The contract Episode 19

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The contract

Episode 19

Written by Oluwabusolami

–Semi final–

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

It’s morning already, I woke up with a smile on my face, Nina was still sleeping

“Morning angel” I said pecking her cheek

“It’s morning already” she said still closing her eye

“Yeah” I replied then she sat properly

“Why are you staring at me…..” She asked

“I still can’t imagine you are finally mine” I said

“And who said am yours” she asked

“What……you had better go back to sleep if you won’t stop saying nonsense” I said

“Am serious…..who told you am yours” she asked

“You promise to marry me yesternight” I replied

“Me….. it’s not true….I never said anything related to that” she said

“Hey Nina….. don’t even try to change your words….. don’t even try it” I said with a warning tone

“Why will I agree to marry someone like you….. maybe I was sleeping then….. Don’t take it personal” she said standing up

“Are you joking right now” I said following as we both walk into the bathroom

“And what are you doing here” she said looking at me….I even forgot it’s the bathroom….she picked her toothbrush with a toothpaste and started brushing her teeth

“Not like you are naked” I answered also taking my brush

“My nakedness will blind you so don’t even think of seeing it” she said still brushing

“Nothing special in your body…..Kate has everything” I said then she spilled the toothpaste in her mouth and face me

“How dare you mention Kate here…. didn’t you promise never to talk about her anymore” she half yelled

“The last time I checked, I didn’t promise you that… where did you get that from” I replied as I continue brushing

“You said it last night….you promise not to flirt with her” she said rinsing her mouth while I also do so

“Really……why will I promise you something like that, since you said you can’t marry me, am thinking of proposing to Kate… sure she won’t even give it a second thought before saying yes” I said to her

“Really then go ahead……womanizer” she said

“And why are you so pained….or do you love me” I asked her smiling

“Will I want to love a man who can’t even keep to his words” she replied frowning

“You started it babe……” I said

“I was just joking when I said i can’t remember telling you that but looks like you already love Kate” she said

“Then are you still marrying me” I asked

“No… done with you” she said walking out then I followed her….why do I keep following her

“You just said yes yesterday…..and now you are done……what did you even take me for” I said as we both walk downstairs to the sitting room, she sat down while I also sat beside her

“Someone like you don’t deserve me” she replied

“When did you started I was too cute” I asked smiling

“And who said you are handsome” she said

“I remember you touching my cheek and saying…..why so Cute” I answered

“That’s not true” she said

“No prob……you didn’t even ask about my arm” I said to her

“Oh I forgot… is it” she asked touching it

“It’s better now…..” I answered

“I should go and cook” she said

“No let just order for food…..I don’t want you to stress yourself today” I said holding her

“Cooking is not a big deal to me” she answered

“Babe let solve everything now…..stop teasing me” I said

“And who said am teasing you” she said

“Do you mean every words you said yesterday…..if yes then proof it” I said

“Nope I don’t” she replied

“Joking” I asked

“I was just joking yesternight, I never knew you will take it serious” she replied

“Then the kiss…the promise” I said

“It’s nothing” she answered then let go off her…..she fooled me again

You shouldn’t have play with my feelings then” I said standing up then I made my way upstairs, then she hugged me from back

“Making my heart flutter again” I said to her

“I love you” she whispers to my ear

“Joking again” I said

“I really love you” she whisper again and I can’t help but smile then she pecked me

“You really love me” I said facing her with her arms round my neck and my hands on her waist

“I sincerely do…..I was just teasing you” she said smiling

“I almost got an heart attack right now” I said pecking her left cheek

“My right cheek” she said turning her right cheek to me while I kissed it, then her forehead, her nose then her lips

“You really want me to kiss your lips” I asked

“Common” she said closing her eye then I bent down coz I was much taller than her and place my lips on her lips kissing while she rubbed her hands on my chest

“I need to show you something” I said to her as I hold her hand walking in to the bedroom

“What is it” she asked while I close the door then I started kissing her, we both fell to the bed, she was sitting on me still kissing

