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The Contact Episode 9

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The Contact

Episode 9

Written by Oluwabusolami

Nina’s P.O.V

I finished cooking, well I decide not to make him starve even though we are not on good term so I will be cooking for him but Everytime

I walk to the sitting room holding a plate of fried rice with chicken and, I sat down and started eating

He walk downstairs holding his laptop

“Hey where’s mine” he asked

“Why are you so rude huh” I said to him

“Whatever……am not in the mood to fight you today… where is my food” he said

“No food for you” I answered

“You dare not….look I might joke with everything but not food so don’t even think of playing prank on me, how will you cook fried rice and fry chicken just for yourself…..who does that” he said to me

“If you like shout from morning till night, there is no food for you” I said

“Who the hell do you even think you are, all what you wear, eat was my dad, my own dad’s money, the house you live in was bought by my own dad so I have Evey damn access to everything here.,..even you, you are my dad’s property” he yelled

“Yeah accepted, you dad owns everything but not me okay” I replied

“He owns you, he owns your dad……he owns your family” he yelled

“You must be sick upstairs….how dare you say that” I yelled angrily

“I have the right to say whatever I want, my dad bought you with his hard earn money and you still have the right to make me starve and treat me like nobody” he said, I didn’t know when tears start flowing down my face

Yeah he was right, am here because am scared his dad might ruin my family, his dad has the access to do whatever he want to family, we are owing him… Chris is not wrong

“Am sorry if I ever made you uncomfortable……your food is in the kitchen” I said and walk upstairs in tears……dad was wrong..he shouldn’t have requested for the money😭😭😭

❣️❣️CHRIS P.O.V❣️❣️

What have I done, I know I was wrong, I shouldn’t have utter such statement to her, she even cooked for me…..she was only pranking me and I took it serious

Oh Chris what have you done

I walk upstairs to her room, she was sitting on the bed crying

“I…am …. sorry” I said to her

“No it’s okay, you were right….you don’t need to be sorry for saying the truth” she replied

I moved closer to her and wiped her tears

“I know I was wrong, I shouldn’t have say those words to you….am really sorry” I said

“It’s fine… can go, I want to be alone” she said

“Are you sure you will be fine” I asked

“When did you start caring about others…..just leave” she said

Well I am not what she took me for, if only we had met with a good reason, I would have been nice to her, I hate seeing people getting hurt

“I will just take my leave then” I said then walk out

She will be fine right……yeah…..Chris you need to be punished

I said to myself and started slapping my cheeks

Few minutes later, I heard a horn at the gate….this is strange, no one knows am here or is it Kate….well let see

I walked out and opened the gate, the car drove in…. it’s the whole family

Nina’s dad
Nina’s Mom

What the fuck…….

“Oh….dad” I said

“How are you, and where is you wife” dad replied

“She is upstairs but why are you guys here” I asked

“We just came to say hi…or is that not good” Nina’s dad said

“Oh of course…. it’s…. it’s nice” I manage to say

“It’s a big house though and you are cute… daughter really has a good site” her mum said

Rubbish 😏😏🙄

We all walked in

“I have to inform Nina” I said to them as they sat down

“Hurry, let see the wife” my dad said

Wife my foot

I quickly rush upstairs,

“Hey…..guess what” I said to her

“I don’t have time and thought I told I want to be alone” she half yell

“Shhhhh…… everyone is here” I said

“What……who is everyone” she asked

“My dad, your dad and your mum” I answered

“What…..what are they doing here” she asked

“Only God knows so just get dressed and pretend like nothing happened” I said

“Whatever… just going to tell them everything that happens” she said

“Please you know the blame will be on me, you can punish me the way you want when they leave but do not expose what just happened….. please….spare my life” I pleaded

“Wow, so you are real scared of your dad” she asked

“My dad can be so mean sometimes” I answered..

“Just leave, I will join you guys” she said

“Okay” I answered and left

Nina’s P.O.V

I quickly walk to the bathroom and wash my face then got dressed and walk downstairs

“Mom” I said as I her hugged her

“Wow… are not looking bad” she said then I greeted my dad and Chris dad

I was ask to sit beside him (Chris dad)

“So tell me, how is Chris treating you” Chris dad asked me then I turn my gaze to Chris who was sitting like a baby

“Well he is not bad” I replied him

“That’s good to hear, am thinking you guys should start preparing for your wedding”

“No no” I and Chris both said

“What….why” my dad asked

“Well…..I think…. it’s too early” I answered

“Yeah….too early” Chris also said

“So you mean you still need more time” his dad asked

“Yeah….more time” I answered

“Well that’s not a big deal” he replied then I smile

“Ahmmm Follow me Nina” mom said as we both walk out

“What is it mum” I asked

“Don’t lie to me…..s the guy okay, are you really satisfy with him” mum asked

“Even if he is not okay, I don’t think I have any choice” I replied

“Ohhhh” mum sighned

“But I thought dad said he will be able to return the money… he working towards it” I asked

“I really don’t know but I guess he is working towards it” mum replied

“Well that’s good to hear” I said

“Have……have you guys…..had sex” mum asked

” What….how could you think of such thing mum…..we don’t even sleep together” I quickly said

“Really….. it’s just a room, then how did you sleep” mum asked

“Well……ahhmm…..I sleep on bed while he sleeps in the sitting room” I said

“Wow…he is a really a cool guy” mum mentioned

“It’s okay mum….can we please go in” I asked

“Okay fine” she said the we both walk in

We ordered for some food and drinks, after eating, everyone left

“It’s nice having you guys here today” I said to them

“Same here take care” they all said

“My regards to my baby sis” I said to mom

“Bye dad…..I love you” I said hugging him

The driver start the car then they drove off, I continue waving till they dissapear…… it’s really a great day for me

I closed the gate and turn to leave then I saw Chris standing like a soldier

“What is it” I asked

“Why asking” he said

“Never mind” I said and walk in

I switched on the TV and started watching then he walked in

“Dad said we should start making babies” he said

“What…..he really said that” I asked

“Yeah….he said he wants you pregnant bfr the marriage” he replied

“Wow….your dad is really funny….. marriage…..he really thinks am getting married to you” I said

“Whatever……that really pissed me off” he said

“Making babies with that little thing” I said mockingly

“There you go again” he said

“What a crazy dad” I said laughing

“U just call my dad crazy” he said.

“Yeah is he not crazy” I replied

“How dare you call him that” he half yelled

“Hey… you even know how you abuse my whole family yet I act like it’s nothing so you shouldn’t be crossed when I call your dad crazy” I said

“Watch you speech girl” he said and walk upstairs

“Whatever” I said then I continue watching the TV

Few minutes later

I remember av not taken my bath today, I should go bath and rest

So I walk upstairs to the room, why is he not here……

“Chris” I called but there was no response

“Maybe he is the kitchen or store room….. whatever” I said and pulled off my cloth

I tied a towel round me the I open the bathroom

“Whaaaaaat” I yelled

What am I seeing……I couldn’t move…..and I couldn’t even stop staring……gosh……oh heaven

Written by Oluwabusolami ❣️

What did you think she saw?

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