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The Contract Episode 17

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The Contract

Episode 17

Written by Oluwabusolami

Authoress P.O.V

It was Night, Nina’s dad and mom were discussing in the bedroom

“I was thinking, why don’t you just allow Nina to go back since she want to” Nina’s said to his wife

“Nope….she is not going back to that place” she replied

“But why” he asked

“Why will my daughter leave here to leave with another guy…..and also get married to him when there is no love between them” she said

“She has been living with this same guy for some months you know” he said to her

“That was when I thought it’s the only means to save our name and our family but now…. it’s not possible” she replied

“And did you even ask Nina if she loves him” he asked

“Nina never loves him” she replied

“How sure are you…..these children lives together for many month and you believe the chemistry won’t be there….they got addicted to each other….they even kissed….” He mentioned

“The kiss was not intentional” she answered

“Why so adamant….Nina said she want to go back and as a matter of fact the guy is sick….he had an accident the last time he came here” he said to her

“Really…how did it happen” she asked curiously

“Yeah and he broke his arm….he needs to be take care of….he has no mother and you know Mr Naths is not that least we can do that, his father is a nice man… you know he gave me the money for the contract and he never asked for it again” he explained to her

“Yeah….he is really a nice man and the guy himself is not rude…..but I don’t want Nina to go back there because of any stupid contract”she said

“The contract is over wifey……but please I just want Nina to look after him and once he is fine then she can come back home….no strings attached” he said to her

“Well no prob about that….am in support” she said

“Finally…. thanks dear” he said hugging her while she smile

The Next day

Nina’s P.O.V

I was still on my bed, truth be told I was not able to sleep coz I was thinking about Chris….I just hope he is fine

“Nina..,Nina” I heard my mum calling me so I quickly stood up…. it’s morning already

I open the door and walk out

“Good morning mum” I said yawning

“And why are you still in your bedroom” she asked

“Mum it just some minute to 8, I have no where to go and nothing to do” I answered

“Lazy girl……I packed some food into the Cooler so quickly get dressed and take it to Chris… can stay there as long as you want but just make sure you take very good care of him” she said pointing a finger at me which indicate warning

“Really…..mum….you want me to go back” I said happily

“To take care of him” she replied then I quickly hug her

“Thank you mum….I love you” I said then she pushed me from her

“You almost choked me to death…..” She said touching her neck

“It’s because I was super excited” I replied smiling widely

“With the way you are smiling right now… look like a witch who just got her mission accomplished” she said going back to her room…..did she just call me a witch…. whatever

I quickly Walk in to my bathroom…. took my shower and I got dressed

But I don’t even know where the hospital is…..and he hasn’t called me….then I remember I switched off my phone yesterday after Micheal called….gosh

I quickly ran to my bed and switch it on then a message popped in…

“I have been trying to call you but it was switched off….I miss you… Christian”

Christian…..who is Christian, I don’t think I know anybody bearing that name, I guess it’s a mistake but it sounds familiar

Chris…..oh it’s Chris….gosh why am I so full

I quickly dialed the number and it was pick instantly

“You finally called” he said and my heartbeat increased…. hearing his voice makes my heart flutter

“Sorry my phone was switched off….so how are you..where are you…..are you back home…..have you eaten” I asked

“Which one should I answer first” he asked

I guess I was too anxious

“Sorry…. where are you….no how are you” I said then I heard him chuckle

“I am doing fine but not perfectly okay… getting discharged this evening…. going back home….hope I answered your question” he said

“Which hospital….and have you eaten” I asked

“Why are you asking two question at a time… look anxious…..did you miss me” he said then I smile

“Why will I miss you….I just want to be sure you are fine” I answered

“Funny you…. okay av not eaten and am in St George hospital” he replied

“St George…… okay no prob…..” I said

“You are coming right….I will be waiting” he said

“Who told you am coming… not” I replied

“I will be waiting” he said and hang up…..I can’t wait to see him

I walk out and took the Cooler

“Mum…dad….am going” I said

“Bye” I heard them saying from the bedroom them I walk out and board a cab to the hospital

