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The Bet

💅 THE BET 🎗️







My heart did some acrobatic dance as he asked for my phone.

I won’t surrender so easily.

“What for?” I asked rudely.

“Don’t play smart with me.” He said with his face scrunched up in anger.

“I ain’t giving you my phone. Besides, I didn’t even bring it along with me to the restroom.” I said and rolled my eyes.

He moved closer to me and was about touching my jacket pocket, when Daisy suddenly called my name.

I breathed in a sigh of relief as Jason took a step backward.

Thank goodness Daisy came at the right time.

“Leah!” She called and ran to meet me.

“Hmm. What are you doing here?” I asked as we stood facing each other.

“Well, you were taking too much time already and I thought you were giving birth in the restroom and so, I decided to come checkup on you.” She joked with a smile.

“Well, now you know I wasn’t giving birth in the restroom.” I said and rolled my eyes while she chuckled lightly.

Jason and Charlene walked out of the restroom with Jason giving me a death glare while Charlene showed me her middle finger with a smirk.

I scoffed and took my eyes away from their figure.

“By the way, what’s Jason doing in the restroom with Charlene?” Daisy asked and took her gaze from their retreating figures to stare at me.

“Well, I don’t know.” I said perfunctorily.

She stared suspiciously at me but quickly covered it with a smile.

“Let’s go to the class already.” She said and held my hand.

We both walked out of the restroom together.

We got to the classroom and the biology teacher was already in and teaching already.

“Why are you girls coming in? Where are you both coming from?” The teacher asked as I and Daisy tried to sneak into the class without her notice.

But too bad she caught us…


“Well, ermm ma’am we went to the restroom.” I said.

She darted her big bulgy eyes from inside her spec, to stare at us.

“You can go to your seat.” She said.

“Thank you ma’am.” We chorused together.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I walked to my seat.

Before I sat down, my eyes caught with Jason and he was staring daggers at me.

I stuck out my tongue mockingly and sat down.



With the help of Daisy whom I now see as my side kick, I punctured Jason’s car tyres and broke his windscreen.

Well, that’s just a little taste of his own medicine…

Soon…………. I mean very soon, he’s gonna get a tip of an iceberg from me.

I watched in amusement as Jason groaned in anger because of his punctured tyres and broken windscreen.

I watched from a near distance and I couldn’t help but burst into uncontrollably laughter.

He brought out his phone and he seems frustrated as he spoke over the phone.

He had to ride with Javier but he did it begrudgingly.

That’s whom he is!

A rude spoilt brat!

I clapped my hands happily and walked to my car.

Daisy had already gone home because her driver came early to pick her up.

I hummed softly along the artist that’s singing in the car stereo.



I took my bath and had my nap.

Then, I ate dinner with my family.

I read for some hours before going to bed.

Tomorrow is a long day……

I have a long day ahead tomorrow…

I’ve got so many plans up my sleeves.

And I hope they all work out well.


As usual, I got ready for school , ate breakfast and waved my mom goodbye before hoping into the school bus.

Today is such a bright day….

A great day ahead for me.

I thought with a smirk.


Class started in earnest but my mind was far away from the class.

My mind had wandered off to do some thinking about the day.

My plans!

I hope it doesn’t goes for waste.

I hope everything goes as planned….



“I have the record of you and Jason having sex the previous day in the girl’s restroom.” I blurted out with a smirk.

We were both standing on the hallway leading to the chemistry Lab.

Charlene mouth dropped opened in aware as she stared at me.

“What do you mean?” She asked, visibly shaken by my out burst but she tried to cover it up acting brave.

I brought out my phone and played the record.

She gasped loudly and used her palm to cover her mouth in shock.

“Please Leah, don’t do this to me.” She begged with her palms joined together.

“I’m gonna play this in front of the whole students in the cafeteria and you would become a laughing stock.” I mocked.

“Please Leah. I know I’ve offended you, but please forgive me.” She cried and went on her knees.

“Nope princess Charlene.” I smirked and walked out on her.

I turned to glance at her and she was on her knees crying profusely.

Awwn…… So, she knows how to go on her knees to beg?

Well, too late already.

Thank goodness, it was almost lunch time and it will allow me have enough time to talk to Jason.

I’m done with Charlene and now, it’s Jason’s turn.

