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The Contract Episode 12

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The Contract

Episode 12

Written by Oluwabusolami

Chris P.O.V

Flash back

“What the hell is wrong with her, we’ve been Knocking since and no signs of her, it’s raining” Kate yelled

“I really don’t know why she is doing this to us….am fed up, I think we should just go sleep in the car” I replied

“What….. sleep in the car, when I have my own place….. Never” she said

“We can’t just continue knocking, at least let sleep or wait in the car till she opens the door” I said

“I said no….am not gonna sleep in that car…” She yelled.

“So what should we do then” I asked

“Let’s go Lodge in a hotel” she said

“Gosh….. it’s raining Kate…..I don’t drive when it’s raining and you know that” I replied

“Then I will drive… let’s go” she said

“Okay….. let’s go” I replied then we walk to the car

“I changed my mind…..this is your house, you are not suppose to be sleeping outside… I will go home and come back tomorrow, when she knows that am gone, she will open the door okay” she said

“No no….let just go the hotel” I replied

“No I will be going home bye” she said pecking me and left

Now am left alone, I got into the car fully drenched, I turn off the AC but it’s still cold….Nina can be so mean sometimes

Back to reality

Gosh I can’t believe Kate left me alone in that rain and she is still not back

I stood up and walk downstairs, she was eating some chips

I sat down beside her pressing my phone

“Are you okay now, how is the cold” she asked me

“Fine” I replied not looking at her

“I thought you guys left yesterday that’s y I didn’t open the door am sorry” she said

“Where were you when I was knocking” I asked

“Ahhmmm……am sorry” she said

“Keep your sorry to yourself, I don’t need it” I said to her

“Okay but where is Kate” she asked just then the door open and Kate walk in

“Oh I was just asking of you” Nina said to her

“Really, you thought I was dead or I left” Kate replied

“Who cares if you’re dead and I will be glad if you leave” Nina replied

“Whatever…. have you eaten Chris” she asked

“Am fine for now….. just sit” I replied then Nina stood up and walk to the room

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I think it’s high time I do the right thing, she can’t come here and start disturbing my life here in my house

I will just call Chris dad and let him know about, I was about calling him when I heard my name

Chris just called me, I walked out to him, he was standing at the door

“What is it, why calling me” I asked him

“Get dressed and let’s go” he said to me

“To where” I asked

“Dad was admitted to the hospital…..we need to go see him” Chris said

“Really….. let’s go, I don’t need to change” I said then Chris hold my hand as we both rush downstairs

Kate was standing, staring at us

“What’s with those hands” she said to Chris then i came back to my sense, why is he holding me

“Oh…..” He said while he let go of my hand

“We need to leave right now so will you stay here or you will leave” Chris asked her

“Leave to where, where are you guys going” she asked

“It’s urgent, you don’t need to know” he answered

“Then I’ll just go with you” she asked

“No… can’t go” Chris said to her

“Really so am not important anymore……I will just go take my things and leave…..I guess am not needed here” Kate said and angrily walk upstairs

She came back with her bag

“Bye and don’t bother calling me coz I won’t pick it” she said to him and walk out…. finally

“Let’s go….I will solve that later” Chris said to me as we both walk out

He drove out of the compound while I close the gate and also hopped in

Soon we got to the hospital

Mom and dad was there also

“Mom, dad…… how is he” I asked them

“The doctor is attending to him for now” mom replied

“,But what happened” Chris asked

“We also don’t know, we just got a call that he is here” dad replied him

“He will be fine, sit here till the doctor comes out” mom said to us then we both sat down

This is the first I see tears in his face, though he is trying to not let it drop but his eyes was full with tears and red

“He will be fine…. okay” I said to him, he only nodded

Soon the doctor walk out

“How is he” Chris asked him

“He is fine now, he only needs to rest then he will be perfectly okay” the doctor said

“Can we please see him” dad said

“Yeah but do not take much time, he needs a lot of rest” the doctor said then we all walk to where he is

“Dad, how are you feeling now” Chris said to him

“Am getting better” Mr Naths replied

“That’s good” he replied

Soon we went back home

“Are you still gonna bring Kate back here” I asked

“Why asking” he asked sitting down

“Just wanna know” I said laying on the three sitters beside him

“She is not coming back…. Happy now” he said

“Who cares” I replied the he came closer and sat beside me

“What…..why are you here” I asked

“,Shhhh….I need to confirm something” he replied and bent his head closer to me……he was staring at my lips

My heart beat increased instantly

“What are you trying to do” I manage to say but this time he was really close to me, his lips almost touching mine

“You should stop.,…..” I couldn’t finish my words when I felt his lips on mine…..whaaat…..he kissed me……why

I quickly unlock from the kiss and sat down properly

“Why……..why did you kiss me” I asked then he draw me closer again and kissed me…..this time it was too intense

Lot of question popping into my mind

Why is he kissing me

Does he love me

Do I look attractive to him

Then i heard a tap on my cheeks

Oh I can’t believe I was imagining all this……he didn’t kiss me

“Why did you close your eyes… thought I wanna kiss you… really funny” he said laughing

“Who….kiss who…..” I said sitting properly

“What were you trying to confirm when u came closer” I asked

I was thinking if I later end up with you, you should have a good lips….. that’s wat I love most in girls

“End up with who…..stop dreaming” I said

“You have a nice lips tho….. it’s tempting” he said smiling the he walk upstairs smiling

“Nice lips my foot…..but was I thinking also…..I can’t believe I was imagining him kissing me…..gosh

I slapped my cheek… dare he tease me that way when his dad is sick…..crazy guy

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

This feeling is strange, why can’t I stop thinking about her

It’s can’t be love… it’s not love……I can never fall in love with her….never

But why did I suddenly want to be by her side, even when Kate was here…..I couldn’t stop thinking of her, I tried ignoring her so I can get rid of those useless feelings but it’s not working……this is not right

I walk downstairs to meet her, she was pressing her phone

“Nina……do you…. believe in love… it real” I asked her

“Why not….. it’s real” she replied

“Before meeting me, have you ever been in love” I asked

“Nope….I Never had a boyfriend but love is beautiful when you find the right one” she replied

“Really……so when will you meet the right one” I asked

“Soon…..very soon” she answered

“,And what if we later end up” I asked

“That is nonsense……” She answered then I laughed

“But why are you suddenly talking about love….why” she asked

“I think… falling in love with someone……but am not sure” I answered

“Why will do that……what of Kate….. Don’t even try leaving her” she replied

“Kate was never my girlfriend…..we are just friends” I answered

“What…… friends…..I saw you guys kissing” she asked

“Let me just say she is my bed warmer….. yeah I have a lot of girls around me but she was my best…..friends with benefit” I said

“But…..I see love in her face…..she loves you” she said to me

“Who cares…..I don’t love her and she is a bitch…..I can never love her” I replied

“Ouch….. that’s bad” she said

“So who are you in love with” she asked

“She is one crazy girl…..very crazy, am trying not to fall in love with her coz I don’t think I will be able to handle her” I answered

“Crazy……wow…..nice combo…..” She replied

“What do you mean” I asked

“Crazy + crazy= mad people……you know you are also a crazy type so you guys will be able to handle each other…..nice Combo” she said laughing

“When I thought you had sense…..I Never knew you are as dumb as this” I said to her

“Who cares…..I just hope she can cook else you guys gonna starve to death” she said smiling as she walk to the kitchen

“She is actually a great cook” I said to myself smiling

No…….. Chris you can’t fall in love with her….. it doesn’t make any sense….. it’s rubbish

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

To be continued…

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