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The Contract Episode 15

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The Contract

Episode 15

Written by Oluwabusolami

Chris P.O.V

Everything looks like a dream to me, I can’t believe everything was a plan, like did he really do it because of money or is my dad aware of it

Am not even in my right frame of mind right now, how will I even cope without her, am used to her already but her dad shouldn’t have done this….I need to go see dad, I want to know if he is aware of it

I took my car key and rushed out….I can’t just loose her that way

Nina’s P.O.V

I was silent till we got home, I need to know why dad did this to me, I never expect this from him

“Dad…. dad” I called angrily as I walk in to his room

“Nina….why are you here” he said

“Tell me it’s a lie dad….tell me everything I heard was a lie….did you actually lied to Mr Naths huh” I asked with tears

“Am sorry Nina, but I need to explain something’s to you” he said

“Explain what dad….that you exchange me for money, that you got greedy and pushed me to his son because they are rich, I never expect this from you dad” I said to him

“Common Nina….you should trust me….I can never do such” he said

“You have no genuine excuse dad… did for money” I yelled

“Fine…..I am your father, Even if I did it for money, I did the right thing…..the guy is no blind, he is handsome and rich not like I have you out to a lame or poor guy, why is everyone saying it as if I did anything wrong….. since you are not ready to explanation then it’s okay” dad said and walk out angrily

Tears Rolling down my face….I can’t believe this is happening to me….I just can’t

Chris P.O.V

I drive in to dad’s Compound then I hopped down

“Is dad home” I asked the gate keeper

“Yeah” he replied then i made my way to the door, I was about entering when I heard my dad having a conversation with someone

“What…. how did it happen” I heard my dad asking

“I forgot to logged of my email then my wife saw it….she even listen to me….I tried explaining everything to her but no including Nina” the man said then I gat to know it was Nina’s dad….so my dad also know about this….what is happening

“Gosh….you should have been more careful….how do I even explain to Chris” my dad said

Since dad also knows about this, that means Nina’s dad didn’t do it out of money or greediness….then what is the reason….I need to find out

I open the door and walk in

“Oh Chris…….you are here” my dad said

“What’s happening dad….am in the dark….why is everything turning upside down…” I asked him

“Son you need to calm down…. everything is in control” my dad replied

“Is it true you didn’t loose the contract….” I asked Nina’s dad

“Yeah” he replied

“Gosh……I was a fool to have believe you….but I thought you told my dad you loosed it….dad are you also aware of that” I asked dad

“I need to explain something’s to you…. it’s really complicated” my dad replied

“I guess Nina’s dad begged you to make Nina my wife, all this was planned before, no wonder you keep saying it’s only Nina and no one else, you even buy us a house….I was wondering, what’s all this for so it’s him huh” I half yelled at dad

“And you….how did you do it, how did you manage to convince dad….I guess you charm him right, why…. because he is rich and you are not, so you want to be famous and rich like him….are you after his property….since am the only heir, you thought if I later get married to your daughter, all the property will come to you….I can’t believe I was as stupid as this” I yelled at Nina’s dad

He stood up and slapped me

“What….did you just slap me” I said

“Another word from you….am gonna slap you ten times… thought I wasn’t satisfy with what I have….I have my own company, a house and a car….I might not be as rich and famous as your dad but I am okay and satisfy with what I have….” Nina’s dad yelled…..he was boiling with anger

“Then why did you it….if you were okay and satisfy….why did you do it….why” I yelled

“Because you dad asked me to do it…. it’s true am in need of money, and I know your dad can lend me….I came here with my daughter because she said she wanna follow me to know more about my business

Your dad wants my daughter to get married to you which I strongly refused but he begged me…..he begged me…..I did everything thing because of you” he yelled

“Because of me….why me….” I asked angrily

“He wanted you to feel love, he want you to believe there is love since you’ve never called in love… a good father I have no choice but to accept since it’s for your betterment and I also want the best for you…..he promise me once my daughter make you believe in love then it’s over….ever since I knew him, he has been a great help to me, this is the only thing I can do to appreciate him so why won’t I do it….I risk my daughter life just because of you, so how is it my fault huh….how is it my fault” he said and pushed me then angrily left

I fell down on the couch…. speechless….dad was staring at me not uttering any statement….I didn’t even know when tears start flowing down my cheeks….I shouldn’t have talk to him that way

“I did everything because I don’t want you to end up with the wrong person, I believe when you are in love and believe in love….you won’t get married to any one just because of the dressing or her sex skills….your heart will be able to communicate with her and you will know the right one….I don’t want you to end up in the wrong hand but I guess I was wrong….am sorry” dad said and walk upstairs to his room

I bursted into tears…. everything was just for me…..I really need to apologise to many people…..I sat on the floor crying bitterly