“Hey.” I called in a triffle to Jason as he was about entering his studio.

He stopped and stared irritatedly at me.

“What is it?” He snapped arrogantly.

“I just came to make you listen to this.” I smirked and brought out my phone.

I played the recorder and he’s face went all pale and anger was visibly written all over his face.

“I knew it, you sneaky little twit!” He rasped angrily.

He tried to snatch the phone away from my hand but I was to fast for him.

I took my hand and took it up in the air.

“Not so fast you man whore.” I said with a frown.

“I’m gonna play this in front of the whole students in the cafeteria and you’re gonna be humiliated.

I wonder how Jeremy is gonna feel or react when he finds out that his best buddy as been having sex with his girlfriend in the girl’s restroom.

Mind you, I’ve caught you guys before but I wasn’t with any proof.

But now I do.” I smirked victoriously at him.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He asked, his voice calm and soft.

“Well, it’s a payback for how you humiliated me the other day in the school’s cafeteria.

I just want you to feel how it is to get humiliated in front of your fellow students.” I said.

“What if we come to an agreement? Like tell me anything you want and I’ll do it.

Just please don’t play the recorder.” He begged calmly.

“Whoa! I didn’t know almighty rude Jason can beg and be so polite.” I mocked.

“Nothing! There’s nothing you can do make me change my mind.” I snapped.

“Well, I just came to inform you beforehand of what’s gonna happen at the cafeteria today.

But trust me, if you don’t show up at the cafeteria, then it’s gonna be more tougher.” I added and walked away leaving him dumbstruck and gob smacked.



When I was sure everybody were seated quietly and eating lunch in the cafeteria, I stood up and walked to the front of the students.

Jason and Charlene were seeming uncomfortable and pleading with me with their eyes and body language not to talk.

But I ain’t someone who can be persuaded so easily.

I don’t back out from what I’ve started.

“Hello students! I have an announcement to make.” I started after I had cleared my throat repeatedly.

The students stopped eating and focused their attention to me.

“Well, I just want to tell you guys that Jason and Charlene have been having an affair.

I caught them twice having sex with in the girl’s restroom.” I said and the cafeteria went all silent that even when a pin falls, the sound would sharply been heard.

* What do you mean?*

* That’s a lie!*

* Jason would never betray Jeremy like that?*

* Charlene is Jeremy’s girlfriend, so why would she have sex with his best friend, Jason?*

* You don’t have any proof.*

“We ain’t gonna believe any shits!!*

The students continued to rasped and rumble unnecessarily.

“Enough!!” I yelled and the students kept mute.

Jason and Charlene were both smirking at me because of the students back up words.

I brought out my phone from my phone pocket and played the recorder.

The students were quiet as they listened to the recorder.

* What?!* Some students yelled in shock after the recorder was over.

I looked at Jeremy and he was filled with rage.

He was staring daggers at me.

“How dare you frame Jason?!” He yelled and rose angrily from his seat.

“Really?! You think I framed him?

Well, I have another proof.” I yelled.

Suddenly, the projector in the cafeteria went on and Charlene begging me not to tell anyone about the recorder played on the screen.

Everybody gasped in shock!

Next, it was Jason’s.

The students were so shocked as they watched the scene.

“Is this not enough proof?” I asked and smirked at Jeremy.

He looked very shock trying hard not to believe that it is true.

“You can ask them.” I said and crossed my arms akimbo.

“Is this true?! Jeremy thundered as he stared angrily at Jason and Charlene.

“I’m sorry Jer.” Charlene said crying and went on her knees.

“I can explain.” Jason said nervously and it was obvious he was afraid.

“So it’s true?!” Jeremy screamed.

“I’m sorry Jeremy.” Jason begged.

“I never expected this from you. You’re a bad friend.

A sheep in wolf clothing.” Jeremy said and stomped out of the cafeteria.



I don’t know what’s come over me these past few days.

I was once this quiet and simple girl but I ain’t anymore….

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been bullied in a long time.

I and Daisy did an high five and sipped from our juice.

Well, she actually helped me out alot and I’m thankful to her…..

I smiled in satisfaction while the students gossiped amongst themselves.

I care less!


Do you think Leah did the right thing or she went too far?🤦🤦…..

Seems our Leah is not like Monique………. She isn’t one that can be bullied without retaliating.

To be Continued…

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