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The Contract Episode 16

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The Contract

Episode 16

Written by Oluwabusolami

Nina’s P.O.V

It’s been three days since I left Chris, I must confess I really miss him….this is when I knew how much I got addicted to him, I just can’t stop thinking about him…his smiles, his angry face, his dimples….I miss everything about him

I remember when I saw him in the bathroom….so hilarious, I wish to see him but there is no way

I was still thinking about this when I heard my phone ringing…. it’s Micheal

Micheal was my friend, we are not very close but we are friends, he once asked me out but I turned him down then we agree to be just friends, he is cute but not as Chris

“Hi Michael” I said to him

“Babe…. it’s been a while I heard from you, the last time I came to your place, I was told you traveled” he said to me

“Then why didn’t you call me” I asked

“Actually I lost my phone then, I just got my sim retrieved, i was going through my diary then i saw your number” he said

“Oh okay….so how are you” I said

“Am good ….I miss you babe….where are you now” he said

“Am home” I answered

“You mean you are back” he said

“Yeah” I replied

“Okay…. I’ll be there soon” he said

“Expecting you then” I said then hang-up

Then my little sis walk to me

“Nina….why is Chris not coming here” she asked

“Who cares” I answered

“But I think he is a cool guy….why can’t you marry him” she said

“Shut up u little devil….he loves someone else so why will I want to marry him” I said to her

“Are you sure about that…did he tell you that” she asked

“Yeah he did so stop bothering me” I said to her

“No prob” she replied and walk upstairs…..always pokenosing

Few minutes later I heard a knock on the door, I guess it Micheal, I open the door and it was him

“Hey babe” he said throwing himself at me

“Wow you looking cute” I said to him

“You ought to know am always cute”he replied sitting down while I close the door

“What about mum and dad” he asked

“The went out” I answered sitting beside him

“So how is everything….where did you travel to” he asked

“Ahmmm….to my hometown” I replied him

“Hometown….how come I did not hear about it….no one told me even you” he said

“It was impromptu” I replied

“Well so how is everyone over there” he asked

“They are fine” I answered

“So did you get a boyfriend there” he asked

“Boyfriend…..who is ready for that” I said to him

“You know am always here in case incase you need one” he said

“Funny you” I said smiling

“Sincerely speaking….you look more cute…” He said touching my cheek while no was laughing then the door open and Chris came in

Micheal let go off my cheek

“Why are you here….dad is not around” I said to him….but he looks sad… maybe he got rejected by his love

“Actually…..I just came to say hi since it’s been a while” he replied

“Okay….you can leave now” I said to him

“Ahmmm…can we please talk” he said

“Am not in mood for that” I said to him facing Micheal as we continue chatting….soon he close the door and walk out….I guess he leave

“Who is he” Micheal asked

“Not someone important” I answered

“Really….are you sure he is not your ex or boyfriend….he looks cute and rich tho” he said

“Can we please change the topic” I said to him

“It’s okay if you don’t wanna talk about it” he said

“So do you get yourself a girlfriend” I asked curiously but sincerely my mind was on Chris….did he leave…..why will he just leave like that when I was eager to see him….I shouldn’t have talk to him that way….I wanted to jump to him and hug him but why am I not doing that….I guess I was too harsh on him

But I tried erasing it from my memories

“Not really….you know there are many crushers….but I haven’t found one” he answered

We continue hosting for some time….it was almost an hour

“Babe I should get going….I need to go see someone” he said

“Okay let me see you out then” I said to him

“Alright” he replied holding my hand as we both walk out then I saw Chris car….what is he still doing here….where is he ….is he in the car

Then he opened the car and came out, I can’t believe he is still here….why is he like this….I don’t think I owe him anything

I followed Micheal to the gate ignoring Chris who was standing beside his car

“You can go back now since someone is waiting” he said to me

“Okay bye then” I said waving at him then he came closer and peck on my cheek….I wasn’t expecting it tho but I smile, the look on Chris face now was something I can’t describe ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

“Bye” he whisper to my ear and left…..funny dude

I turned back closing the gate then I tried walking in passing him by but he held me back

“Nina…why are you treating me this way….I have been waiting here for some minute… almost an hour and you pretend as if you don’t know

“I thought you left” I said

“Nina we need to talk” he said

“Talk about what….. I don’t wanna see you again…. can’t you just let me be” I yelled at him

