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The Contract Episode 10

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The Contract

Episode 10

Written by Oluwabusolami

Nina’s P.O.V

I wrapped a towel round me and open the bathroom door

What….what am I seeing…..I can’t even stop staring… dreaming right….

Chris was bathing, he still doesn’t know am here coz his face was full of soap but seriously I couldn’t stop staring…..he….he is not a last finger…..gosh

“Hey……what are you doing here…..get out….aishhh” he yelled after washing his face, he was covering his manhood which I already saw

“Leave u fool” he yelled again which jerk me up…..I quickly close the door and ran out of the room

Wow…… can’t believe this is real…..ohhh, how will i face him now but thinking about it….. it’s really big… he is not really a last finger

Hey Nina, you stop this…… delete this from your memory

I said to myself closing my eyes but all I could see was his manhood……ohhhhhhh” I yelled

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

Oh my God, she finally saw it, why didn’t I lock the door….. right now am happy and am sad

Am happy she knows am not a last finger, but am sad she saw my nakedness…..had it been we are not sharing the same room this wouldn’t have happen gosh

I got dressed and walk downstairs gosh she is in the sitting room, I quickly rush back to the room…ahhh

How do I even face her?

No am a man, I shouldn’t get embarrassed for that little thing, I walked out again, this time she was entering the kitchen, our gaze met then we both ran, I ran back to the room

But why is she also running, I don’t understand……ahhh….

I stood up again and walk to where she was sitting

“Hey Amoeba, how dare you do that” I asked

“Did what” she asked like she knows nothing about what am saying

“What…..why did you come to the bathroom, why did you knock without opening, when u couldn’t find me in the room, you should’ve know that I will be in the room, I guess you are really eager to see my manhood and you already accomplish your wish….. that’s an achievement right” I yelled

“Hey stop yelling, I called you several time to know if you were there but no response, and why didn’t you lock the door huh……so am not fault” she replied

“Oh so you are not even sorry about it huh” I asked

“Why should I be sorry….. sorry for what huh…..what about the nurse who also saw it when u were born, should they also say sorry* she replied

“You must be out of your mind” I said

“Whatever… time you lock the door to avoid any confusion okay…..not a last finger tho” she said and left

“What……she finally confessed” I said while I smile…..why am I even smiling…..gosh, I am suppose to be angry right now but am here smiling for no reason

Written by Oluwabusolami

❣️❣️Authoress P.O.V❣️❣️

“Thinking about it, the guy is handsome” Nina’s Mom said to her husband

“Yeah…. really cute and they look good together” her dad replied

“But when will you be able to pay back the money you owe them” she asked

“Very soon” he answered

“Soon… when, I can’t watch my daughter getting married because of our misfortune, yeah the guy is cute and rich but still my daughter needs to get married because of love not for other reasons” her mum said

“I Know but right now there is no other choice, where do you expect me to get that big money from only if you want me to sell this house and my office” her dad replied

“But how did you do it, it’s the first time am here this, you’ve never loosed a contract or business ever since I know you, why this” she asked

“So are you trying to tell me I am lying” he asked

“Not really but isn’t it suprising” she asked

“Whatever…… continue assuming whatever you are assuming….. it’s non of my business” he said and angrily walk in

“Something is fishy” she said with a confuse face

❣️❣️Chris P.O.V❣️❣️

It’s night already, I walk downstairs to get my dinner

“My food” I asked

“The dinning room” she said with her eyes glued to her phone

“What…why the dinning room tonight” I asked

“If you are not okay with that, you can take it to the toilet” she replied

“Sooo rude” I said and walk to the dinning room, I sat down and started eating

But she wouldn’t stop laughing, at first I thought she was watching a movie on her phone but she continue laughing and laughing… who does that…… somehow it makes me feel uncomfortable

I finished eating and walk to her

“Why are you laughing…. what’s funny” I asked with my hands in my pocket

“And what are you asking” she asked

“I just wanna know what so funny that you wouldn’t stop laughing” I replied

“Well if you wanna know I will tell you” she said standing up

“What…..what is it” I asked

“Well I took a picture of you when you were bathing” she said laughing

“What….. that’s not possible, you were not holding a phone when I saw you” I replied

“Oh really… you know how many minute I spent there bfr you realize i was there, I watch you apply soap to your face till when you washed it” she said

