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The Contract Episode 11

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The Contract

Episode 11

Written by Oluwabusolami

Nina’s P.O.V

It’s been two days already and Kate is still here, only Gods known when she will be leaving

Chris also has been avoiding me, he doesn’t talk to me nor eat my food…..Kate has been the one doing the cooking for him, well that’s not a big deal, am just waiting for Kate to leave then I can make my plan, I will make Chris regret everything he has done to me

I was sitting on the staircase busy with my phone, Chris and Kate has been the one using the bedroom while I use the sitting room, I guess it’s time to get rid of this useless feelings and show them the real me

Yeah let’s start from somewhere, I stood up and walk to the kitchen, I packed all the food into the kitchen cupboard and lock it, I make sure no food is left for them to eat….yeah I will make this house a hell till Kate left

I drop the key into my pocket while I sit at the staircase pressing my phone, few minutes later they both walk out

“And why are you sitting there, you want me to kick you” Chris said

I stood up without saying anything and walk in to the bedroom, I quickly kept the key somewhere no one will be able to find it then I walk out and sat down at the staircase

“Chris……no food in the kitchen and the cupboard is locked” I heard Kate yelled from the kitchen

“Are you sure about that” Chris said as he also joined her in the kitchen….. let’s the drama begin

“Hey Where is the key” Chris said to me

“What key” I asked

“The cupboard key….. it’s better you bring it out now” he yelled

“Looks like you are crazy, how dare you yell at me,do I look like a maid to you” I yelled

“Yeah a maid, that is what you are” Kate replied

“Hey it’s non of your business here, you are in this house just because I want you here, a single call will you chased you out so you watch that mouth” I yelled at her

“Whose call huh, who the hell do you even think you her…..a sex toy” she said

“Look who is calling someone a sex toy, you came here only to have sex aside sex and food what else are you here for huh..,. hungry sex toy” I replied

“What…..says who…..the one who is eager to sleep with me….. asking me to bring out my manhood huh” Chris said

“You keep those mouth shut, you little thing, nothing in your body attracts me, not even a thing…..even after seeing that tiny thing you call d**k, it looks disgusting” I yelled back at him

“Oh really……. whatever…..just bring the key out else….” He said

“Else what….have you forgotten….this house was bought with your name and my name on it which means we both own this place so I also have the right to do whatever I want anytime I want it…..and if you want to dare me, let me see you order anything thing into this house or let me see Kate cooking in my kitchen then I will show you guys the stuff am made off….bunch of fools” I said and angrily walk in slamming the door

This is just the beginning

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

I don’t know what has come over this girl, she is behaving strangely… do I even solve it, she packed all the food so how did she want me to eat

“I wonder what will happen if you later end up with this bitch” Kate said sitting down

“This is the first time am seeing her angry like this, though she has always been a trouble some being but not as mean like this…..I wonder what’s wrong, even when we were fighting, when I called her names….she still cook for me and make sure am okay…I wonder what has come over her” I said to Kate

“Don’t tell me you are concerned about her” she said

“Not really,. But I think something is not right…you know she is not the type that get angry like this, though she loves playing prank on me and making me run after her but not as mean as this” I said

“Who cares, she can go to hell if she want, get dress and let go and eat outside” Kate replied

“She locked the door already… are we going to bath or get dressed….even my wallet is in there” I said

“Oh gosh….why is she behaving this way huh” Kate said

“But is it true she saw your nakedness, I heard her mention it the other time” Kate asked

“Let me just check if she will open the door” I said ignoring her and walk upstairs then I started knocking

“At least we both own this damn house like you said so I have the right to enter my room, can u open the door” I said but there was no response

“Hey…..Amoeba….what the fuck are you doing in there….open this damn door” I yelled but there was no response from her…..she is a bitch I swear

I turned to leave then I heard the door opening

“Hey why did you lock the door huh” I said

“Take whatever you want to take and leave” she said sitting on the bed

I walk in and close the door then I sat beside her on the bed

“Are….are you…sure you are fine” I asked

“Why….do I look a sick person to you” she asked

“I mean this is unlike you….why are you suddenly mean towards me.,..what have I done wrong” I asked her

“Just take whatever you are here for and leave” she said

“Okay” I said and stood up, I walk to where my wallet is and brought it out then I turn to leave

“But….Nina….you don’t look good when you frown” I said and walk out

I don’t know why but I think av wronged her…..oh no Chris when did you start to care about her

“Let’s go” I said to Kate bringing out my car key and we both walk out and drove off to a restaurant

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Those words keep ringing in my ear
“Have I wronged you….Are you sure you are fine, you don’t look good when frowning” when did he start caring about me

I walked out and notice they are not in the house, guess they went out to eat….no prob

I brought out the cupboard key and unlock it, I cooked and eat then I locked it again…. until that girl leave……I won’t let her cook here….. and she won’t even be able to sleep in that bed….never

It’s evening already and Chris is not back yet, I feel lonely…..
I waited outside hoping to hear the car horn but no one…. what is he doing with that girl…. well why am I concerned about him

Soon it started raining…..I will teach them a lesson they will never forget

I heard their car horn, the gate is not locked but the main entrance is locked, they won’t be able to come in here

I sat down on the couch watching movie then I heard them knocking….. yeah, they should get drenched by the rain…..they both deserve it

“Hey Nina….why so mean….. open the door please” I heard him yell but that doesn’t even work on me

Till when am satisfied, I won’t let them in

Soon there was no sign of them anymore, I guess they left….. well that’s fine by me, I don’t even wanna see him

❣️❣️The Next day❣️❣️

I open the door then I saw Chris walk out of the car… they slept in car

He walk towards me and stop

“It’s wrong…… totally wrong” he said and walk in….but where is Kate….she is not in the car

I walk in and close the door, Chris was shivering, I ignore him and walk to the kitchen

I finished cooking and came out with the food, he was still sitting down where I left him shivering with his eyes closed……but where is Kate…..did she leave… her clothes is still here so she can’t leave

“You should go in and rest since you are shivering” I said to him

“It’s non of your business” he said

“Whatever” I said eating

“But where is your girlfriend” I asked him, he stared at me with a look that can kill then he angrily walk upstairs

I couldn’t stop laughing…….

Where do you think Kate is?

Did she leave?

Do you think Nina did the right thing?

To be continued…

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