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The Contract Episode 20 Finale

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The Contract

Episode 20

–Finale Episode–

Written by Oluwabusolami

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Chris was begging with tears on his face, wow I can’t believe my own Chris is crying coz he don’t want me to leave

“Kate cannot have the video pls….I need to see with my eyes” I said to her

“Of course….here it is” she said giving me her phone which was playing the video

“Aside you phone, where else did you transfer the video to” I asked

“My phone alone is enough…” She replied… dumb,

though i wasn’t surprise when came back, I was expecting this also but I never thought it will be so fast, i was just a little surprised when I heard about the proposing, it’s the only thing Chris never told me about and I guess he didn’t think it might bounce back at him…. trying to get Chris with just this video

I pretend watching the video then I deleted it

“The ring….is it a real one or fake….how much does it cost” I asked

“And why asking” she said

“Chris is a rich and of high taste, of he really want to propose….I think the ring must be an expensive ring so can I have a look….only then will I believe everything….this video does not freak me” I said

“Fine if that’s what you want….you can check….all I know is that Chris is mine” she said giving me the ring then I return her phone to her

“The video is deleted and the ring is with me…. what other proof do you have” I asked her

“What….. how dare you delete it … give me the ring” she yelled

“Give me the ring Nina” sad said then I gave it to him

“Let see if you will be able to get it back from me” my dad said to her

“But at least, everyone saw the video” she said

“Who….I don’t remember seeing any video” my mom said

“Same here….Mr Nath do you see any video” my dad asked

“Video….not at all” he replied….I can’t even stop laughing

“Chris did you give her a ring” my dad asked

“I never did that” he replied and everyone started laughing….it was really funny

“This is not right…… give me back the ring” Kate yelled at my dad then I slapped her

“Did you just hit me” she said turning to me

“You don’t yell at my dad… that again and I’ll slap you” I said to her

“Chris….. like seriously…..after everything, my body……is this what I deserve” she said to Chris

“You were just my friend…..I never promise to marry you” Chris replied…..I really felt for her

“I hate you” she said crying

“You guys should stop fighting….I bought a ring few days was imported from America, Chris take it and give to whoever you wanna spend the rest of your life with” Mr Nath said giving Chris the ring which he collected…

“Thanks dad…..Nina you already promise to marry and love me till eternity so let seal it with this ring” he said facing me

“Not without my approval” my mom said and I was a bit shocked….I just pray she she approve

“Mom…..” I said

“Chris… really wanna marry my daughter” she asked

“Yes ma’am…” He answered

“Why….is it because of the contract, I heard you once said she is ugly…old fashioned…..rude and you can never end up with her, why did you suddenly change your mind” my asked

“Because she shows me the true definition of love” he replied… mom can be so mean sometimes

“Had it been there was no contract btw us….. would you have fell for her the first time you saw her” mom asked

“Actually….I think it’s a no….coz am not the type that do fall in love….she changed me” he replied

“This is crazy” Kate said and angrily walk out……who cares

“So you love her” she asked

“Mom….”I said

“Don’t mommy me….you think it easy giving out my daughter to a guy” she said

“Not a stranger tho” Mr Nath said

“You already know they love each other so just approve it” my dad said

“I’ll…… it’s approved so go on” she said then I hug her

“Thank you mum” I said smiling

“Oh see what love has turned you into” mom said

“Will you marry me Nina….be my queen till eternity” Chris said

“Yes I’ll” I said happily while he put the ring on my finger

“And you may kiss your bride” Mr Nath said

“Like seriously…….” Chris said

“Go on” my dad said

“Mom……” I said

“Common” she said smiling then we kissed

“Am glad you are mine” Chris whispered to my ears

The maid cooked and everyone was served….. it’s nice seeing the whole family happy

Soon we finished eating and after some hours we left and went back home

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

“I think we should start preparing for our wedding, I can’t wait to have you forever” i said…. laying beside her on bed

“Who knows a day like this will come…..I never thought I fall in love with you this” she said to me

“Then we were cat and rat….and today am glad dad did the contract, am glad I did not loose my woman” I said Peck her

“But I feel sorry for Kate” she said

“You don’t need to feel sorry, she has many boyfriend, she is a bitch” I said to her

“Oh” she said

“You remember dad telling me he wants us to make babies before wedding” I said to her

