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The Bet






Paisley Leah Williams is a seventeen years old teenager girl.

Paisley is a very beautiful girl who’s also very intelligent…

A brainaic……

She’s very quiet and almost an introvert but she isn’t because, she associates with people.

But she rarely talks to people and she doesn’t even have a friend.

Paisley hates being called Paisley but preferred being called Leah because of her father.

She’s a brainaic and doesn’t associates with boys.

Though she’s a quiet girl, Paisley isn’t a girl you could mess with.

She’s a no nonsense girl and could be fiery and aggressive sometimes.

She hates being bullied and she always dimmed it fit to put anyone who tries to bully her in their right place.


In Stars High School, there are four handsome but notorious boys.

They are proud, rude and every girl’s dream guy.

They’re flirt and playboys.

They change girls as if they are changing their pants and break their heart like eggs.

But still, girls still falls for them.

They are players and flirts.

They’re called the J4 guys.

Jeremy Ted.

Jayden Vinner.

Jason Colton.

Javier Hugh.

Their leader, Jeremy, is bent on having Paisley date him but she wouldn’t succumb and proved too stubborn.

Jeremy became a laughing stock to his friends because he couldn’t get a girl fall in love with him and date him.

He was so vexed.

Reverse is the case when even within the blink of an eye, a girl would come crawling down to meet him.

Some girls who are foolish enough would give their selves to him because they want their relationship to last.

But reverse is the case because, immediately after having his way with any of those girls, he would break up with them.

The girls always end up crying , some would leave the school out of shame and majority would fall sick for days.

All because of an heartbreak..

And then, he made a bet with his friends that he would get her to fall in love with him and also date him.

But he wouldn’t fall in love with her…………


What was the bet all about?
What was the consequences of loosing the bet?

Would Paisley fall for the bet and would Jeremy really accomplish the bet?

What happened?

Find out in this thrilling novel.

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