“Whaaat……you snapped me……let me see” I said

“Catch me of you can” she said and ran upstairs

“Hey stop” I yelled as i also ran towards her but too late, she closed the door…..gosh

But when did she snapped me…..why is this girl not giving me peace of mind,I wonder how she will treat me if we later get married….. never it won’t even happen

I heard a knock on the door….. it’s late already, who could it be

I walk to the door and open it, it’s Kate…. thought she was angry at me

“Are you surprise” she asked

“Of course, what are you doing here” I said while she walked in and I close the door

She was Even carrying a small traveling bag

“I missed you so I decide to come see you” she replied sitting down

“Wow……but why is that bag here” I asked

“Oh i will be spending some days here….are you not happy with that” she asked

“Oh….. of course….. of course yes” I answered…..some days……these girls won’t let me be

“But Chris… it true she saw it” she asked

“Saw what” I asked

“Your manhood” she replied, right now I can’t say it’s a lie or not…..coz she already saw it

“Can we skip that for now, am not in the mood for that” I answered

“By the way….where is she” she asked

“Sleeping already…..I guess” I answered

“Well that’s good, so you don’t share rooms together……let go to the other room then”she said

“It’s just one room here, the rest are locked and there are no key to it” I replied

“What….so you actually share a room together” she asked

“Not really, it’s either I sleep on bed while she sleeps on the floor or vice versa but recently, av been making use of the sitting room so let just sleep here tonight” I said

“But why, you have a guest, you can just tell her to come out or she sleeps on the floor while we take the bed” she suggested

“I know but not tonight….. let’s just sleep here” I replied

“Okay if you insist”she replied

“Yeah” I answered

“I miss you” she said kissing me…..we started kissing passionately….. Making her main and other stuff

Written by Oluwabusolami
Author of my Mermaid

☁️☁️☁️☁️The Next Day☁️☁️☁️☁️

❣️❣️Nina’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I woke up, and walk out

Chris must be hungry coz I woke up late this morning, but why do o suddenly care

I rushed out then I saw Chris already eating, it doesn’t look like a good ordered…..who cooked, did he suddenly learn to cook

I walk closely to him
“Who cooked” I asked but there was no response….he continue eating then a lady walkout of the kitchen

It’s her girlfriend…..when did she get here

“Oh good morning, I heard you were already sleeping when I got here yesterday” she said to me and sat beside Chris caressing him

Suddenly I started getting jealous…..but this is wrong, why will she sleeps here and am sure she is not even preparing to leave

“You like the food” she said to Chris then he nodded

“Whatever” I said and walk to the kitchen….

Who cares if he is here with his girlfriend, I don’t need to get jealous, I will just prepare my food and eat

But why am I angry and jealous, not like I am his girlfriend, I started cooking and soon I was done cooking

I walked out with the food and I saw the lady laying on him on the chair kissing…..this is not right…..he hasn’t even talk to me this morning

I angrily walk to the sitting room and started eating but I don’t even know why, I loose taste….the food taste bitter to me……Nina you need to get yourself back, why are you suddenly getting jealous

“Ahhh stop it…..stop it” I heard the lady saying laughing while Chris was tickling her

Should I just tell his dad… I would find a way to make him regret this……I just need to think

I couldn’t finish eating so I just drop the food there and went to where he was lying

“Chris we need to talk” I said

“Why… we have an unfinished business” he asked

“I said we need to talk” I yelled angrily

“As you can see he is busy so maybe later” the lady said

“Hey what’s even your name” I asked

“You don’t call me hey…..ion like it” she said

“And that’s why I asked you your name” I replied harshly, I don’t even know why am getting angry

“Kate…..I am kate” she replied

“Whatever…… Chris let talk or I call your dad right now” I yelled

“Okay okay” he said and stand up while we walk to the room

“What was that for Chris” I asked

“What….” He asked

“Why will another lady sleep here without my consent” I asked

“And why should I let you know……are you my girlfriend….. fiancee…..wife….or what” he said

“Really so am nothing to you” I asked

“You are just a confused soul roaming about… can call me when you have something reasonable to say” he said and walk out

“Huh….he is such a coward” I said angrily…… right now i feel like crying but why……Nina Don’t Tell me you are falling in love with that thing….. Never….. it’s not…..never gonna happen

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

Looks like Nina is already in love but not ready to admit it right?

Do you think bringing Kate to the house was a good idea?

To be continued…

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