“So….what about that” she asked

“Don’t you think we should start doing that” I replied

“No am not ready for that” she said

“You sure” I said touching her cheek

“Don’t touch me” she replied

“Why….does it has any effect on you, does it make you aroused” I asked jokingly

“Why would your hand has an effect on me” she answered frowning

“Really… mean it” I asked rubbing my hands on her boobs

“Hey stop that” she warned

“Am sorry I can’t” I said kissing her while I pressed her soft firm boobs….this time no one should stop me

We continue kissing while I caress her body, opening her button, he boobs we well packed into her bra…..damn they look hurt

I moved my hand to her back and unhooked her bra, I took it off and her nipples were hard pointing at me, I couldn’t help but suck it, using my tongue on one while I gently press the second, her hands rubbing on my head…. exactly what I want

I moved my hands to her trouser, down where her pu**y was, I gently rubbed my hands on it while she let out a soft moan….her weak point I guess

I felt her hands on my full erected d**k stroking it up and down

I placed my hands on her trouser and removed it from her, she was now putting on only pant

I shifted the pant and placed my hands on her clitoris while I play with that, I was busy sucking her second boobs

“Ouch…” She moan softly, soon we were both unclad

We continue kissing while I rub my dick on her pu**y, we both continue moaning, the feeling was not from this world anymore, I tried n e s in but it was tight…that was when I knew she was a virgin

“You really wanna do it” I whisper to her then she nodded in agreement….. after many attempt I finally made my way thrusting in and out of her….my name were coming out from her and that turns me on again and again…..the best sex I had ever had……she is the only woman I wanna fuck forever

“I love you” I whisper into her ears


Nina was in the kitchen and I was in the sitting room, her phone started ringing

“Babe your phone is ringing” I said walking to the kitchen

“Oh I really” she said collecting the phone

“It mom…..the call got dropped” she said

“You look dull, are you sure you are fine” I asked her

“Yeah…. just not feeling too well” she answered

“Dad said should we travel abroad for the wedding” I said to her

“No let have the wedding here and we can travel out for the honeymoon” she replied

“Anything you want” I said hugging her

“I feel weak” she said

“Sorry…. maybe you stressed yourself” I said to her the she rushed out from the kitchen

“Are you fine” I said following her, she ran to the toilet throwing up

“Sorry babe….” I said giving her water to rinse her face and mouth

“I think we should go to the hospital” I said to her

“No… sure it because am stressed, I will just take a rest her” she said laying on the bed…..then I suddenly thought of something

“Your period…. When last did you have it”I asked

“That was last month” she answered

“You are suppose to see it at the first week….this is the fourth week” I said

“And that means what” she asked

“Nothing…..I was just a little bit concerned

“You think am pregnant” she said

“Who knows…..let just go to the hospital” I said to her

“Maybe tomorrow” she replied

“What about what you are cooking” I asked

“It’s done……help me turn off the gas” she said while I walk out to the kitchen

The Next day…

❣️❣️At the Hospital❣️❣️

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

“Congrat ma’am… are four weeks pregnant” the doctor said giving me the result

“Really” Chris said checking the result

“Am now a father to be” he said hugging me……but I was still surprised… that how it happens…..just like that…..we had sex just twice and it already resulted to pregnancy

“I just hope it a boy” he said kissing my Tommy

“Thanks doctor…..let go home and stop all this” I said smiling….he was over excited

“Dad will be glad to hear this” he said while driving

“Tell me what do you want……ask for anything” he said

“Don’t be too happy….the baby is not yours” I said teasing him

“Oh really…….that nice…..who is the father” he asked

“Mr Nath….I replied then we both laughed

“Thanks for giving me a baby…….I love you” he said while I smile

Authoress P.O.V

The wedding

Nina was looking pretty and hot in her wedding garment and Chris was cute in his suit

They stand before the alter with the priest

“Chris Nath, will you take Nina Adams to be your lawful wedded wife, to live together according to the law of God in the holy estate of marriage, will you keep her forsaking all others, be faithful to her so long as you both shall live ?” The preist asked

“Yes I sincerely will….God be my helper” Chris answered and the same question was thrown to Nina and her reply was the same as Chris own then they exchange rings

“I thereby pronounce you two as husband and wife… are no longer two but one…..what the Lord has join together, let nobody put asunder… may kiss your bride” the priest said then Chris unveil her and kissed her while the rest clapped

After the wedding, Chris and Nina relocated to the US and she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl…..and the couples live happily ever after

❣️❣️The End❣️❣️

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️❣️

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