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The Contract Episode 13

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The Contract

Episode 13

Written by Oluwabusolami

Chris P.O.V

It’s night already, I was in the dinning room eating while Nina was in the sitting room pressing her phone

I finished eating dinner then I stand up to walk in leaving the plate on the table

“Hey, where are you going” she asked me

“Going to bed of course” I replied

“Why are you so useless huh” she asked

“Useless….who told you am useless” I asked her

“All you do in this house is to wake up, eat, bath and sleep…..I do the cooking and washing….why” she yelled

“You don’t expect me to be doing that….look here, without me you can’t breathe” I said to her

“Tell me, are you the oxygen I inhale or the carbon dioxide I exhale ” she said

“Who cares, all I know is that I am the reason why you are still here” I replied her

“Pack those plate right now and bring it the kitchen” she said pointing to the plate I finished eating with then she walk in to the kitchen

She is too mean….I pack the plates and take it the kitchen, she was washing the plates

“Here it is” I said to her dropping it then I turn to leave, she Drew me back with my shirt

“Hey what is it” I asked

“You rinse the plate while I wash the dishes” she said to me

“Really” I said

“Start rinsing” she said

“Do you even know who I am, no one dare order me around in my house” I said to her

“That is Mr Naths house, you must work here regardless who you are…. don’t be lazy” she replied

“No prob….I will do it” I said then I start rinsing the plates while she wash

Soon we are done washing, I arranged the plate, clean my hands then I walk out

“I am going to bed” I said to her walking upstairs

“It’s been a while I sleep on the bed, am using the room today, you should sleep in the sitting room” she said as we both walk in

“It better you go back to the sitting room or I you lay your mat and sleep on the floor” I said jumping on the bed

“Am not sleeping on the floor today” she said and also jump on the bed pushing me

“Hey you should leave me….I need to rest” I said to her

“Get down right now or I call your dad” she said

“Call him….he might answer you on the sick bed….what is bad there if we both share the bed” I said to her

“What….share the bed with who….looks like you are not okay…. common get down” she said then I turned to the other side while she continue pushing me

“Nina stop….am not coming down….so it’s better you leave” I said to her

“Am not leaving here….we both own this room, you can’t be sleeping on the bed everyday” she said then I turned to face her, she fell on me….our gaze meeting each other

While did she suddenly get pretty….so cute

“Aishhh….I hate you” she said getting down

She brought out some clothe and blanket than laid it then she lay on it

“Are you okay there or you come here” I said to her

“Am fine…. keep your bed to yourself” she replied

“Goodnight then” I said but there was no response….crazy being

Written by Oluwabusolami
Author of my Mermaid and because I love you

The Next day

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

It’s morning already, I stood up and open the door….guess I woke up late again but where is Chris

I walk out and walk downstairs, he was sitting down fully dressed

“Where are you going” I asked him

“I want to go visit dad” he replied

“Really….then let’s go together” I said to him

“On one condition” he said

“What condition” I asked

“You must dress up to my taste, I don’t want all those dress you do put on” he said

“I just don’t like exposing my body….but why should I dress to impress you…..not like you are my boyfriend” I said to him

“Then stay home” he said

“Okay okay…..let me go dress” I said and walk in

I took my bathe and open my wardrobe which was filled with expensive wears, bags and shoes

I found a short silver skirt, not long and not too short, I put it on and it was wow, I found a nice top to it which I wore, I loose my hair which was always tied up

Though I have a long hair but I don’t like exposing it, i cream it and let it fall on my shoulder, I wore a heel, apply some powder, lip gloss and mascara

My makeup was simple but it was wow, I was searching for a bag to use when Chris walk in

“Hey what are you still doing….are you going to take the whole day dre…….” He couldn’t finish his statement when he stared at me

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

“What is it…..why staring at me that way” she asked me….I never knew she is as cute and hot as this….wow

“Are….are you done” I asked

“Almost done…. searching for a bag to use” she answered

“I will do that” I said as I walk to her wardrobe and brought out a bag

“Use this, it goes with your dress” I said giving her the bag

“So….how do I look now” she asked

“You look like Nina” I answered with a smile

“Gosh….why so dumb” she said

“You know you don’t look like your name before, you look like an old school teacher but now you look like Nina” I said

