The Bet

💅 THE BET 🎗️






I laughed hard as I held my stomach..

The scene was so hillarious….

Well, whatever happened to Jeremy was my doing.

He didn’t entirely provoke me but I decided to get back at him.

I’m still gonna deal with Jason but that wouldn’t be now.

His is gonna be so tough and more hillarious.

Daisy was my accomplice and we both did an high five.

I laughed and catwalked to my car as if I didn’t do anything.

I bade Daisy goodbye as she entered her car.

I went to mine and sat at the backseat.

“Good afternoon ma’am.” My chaffeur greeted with a smile.

“Good afternoon Lou.”

I couldn’t help the smile that tunged on my lips as my chaffeur drove me home.

I just couldn’t help the smirk that formed on my face.

Serves Jeremy right!

Next time, he wouldn’t dare try anything silly with me.

His reaction at that moment he jumped out of his car was priceless and hillarious.

I wouldn’t mind paying a dollar bill just to see that look on his face again.

Get ready Jason, because you’re next.

I would humiliate you in such a way that you wouldn’t ever cross my path or step on my toes again.

I might be quiet but also quite dangerous.

I smirked victoriously as I thought of a plan.



“Leah!” Jayden and Mirabelle my twin siblings squealed happily and ran to hug me.

I carried them both up in my arms and smiled at them.

“Hey twinnie, how’re you guys doing?” I asked and put them down to stand.

“We are fine Leah.” They chorused smiling.

“Alright. I’ll just upstairs and freshen up then come downstairs to prepare dinner.” I said.


I pulled their cheeks playfully and walked upstairs to my room.

“Ha!” I grinned happily as I pulled Daisy’s jogger’s.

I smiled and whistled to the bathroom.



“How was school today?” Mira asked as with a smile.

“It was great, thanks.” I replied and patted her hair softly.

“What’s going on Leah? You’ve been acting strange since you got back from school.” Mom said and stared keenly at me.

We were all eating dinner except from my dad who’s still on a business trip.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about mom.” I feigned ignorant and gulped down a glass of water.

“I know you know what I’m talking about Pai. You’ve been smiling and it’s creepy me out.

I’ve never seen you this happy in a long time.

You even talked to your siblings when on a normal day, you would ignore and snub them.

So, will you tell me what’s going on?” Mom expound and stopped eating, focusing all her attention on me.

“Well, let’s just say it’s one of those rare days.

I’m just in a good mood, that’s all.” I shrugged and ate from roast beef and broccoli cheese……

“Oh okay.” Mom mouthed and went back to eating.

“And Leah, I think I prefer you being this way.” Jayden said and smiled.

“It’s cool and makes you look less scary and strict.” Mira added with a chuckle.

“You don’t get to see this part of me everyday so enjoy it while it lasts.” I said with a grin.

“Yeah. And I and Jayden are gonna make use of the opportunity greatly.” Mira said with a giggle while Jayden nodded his head in affirmative.


I suddenly felt so energetic as I got down from my bed.

I yawned lightly and stretched out my perfectly fit body.

I peeled of my night robe and got into the bathroom.



I waved goodbye at my siblings as I hopped into the school bus.

They waved back and the driver drove off.



“Hi Leah.” Daisy greeted and tunged on my arm.

“Hi.” I replied casually.

“I bought us chocolates and candies.

Dad brought them yesterday from his trip to Dubai and so, I decided to bring some for you.” She grinned as we walked to the class together.

“Oh! Thanks.” I said perfunctorily.


I returned her well neatly washed jogger’s to her and thanked her.

Classes were normal with me just listening and jotting down important and necessary details.

When it was lunch time, I and Daisy went to the cafeteria together.

We sat on my table and ordered the same meals.

As I ate slowly, I still took my time to continuously glance over at the J4 guys.

Suddenly, Charlene walked out of the cafeteria after muttering some words to Jeremy and giving him a peck.

I smirked as I stared at her.

Perfect timing!

“It’s everything okay Leah? You’ve been glancing over the other direction.” Daisy’s voice suddenly jolted me out of my thoughts.

“Uhmm… Nothing. I’m fine.” I stuttered and cleared my throat repeatedly…..

She sighed and continued eating.

Just then, Jason walked out of the cafeteria.


“Uhm Daisy, I want to use the restroom.” I said and stood up.


“If I don’t come back after lunch break is over, you can go the classroom.” I said.

“Why? Do you intend spending lots of time in the restroom?” She asked.

“No uhm. Never mind.” I said and hastily walked out of the cafeteria before she could even utter another word.



“Let’s do a quickie.” I heard Jason’s voice which was laced with desire.

I stood behind the door in the girl’s restroom they were in.

I brought out my phone and opened the recorder and then placed it gently on the door.

“You’re so naughty. You can’t get enough of me right?” Charlene asked with a giggle.

I huffed silently as I listened to them.

I started hearing rumbling sounds, like they were removing their uniform in a rush.

Then, I started hearing loud moans.

“Oh my God Jas! You’re so huge!

Huh! Pound me faster.” Charlene moaned which irritated the hell outta me.

I felt like bursting into the room and give her hard slaps that would reset her brain.

“Hum….Ha…… You’re so sweet Charlene!

Ha!” Jason groaned as I heard slapping of flesh together.

I can smell sex coming from the room already.

“I love you Charlene.” Jason suddenly said.

“And I love you too.” She said with a moan.

Then, I didn’t hear any sounds again apart from their heavy breathing.

“You were so sweet. I wonder why you have to date Jeremy.” Jason said and I guessed they were done because I didn’t hear any moans or groans.

“C’mon Jas, I just wanted to be popular.

It’s not as if I love Jeremy. I love you.” She said.

I scoffed irritably and I felt like smacking her hard on her face.

“But promise me I’m gonna be the only one to enjoy you down there.” Jason said.

“Of course. If Jeremy wants to have a taste too, he’s gonna beg for it.

But you would get it without even begging.” Charlene said.


Then, I heard loud smooching sound.

Ewwwwwww…. Gross……

They’re even kissing….

“Let’s go already before Jeremy starts to suspect us.” Charlene said.

I quickly saved the record and shoved my phone inside my jacket pocket.

I’m gonna use this against the both of them!!

Let’s see who’s gonna have the last laugh!

I walked gently and I was almost out of sight when a voice stopped me.

“Hey.” Jason called.

I breathed in and out and turned to face him.


“What are you doing here?” He asked.

I scoffed and ran my eyes all over his body.

Charlene gave me a death glare but I cared less.

Soon, she’s gonna come crawling on her knees begging me.

“What do you mean what I’m I doing here? I should be asking you that.

This is a girl’s restroom and I came to relieve myself.” I scoffed and eyed him.

He walked closer to me and I had to move back uncomfortably.

“Really? I knew you spied on us.” He said with a smirk and scoffed at me.

“What?! I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” I protest trying to act cool and keep my calm.

I need to play smart or else, I would be bursted and that’s the last thing I want to happen right now.

I need and I must carry out my revenge on both of them especially Jason.

“Well, let me have your phone.”




So after all, she was caught?🤦 When I thought she had won😉..

What’s gonna happen next?🤔😏..

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