My hands moving to her boobs, smooching her, her hands were playing on my nipples, I was getting hard already, kissing her neck down to her cleavage, I made her lay on the bed while I lay on her

Then I heard my phone ringing, at first I ignored it, I wonder who is trying to be an obstacle at this time but it continue ringing

“Pick your call….it might be urgent” she said to me….gosh

I stood up and picked it, it was dad

“Hi Dad” I said on the phone

“What are you doing” he asked

“Ahmm…. nothing” I answered

“I want you here right now” he said

“Nina is here dad” I said

“Come with her” he said and hang-up…..why now…gosh he just ruined my best time

“What’s dat” Nina asked

“Dad said he want me at his place including you….I don’t know why” I replied

“Then you should go dress… might be something important” she said

“Not this time….gosh” I said to myself

“Go in and bath” she said then I walk in to the bathroom

Few minutes later, we were done dressing, I took the car key as we both walk out locking the door

“I think we need a gateman right now” I said hopping into the car

“We will discuss that later” she answered opening the gate

She hopped in while no closed back the gate with the remote then we started driving off to dad’s place, I wonder what happened

Soon we arrived at dads place then we hopped down

“Hey you… dad at home” I asked the gateman

“Yeah” he replied

We walk in and I was surprise to see Kate sitting down… is she doing here

“What are you doing here” I asked her

“You will know very soon” she replied then my dad walk downstairs

“Oh you are here….Nina how are you darling” dad said

“Am fine sir” she replied

“Come sit down” dad said to her then she sat beside him while I was still standing

“Dad why is she here” I asked again

“She was explaining something’s to me but I wasn’t okay with it and that’s why I called you… it true you proposed to her” dad asked and I was speechless for some seconds….is she trying to blackmail me

“That’s not true dad…..” I replied

“You said what……you mean you never proposed to me huh” Kate half yelled… in a big mess….I know

“I never did that…..” I replied

“So who gave me this ring huh” she said raising up her third left finger… was the ring I gave to her when I planing to convince dad so I won’t be able to marry Nina….who knows this will later bounce back at me

“I gave it to you but…..”

“Really… mean, you already proposed to her” Nina asked then her parent walk in

“Mom…dad” she called while they sat down

“I heard someone proposing….who was that” her mom asked…. everything is getting complicated

“That ring was fake…..I never proposed to you… know not was just a plan” I said to her

“And this video” she said playing the video which we recorded then…..gosh….what have I gotten myself into

“Dad, she is just trying to set me up” I said to dad

“Is it true she slept at your place” dad asked

“Yeah she did” I answered

“You both had sex on the same bed you are suppose sleep with Nina” dad said….the look on Nina’s face could kill right now

“That was then dad” I replied

“And why didn’t you tell me all these…..Nina” dad said to her

“You proposed to her, had sex with her, kissed her in that same house and you still wanna have my daughter…….never… don’t deserve her” her mom yelled

“I am your wife, not in my lifetime will I allow you to get married to someone else” Kate said

“You are a disgrace to me” dad said to me

“I thought you are a decent guy and that’s why I allowed my daughter to come back…..I never knew you are as worse as this” her dad said

Now everyone is insulting me….Nina was silent all through…..all words does not matter to me, am only scare of Nina leaving me

“Nina trust me… was fake, I did it then so my dad could stop me from marrying you…..that was when I never thought I will love you…you should trust me babe” I said kneeling down and holding her hands

“You know what, enough of fooling my daughter… should marry the lady you already proposed……Nina let’s go home” her mom said

She staring at me, her eyes were all red

“Babe please don’t leave me…..I love you so much” I said to her then she stood up

My heart beat increased, is she going to leave me…..not it can’t happen

“Let’s go Nina……and once she leave, I promise you she will never come back” her mom said….. why is she so mean

“Nina… promise to love me till eternity” I said holding her hands…..tears were already rushing down my cheeks

“I never loved her…..Kate was just a friend with benefit……you remember me telling you that….I know I wronged you but am sorry…….o sincerely love you” I said to her anxious for an answer

Her silence is killing me

What do you think will happen next

Will Nina leave him or stay?

To be continued…

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