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The Contract Episode 1

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The Contract

Episode 1

Written by Oluwabusolami

Nina’s P.O.V

“Hey Nina, are u still sleeping” I heard my little sis shouting at the door, that little devil is always a pain in my ass

I am Nina Adams, I am the first born of my family, 22 years, I have a little sis called Daisy, she is my best friend and also my best enemy, you know why it’s because she is a pain in my ass, the only stubborn girl in our family, some people do say she took after me but am not sure if it true

We are not rich nor poor, my dad is a business man and he is doing really good at what he knows

I sluggishly get up from bed and walk to the door then open it

“Why are you just waking up” she yelled as if she was my mothe

“Hey little devil, why did you come to wake me up” I said to her standing Akimbo (my two hands on my waist)

“Well mom told me to call you, she said you should come downstairs” she replied

“Well i will be there soon, so can you leave now” I said slamming the door at her face and went back to my bed

Soon I walk downstairs still in my night gown yawning

“Good morning Mom” I said pecking her cheeks, my mom was my love and my everything, she is a full house wife…. dad want it that way

“Why are you just waking up, it’s unusual of you” she said while I sat beside her

“Nothing, since I have no where to go, I think I should just rest” I replied her

“And where is dad” I asked

“As usual, he went for a business contract, you ought to know he is a workaholic” mum said and I nodded in agreement

“Mom am hungry” my little devil yelled from upstairs…. always a foodie

“Relax darling, the food will be done in some minute” mum said to her while we continue gisting

Authoress P.O.V

Mr Adams (Nana’s dad) was seen discussing with a young man in his office

“So as I was saying if you could I invest a lot of money into this business It’s gonna yield a lot of interest” a man in Black suit said directly to Mr Adams who happen to be Nana’s Father

“Okay so like how much will be okay to start this business” Mr Adams asked

“Well it depends on how much you gat but it must be something big so u can get a lot of interest in it” the man replied

“And what is the assurance that it will yield out a good thing” Mr Adams asked

“💯 percent sir” the man replied

“Thanks for working with us” the young man said and they both shook hand then he left

“Well I think I should invest a whole lot of money in this so it will yield something good” Mr Adams said to himself smilling

At Mr Nath house

“Dad am going to the gym” Christian said to his dad holding his brief case

“And why that look dad” Christian added

“For crying out loud Christian, what type of a child are you huh” his dad me Nath yelled

“C’mmon dad, what have I done wrong” Christian asked

“You’ve done many things wrong, get a wife Christian, I need to see my grandchild” he said to Christian

“Stop it dad, I am just 26, why are you pushing me into marriage” Christian said

“Oh really ….I know what to do” his dad said

“See you later dad” Christian said and left

Christian P.O.V

Well I am Christian Nathaniel, my dad is a billionaire with so many company, he is a successful business man but I am an opposite of him

I just love being around people, girls especially…. yeah am a womanizer, I flirt around with different girls and am a great seducer, ain’t ready to settle down with any woman right now coz i don’t believe in love, I only love flirting with girls but av never fell in love, I don’t know what it looks like to be in love so I don’t think I will ever get married

Of course I am cute, tall in height, fair in complexion, cute smile, cute dimples, broad shoulders, flat Tommy with a great six packs, I go to gym everyday so am totally fit, I should be model but I just hate working

My mom is late so I lived alone with my dad, a cook and gateman so we were just four in that big house, you understand how lonely it will be but I found happiness here among my friends and my babes

“Hey babe” I said to of my girls while walking in to the gym

“You’re late this morning” Kate said giving me a peck

“Yeah, but am here now” I said with a smile and kissed her

“I need to do something, catch ya later” I said and left her where she was standing

Well Kate has always been my best bed warmer, we are just friends with benefit no strings attached and believe she is really good in bed, we’ve fucked in the gym, the swimming pool…. damn I need to concentrate

❣️❣️The next day❣️❣️

❣️❣️At Mr Adams home❣️❣️

😍😍Nana’s P.O.V😍😍

“Dad where are you going to, it’s early” I said to my dad who was busy knotting his tie at the front if the mirror

“Well I just need to see someone, it’s about a business stuff though” he said to me

“Then let me follow you, you know I also want to business woman” I said to him

“No darling, you don’t need to go” dad replied me

“Please dad….. please…. please” I pleaded

“Okay okay, go dress and let’s go” dad said

“Thank you Dad” I said pecking him then I rushed to my room and start dressing

“Nana let go” I heard my dad voice calling, mum and my little devil went to the market so we’re the only one at home

I rushed downstairs to meet dad, we walked out of then we drive off

Christian P.O.V

I was at the sitting room watching the tv when I heard a knock, I stood up and open the door, I saw a man around his 40s I guess and a young girl, yes I know am a womanizer but trust me she isn’t even my type, I wonder what type of woman in this century will dress with all her body covered except her face, even her hair was covered with an head warmer gosh

“Good morning please is Mr Nath at home” the man said

“Oh yeah please come in” I said then they both walk in and sat down while I shut the door and rush upstairs to call Dad, we both walk downstairs, my dad sat down while I sat beside him, my gaze met with the young lady and she shot me deadly look….what….the is the first time a lady will do this after seeing my cute face, guess she is pretending

“It’s nice seeing you here Adams” my dad said to the man as they both exchange handshakes

“So any problem, how is business” my dad asked

“Well business is fine sir, I actually came here for an help sir” the man said

“What help” my dad asked him

“Well I need some money to invest into a business which will bring out something good, I don’t have enough right now and I will be glad if you can lend me the money, as soon as the work yield out something, I will pay you back” the man said to my dad

“Well borrowing you the money is not the problem but what if the business didn’t yield out for good” my dad asked, why will he think of such thing

“I just pray it yield out a good thing” the man replied

“Well let sign an agreement, if the it yield out a good thing, I won’t collect back the money” my dad said and I was like what….

“Oh really…. thank you sir” the man said happily

“But if it does not work out for good then you give me this damsel sitting beside you as a wife” my dad said… wtf why will he want to marry this young girl

“Dad she is a young girl, you don’t need her” I said to my dad

“Sir please she is too young for that” the man said

“Not as my wife but as my son’s wife, she will get married to him” my dad said and I and the girl both shouted Whaaaaat….

To be Continued…

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