“Is it because of him… that why you are ignoring me….is that why you never gave me that why you keep treating me like a bag of trash….at Lea you ought to be considerate Nina” he said…..tears were already forming in his eyes…..why is that happening….Is Chris about to cry because of me or someone else

“What with those tears….those red eye” I asked then the tears drop freely….that was when my eye caught his second hand, it was with bandage… wrapped round it

“What happen to you….why is your hand like this” I asked him but instead tears were rushing down his face….he couldn’t talk

“Chris….talk to me what happen….why crying” I asked

“I had an accident on my way home the last time I came here…i was lost in thought and hot a car……as you can see….the car I brought is different from the one I came with the other day” he said

“What were you thinking… are suppose to be in the hospital….why are you here” I asked

“I miss you Nina…..even on sick bed I couldn’t stop thinking about you…..I couldn’t hold it anymore and that’s why am here…..i miss you….can you please come back home….I miss your presence” he answered….I was speechless for some seconds

“Chris…..” I was speechless

“Once you come back home…..I will be fine….am still admitted to the hospital but I tried coming here and that’s how important you are to me right now….. please come back” he said to me

“But the contract is over… don’t need me anymore” I said

“I really do…..I need you this time….I just need a shoulder to lean on….my heart is breaking…. please” he said

“Am not sure if mum let me come back” I said

“Then let me talk to her myself…..I just want you around me for the main time….I need to get myself back…..ever since you left, I have not been the Real me…..pleas come back” he said…..tears were already forming in my eyes…. Quickly turned from him then wiped it off….I don’t wanna cry in his presence

“Okay just go back to the hospital…..I will talk to mum”I said to him

“Then give me your contact so I can call you” he said then I collected his phone and type my number on it and gave it back to him

“Who is he…..your new boyfriend…..he pecked you” he said…..I sense jealousy….I tried holding back the laughter

“You don’t need to know” I said to him

“Not as cute as I am tho… am happy” he said smiling

I miss those smiles…. it’s nice seeing them again

“Whatever… should go back to the hospital now” I said to him

“Won’t you come to check on me” he asked

“Just leave….I will do that later” I replied

“Then I will call you” he said

“No prob….. bye” I said then he also peck on my second cheek

“What was that for” I asked

“You are still my wife you know….the contract is not yet over….I can’t watch another guy doing that to you” he answered then I smile

“I miss that smile” he said…..he said everything I wanted to tell him…..

“Go” I said trying to frown my face

“Even when you frown….you still look cute” he said….I couldn’t help but to smile

“Bye” he said hopping into his car then leave

I missed him…..I am missing him already๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“

I went back in smiling

Some hours later….Mom and dad came back

“Welcome” I said to them giving them a glass of water while they sat down

“Thanks” dad said to me

Dad… the contract between you and Me Naths over now” I asked

“It’s over” he answered dropping the glass cup

Can’t……. can’t it be renew” I said

“Renew….are you out of your mind” mom yelled

“I just want to go back to that house nothing more….. I mean there are expensive wears, and food to eat there….. moreover the house was bought for Chris and I….so it’s also my house” I said to them

“Listen woman….you are not going back to that place….not when am alive okay” mom replied

“But why mom… 22 for crying out loud” I said

“That’s the final say….take it or leave it” she said and walk upstairs

“You really wanna go back” dad asked me then I nodded

“Why….is it because of the expensive wears….if it’s because of that…I can buy you as many as you want….I am rich now……or is it because you are also Inlove” dad asked then I smiled

“Not really dad but he begged me to come back…..he is sick and I wish to go take of him dad” I replied

“Hmmm….I smell love” dad said laughing

“Not funny dad…. please talk to mum…..the house is mine also” I said

“Are you sure this is coming from your mind now….no one is forcing or threatening you” dad asked

“Yes dad” I answered

“Then that’s not a prob…. I will try and find a way” he said then I hugged him

“You are the best dad” I said happily then I sat down beside him

“Am not happy with his present condition…..he had an accident the last time he came here to beg you” I said to dad

“It’s okay….he will be fine” dad said patting me on my head

I can’t wait to go back to him…..I just pray mom accept

Written by Oluwabusolami โฃ๏ธ

Who else feel sorry for Chris

Do you want Nina to go back to him or she should stay

Even if Nina went back…do you think Mr Nath will be Happy about it again

To be Continued…

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