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The Bet

πŸ’… THE BET πŸŽ—οΈ






“Thank you so much Leah. I really appreciate and I’m sincerely grateful.” She enthused and we both disengaged from the hug.

“It’s okay Daisy.”

“Let’s go to class.” Daisy smiled and held my hand in her’s.

She grinned from ear to ear as we walked to the classroom.

We both entered into the classroom and I went to sit on my seat.

“I brought juice and I’ll just go get it from my backpack so we can drink it together.” She smiled and walked to her seat.

I sighed and watched her walk to her seat.

Her seat is at the front of Jeremy’s own.

She searched in her backpack and brought out two juice which were in can.

Orange and apple juice.

She walked back to my seat smiling.

Why’s she always smiling?

Is her mouth not paining her?

“Here.” She said still smiling and dropped the apple juice on top of my desk in front of me.

How did she even know I like apple juice?

“Thanks but I can’t accept it.

I’m not used to accepting things from people.” I declined politely.

Her face suddenly dropped and she became sad.

“I want you to know that I ain’t a bad person. I have no bad intentions towards you.

You can just say I’m giving you the juice to celebrate our new friendship.” She pouted sadly.

I exhaled deeply and stared apologetically at her.

“I’m sorry.” I said lowly.

“Alright. I just wanted you to know I mean no harm.

I’ll just keep it back in my backpack.” She smiled lightly.

She took the apple juice and was about walking away when I grabbed her arm.

“I’ll drink it.” I said.

Her eyes popped out open surprisingly and she beamed happily.

“Thank you.” She yelped happily and sat down.

She gave me the apple juice and I opened it.

We both hit our can of juice and laughed.

“Cheers to our new friendship.” She giggled happily while I chuckled softly.


We both placed the drink in our mouths and sipped from it.

“Ha.” I moaned softly and licked my lips in relish.

Daisy chuckled softly.

The drink tastes so good.

It’s different from the I do drink.

“It’s from Dubai.” Daisy suddenly said and stared at me.

“Hum….. No wonder it tastes so sweet and different from the one I drink.” I said with a light nod.

“Yeah.” She mouthed with a smile.

“Daisy.” I called calmly.

“Yeah.” She retorted and stared keenly at me sipping from her orange juice.

“Well, I mean no offense but don’t you get tired of smiling?

I mean, is your mouth not hurting? You’ve been smiling since I got to know you few minutes ago.” I asked politely.

She chuckled and bent her head.

“Well, that’s who I am. I like smiling alot.

Mom said smiling alot makes you look beautiful, it makes your face glow and look younger.” She expound.

“Oh!” I mouthed with a slight nod.

“I’m eighteen.” She suddenly said.


“Seriously? You look fifteen.” I said in awe.

“Yeah. I look younger than my age.” She shrugged and smiled.

“Definitely.” I concurred.


Lunch break was finally over and Daisy went back to her seat.

The J4 guys didn’t come to class after lunch and I was glad.

As I sat idled in the class, a thought suddenly nimble at me.

Yes! I mentally screamed happily.




It was closing already and I was glad.

I was in the school’s studio throughout after lunch break.

I and my friends walked towards the parking lots got into our respective cars.

Mine was at the front and I drive by myself.

I entered into my car and sat inside in the driver’s seat but I felt a sharp pain on my butt.

I shrieked in pain and came out from my car.

And only for me to see tiny pins stuck on the seat.


I turned around and saw students murmuring and looking at my direction.

Some were even laughing.

What the hell?

What’s funny?

Jeremy, you’ve got holes at your trouser on your butt side.” Jayden suddenly came to meet me and whispered in my ears.


Holes at my butt trouser?

The pins!!!

Who the hell did this?

How dare the person make fun of me?!

I’m gonna make that person pay dearly for humiliating me in such a way!!!! I groaned angrily.



Who did this to Jeremy?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜€.

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