thank you sir” Mr Adams replied

“Sit down and what will you like to take” Mr Nath asked

“Am fine for now sir” Mr Adams replied sitting down

“So have you think about it” Mr Nath asked hoping to hear a positive answer

“Thinking of it sir, I seriously need that money but at the same time, I can’t get my daughter married to someone she doesn’t love” Mr Adams said

“Yeah I understand, and I can’t also get my son married to someone he doesn’t love……but I have a reason for saying this” Mr Nath said

“If I may ask sir, what’s is the reason behind this” Adams asked

“Well, you see ever since I lost my wife, I only see my son as my source of Joy and you know he is from a rich background so many girls will like to date him or get married to him, Chris at the other hand did not believe in love and I don’t want him to fall a victim, I don’t want him to get in the wrong hand so I just want your daughter to teach him and let him know there is love then they can go their separate ways” Mr Nath said

“So you mean, you want my daughter to make him fall in love” Adams asked

“Yeah and am ready to pay any amount if she will do that” Nath answered

“Well that’s a good idea” Adams said

“Yeah and I won’t want your daughter to also know about this” Mr nath added

“Oh okay.. it’s a good idea….now that I know the reason, am giving my full support” Mr Adams said

“Thank you, concerning the money u requested for, am giving you for free” Mr Nath said

“Oh really….. thank you so much sir” Mr Adams said happily

“That’s just for a start, so now even if the business work out, you will have to fake it and let her know it doesn’t work out” Mr Nath said

“Of course yes……. it’s really a nice idea” Adams said

“So let’s have a drink…..and make a cheer’s to a successful contract” Mr Nath requested

“Of course yes….my fake in-law” Adams said and the both laughed

Nina’s P.O.V

“Mom I want to go visit a friend….I will be back soon” I said to mum who was watching a programme on TV

“Don’t be late” mom answered

“And get me some chocolate while coming back” my little devil requested

“Oh…. alright” I said and walk out

Hannah’s place is not that far so I will be trekking there, I was walking along the street when a car splashed some dirty water to me

“Gosh” I exclaimed then the driver stopped

“Am sorry ma’am…..” I heard a guy’s voice says while I was busy cleaning the dirt on my clothe but how come that voice sounds familiar, I raised my head up to see who it was

“You again…..I swear I hate you” I said with hatred and anger burning in me, I can’t believe it this rude guy again (Chris)

“You know what, I take back the apologies coz you deserve more than this” he said to me

“And why is it taking too long baby” a lady said coming out from the car, I guess she must be his girlfriend

“Sorry for keeping you waiting baby, I never knew it this thing” the guy answered

“You just call me a thing….am letting this slide coz am in a good mood but trust me you will pay for this” I said as I angrily made my way back home…..I need to revenge

“Who cares” I heard him say and drove away

I always thought my sister was the only devil in my life not knowing I have another one……I hat him…..not on Earth will I ever get married to him…..never

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

To be Continued…

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