The Contract Episode 18

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The Contract

Episode 18

Written by Oluwabusolami

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

He finished eating then I pack the plate into the bag

“But I hope you are not planning to leave today” he said

“Why not…I just came to say hi” I replied

“U joking right… how can you leave me in this condition” he said

“At least you are okay now, and you will be discharged today so what else” I said to him

“Nina why so mean….at least you should spend the night with me” he said pleading

“Night….I can’t do that coz I don’t know what you are up to” I said to him

“Are we just spending the night together…..why acting like a virgin” he said with a smirk

“Whatever” I said to him

“That reminds me…..are you a virgin” he asked with a serious face then I quickly clear my throat

“Why are you not replying” he said

“And why are you asking” I asked

“Nevermind… must be a pro” he said smiling

“Pro….. pro what” I half yelled

“You don’t need to yell baby….calm down” he said laughing

“being a virgin or not is not a big deal to me….in as much you can satisfy me….am okay….but can you ride” he asked again….why is he asking me all this question

“Ride what….” I asked

“Hey don’t tell me you don’t know what I mean….. can you ride…..I mean can you spell coconut” he said

“Why not….Coconut” I said spelling it

“So dumb…. that’s not what I mean” he said

“Hey Chris….am not in mood for all this” I said to him

“Really… prob then” he said itching his hair…..crazy thing

Later in the evening….he got discharged and we both went home

“Thanks for coming back” he said as we walk in

“Av you been living here ever since I left” I asked

“Not really…..I slept off at my dad’s place the day you left, and after coming to you house…I have been sleeping at the hospital” he replied

“You should go freshen up….I need to cook” I said walking to the kitchen then he held me

“Why are you not answering me” he said

“I don’t remember you asking me a question” I replied

“Will you marry me” he asked

“Ahmm……am hungry….let discuss this later” I replied him as i walk to the kitchen….my heartbeat racing….why is he asking that question right now

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

I feel good since Nina is back, I thought I was going to loose her finally but right now I think there is still hope, my instinct tells me she also loves me but why is she playing hard to get

Seriously my dad made the right choice choosing her…..I was too dumb to see her all this while

I remembered the kissing….I just can’t stop smiling but she actually kissed me….why…. well she is not a bad kisser…I enjoyed it

I joined her in the kitchen…she was already cooking

“How can I help” I asked hugging her from back

“The last time I checked….I am not your girlfriend so why treating me like one” she said

“I already said it that you are not my girlfriend because you are my wife” I said still hugging me

“Let go off me….I am not your wife….the contract is over” she said then I let go off her

“Who said it’s over” I asked

“Everyone knew it’s over” said answered

“For me… this is just the beginning, how can you make me fall in love and leave me” I said

“Fall in Love with who” she said

“Must I tell you before you know how much I love you” I said to her

“You told me yourself you are in love with someone” she said lighting the gas

“Really…….” I said to her

“You told me she is one crazy girl, you said you are trying not to fall in love but u can’t stop it” she said slicing the onion

“Let me help with that” I said collecting the onion and knife from her…. it’s my first time though

“So why lying to me when you already have someone in your heart” she said cleaning the dishes

“Ouch” I cried….I just cut my finger while slicing the onion

“You should be more careful” she said holding the finger while she clean the blood

“The one I love is you” I said to her then she let go of my finger

“Stop teasing me okay” she said

“Am serious…. it’s you….I sincerely love you” I replied

“Then what about the one u told me the other day” she asked

“It’s you…. yeah I tried hidding the feelings, at first I never believe it’s love but as times goes on I couldn’t help but fall” I said to her

“You mean the crazy girl was me” she asked… in trouble

“Actually…..” I was speechless

“You mean I was the crazy girl you fell in love with” she asked again

“You were crazy then but not now” I replied

“Really…..crazy… my foot” she said and walk out then came back again

“I can never marry someone like you” she said walking out again….who said she is not crazy😄😄😄

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I can’t believe I was the crazy girl he was saying then……gosh but is it true, like he loves me….gosh I can’t believe this

“Am going to shower….since it’s time for dinner” he said to me

“Go” I replied pretending to be angry

“Babe are you still angry at me” he asked

“Just leave” I said to him then he walk upstair

Later in the Night

I finished cooking and serve the dishes

“Chris” I called coz he was in the room

“You called me” he said walking downstairs

“Food is ready” I answered then he sat down and started eating

“It’s delicious” he said but I didn’t reply

“Nina…..why are you still angry at me” he asked

“Who said am angry” I reply eating

“Is it because I called you crazy….am sorry” he said

“I never told you am angry so please let me be” I said to him

“Let’s share the bedroom together tonight” he said

“The bedroom… will be using the floor while I use the bed” i replied

“You know am sick” he said

“Then I will use the sitting room” I answered

“You told me your mum told you to do whatever I want…… let’s share the bed together” he said waiting for an answer

“Continue eating” I answered

Few minutes later we were done eating

“You can go in to rest…..I will be washing the dishes” I said to him

“Let me help ” he said

“No don’t worry” I replied carrying the dishes to the kitchen while he followed me

“I told you to go back” I said

“Can’t I just stay here staring at you” he said staring at me

“Whatever….it your eyes” I replied as I started washing the plate but I wasn’t feeling comfortable coz he won’t stop staring at me but still I manage to wash all the plates, I rinse them and arrange them into their places

“Am done….so you can stop staring at me” I said cleaning my hands

“Don’t you even feel a thing for me…..” He asked

“A thing….why will I feel a thing for someone who called me crazy” I replied walking upstairs while he also follow me

“It feels like am the only one been punished here, why will you make me fall in love when you know you are not ready for it” he said as we both walk in to the room then I turned to him

“Excuse me…..I Never told you to fall in love with me….you choose to, so why putting the blame on me” I said to him

“Then you should learn to love me just like I do” he said

“Whatever” I answered laying on the bed then he also joined me

“Goodnight” I said turning my back at him then I felt his arm round my waist

“What can I do without you” he said more like a whisper then I turn to face him

“You were doing fine Even before you met me” I replied

“And after meeting you, I can’t spend a day without you…..I just can’t help it….I love you” he said touching my cheek then I smile

“Marry me” he said

“No I can’t” I replied

“Why” he asked

“I just can’t” I said

“You need time to think about it right… prob…….I will be waiting” he said and closed his eyes with his arm round me

He was already asleep, I move closer him touching his eye down to his nose then to his cute lips

“Everything about you seems perfect…..why so cute” I said……

“If I continue staring at you, I might end up kissing you……I think….no……I love you” I whisper to him trying to turn back then he stopped me…..I thought he was asleep

“I heard you……I don’t think I will have to wait again now that I know you also love me……will you marry me” he asked

“I was just joking….I never meant every word I said” I answered

“Will you marry me” he asked

“It was just a slip of tongue” I said to him

“Marry me” he said again

“I will if only you promise to love me forever” I said

“I promise to love you till eternity” he answered

“And you won’t flirt with other girls….. including Kate” I said

“I won’t flirt with anyone again….. including the nurse” he said smiling

“Are you sure” I asked

Very sure… are all I want” he said

“So will you marry me…..and be my wife” he asked

“Yeah” I answered

“Really…….you accept to be my wife” he asked happily

“Yes” I answered

“You accept to love me forever” he asked

“Even after death……I will continue loving” I replied then he move closer to me and kissed me……it lasted for some minute

He is mine….. forever

To be Continued…

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