“Whatever…let go” she said taking a step but the floor was slippery so she fell, I quickly grab her by her waist and my second was on her boobs which was not intentional

“Yaaaa…..get your hands off me” she screamed pushing me from her

“It wasn’t intentional” I said

“Is that the only place to touch uh….you should have let me fall then…..gosh” she said

“Nice boobs though…..soft” I said smiling

“I hate you…..” She said

“I was wondering if your boobs could be soft like that then how will your lips looks like” I said to her

“Will you stop saying rubbish, pretend like it never happen, you never touch me okay” she yelled

“How do you expect me to pretend like it never happen after touching a nice thing” i replied

“Aishhh….why did you even come here in the first place, what if I was naked” she asked

“Soo…. what’s special about that….Kate posses times two of everything you have… wat” I answered

“Who cares, at least am prettier” she said

“Whatever” I said

“You know wat, just leave…..go out” she yelled

“I will but I need to examine something” I replied

“What” she asked the I grab her hand and Drew her closer with my hands on her waist

“Nice waist….curvy… taste” I said to her

“Let go off me” she said in slow voice, guess she was surprised

“I’ll” I said and Drew her more closer then kiss her

Written by Oluwabusolami
Author of my heart desire

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I felt his lips on mine, oh my gosh…..he is kissing me,I tried stopping him but he wouldn’t let go off me

Soon he unlock from the kiss, I was standing still…..confused….. surprise…..angry….oh my….

“Nice lips….. soft like I imagine it to be….with all these you possess, I guess the marriage my work” he said smiling then he walk out

“Did he just say the marriage might work…….says who….it will never happen

I took my bag and walk out

Let’s go” he said as we both walk out, he open the door for me…..all this caring doesn’t suit him, I hopped in while he did the same and drove out of the compound

“Is he still in the hospital” I asked him

“Nope…..he got discharged today” he replied

“That’s good to hear” I replied

After an hour of driving, we finally got to Mr Naths big mansion

The gate was open and he drove in, we hopped down then I turn to leave

“Hey…. couples should hold their hands while walking” he said holding me

“It doesn’t suit you” I said to him

“What….” He asked

“All this caring act….doesn’t suit you, you should go back to your real self” I said to him

“Whatever”he said as we both walk in

“Oh mom, dad… guys are here” i said to my parent

“Yeah, we heard he got discharged so we came to check on him…..but… guys are holding hands…” mom said then I quickly let go of my hand

Mr Nath walk downstairs

“Oh how is your health now” I asked him, helping him sit down

“Getting better” he replied

“Dad are you sure you are ok” Chris asked

” Yeah…..I see the couples are glowing, you guys should start preparing for your wedding” Mr Nath said

“That’s not a prob dad” Chris replied

“What…..what do you mean it’s not a prob huh” I said to him

“Wow, I see you no longer argue with your dad” my dad said to Chris

“Yeah…..I think that’s the best thing to do” Chris replied

“That’s good of you” my dad said

“But….have you guys…..I mean…..did you guys kissed” mom asked

“Mom…..kiss….. Never did that” I replied then I saw Chris smiling……crazy being

“Are you sure you never kissed” she asked again

“Mom……we never kissed….it never happened” I replied quickly

“Then is that not a lipstick stain on Chris shirt” mom said then I checked…..

Oh I didn’t even remember when this happen…..I guess it was when I wanted to fall…..ahh…

“Ahmmmm actually…..uhhhh…..hmmmm” I stammered

“We kissed….. yeah we did” Chris said

“When……. ahhhh” I screamed with my eyes popping out

Everyone was laughing and all eyes a was on me

“Is that true” Mr Nath asked me….. everyone was expecting an answer from me, Even Chris was waiting for my answer…..he already let the cat out of the bag….. now what do I say…..ahhhh

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

Who else think this marriage will surely work

Do you think Nina is also in love with Chris

Talking about the contract……do you still believe that Mr Adams loose the contract or it still a plan…

To be continued…

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