Few minute I was there, I walk to the reception

“Hi nurse…. please a guy here had an accident few days ago….Chris.., Christian” I said to the nurse

“Oh you mean that cute guy” she said smiling….I just hope it’s not what am thinking.. hope Chris has not been flirting with the nurse here coz I know he is very good at that

“Not really cute” I answered

“What…..he is the cutest guy av ever met……with a smile that melt the heart” she said smiling

“What……can you just tell me where he is” I asked

“Oh….oh it’s upstairs…the VIP ward….am sure you are his sister coz he said he doesn’t have a girlfriend” the nurse said

So Chris actually said that….that crazy thing…..I angrily ignore the nurse and walk to the where he is

Wow…. it’s actually a big room….. it’s good to have money…..even in the hospital he looks like a king

“I said it…..” He said smiling at me which I returned with an angry look

“So tell me… have been flirting with those nurse right” I asked standing in front of him with my arms folded

“No….why will I do that” he answered

“Really….so why is that nurse saying those words….you are the cutest guy she has ever seen… your smile melt her heart……you even told her you have no girlfriend” I asked but instead he was smiling

“Do I have one that I don’t know” he asked smiling and looking straight into my eye

“Really so you don’t have one” I asked

“Am not sure if I have…..but why are you angry about that….not like I said something bad” he said

“It’s really bad…how can a patient be flirting with a nurse” I half yelled

“Are you angry because you think I might leave you for her…..” He asked standing up and move closer to me

“Leave me…….who….why will I be angry….I just think it’s not healthy….but hope you did not kiss her coz I can’t even stand it” I said then he chuckled

“Really…so you are really a jealous type… mean kiss like this” he said and I felt his lips on mine… was a quick peck on the lips….I wish it last longer….I quickly clear my throat

“I miss you…..I miss that craziness” he said and hug me

“Craziness… mean am crazy…..gosh my mom just called me. Witch and now you are calling me crazy” I said pushing him from me

“Wow…..then you re a crazy witch” he said laughing while he sat down and Drew me closer making me sit on his lap then he hold by my waist…I couldn’t even do anything

“Crazy witch” I yelled

“I.miss you……I miss you…..I miss you” he said continuously

“It’s okay…. enough of that” I said

“I also want to hear that from you…..tell me you miss me” he said

“Nope” I answered then he started tickling me

“Stop…. stop” I said laughing then I fell on the bed…..he intentionally lay on me and our gaze met

“Hey…..get down” I said then he move to my side still holding my waist… staring at me

” Will you stop staring” i said

“No…..I can’t…..coz I missed you” he said

“I….miss you too” I replied then he smile

“I know you do….you were just forming hard” he said then I smile

“Will you be my wife” he asked

“What…..wife….. never that will never happen” I replied

“Really….you don’t love me….you don’t want to be my wife and you keep getting angry because I was flirting with the nurse….. because I told them I have no girlfriend” he said

“It’s not healthy” I replied then he move closer to me and started kissing me…..I didn’t even know when I started kissing back… was intense then the door open

“Sorry… sorry” the nurse said

“It’s okay….she is my wife” Chris said….I was covering my face with my hand

“Wife… told me you have no girlfriend” the nurse said

“Because I have a wife” he replied and I couldn’t stop smiling…..then the nurse walk out closing the door

“She is gone” he said then I removed my hands from my face

“Really….who is your wife” I asked

“The one who just kissed me back” he said staring at me

“Who.….when did I do that” I said

“I never mention your name….. looks like your mind is not clean” he said laughing

“Why did you kissed me back… you love me….y didn’t you stop me” he asked

“Because my mom told me to take care of you…..I was just trying to do that” I replied sitting properly

“Oh I see” he said

“I brought you some food” I said dishing out the food then he started eating

“Who cooked it” he asked

“Mum” I replied

“It taste like my mom’s food…..I miss her” he said smiling while he continue eating…..when did I even start falling in love with him

Was it the first time I saw him
Or the first time we moved in to the house
Or was it when Kate arrived…..I just find myself getting jealous whenever he touched Kate…….I don’t think I can ever stop loving him

“You should stop staring at me……” He said eating then I smile

No doubt…….I love him

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

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