The next day

I woke up and I realize I was still in the sitting room room….I miss Nina…this is when I just realised how deeply am in love with her

Av not been myself ever since she left…..I really need to see her

I got up and walk to my dad’s room knocking

“Come in” I heard him say then I walk in, he was resting on the bed

“Good morning dad” I said greeting him

“Morning” he replied then postrated

“Am sorry dad with the way I reacted yesterday….am really sorry” I said to him

“Stand up” ….he said then I quickly stand up and sat beside him

“I don’t need your apology but you need to go apologise to Nina’s family especially her dad, look at the way you were talking to him yesterday….I thought I brought you up in a good way so why are you like this” he said to me

“Am really sorry dad” I said to him

“It’s okay….. but you should go apologise to him….and if I may ask… you still want Nina back” he asked

“Yes dad……she has been a good partner to me…..I love her dad” I said

“Love….are you saying that to make me happy or you are serious about it” he asked

“Am serious dad….am in love with her….I want her as my wife” I replied

“Oh really….you want her and you nhave the audacity to talk to her dad that way….what type of son-in-law are you” he said

“Am sorry dad….you know I love you” I said hugging him

“It’s okay son” he replied patting me

“I should go dress….what about the address to her place” I asked

“I will give it to you” he replied

“Thanks dad” I said and walk out

Few minute, I was done dressing, I collected the address from dad and hopped into my car as I started driving

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

“That was what happen…..I tried explaining to your mum but she wouldn’t listen….even you” dad said to me…he just finish explaining everything to mom and i

“Am sorry dad….am really sorry” I pleaded

“But still, I am suppose to be aware of it….even my daughter….. it’s not right” mom said

“Am sorry about that” dad said to mom

“Since it’s settled now, that’s okay but Nina is not going back there” mum said

“That’s not a prob” dad answered but I wasn’t okay with that…..I really missed him and I want to see him….but there is no excuse to go back there

Chris doesn’t love me, he already told me he is in love with someone else so I don’t think we will ever meet again….. it’s hurt though

I heard a knock from the door

“Check who is it” mom said then I stood up and open the door…. behold…. it’s Chris

“Hi” he said to me….. right now am really happy to see him but am also angry….I was use as a tool to make him fall in love and he dare talk to my dad that way

“Can I come in” he asked then I slam the door at his face

“Who is it” dad asked

“Nevermind dad…..” I answered

“I said who is it” dad asked

“Chris…..I don’t know why he is here” I answered

“Let him in” dad said

“But dad”

“I said let him in” he half yelled then I open the door

“Come in” I said with an angry face

“Thanks” he said as he walk in while I close the door

“Good morning” he said

“And why are you here……” My dad asked him

“Ahm… really sorry for everything I said… sincerely sorry” he said to dad

“I don’t need your apology so you can leave” dad replied

“I know I was wrong……and am here saying sorry….am sincerely sorry for everything….. Please” he said prostrating

Did I just see him prostrating… the almighty Chris who is always full of himself just prostrated………what a miracle

“Adams….you should forgive him since he is begging” mom said to dad

“It’s okay….stand up” dad said then he stood up and he was asked to sit beside dad which he did

“Next time, you should know the main reason behind an action before you talk…. okay” dad said to him

“Alright…. thank you sir” he answered

“So what will you like to take…. it’s your first time here…you should take something” mom asked him….why is everyone treating him like someone special

“Am okay ma’am” he said…..u better be

“No i insist….u must take something” mom said

“Okay….ahmmm….water will do” he answered

“Nina…get him a glass of water” mum said to me then I stood up and walk into the kitchen….I came back with the water which I have to him….he was staring at me but I pretend as if I did not see him

He can’t just make my heart flutter for no reason… I better get rid of the feelings….he doesn’t even worth it

“I will like to be on my way now” he said

“So fast” dad said

“I will visit some other time” he said

“Okay….Nina you should see him off” dad mentioned

“He knows his way out dad…” I said

“Are you okay” dad said then I angrily stood up as we both walk out

We got to where his car was parked

“Bye” I said and turn to leave then he held me back

“What….” I asked

“Ahmmm…..there is something I will like to tell you” he said

“You know what am not in any mood to listen to you… let go off me” I said

“Nina …..I ”

“You think what…..I told you am not interested” I interrupted and left angrily

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

Right now am trying to hold back my tears…..o just got rejected….at least she should net me say what I have in mind but she is not even giving me audience

I can’t stand loosing her…..I just can’t

I hopped in to my car and started driving…..the tears I was trying to hold back fell freely…..this is why I hate love….. it’s hurt

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

Since Chris is in love….do you think he will be able to tell Nina how he felt

Don’t you think Nina is too harsh on him

Who do you want to end up with Chris……Nina or Kate… remember Kate had a crush on him.

To be Continued…

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