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The Contract Episode 14

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The Contract

Episode 14

Written by Oluwabusolami

Nina’s P.OV

“Actually…. it’s not what you think…..the kiss wasn’t intentional” I said to them but they won’t stop staring at me

“Really it wasn’t intentional but it happens” Mr Naths asked

“Ahmmmm…..” I stammered

“So Chris, how was it, is she good in kissing” my mom asked

“What….what type of question is that” I said to mum

“Actually, she is not bad” Chris said smiling

“Can we please change the topic…. please” I said

“I just hope you guys started making babies, I want her to be pregnant before the wedding” Mr Naths said

“Pregnant….for who…..Chris” I said

“Is he not capable….or is he not a man enough” my dad asked

“What….why won’t I be capable….I am more than that” Chris said

“Says who….” I said

“Is he….” Mom said

“What….am not what you are thinking….not at all” Chris quickly said before mum could finish her statement

“Oh better” his dad said

“Since everybody is here, we should eat something right” Mr Naths said then called the maid to start preparing something to eat while I also join her in the kitchen and soon the food was done, we dishes out the food at the dinning room then everyone started eating

“If you still not comfortable with Chris, you can let me know” Mr Nath said

“Ahmmm….” I couldn’t find something to say

“You can’t let me know if you don’t to get married to him….” He said

“Ahmmm….I will think about it” I replied

“Alright” he said as we continue eating

Soon we were done eating, we bid everybody goodbye and drive back home

“About what dad said…..are you not comfortable around me” Chris asked

“Why would I get comfortable around you when you keep disturbing my life” I replied him

“Really….” He said

“Keep shut and continue driving” I said to him as we continue driving home

❣️❣️Authoress P.O.V❣️❣️

Nina’s parent got home, her little sis was already asleep

“I think they getting close to each other” Nina’s Mom said to him

“I think so” he replied hopping down from the car when his phone started ringing

“I will join you….you should go in” he said then Nina’s Mom walked in

“Hello….this is Adams speaking” her dad said to the caller

“Congrat Mr Adams for a successful business, you have been awarded the contract” the caller said

“Really…” he cried out happily

“Yeah, you should check your email for more information” the caller said hanging up

“Of course I will” he said happily then Nina’s Mom joined him outside

“What is it, I heard you shouting” she asked

“Ahmmm it’s nothing…..never mind” he replied walking in

“But I heard you shouting” she said to him

“I said it’s nothing” he replied walking to the room, he walked in and slam the door

He quickly bring out his laptop and his flash drive, the he logged in into his email

“Wow finally…..I was already getting scared I might get duped but finally…….” He said laughing then Nina’s Mom walked in

“Adams, I still don’t get it…..are you sure you are fine” Nina’s Mom said

“Aishhh… are just a pain in my ass” he said dropping his laptop and sluggishly walk out of the room, he forgot to logged out of his email

Nina’s Mom walk to where the laptop was

“Let see why he won’t stop shouting and laughing” she said click on the laptop then she saw all the information about the contract she thought he loosed

“What…..what am I see, Adams just won a contract… this not the same contract he invest a lot of money into and suddenly got duped…..why is he winning it now
How…..what happen” she said to herself

“Adams…. Adams” she yelled carrying the laptop as she angrily walk to the sitting room where Adams was sitting

“What is it” he asked but was short of words when he saw the laptop on her hand

“What is my laptop doing there….why are you carrying it” he said collecting it

“I need an explanation Adams…. what’s that information about” she asked

“Never mind…. it’s non of your business” he said

“What do you mean it’s non of my business” she yelled

It’s my business and not yours” he replied

“So it was a lie, you didn’t got duped….. Adams…. tell me” she said angrily

“Let me explain” he said trying to calm her down

“Explain what huh, that you got greedy for money…. that you gave your daughter out to a man because of money, you wanted to become Mr Nath in-law so you can take over, aren’t you satisfy enough with what you have, why did you have to do this to my daughter, why so cruel…..the Adams I got married to was never like this, what came over you huh…..” She yelled crying

“It’s not what you think…..I can explain everything, it’s actually not what you think at all” he said to her trying to touch her

“Get your filthy hands off me” she said pushing him

“You should listen to me….I need to explain something’s to you” he said to her

“I don’t need your explanation….. it’s late already, first thing tomorrow morning, am bringing her back here” she said leaving his sight

“Aishhh…..I should have tell her everything then….”he said to himself

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

I finished eating dinner, Nina was already in the room, it’s raining and really cold

Am not sure if I’ll be able to sleep in the sitting room today

I walked in to the room, she was laying on the bed shivering, I quickly cover her with the blanket and sleep beside her under the same duvet….wow it’s warm

She adjusted to my side and lay her head on my chest, wrapping her arms round me….. what is trying to do right now

“Hey what are you doing right now” I said to her but she was fast asleep

She is really cute…… it’s my first time feeling this way, am trying to avoid this feelings but I don’t think I can, I don’t know I got scared of telling her how I felt, not like it’s my first time but am scared of getting rejected by her

“Why….is your heart beating so fast” she said in a sleepy tone

“Coz am scared” I replied

“Of what” she asked

“Of loosing you…..I think….” I was still talking when I heard her snoring….I couldn’t even finish my statement

☁️☁️☁️The Next day☁️☁️☁️

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Why is it warm here….I opened my eye but I couldn’t see through, something is obstructing my view…. what’s happening….that was when I knew I was resting on Chris chest while he covered me with his body

“Whaaaat” I screamed pushing him down

“Ahhhahhh…..” He cried in pain standing up

“What… what am I doing….I mean why are you on the bed with me….why was I laying my head on your chest….what happen….I can’t even remember anything” I said to him

“Ahhh…..why are you always like this, you were shivering yesternyt and I came here to cover you with the duvet, I can’t sleep in the sitting room coz it cold so I also slept here” he said to me

“So…… what’s my head doing on your chest” I asked

“You did that yourself” he said

“Whaaat…..ahhh” I yelled then I heard my name being called from downstairs….that sounds like my mom

I quickly get down and walk downstairs holding my phone, I was right…. it’s mom

“Mom….what are you doing here” I asked then she hugged me

“Are you okay” she asked me

“Mom what happen” I asked her

“Let’s go home… don’t need to pack anything since you bring nothing here…. let’s go home” she said to me

“Home…..why” Chris asked walking downstairs

“You don’t need to know…..let go” mom said dragging me but I stopped her

“Am not leaving here without any reason, what happen…..was dad able to pay back the money” I asked curiously

“He lied…. he never got duped… dad lied….he actually won the contract” mom said crying

“What…..are you serious” I asked

“What do you mean he lied” Chris asked

“Everything he said was all lies…..he didn’t loose any contract, I got to know yesterday after checking his Email…. it’s over now so let’s go home” mom said

I was totally shocked….why is dad doing that to me, so he actually send me here lying to Me Math, how will he feel if he later get to know it was all lies…. right now am disappointed in him

“Let’s go” mom said, then I turned to Chris who was standing still, I guess he was surprise also

“Am sorry for everything I might have done….am Really sorry” I said to him…. right now I started missing him, as much as I hate him, I still wanted to be with him,

“Let’s go” mom said dragging me out……I can’t believe dad did all this because of money….gosh

What do you think will happen next?

Do you think what Mr Adams did was wrong

Did he really do it because of money

How do you think Chris might feel right now

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