The Contract Episode 2

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The Contract

Episode 2

Written by Oluwabusolami

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️
“What” I shouted

“Why will you say such thing…..I can’t do that, let’s go dad” I said angrily giving the guy an irritating look, not on Earth will I ever get married to this rude thing, the only good thing he possess is the cuteness, aside that he has nothing good

“Sir she is still a young girl and not ripe for marriage” my dad said to the old man

“That is my decision and my decision is final, you can go home and think about it,” the man said…..too wicked

“Dad….she is not even my type, if you really want a wife, I can get one but not this girl…she is an old school not even my type” the guy said and that pissed me off

“Excuse me, who said I want you as my boyfriend talkless of a husband so just keep those stinking mouth shut” I said to him angrily “stop it nina” dad yelled at me

“Hey whose mouth do u call stinking, how on Earth will I even get married to a rude thing like you” he replied

“Did u just call me a rude thi…ng….I guess u are sick upstairs” I said to him

“Nina are you out of your mind” my dad shouted

“Am sorry sir” my dad said to the old man who was sitting and just staring at us…guess it looks like a drama to him…..but wtf, why is he sorry for nothing

“No no… it’s okay and she just gave me another reason to want her as my son’s wife, she will be able to handle his madness….I love that” the old man said laughing

“Not funny dad” the guy said to his dad and walk upstairs of course not without giving me a deadly look….like I care🤷

“I should take my leave now sir, I will get back to you” my dad said to the man

“I will be waiting” the man replied then we both stood up and walk out

“What was that for Nina” my dad said as he started driving out of the big compound

“That guy is rude dad, Don’t you see the way he was talking to me” I answered

“But still you shouldn’t have reacted that way, if you continue doing this, you can never be successful in business” my dad said to me

“Am sorry dad but dad am not going to marry that guy right” I asked

“Thinking of it, he is cute and rich you know” my dad said

“Dad” I yelled the he hit my cheek smiling

“Get some sense girl, I was just joking, I can never let u get married to someone you don’t love and I am sure the business will be successful so no need to panick” my dad said then I hugged him

“I love you Dad” I said then he smile

Christian’s P.O.V

“I never knew you’re this rude Chris… your mum won’t be proud of you wherever she is” dad said to me

“Am sorry dad but that decision was wrong, I mean why will you just decide to get me married to a total stranger, I don’t know her, not even her name and you want me to spend the rest of my life I mean my lifetime with her….who does that” I said to dad

“Chris, have always told you to get married but you wouldn’t listen so I decide to get you one, I don’t know if you shy and besides she is pretty” my dad said

“Me….shy…. u’re funny dad, see I have plenty of girls around me, as a matter of fact I don’t gist ladies, they do the toasting so am not the shy type, am just not ready and even if am ready, not that girl, she is not even in my class, not my type of girl at all” I said

“Oh really, so tell me, what’s your type of woman” my dad asked

“Dad that girl is a n old-school, I love girls that wear classic things not those who cover their body from head to toe and she….is….she is not pretty” I said trying to convince him

“Just look at the you’re stammering, I know you are only saying that to change my mind, what do you mean she is not pretty….I mean says who…you need some sense Chris and get this straight, you’re marrying that girl either you like it or not” my dad said

“You’re really funny dad, what is the guarantee that he will loose the contract or business” I asked..

“Even if he win the contract, I will find another means to get her” my dad said

“But why dad…. okay I promise to bring you my wife tomorrow” I said to him

“,That is the lady I want….she or nobody…final” my dad replied and walk out of my room

“Oh my God” I said laying on my bed…what have I gotten myself into….I need to get myself out of this mess…. But how

I think I got an idea, I took my phone and dialed Kate number

“Hey babe….whatup” I heard Kate voice saying

“Babe I need you right now” I said

“Really….well am horny as well, was watching porn when u called

“C’mmon babe…. it’s not about sex…..” I said to her

“If it’s not sex then wat” she asked

“Can we meet… like right now” I asked

“Of course….where” she answered

“Let meet at the hotel near the gym” I said

“Oh…. okay” she said and hangup

I quickly got dressed and made my way to the hotel…
Few minutes I was dear, I saw Kate sitting in the reception

“Hi” she said giving me a peck

“We need to talk” I said to her

“Yeah I know but let check in to a room so we can talk and do other stuffs” she said to me

“Okay no prob” I said and walk to the receptionist, I payed and we checked into a room

Soon we walk in to the room, she closed the door and started kissing me but I wasn’t in any mood for this

“Stop Kate…..” I said adjusting from her

“What….. okay…..why did u call me here” she asked, I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out a ring

“What…. Are you proposing to me…. oh….” She said happily

“Kate….. I’m here for business” I said then the smile fade away from her lips

“My….. dad is trying to get me engaged to someone I don’t love and I need to stop this, so this the plan, we will snap some pictures and videos of of me proposing to you, romantic stuff about that, you will have to pretend like you are my fiance so I can get out of this mess” I said

“Just like that…..tell me… you even have any feelings towards me huh…..why can’t just make it real, propose to me and make me your future wife” she said to me……who on Earth will ever want to date or marry a bitch like her

“Kate listen….. there is no big deal in proposing to you, but first I need to get out this mess I found myself then I can think of the next thing to do” I said to her

“So you mean after everything ends… gonna propose to me” she asked

“Of course yes….I truly love you” I said, I gat no feelings though, just trying to convince her

“Then am in” she said

“Oh thank you” I said hugging her

“So when are we starting” she asked

“Ahmmmm I will be taking you to my dad tomorrow so let’s snap the pics and make some videos” I said to her

“That’s not a prob but I need to satisfy my urge so I can concentrate…..I want you Chris…. let’s f**k” she whisper to my ear and that turn me on

We started kissing passionately******

❣️❣️Written by Oluwabusolami❣️❣️

To be Continued…

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